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May 10, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-10

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PA~Fr 1o uR


SUNDAY, MAY 10,;1925

- ~-~--

Published ver~morning except Monday
during the Univeriy year by the Board in
Contral of Student ubcatons.
Members of Western Conference Editorial
The Asociated Press is exclusively en-
titled to the use for republicatio of all news
dispatches credited to it or not otherwse
credited in this paper and the local news pub-
lished therein.
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Michiga, as second class matter. Special rate
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master General.
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nard Street.
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MesS, 960.
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iennetl c. Keller Norman R. Thal
Eadwin C. Mack
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George C. Johnson A. S. Simons
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K. K. Klein I. J. Winean
W. L. Mullins1
SUNDAY, MAY 10, 1925.
Night Editor-NORMAN R. THAL
Michigan students this week-end are
entertaining their mothers. The na-
tion today honors its mothers. The
world for all time reverences the
mothers to whose devotion and fine
sense of service we owe all that is
finest in present day civilization.
There be, some who would depre-
ciate the value of all the external de-
votion which will be shown today.
They would substitute for it a care
and consideration which would last
the year around.
.iuch a spirit is indeed desirable. It
is the spirit which is symbolized by
the carnationswhich will be worn in
such profusion. Granted that such are
purely artificial tokens of remem-
brance, they serve a real purpose in
emphasizing this debt of the men and
women of today.
The program for Mothers' week-end
is but an expansion of the same idea.
It serves to strengthen the bonds be-
tween the University and the home.

It gives n opportunity for students to
repay in part those who have made
an education possible.
Leon Trotsky, variously reported inj
the last few months as either dead or
aboat to die from disease, assassinated
by political fanatics or murdered by
personal enemies, is back in Moscow
enjoying good health and causing'
much discussion concerning his pos-
sible return to power.
Ccincident with his arrival Tliurs-
day came the announcement that
Cregory Zinovieff, President of the
Third Internationale, and one of thej
former War Minister's most hostile
opponents, has left Moscow for a long
vacation in the Causausus. Various
opinions are rife in European centers
of Russian settlement as to the exact
relation of this to Trotsky's return.
it is thought by some that the "va-
cation" of Zinovieff is of the same
variety as that just completed byI
Trotsky---that is, a virtual exile and aE
signal that he has fallen from po-
litical favor. In view of this the im-
mediate return to a predominant posi-
tion in the government is predicted
for the returned vacationer.
If this be true, the Soviet can claim
another decidedly original innovation
in governmental practice. From now
on one would judge that the govern- I

Rykoff and the other nuisances who
menace the future of Russia.
A series of arti ces are now appear-
ing on the Music and Dlraama page en-
titled "The Theatre in Ferment,' these
are not to be confused with a similar
series which appeared recently on
campus dramatic organizations.
Everybody was pleased, no doubtq
that the freshmn won the spring
games, but few save the competitors
exhibited any great excitement.1
What with canes and moustaches, it,
is daily becoming more difficult to
distinguish the seniors and the pro'-1
Now that the Chimes has merged
with The Daily, it seems that a Whim-
sies-Gargoyle merger is in order.
Anonymous communications will be
disregarded. The names of commune-
nants will, however, be, regarded as
confidential uwon request.

- _

--- -_---- !//!tl/l//l/t/ItlXt//1/lll/ll



UASTt-D'ROLL mu s t Ll '1 II1 SE(:VNP
1i0[; ND


Mother's Day Cards

After round one there were a lot of I
eliminations. Valentine, one of the
snurvivors, is up today for his second
* * *
It. N. C., observing Macks adver-
tisement of a Pasteurized face cream,I
speculates as to whether it comes
from contented cows, and goes on to
say that a girl with Pasteurized face
cream and sterilized powder would
make a pretty safe date.
There was a mystifying story in
Liberty a few weeks ao about Phre-
nology. It told about this Phrenolo-
gist that looked at a photograph of a
guy that he'd never seen before and
guessed that he had a talent for mu-
sine. This he did by examining with
his Lens the small bumps on the skull
of the photograph. Ile said there was

Paxton and Company of London,
England, have recently published a
Prelude in G minor by Carl Gehring,
a graduate of the Theory department
of the University School of Music in
1921. Copies have been placed on sale
at the University Music House, which
acts as Mr. Gehring's exclusive agent s
in America.,










Very shortly Danton and Company, I
also of London, are to bring out twoI
of his songs, "Little Flowers of Love
and Wonder," contralto solo, words
by Theodore Dreiser, and "Dreams
That Never Die," soprano solo, words
by Hester Reed Gehring. Other of his
compositions accepted for publication'
are two piano solos, "Prelude in D
minor" and "Valse Caprice," and
"Song for a Moment the Wind Died,"
soprano solo, words by Theodore
* * *



arrt.H"...r.i..rrriuR.gsn.r.""u Heu u..ua........................." ....................ir......erru r" rnras rau rraaaar ss"as "w

our - r'Aly vn-----w1
71 2 Ar bor Strwet D
Near State and Packard Sts. __
We Also do__ __
High Class Work in
fATs Phone
of all Kinds
617 Packard St. Phone 7415 - -...... . . . .-_ _.
(Where D. U. R. Stops at State)

