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May 17, 1925 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-17

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SUNDAY, MAY 17, 1925

SUNDAY, MAY 17, 1925

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_.. - -

Freshman Women Will Present Pageant At

pageant proper begins on the
bi [hday of the princess.
iplaying with three of her

compalnions and becomes w
Annual Lantern Night Ceremonies ITheslay suapste . Ilan
N ight uesda~ ,,dease her Ithe companionsb
the mirror which one of th
By MarIon Kubik from the juniors. The aides who have strict the cast to freshmen so that mothers gave her, and for a ti
Brilliantly colored Japanese Ian- been chosen to march at the head and there might be more class spirit and Is satisfied to play with it.
terns, gay blossomed colored hoops, rear of the respective calsses are: friendship. The idea of a d(ancing ilm, however, she becomes
Vlcnic suppers, Michigan songs and iseniors, 'erena Moran, Olive McKay, geant p was intioduced by Miss Ilfz One more. and the companio
the awarding of athletic honors, all Elsa Ol-nacher, Elizabeth Ranckabheth Sehon then of the physical !in her golden ball. For a ti
combine to make Lantern Night oil1pjthel Sc-roeder, Adelaide Sherer, cation departmenty. play happily until the prince
of the most interesting of traditions Eveln Smith, Mary Se- wbreaislaneginra mpa'clos,
that Michigan holds in store r its nnaili n tewart; junior The pageant will begin at iolock last effort, bring in the magic
C, ;Atrtepe n<..i. fh..tir into whih tle p rinc(es gazesa
women students. And it has bee a lizabeth I lackwood, Arline Ewing, and will embody the old tory' of the w tpo ;it c ofhe erof logzs
tradition for years. As soon as there Margaret Ellinger, Dorothy Ogborn, Sleeping Princess. The storey of thi siomleait the power of lb
wer tengh somen tudent atte EuiRe Rose, Kathryn Wilson; sopho- "Once Upon a Time" deals with t heigodmict her tIakes hold on the1
ing the University to warrant the mores, Irene Field, Myra Finsterwald, princess to whose christenin,,-, thrt Eai i n (cidoaince with the l
effort, one May afternoon and evening ;I)orotlea (ia rlly, Ellen Johnson, Jean godmothers were invited. Each of she drh olf into this tldee
was devoted to a kind of feminine yer,. largaret McNally, Minna Mil-the three brought a gilt. The first a :. she sleep she dreams of
Cap Night. The -develoment r-of thiser, Louise Rittenhouse; freshmen, mirror, which would reflect the prin- fomrns and gay colors and oft
tume honored tadition has been grad- i\thilii Ferguson, Esther Merrick,Icess' mood, the second a bold ball, io s nursery rhiynes of her y
ual and the event was not termed Elsie Murray, Elizabeth Nutt, Bertha and the third a crystal in which the Peter Pan and the dryas
Las ight by unil 1919 he J itd ankim, 1lIarian Van Tuyl, and Mary princess could discern the future, into her dreams comes the
was revived by Dean Myra B. .iorden hite. However, there happened to be a( wih a groun ol at endants. T
snce it 'thi.; will b,.r the third year that a fourth godmother who was offended at cess sees them dance and
sin d 1913, sna pageant has been presented on Lan- !ot being invited to the christ ordi the-m with interest until they
Field Day, as it had been called, tern Night. In 1923 the cast was se- and vented her anger by prophesying Soon, however, the prince
it is known tsofay Even yt as leced 'omi the whole enrollment of i that the princess should, on her alone and awakens her from h
itisnon today.aEven yet the, womiten on campus and so it was not !'twelfth birthday fall into a deep sleep, sound sleep by means of the
afternoons are reserved for sports,;exclusively a freshman pageant until not to be awakened until someone that only he owns.
Stes hocey, arche an aenlast year when it was decided to re- with sufficient power found her. The 'T"he part of the princess is
ball matches are played 'off. Later inJ a,

