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May 06, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-05-06

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Night Editor-KFWNETI I C. I'(ELLAR1

No problem facing the world today
is more fundamental Omhn that of the
relationship between lab~or anti capi-
tal. In a certain sense0, every manj
belongs to one claiss or t he other.
Moreover, bot h the labiorers and the,
employers are. vitally intere';tet inIi
making the best possible bargain for
their own selfish welfare and will do
almost anything~ to accomplish it.

ATD music
The stuff about the ten dollar prize T1HIs AF'11TE J0(11: '' Th Organ
is the bunk. A figment of Washing- ITecitail ill Hill aud4iltoriltml at 4:15

Mother's Day Cards

ton's imagination. We are, however,
planning to run a series of columns


Because the laborer must findalaI by different hands, in an effort to de-
position andi the employer has to (de- termline who' is the proper person to
pend upon the laborer to fill his need1s, rieticounexya.Tdys
some means of bringing them togetheri
Is the first one submitted under this
is necessary. human agencies, how-3
ever, cannot be lperfectly adljust ed aiIpIlan. The pub~lic is requested to co-
many working men are continually operate by writing in opinions of the
out of employment. One of the most iiffrient columns submitted.


common causes of unemployment 1b0- And inasmuch as they have never
sides this natural larck of adjustment, hesitated to tell us when our own
is the inability of' the laborer t o ill comn haebnrtewefl
thew ositionwhi this city of Chi-jsure that we can expect the same can-1
A fw dys go n te cty f Cin-dor here. We hope, however, that all
cag, anewpapr rporer isied four despisers will not make this new
labor employment bureau which vas regime the occasion for some more
offering thirty jobs to ats many men; rzigo r ols ehp o
butr~rn not arne waowles.fillehooelie-t
butnota oe ws Timfilednot1) to get a lot. of letters saying "For
cause there were no workers seeking H aegv smr fti
positions, buitt simplly because none of substitute. It's so much better than
the en ho ad eenappyin attheyour stuff that I dlon't see how you've
agency were skilled enourgh to hanmdle hldyujoasonasouav.
thema.'T'hese thirty openings called Let ters in this general tonec have
for the kind of rniehamical skill that.
takes several years of agplrert ic ship 1 ,t~ ays depressed us, and, we hope, al-
to dlevelop). As the men did not have wy il hnte o' w hl
rig.rig.it, they were forced to accept ptosi- resign..

rom)Nl r: l rli"Te Lst Laugh"il
11111 auditorimnt at S o'clock.
TON IHT: Recital by Barr~e llull ill
tile Uniiversity Scho01 or Mus~ic t tS
TOiNIGHTl1: Thme Frenich. lay,
"'Blanellette" by Eu~gene Blieux, ill
Sarah C'aswell Angell hail at 8:15
A review, by Robert Hlendterson.
He is anm01(1 porter, as big as a
bull, with the tremendous importance
of a minor responsibility. He carries t e u b el , t e t u k o h
guests of the Atlantic H-otel, he pro-
tects the contiiemital ladies. IHe
grows liqjuorish at his dlaughter's
wedding, his position is taken front
him-his coat, the tremendous im-
portance of a minor responsibility-
and he becomes a mere lavatory






,;A -"

S t

We AisoBut you can depend on getting the best
Hfigh Class Work in lunch or dinner ever--next to Mother's
C'LEANING A NT) I{BLOCliIMIG -h-ere. Our hot orchestra makes your
of all Kintds t meal doubly pleasing.-
61l7 Packard St. Phone 7415 .
(Where D. U. R. Stops a tt)THEI
Nights - - - 5Cc to $2.)tMMa..- :50 o$,0
The PMiracle Play of Amerlra 61 1 Church
tAIle's 1Irs:Rose"II[il

M i' S

attendant. Agau
lion dollars byt
blossoms, cogent
pompous luxury.
old friend the

1, h ilieinheits a mui-
a fantastic will ; he
twith the poise of
[ie (lines with his
chmipagne, pat ties
together they ride0
1coach-and-four . ,

