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May 14, 1925 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-14

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THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1926


PAGiT r"


VF__IM * v'A





Student Compares ! OCIOK juneneunFORU
NI Life At Micrigan NliCPTISI AOTI S l.
' - [O M U M Zhere will be an imnportat meet-n1il olg SS K n ftewrd elwhpcriite
00UI IU__U--I- --_-__-- - -- of the Y. W. C. A. at 5 o'clock todayl
CoPICNICo T 91lioii I. ( I i at Newberry hall at which all reports
gan o g to chol setnsa log ;concerning the international house
1so Women Sign Up For Last. PartIy; way, but. to comne from a girl's school squads wre chosen after Tusday's thi afternoon at 4 o'clock for -party will be given.
Giveni by W11oiien's League, !in Calirornia to an institution of co-'1practice. The senior squad is con- the freshmien and juniors, and at 5 '-
Feature Sports educationi in Ann Arbor appearsevnclcfothsohmrsadsir,!MLweceC rdofhehtrc]
pVIXlos-d of the following: captain, Olga io o h ohmrsadsno', M arneCna ftereoi
qul0eee. And yet M1aion Mills '26 i Verdelin manager, Helen Boorman ;~l 'lmcr i eld, department will be the principal speak-
____) er at a meeting of Black Quill society
TRANSPORTATION FRFA F l. aiet Ilch; and Olive McKay, Margaret Dixon,I I
college for women in Oaklanud, Cal- j nll)ib1s of the University Girls' lwhich will be held at 7:30 o'clock to- I
ifornia. says that campus life for w-; Alpena Ladd, Lillias Wagner,Fin iecu an Fraimalirs-Ge night at the Green Tree inn Memr-.
Trucs lave arbur ymnaium men s smilr atMils tothe(onices Murray, Lucille 3ellany, Greta (Club, who( are pinning to attend the bi hudcm rprd t a
6t 5 o'clock this afternoon for Whit- (tions here at Ann Arlor.thidus'
more Lake where 180 women will at- "We have a dramatic association M 'ae Adams, Els.a lacher, Evelyn spring formal mustlbring their eof-hirdes
~ 1\W" ~ '. "TI~ Doany Olie Est, harltte lx !.4 2.50 to the next meeting of the Glee
tend the annual outdoor Women's at Mis" say 'MissMills"TheneachPhotographs of W. A. A. and (a au at.Te incwldanaspt na nulcls lyGedlnMors en eie, cu.i ls e-rsaefrsl nBr
wathih ici il e c s p the onaan annualf cl ar."lay n d lnr , loi's. Leo. h e jniorl, cub.ri g ycl as mb e re rs a yn ar
L eagueo Burke's grounds where bath ishe classrtmen1t of tyscl eua.-n lni 3~eir.Tejmm There wil1be a special meeting of!brgynsu.TerisvaycI
blonTe(lalteiofpyia euc-squad team includes: Norma Clark:,:codntoheszofheptusfrm
'fouses are provided ard where the tion also produces an annual pageant captain, Dorothy Ogorn, manager, Kappa Phi at 4: 4v o'clock Thursday crigt h ieo h itrsfo
beach is tunusually fine. Diving sonwhaI iiar to Michigan's' and Louise Roberts, H-elen Strauss,afeonatWlyhl.35o60cts
Forrs ndratshae en puotF'ehui]age i. GldyEstcott. D~oris Kent, Marion-] A complete rehearsal for theFrs-
fo 1umrueadteetran The women at Mills college take a, Lawless, Sue Hlaskins, Francis I-an- T hcta sigma will niecl at 3 o'clockmlean pageant will be held at 4 o'clock[I
moe ctveinerstinousie ci- na, Norma Barlow, H-arriet Donald- today in the eading, room of thew today in; Barbour, gymnasium. An-
mnent committee have provided for ties than they seem to at Michigan, !sn Frances Godles and the sopho- Prss bWilding on Maynard street. Ev- nouncements for spcial practices will
water stunts and boating. A baseball ;Miss Mills thinks. "Perhaps that is more team includes: Florence Fos- cry member is urged to attend as imr-be made at this time.
game will be played and other gamnes because there are only girls on the ter, captain, Jean Kyer, manager, portant bu~ine .s matters will be set-~