twelfth by Dorothy Hurd, that of the prince wear. In case the style notes do not
She is by Marian Van Tuyl. Aurel Fowler, !!furnish an adequate supply of unusual
dearest Vera Johnston and Mary Van Dursen Gpsuggestions she can create her own
eary of take the parts of the companions of 1A NU iOw Tie 1at 1 fashions. A gorgeous blonde (wit hout
effort to the princess,, while the parts of the ;bobbed hair) was seen at a recent ball
bring in four godmothers are taken by Alice ______________________ with a large clus.ter of white waixed
le god--K gardenias low down over one ear, in
ime she Garland Kellogg, Katherine Kyer, Striking individuality always char- fact so low dan were they that i
dieseEsther Merrick, and Mary Quarton. I
After a EtrMrrknd ayQurn. acterizes the costuming of the fashion- was hard to tell whether they wae
fbored After the pageant the Michigan "M" ably fastidious. This is as peculiarly meant to be hair ornaments or a boa-
ns bring will be formed in the following man- r quet pinned to her shoulder. olh( r
me they ner. The seniors in caps and gowns true of styles of head dresses as 0inotable occasions remarkable beautm.i
ess' ball will march four abreast to the middle other features of attractive dressing have been known to feature orchid ia.r
as their of the large hockey field and turn IHow many women give undivided at-ishaded to match daring gowns.
crystal down it, still marching four abreast tention to the dashing cut of their But to get down to a less dizzying
an I s until they face the hill. After them evening gown and totally disregard-world we find that the styles for us
eep. At come the jmuiors in sprt clothes g . nmere mortals are decidedly more de-
e fourth carrying hoops. They march down the importance of their hair orna-inure. Flowers in pastel shades out-
princess the hockey field dividing behind the ments. The tiny demure 'baby-girl';stripe the metal cloth ones in popular-
rophecy seniors and marching down on each with a huge Spanish comb planted mnity as ornaments The wide band is
p slep. side of them so that there is a line bobbed hair and the tall distinguished slightly passe in more ultra circles
graceful of juniors two abreast on either side looking brunette with the slender cord but has ever some degree of poplular-
the var-of the seniors. The juniors are fol- of pink ribbon binding sleek black hair ity. Rhinestone and pearl diadems
outh, vfr lowed in the line of march by the furnish the ijost strikingly bizarre ex- will always enjoy a degree of favor


sophomores also four abreast who ampiles of careless stumbling into the
march straight ahead and form a line blind alleys of style, and of utter dis-
on the extreme right of the hockey regard of the fitness of things.
field. Then the freshmen come in also I A very striking type of individual
four abreast and form a line on the will find that she has a wide field fora
extreme left of the hockey field. At choice in hair ornaments for formal.
this point when everybody is as-
sembled they will sing "I'll Ne'er For- 1their caps and gowns will have be-
get My College Days." At one whistle come alumnae.I

the evering when the traditional "M"l ''
is formed on the hockey fiel d th e
athletic awards are given 'out by Dr.I
Margaret Hell. to the memb'ers of
class teams, winners of tournaments,
and to those earning sweaters or ;
The Lantern Night program this
year is similar in its essentials to
those that have gone before. Athletic
events will occupy the greater share
of the afternoon and anyone interest-
ed is invited to look on. Men are
especially invited to attend Lantern
Night as there is no wish to exclude
them, contrary to the popular impres- 1
siOn current on campus. The pienie
supper will be held at 5:34 o'clock on
the hillside. The Woman's League will
serve hot coffee as usual. All league
houses, sororities and clubs are urged
to cone 'as groups to enjoy the enter-
tafnment and to participate in the
march. During the supper hour, and'
most probably after it, there will be
music a'nd stunts. The three enter-
t nments which are being planned
will Ie put on by ,Ruth Kahn, '27,1
Elizabeth 'Campibell, '27, and the
Freshnman class.
The senior women are to gather
and form their line of march on top
of the hill behind the Nurses home,
the juniors are to form along the side-
walk in front of the field house, the
sophomores on the sidewalk across
from the Nurses' home, and the fresh-
men on the same side of the street as
the sophomores but across the street,