GET THE S'UDENTS! I a little protrusion over the eye that
To the Editor: meant one thing, and a little bald
The annual anti-student drive con- spot over the ear that meant another.
ducted by chief-of-police O'Brien and But we don't consider his diagnosis
his colorts, aided and abetted by a triumph of Phrenology, you may be
Judge Thomas is on! sure. Above the story was a copy of
Get the students! the photograph he had worked with,
The slogan of the city fathers is and it was Feodor Chaliapin sitting at
commendable. It makes Ann Arbor a. piano with music in front of him,
a delightful little village wormthy of behind him, and piled around his
the antiquated parasites who admin- chair..
ister its laws and dispense "justice.'
Meticulous care that none of the COLES' WORK STOPS IEIIRE
residents of the town arc included in * *
the round-up of iolators of petty lo- A POEM
cal ordinances is observed by Chief (with apologies to Shakespeare)
0' what-ever his name is. A bird, by Jove sat in a tree
Last night, I parked my machine A normal place for a bird to be,
on the lawn in front of the house. That It would have been quite wierd,
was after one o'clock. This morning I of course
found a sticker ordering me to report If in its place had been a horse.
at the village lock-up for parking * * *
without lights. I was conducted post- READ)ROL11-AIV.
the open air garage-bill. Did he ask
if it was a first offense? My, no. He This coming week has been locally
wanted to know if 1 was a student! advertized as Nutrition week. Follow-
ing the Coolidge economy plan it will
Then he broke the glad tidings
On the other hand, a native further only last three days, however. The
whole idea seems sort of unnecessary
up the street was hailed before the us Iisorbevaonttpa-
gallant chief for a similar offense. to us. It is our observation that prac-
Apologies were in order. The otlicer tically everyone of our acquaintance
. . . makes every week nutrition week.
mistook the Lizzie for one belonginrgm
to a student. Undoubtedly Mr. WThey all are very conscientious abouti
to ao stent.dndoued Mrtheir regular 21 meals a week.
*Wagoner (the midnight maurauder) , A
will be reprimanded for the occur-
ence. How many other voters were It looks pretty black for the Ukra-
imposed on in this manner I can't say, nians just now. There is no partic-'
but I do know this: that the students ular reason for this remark, except
were not treated accordingly, and a that it always looks pretty black for
goodly number parted with the most the Ukranians. Please make checks
of the lose change that Mr. Thomas ; payable to Department 6743--Rolls.-
suspected them of possessing. Press Building, City.
Local ordinances very radically to* * *
the same orderly laws of our home SIX
communities. A warning should and WHITE ELEPHANTS
would suffice in the majority of cases. HAUNT' MICHIGAN CAMPTUS
The fining of wholesale numbers of (By special cablegram to this depart-
students is at best cheap tactics espe- ment)
cially when local personages areI Six large white elephants were seen
Imerely gently rebuked and dismissed. I strolling together across the campus
Why we should be (discriminated by students at a late hour last night.
against by the men who owe their posi- The fire department and the chief of
tions to our presence is a mystery. police were immediately called on the
Beware! new dial system, and within three
The hunt is on! hours they were informed of the en-
Get the students! tire proceedings. Another three hours
These occasional spurts of munici- brought the fire trucksto the campus,
pal viciousness makes Ann Arbor but by that time it was impossible to
truly the city where, "Education and carry out any further investigations
Avarice meet.' as the students were just thronging to
-Reuel I. Blake. their ten o'clock classes.
Those who witnessed the spectacle
A CRY FRO..M THE WILERNESS say that the animals were in every
I am a student, yes unfortunately way normal except for the color and
I am Inin . thUniversity of Michigan. size, The witnesses further described
If I were not a student, but at the them as having rhinocerous-shaped
same time were a citisen of what bodies with legs at each of the four
would be the village of Ann Arbor corners. The elephants seemed to be
if it were not for others similar to carrying on a light conversation
myself, I would have the privilege of among themselves and seemed to be
having my name inmscribed in the cajoling one another in a witty man-
'beautiful red directory of the Ann ner. The pedestrians, however, stated
Arbor Branch of the Michigan Bell that they were at too great a distance
Telephone Co. Eighteen thousand from the beasts to allow them to hear
residents of Ann Arbor, the majority the exact trend of the discussion.
of whom are there because the stu- j'There were no foot-prints in evi-
dents are also in the same community, dence anywhere on the campus this
compel us to bite the (lust. Ah! the morning, but the state police, who
iniquity of human conduct. It over- were called in early this morning, at-
comes its with grief. Would the cost tribute this fact to the heavy dew
have been so tremendously munch which probably eradicated the marks
greater had the students been listed before the authorities were able to ar-
in the red directory? We should not! mive on the scene. Members of thme
mind being placed in the latter part building and grounds department who
of that volume. But I forget, it is only iarrived for work at an early hour to-
a matter of one and one-half months day, when questioned on the matter
before a few seniors are allowed to [.said that they had noted nothing un-
become inmates of th world instead ( usual about the campus when they
of the University of Michigan. That came to work except the red streamers
would possibly make dead timber of onn the trees. The authorities after
a few, possibly two pages. But what further investigation, did not attach
of the remaining munber, many of any importance to these. They at-