grovided under the direction of Dor- campus and they are given more res-' and Mary Allshouse, Alice Feiske, ted. Tallahassee, Fla., May 13. - TheI
vthy Cline, '26. i onsibility in handling important Leona Herman. Patricia Doster, Eve-Flrd eiatr T sayecvdai
otyCie 2.campus afairs. ilyn Johnson, Margaret Cramer, Irene , Mcinlies of the ;lersi p commnis- bill which proposed an annual tax of
Each swoman is requested to bring Mills also iputs out the Mills Co1-iels IspieiigradDn-so fteV .(.A ilme ta$ o odmisaniahlr.
a. cup and her own supper. The C__edJsphnoasn___-So fth .W ..wilme ta$ o odmisan ahlr.
League will furnish coffee free and; lege Weekly which is entirely edited i thy Galy. The freha oereshman women are': 1_______ _______________________________
is furnishing the transportation to and managed by the girls. Its ad- H-elen Rutherford, captain.HIlen _____
and from the lake. Trucks will vertising ad~ business department is eamont, manager, and MargaretJ
Leae Witmreat G: 30 o'clock and extremely efficient and well planned. Haale, Martha Robinson, Vera
leav papitmore all tHanaleebew
7:30 o'clock. Chaperones for the Tepprrn h olo esJohnson, Rhoda Puthill, Telmroths
picic nclde:Dea Jen Hmilonand is considered a vauable journa- Luppold, Ada McKee, Dorothy Gum-
Dr. Margaret Bell, Miss Grace Rich- Istcexeinc.per, Anna Cope,. Julia White, Sarah
The hours are stricter at Mills Bonne, Mary McDonald, CharlotteI
ards, Miss Germaine Gulot, and Miss ta eea ihgn hr l
Thi ens party marks the ege close of athefeheiadspooes mushe ~ Jane Folsom, Arlene Unsworth, Ellen
series of p oe' egu ate at 6:30 o'clock and upplerclassmeni at Groff, Elizabeth Cionin, Gladys Ap-
put on through the year. Elizabeth 10 o'clock. On F riday and Saturday pelt. Lucy Tuttle, Catherine Francis.It
cowl,'26 has been social chair- 12 :30 o'clock is the zero hour except;Tetem wihrt e hsejf
manfo te eresofpatis.when special pernmission is given. The ;.te todays practice will be an-
girls may leave the campus for the nounced later. By applying to tilej
week-end if they are to visit relatives Class nanagers arrangements may be $ 00
Alchg n I1o e who, by the way, may be convenient-maefrtoewo istoten Special - For Dollar Day!
iently manufactured in San Francisco the Women's League picnic.a Dainty new frocks of printed
Favor Lawyers just across the bay.____________
Mrs. Aurelia Reinhardt who talked Sypoi'Lau lctoswl crepe and striped tub. silk in'-
I twenty-fiveedifferent modelsware
Career For Menle ; to the A. A. U. W. recently is presi- : )e held froml 9-12 o'clock today at!tey-iedfrntm elae
Mihgnwmnloe ~Zldfrdent of Mills College.{ the School of Music. -going at this remarkably low E
several minutes, after being asked GIVE B3ENEFIT MOVIE I Mrs. Jeanette Hyde ot' Salt Lake I price. All are dresses that reg-
wbat type of occupation ,the would ____ciyUcXhsle'iip~it~4el ularly would sell for a much
prefr te mn se marie tofolow. Through the courtesy of the Ma- lector of the port of Hawaii. !as ihrpie aesat o
answered one,Ion.hd "But It think I should jestic 'Theatre, "The Great Divide"' Morrow morning at 8:30.
like to be a lawyer's wife." But as we day, tomorrow and Saturday as a HAVE OUR ORSE SECOND FLOOR
thatue by n ieseverywoan fvidvntmeans of raising an educational fund!M D O E S R
which will be 50 cents may be ob- GO E '
Dor tr an ofwealoe sson. orth;nieriyNosialBTcetNEEN G. O RCHI 2 SUHMI
in the professional race, although I iosKn'wagtr ice fAnith MISS McINTYRE,. Costumer.
one demure little girl vehemently anl-I Arbor. NcesAcd loefrapital
pounced that above all her husband______________
could not be a medical man. Arch!-
tects also proved to be 8an extremely
pop~ular feminine choice. r I