tions back on tne farmns from ich i . 1« * truffles, caviar
manyof tem oiginlly ainv. ;A special dispatchm to this depart- ;a. la Ileine- and
While it is true that nziuny (of the away in a gold(
ment states that the S. and (U. boys
mei no ot o euplyntmitdii tmeI are p~lann~ingl a mammoth field day itn md afl
from the farms and are unskilled in tena it 1ut h must terrify ar
anything mechanical, the piresent tent- rt nsc eae ~rpr picture broker.
dency to rush into a tnoney--maliting ;v aeotsc esgsterpr technique of th
job as soon as possible is the cauisefaldt goiofutedti.Ths} uncanny sense
of a greater p~roportiotn of the army of coui ra, allows much idle specula- fl interptetati
of unskilled workers. The increasing I -b, odob, eerlItricks of our1
(Tvso flbri omnt ak here will bn obsvrl they actually
feivso of lhicntoit netasssxy epatapes ant i lck-up events-in conscious, arti
fewof hic reuir hih tchncalwhich the more agile members aire stupid and ie
skill, offet' the young laborer the easyIsuetcla-p Frm esolob Pronly"
way to good wages and lie accepts the I sure t la-p rmproa h esnly
nervation of the ..ettrants it seems teol -it
simple job in preference to spending ta nto ielel onutto vl that I would an
several years apprenticeshipt in a more coe n he . ' eensa, third time. I
skilled trade: oici*teoumrevns picture that c
The esuts ae ievitble Skiledemotional strint
The rsultsare ievitale. SilledA Disclosure. iseetod.
fo thetsanfaeturoofsachner
mechanics always will be in demand Wec are about to let the ieading pub- like nothing sa
wirthewhchto muancufacturematherylin in on a big secret. It's all about net of Dr. Call
withwhih t manfacurethemore this Denizen stuff. Here is what real- conventional to
simple products.,- Skillful foundryi ly. happ>ens. Five gentlemen areJ blood battle, i
chipes, oomakt', rities ad igseated in a room, smoking. One of breast -pumnping.
and die men will always he able to get the esua~ evs iekee thing is convini
a job in tihe industrial world of to-- id mn h 'aii ibi ilture, I tindemst
day.Yet feer n~n haneve beorequickly realize that there are now bunt shoml1)
are showing a willingnmess to enter y'u-()mni h om eli o Yu could roin
these higher trades and tlime result is pregitant., pristi
tia! ietit osi l~u , happens that one of them is named Its story us(
of -'' Cowles, anti as is his usual habit, lie; it need them,
tllos~ns oher thrughut imeis worrying about how he is going tol filled witht the
country, will remain un Age tt 9 - nce o-elhmo eaiy.hr
Employers of labor find ithat iis only getnoutget9I1o-e inchtsofl e ll , humnri. reiait. Hee li
the older men who are p~reparedl to fill (Shuddlenly he is struck biy a brilliant f tinme of his po'
these uiportan mt positioins. Tlhe ,young- idahr ut10aDnzt et this is taken
er generation of fact ory laborers are i. 'Plhere g botI mihs my though hisv
more eager to get hg wages and crushed, you se
have athnte at good time thigaa!note te threeme are cay of a shat
called Denizens. Theni they hold a stiddemly o
learn a trade. Until there is consider-yyo
ablestiulaton mon theyougeI normal conversation about anyt hing tasteless extras
IIt general, andl Cowles liuts it downt on riche. Mlere
men, nothing liut a decrease in the paptIer'andgeshm iitucfodn-wuilei'ld
supply of this class of workers canti ,mxofissf
be expected. *jO h cu
In the meantime, thme laboring memcmi a* * IOf .t erytu
will continue toi blanie time short age of 1 thme porter', oft
wor uonthe capitalists, when in Lr e t e ~ nr~h>tesill j
reality they tesle r obam adroit niet-woi
for the situation in a great degree._ is little to say;
_______________art today cm
There used( to bea inI old( sayuig thaut I At'veb
"the first hundred year's are the hiam'd- t3_reiew b
est." Tphe evil po~rtenit of those words, . (Wesalp
however, shall no lomnger hrintg fear to poreirl to nd
tim~~~~~~~mr fairly E i tt lh 1l'1t'< Ai
file, hits o flw.' wo tItJ ,0-* marrv fr


as Theim Last Laugh"
In AmIlerican nmotiont-
Beside tile exact
his Germntmmmovie, its
of detail, its power-
on, the stock celluloid
pr'odumcers swet't what
are --heavy tand self-j
iiial, inot a little
"Thle Last Laugh'' is
ire I havyeever' seen
ndi sliould see a seconid,
It is ceirtainly tihe only
can compare with the
agency of a great play.1
i-e novel ani umnique,
ave posibly "Tme Cabi-'
ligaml'i." There is 110
lve-story, no blood to
no glycer-ine tears, no
g imadonnas. Every-
ninig, ia turmal---thte vimr-
tand, they call L.ife.
pirofoundily womrr'ed if
main unmoved b~y this
tine drama.
ses nto subtitles, nor does;
for its incidents aire
simiplicit y of pr'ofouind

Although we are constantly
making improvements there
are changes that may occur
to you sooner than to us.
What have you to sug~est?