n r *

By request --for Sunday
dinner--turkey roasted.
to a delicious brown - -
a O rich, tastily sea-
soned dressing--at 55c

Chadlee, Mario, drama'ic tenor;
born in Los Angeles, Califorima, May
29, 1892; one of the hers, along with
Gigli, Lazzari and IMartinell, to
Caruso's handkerchief at the Metro-,j
politan; a typical artist in the al
fresco Italian grand manner with a
typical al fresco, fruit-and-brocade
voice; the rocipient of the degree of
Master of Music from the University
of Sout hern Califoria L, and a perfect
Enzo for the epidramiuatics of the fast
to furious "La Gioconda."
)J:A R'S N
After nine mountlis of 'eostant lam-
pooning or enthusiasm, after messing
day in and lay out amiolig the petty
prejudices of every ,personal opinion,
after battling away the Tommie Macks
and the E. 11. A.s, growing lyric over
Mrs. Mansfield, preciously indignant
over Mr. ScIlitehl andi iis marionettes,
or vaguely ecstatic over the rhythmics
of the Clavilux, there is a certain dull
satisfaction in pure statistics. Sav-
ing Professor Ilollister's production
of Jerome K. Jerome's "The Passing
of the Third Floor Back," the Senior
Girls' play, "Aria da Calm," and the
terrific orgy of the May Festival, the
tmy season is over; and now for the
sheer mathematics-
There have been to date thirty-four
campus productions, not including the
twenty odd performances of the Mich-
igan Union Opera or the six produc-
tions of the Junior Girls' Play, among
them ten full-length dramas, thle rest
shorter pieces. Onmitting the frankly
un-important works, thiis list included
Shaw (2), W. S. Gilbert, Milne, Mol-
nar, Benavente, Synge, Sheridan, Mae-
terlinck, Mrs. havelock-Ellis, Vane
and Barrie. Cutting the list still fur-
ther through inadequate production,
there were more than creditable per-
formances of "The Man With the
Bowler Hat," "Arms and the Man,"
''The Bonds of Interest," "The Admir-
alble Bashrville,"' "'Out wardf Bound,"
I and possibly "The Playboy of the
Western World" and "The Death of
Tintagiles." "The Bonds of Interest"
and "Outward Bound," however, failed
to make expenses, so that you have
left, at best, five conmpletely successful
legitimate attractions.
The American Association of Uni-
versity Women has presented five en-'
tertainments during the year, the Paul
Whiteman concert, the Marimein dan-
cers, the Clavilux, MIrs. Richard Mans-
field in "The (loose Hangs High," and
the German motion-picture, "The Last
i Laugh"-all of which, with the excep-
tion of the 'tmlarlein dancers, were ex-




A r c.a de

.. .. e.^ rn'1

Wherever you travel
this summer, financial
arrangements made
through the Ann Ar-
bor Savings Bank,
will make your trip

more delightful.


I r

ters of credit and for-
eign exchange on the
principal countries of
Europe. Ask at either

whom return to the same places of tribute them to the sophomores rather ceptionally successful financially and
residence during the coming year? than the elephants, they say. artistically.
They must wait for the Student Di- A thorough combing of the city to- The Michigan Theatrme League, on
rectory that arrives a month or so day revealed the fact that nobody was tihe other hand, has had miu of an
after the football season has expired. keeping any elephants, and particular- off-season, and while the production
But in spite of this assurance that the ly any white elephants, without the by the Cleveland Playhouse of "Ice-
Bell Telephone Co. will care for our kinowledge of the police and health bound" was very fine, "The Romantic
future it does put a large number of departments. This exploded the theory Age" and "Henry IV", were unusually
students into a state of inextricable that the animals might have been disappointing. Their present plan is
confusion. some local family's pets that has Cs- to engage tie Bonstelle compay for
Our most worthy 150 a year date caped. The nearest thing to a white a series of performances next fall.


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