Officers for next, year were electedI
at the final meeting of the University
Girls' Glee club which was held;
Tuesday night. They will be as fol-
low:- president, Lauretta Cooper; I
vice-president, Vera Wellington;
secretary, Katherine Booth; treasur-
er, Katherine Bruher; librarian,
Frances Boring; business manager,
Mary Kent Miller; and auditor', Fran-
ces Farwell, all '26.I
Notices as to busses leaving for the E
dance will appear in The Daily Fri-
day ad Saturday. -
Patronize Daily Advertisers -- it1

y; ..


Copies of the songs to be
sung on Lantern Nighit have
been sent to the various organ-
ized houses. All women are
urgedI to learn the words before
thme cer'emony Tluesday in order
to make the singing as effective
as possible. This is the first
year that cheering songs have
been included, in the program
antd the senior song has also
been put to new music. that of
"Marclieta." Extra copies of
the songs mney be securied at tihe
office of Mliss Ethel McCormick
in Barbour gymnasium.
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Every Woman's
Scientific Beauty Treatment
w'eid resew'ued &.a"Soomfuut of New York. London end Pdvb
Wah swat blackhead, and other impurities; refine the skin texture with
Viasle ladkha d nd Open Pore Paste, Special, $1.00
Cleans. the skin quily, thoroughly, delightfully with
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1k T ddV 9erw)0e ocho *of oniy emplurnre e beauty ba
iRo4nd t~mw uue ntaviam* art aply captnmaong#


oo** - 11 W-azc


One girl wanted an artist, another.., e
desired a: college profesor; still a .
third said she could never be happy
with any man except a minister. One ' R E/R E N
merchnr young materialist suggest- p G EE T EE IN
mahdifference provided the man of iSeilPrisb ragmn
her choice possessed a million dol- SeilPrisb ragmn
lars.' "I'd lust as soon his sole occu- j.
ation was inheriting" she remarked.ILucen 120-:3
Bucharest, May 13.- Col. Alexander .AtronTa 0- 0
Marghiloman, leader of the Conserva- AtronTa :050
worthy figures of Rumanian political
life, is dead. ; PI'hone 9646 295 South State
Wedding and -
Shower Gifts
You will find many and vai'led
gifts in our lines for biothi occas- ' =
A larg'e display of new pictures
1188 jstbeen received. --
Applied Art -I.
2 'Nickels Arcane
:Oposite Sub-Station
: DRINKand Negliges -
.. DKTmo m )D Y if T i s u n u s ru a I a s o r tmn e n t o f ii n g c r i e s a n d n e g l i-= i
Th ~neflgees reflects throughout beauty, grace, corn- +
-h odru fort and economy, and wvas developed by
f New Health Drink ;Yaolande along lines precisely meeting the -
- rccluirciienfts of the college type of girl.
', e liciou Dainty step-in suits, embroidered and lace
trimedlovely combinations, luxurious night- {
=Nuitritious_ gowns, and all else in the lingerie world.
Health B tiilcler' Unusually pretty things at prices unusually
-- - ~~~~reaso n ab le. c m e d d b
- Rcomede-b $3.50 and Up -'
Physicians _--
Everywhere _

: . ..v , s,. , . . .r. r . . .rrr, r..r ,r. s. aBe- . , . .1.. .rss."r. .r. . .rr, .r. rrrrrrr. , srrri. .%


Six of the Artists


are to appear


on programs of the

(f a itore)
"Not; since the (lays of Lillian
No-(icai has an American heard
such thuirnders of applause be-
stowed by a Metropolitan aumdi_
once as fell to' the lot of Law-
I'I(ice Ti hbet t in the part of
Ford in floito's 'Falstaff,'" re-
por'ts the Literary laigest under
dlat e of Febriuar'y 7, 1925.

Hill Auditorium
Ann Arbor
20, 21, 22,9 23

Pa-iioii )
Nr. Illeslem was born sin
Spain. lie sang frequently in
Barceclona, and later went to
P aris, where he made his debut
in olwrea. Since then he has
sung with great success in Italy,
South America, and. with both
the Chicago and Metropolitan
Opera Companies.
(M a70 Soprano)
Another member of the Clhi-

Miss Meisle is the possessor
of one of the most lbeautiful and
opuilent voices to be heard to-
dlay. She has been with the
Chicago Civic Opera Comlpany
since192. making her dlebut in
time importanit role of Erda, in
Mr. Morgan, the young Welsh
tenor', has been descibed as
"Evan Williams of this genera-
tion." Since comning to America
hie has a ppear'ed ini practically
all of the music centers of time
East and Midldle Wrest in ora-
torie and recital. His engage-
mnents have been veritable tri-
MYQ L'1 rT AV&

Six Concerts

-Four Days

Course Tickets on Sale Up to May 11 th


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