On Smnday afternoon the. voice of
the Vei'y Reverend William . Ralph l
I nge, dean of St. Paul's cathedral,!
London, England, thundered to aI
crowd (if 3,500 Americans at the I
Cathedral oif St. John the Divine in
New York that their country tumst
avert the next war, that Europe wasI
looking to America as a savior from
strife. On Mlonday. evening, as though
in answer', Alonson B3. Houghton, new
ambassador of the United States to
Great Britain, in carefully measured
tones addressied thme Pilgrims' banquet
itt London, iii eff'ect warning Eur'ope
tilat uless peaWe is restored in tihe
old world by co-operation and good
faith, United States credits to Europe
will curise..-
Thus it is that to an indefinitte chal-
lenge to America by an Englishnman,
an American has unwittingly given a
(letlite answer. Dean Ingcelplaces thme
burden of mainltaiining peace in Eur-
ope on thle shioulders of the American
republic, ora~tingain 2grandiose oterms~

is a nmanl, an ignor'ant
ygrounded in the~ rou-
:isitioii. Suddenly, all
from him, 'amnd, as
very, soul had beenI
ee hint sinik into the (de-E
ttem'ed pride. And asr
see hi11m raised to the
Lvagance of a nouveau
explatatomy phrasesI
ulous, fatal to thme cli-
tu ations.
al productiou---of Emmil
y" great concepitionl of
the remfllarkahule phlotog-
.full p~lay (if lights, the
ik of incidients-thlere
;thiemre is lint this-all
ws fmrom Germany.
PASN S1111'
yJasonl Cowles.
'obahiy mtever lie in a
dge a nmusical sho0w
mn we are priep~ared to




gover'nment statist ics just, completed
sho0w that thme fourth yearm of nia ftied
life is the imoit. critical (if all and time
0110 during which the mniost Ammirica 115 1
give time whole afa siri'piii) as mpossih1110
Accordipg to the figures neithier'thme

Feels that lie huts .itlust received
the proper' space i this paiper. lie
h uses his c'lis to ai plmce inl this
('olim ioni time fact; that hme has pulled
sic of the wettest jokes of the year.
l11 {l l ;t * T A.7(V *i

about our rsosblt for the grethursband nor Itle wife mmecd earm that,
pluo resp onibistreatvli-his or het' "sweety" will run away1
Euoet ot-btost u ivili-
zation. Amassador Iloughton in his during time first thriee yeam's. if tihe t
turn tells. plainly just how this coun- hiusbanud is goinlg to breat haiswifte, itl
is probable that he will do it before ; '0
try proposes to force peace down nit-
willing uoestrabystight the end( of the thir'd yearin, oi' not at all.
should ifs atos elietohlpt-If eitheri'party is going to bedriven to' i
war a reconcilation of peoples which drink byiyliarriedl life, it is likely that1
shall metfan real peace, not all armlis- i iltk tlattm 'ar eiw
ticebeteenwar, thy ned xpethtie break will comie. Trhe wife will I
1ic0 fbethwe astcedexpAem'cnltake to liquotr early, in all probability,w
no trtlcr wsitarie font mercantim
investors, while the husbaand will wait until aft em'
In substancee, both speakers ar'e tihe fifth year.il
rigiint.The Dean correctly assunmes -Wie no solution4 offere'd by the
tlat this country is "entrusted with a governilment officjis, tbimeie is appam'-Im
ummiqte opotmmty"fo retorngently but one way to) foil thre law of I ti
wrdamity which "has never comea.ver'ages-take a year':; vacaion at
13-hire amid is; not aplt to come agalin." ithe enld ofthtie tir i'iyear I.
Butt line is misguimding when lie prates-
about t he "inevit-ableness of militar'- I
ism in Euirope." If he stresses Amer- fEITORIAL COMMENTV
lea's, resplouisibiiit y to Elrope he {I,
_. sh o u ld a ls o lprea ch a s e1 se of resp o n .- I t l~ f I- V UN I S ITI '
";iiit y to thle wom-ld ore thme part of 'Illme Chicago .'rihumme. 1 olh
E~uropE-aimlr nations. Amnbassador Tihe exelmisiom of time ham-va rd Lain-
i-foughten goes him one better by in- poo11 fromm time mail wast a :,ily exhibi- aw
sistilng this very thing: namely, that,. .
Etrpanntos ieAerc a fa in of federal bomre ac ra.cti'
Euroean atins gve Aeria haf a The suitty minded a tloiii4'centfs Awlo
chance to restore peace by disarnming concocted the vumlgaria itui will accept I
amid forgetting ancienlt hatrnedls. I tihe postoflice clerk'"; cc inihure as an
A mediumu must be i-eached. Neither 111 indication of theirs own imuportantec
America nor Europe can remlain. in and will be encouraged to att emupf" tr
selfishm iotationm. 'The former mustI somriethlinmg really object ioisrble. i
ertase all ideas of independence frontl Comrrection mmighit pr'operly have
the rest of tile worldl; time latter mlust, beemn administered bmy the disciplimtam'y
forget her post-war antagonisms and auhrte of Harvar-d, if foir no otherjl
listen to time counsels of the peace- reason, becamuse parents of other boys ; t