1 First Year Women To Present Spectacle At Annual Lantern Night

the sophomores will turn, divide into
twos, and go under the arches form-
ed by the hoops of the juniors comingi
down the center line in fours. Here
cheering songs will be sung and ait
three whistles the sophomores will
march 'down and cross in front of the
seniors to standl between the two
lines of Freshmen. At the same tine
the freshmen will march straight
across the' rear of the field and come
down on the outside of the double line
of sophomores. Then at two whistles
the juniors will march to the front,
turn, and pass between the center
line 'of sophomores. They will leave
their hoops as they go along, turning
at the corner and coning down to a
diagonal line to center of the front
line. At one whistle the seniors will
come to the front, turn and divide in 1
twos, then go down the outside of the
freshman and sophomore lines on the
left and right of the field. They will;
turn at the farther line of these lines
and come down on each side of the
diagonal lines of juniors. At this
point the senior song will be sung by
everyone on the field. Then, while
they arerstill inthe "M" formation
the seniors will hand over their lan-
terns to the juniors. Dr. Bell will
give out the athletic awards after
which the "Yellow and J3lue" will be
sung. The seniors and juniors leadl
off the field keeping the V formation.1
'they will go back to the hill where!
they formed and the sophomores and
freshmen will follow in their turn.l
Thus unofficially each class will have
moved up a step and the seniors in?

The senior song, as it has been re-
written to the music of "Marcheta",
is as follows:
Soft shades 'round us falling,
Night's voices are calling,
A light breeze the lantern line
Their centers are glowing, 4
Gold beams 'round them showing
Our love for the blue and the maize.
Now we are leaving
To you, without grieving,
This torch, that you may guard its
And cherish its fire
That it may inspire
Your love for the true and the right.1

with the society matron although the
younger girl rarely finds this style
adaptable to her youth. On the whole
for the debutante or the college w ,-
man simplicity in coiffure tends to be
most popular and hair ornaments vary
in kind and style always however ad-
hering in good taste to the strictly rig-
Id dictates of simplicity.
The Speeches on Industry, which
Stanley Baldwin, Premier of Great
Britain, recently delivered anmd which
created a sensation abroad, are to be
Spulhished in America at once by I in-
coln MacVeagh, The lDial Press, under
the title of "Peace and Goodwill in
Industry." It is a long time since
Parliamentary speech-making has so
nearly approached great oratory and
at the same time been so tactically
successful. They repay study from all
angles, not the least from that of our
own perplexed attitude toward Labor
and Capital.

. .r 1' ./' .r "./ . 'J /"ie".E'."".r+'.I .iP ".%".I"., r I" '1.r+" .r"./' . i" I'.r/ Yj


service .ad Skill-
That combination in this
shop cai't be beat
The, Arcade Barber Shop
6 Nickel's Arcade

Photo by Rentschler
D)orothby Hurd, '2S

Photo by Dey
Elsie Murray, '28

3hi ~ ;i~a i'ai 1ai .0 'spedd jog

I. ____________________________






it -.. -

Tra i li li illiltl ll ll ll t ltltli illll Illtltli lllll l l ll Il 11 l 1!!!11i
In a formal gown that indefinite thing we call
"style" is most iimportant. You may have
rich materials, fine tailoring and all that, but
after all these do not male a presentable
formal gown.
Added to these must be the artist designer's
touch, a something that transforms the gar-
ment and makes people say: "'iid you notice
that beautiful gown?"
Such gowns are not made in every shop.
such gowns are not for sale in every store.
We are showing, just now, a large number of
exquisite formal gowns, styled by artists and
yet sold at very reasonable prices. Our sales-
people are all trained experts in guiding you
in your selection. They will not sell you a
gown that is not becoming-they take pride
in seeing you properlp gowned. Hundreds of

i 4
' .
. ,


e W~t
f/ ยข

1L , a
-- z =
'- _ _ -

r - .
i" ,



In A Charming Setting of
Reed Furniture You Enjoy Leisure
T ERE is nothing more pieasant in the warm months tham a sun parlor or screeen
enclosed porch bprightly ' unished 1ith reed pieces. After classes-d'aring
eisulre hours-when sthidying for exams, it Is indeed 're tful to itd a place amid suechi
'refreshing surroundings. Furnish your out-of-door living room now, and enjoy It
l urfni the coming weeks.

The Best
When Milady prepares herself for
a formal, there is great assurance ii
knowing that her gown is right-
that it represents the latest in style
and attractiveness in design. Here
we aim to make these attainments
easy for Milady to secure.


women find our garments and our

more satisfactory

than they find else-
Exquisite formals at

where, and so will you.

Davenport .................:........$40
Rocker ......................... .$24
C'hair .......................... .$20
Table . .........................5



$29.50, $39.50, $49.50, $65





11 P 11





.1 1


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