ODEJL'iO A W*iiIDN Mti''
Sw.eet odor' of incense i-are blown
iii the aim'
SJevenlteenl deans of wonmen sat in a
ecking chair
hull fathoms five and far away tilei
.some pleople are given to chewing
ti, yet imany othem's smore.
weot odor' of incense' ramse blowni
rti tihe aim'i
Lovely lady ribbomi clerks, off oin a
saddenming team-
Manly a wvearny mile they rnode unitil
ie horde could go n1 loimore
H13 kissed hmis sweetheart lovingly,
she bopped him oil tile jaw.
S weet otdor of incense rare blown
rm the air
:she blew out all thle canles cause
ie couldnm't stanmd tile glareI
Amnd oinmd onl thu the night time
rI steam rollem' tore
But wmemn the snmoke hlad clearecd y
way tile pennmy was on time floor.
One-Act Play

Itiudge this onme. Amnd that is because
we saw about, thrmee-fifths of it, and
heard five fifths of it, two years ago
in D)etroit. And 0on1 consultinig our'
P~laygoer's Diamry lfor-1923, we finid it
recorded as "a gloiomy evemiing"
This "Passimg Show,'" whicht scemll
to be takinmg a gotid while to pass a
given poimnt, is mnot dated at all, is a
Imlixture' of acts, we hiear; culled from I
pr'evious Passing Shlows-and it is
now onl its way to Eur-ope. Thiie se-
lection was made, if we umay say so,
in exceetdingly bad taste.
There was an act in whliich an~ old
mant with a beam-d was playinig golf.
Tme Other Guiy ascked hmiint where Ire
had learnmel to .play, amd the old iman
said hlis fathmer- Lad taught hlim, amid
that his fathem- was even now going
ar-ounid tile links. -"Who is youmr fathm-
or pilayinlg with?'" "My grandfather,"
says thle 01o ltI.
There was ant act entitled Tile Foum'
Seasons in Japami. The scenery rep--
resented *a bmridge across time stage,
with a Japamnese totem-pole left amid
a pagoda righmt; and a two-piece
Fujiyama back-centem', withl a lot of
stage-hIands' thlumbprulinmts downi the
cmrack inm the imiddle. A guy (came out
ini a. Japanmese suit amid ,sang a song
j mobody coulnd undlerstanmd, athough it
was im Englishl. 't'heni eachm of time
seasonls consisted of seven chmorus
girls ini black wig i. They did not
look ver'y Nipponiese.
Whnever' they wanted to shift any
scenemry, they had two fat lathes that
sang depressinmg sonigs, MVamrgaret
Bi-een was time only bright tihing in
the showv.
Tienmtsin, May 5.-A Clmimese cook at
the Szechuan Amseiia , neatr Fo'i-chow,
pirepamred a meal too close to a pow-
der magazine. Fomrty dead amid many
inu mred.

$5000 .00 in .Cash Awards
to the Boys and Girls who render
the best First Aid Service in 1925'

Call at this store this week-during Boys
and Girls First Aid Week - and ask us
about this wonderful offer
made by Bauer &? Black.[

The distinguished
house of Bauer & Black-
which makes first aid sup-
plies for homes, hospitals
and doctors, throughout
the world--is going to
give goo ten-dollar gold
pieces to the goo boys and
girls who render the best
first aid service during
And this store wants
to help any boy or girl to
earn one of these ten-dol-
lar cartwheels !

r" all
'This Fir
T7* '

Come here this week and enroll in Bauer
& Black's - Junior First Aid Legion. It
costs only i2c for mem-
bership fee.
You will receive from
Bauer & Black a hand-
some membership button
--a kit of first aid sup-
plies--and a book that
tells you just what to do
when an accident happens
rst Aid while waiting for the doc-
.. tor.

jtrreTo every boy and girl
who joins the Junior
First Aid Legion -
Membership, 12c.

Perhaps this member-
ship in The Legion may
be the means of enabling
you to save a life-be-
sides winning one of the
ten-dollar gold pieces !

'l'irme: Plenity
You(in (m a loud voice) : Who is the
ay that goit all Ithis dummb stuff?
Me (very fahntly) :Ohm well--
It's abouit time for Wayne county
begrin yelling '"Sehven come eleven"




We have a Certificate for every boy and girl





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