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April 29, 1925 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-04-29

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<< EDNESI7A , APRIL 29, 1925


)1ificifitrd Aiion*4Tat tfsseh
W111ilWe hly lies of ind
In Country
'Courses in highway engineering
said highway transport to be offered
i'ii the engineering coleg during the
Sumnmer session this year will e th
only ones in this field to b)e give'j
by any college in te country ac-
cording to P rof. A . 1. lan had o
the highway engineering and tras
port eniatmelt. - 'rho five courses in
¢luded in the schedule may be aker
for credit either in the GraduaP-'
school or -In the engineering colleg
A three-hour credit course in high
-way enginering (civil engineerng,
40) will be conducted by Prof. R ;
Swinton of the engineering mechanicsl
dlepatment. In this class the funda-
mrentals oif highway engineering. will
Ile considered including econoies.t
financing.iadministration, legislation.
design od highways, and the construe-
tion and maintenance of the different
types of roadft and pavements.
highway engineering theory ad
e-onomiics, and highway transport.
sltvcys (civil engineering 41)' with
t *o hours credit) will be taught by'.
Priiofessor Barchard. This class will
tidy the theory of design and econ-
ifies of highway including road and
street systems as well as the individ-
il highway.
A course in highway engineeringcd-
aign (civil engineering 43) with thre
bours credit, will be taught by Pro-
lessor Swinton. ield work and pro-
fens relative to the design of roads
Ond streets, drainage systems curv-
es,; and grades will be included In
this section.
Civil engineering 44, which s .a
study of highway transport econo-
miies, methods, legislation, and man-j
aigement will be conducted by Pro-I
lessor Blanchard. Two hours credit
will be given for this 'course. Profes.
. ┬░or Blanchard will also teach the
course in highway engineering and
Ighway tranlsport research (civil en-
gineering 66). This course, open only
to students having the wrtte ai- 1
proval of Professor Blanchard, will
consist of assigned work on approvedI
research problems.
Thieves, preying upon fratenity
houses about the campus, were again
active early yesterday morning and
miade way with a quantity of cloth-
Dlig, jewelry, and cash from three dif-
feernt houses in the same vicinity;
*The largest haul which was re-
prorted to the police was made at the
(C1i Psi odge, 620 South State
~street, which was entered for the
third time during the present school
year. Besides other articles the
thieves got $150.
A pair of shoes, at watch and $25 in
cash was reported stolen from the
Beta 'theta Pi house at 604 South'
State street. Here also the thieves;
confined their activities to the second
floor' of the house.
The Phi Delta Phi pose, 602 East
Madison street reported to the police
that 15 in cash was missing from thet
house yesterday morning. The police
are confident the money was taken by
the same persons who' entered the
other houses.
.III IIIiiIitfIIfhIIM iiuhiiIIillhIIIW.


Aged Sire Greeted By Dawes

g1A j r /"+ /ryGIVE / ci nessof detail (ltslite the somnb-
DAILY O GIVE Alumni liTake Steps 7'ou'ards IIOa1~t~
PHONE 1NUM BERS I( 5<; I )h vr .U ,Iioii(1i Rt L
Cooertn Wt hAlualI~~ imn i of Ithe touiith district of the kand Alatbamaii, this oiniion was tt f ti tanyl' E1M 1!1('1 (St are invited~
ants anid the te(leliihone c (onlil~iU, The I enieralI Aluni association at their formulateCd int o a resolut ion. ii~ 1 U ~~I'
Dalywil U1lih unaya on' ae ecntmetig oo te irt te Nichigan alumni feel that "t hey wil - - -
D Dil wllimlih unaya.for ag ; ecnt metngtok hefi t:,el have th' ' opportunity of aiding andTf 'IVii ak
supp~lement which xwillgie lintowards aiding state universities HaydeheUnnesiy 1voi Ivll.a
form he iiw t~el~lii~e ' other than Michigan wit hout being T' ~ o et aII
pac frmth ne tlepicp- Iun-State Uilversity of li('trky. Tod Cosnzopohtans
pactdisloyal t o their alina mater. A reso-E other educational instit uti~ons wit h ut.
h ers and the location of the principal iiitiofl w,-s adopted aind plans are be- Ing
biusiness firmuu, and nmarhwt ; into he i jug f')rn1e(ctat the pres(en~t .imeto dill;;l to theirowthl'iiiver
siity. This wi:l Be compiledu }r#the pout
a( nty. ert hat i cabe o fiiI erhd Ii L hi t rs t ovte l umni or an zaio s zon m eans of carryng out. ts ' i'is~ e pt ,1 arie'nt will sp a
aumaner to atit aner. beo logn~uCizig ~plan Julius A. Travis, '94L, ('11111"]1u5w- '. oil i :evin Ithe Orient" at 8
('nt SC t i~aiv 1'ii~l~'5. Recoghingthe fact." reads the tice of tihe Indiana, sup~remne court, 'sU- raviihti 11 Upr
The material xwill 1)earranged ini resolution, '"that the purpose of the wacletd1lstcc:d1ct, frI i tom('igil' liti't et peic
I individual lboxes for each dealer. Al-! -veityi~ of Michigan Alumini asso- wseetddsrc ietrfrteil~c1:1 .. 1tl h etr hc
Ithough the data. will not. be classified, ejiatiom is to keep) alive the conscious- next three year.is ,()tou ;orod by the Cosmopol-
there will 1b0 one page devoted entire-I ness of th~e retsponsyibilities of it t'Pncli jis cjipen to Ib'' public. No ad-
ly to markets, groceries, lButcher Ii eirbei' ascollge meibohito their ,Pro flneft C(ne ' ta i 7 1iil ~ i~e a'ge I.
Ishops, and the like. This will be the Univeiasityv and the commfunity, we, Po I--_ _ _ _______
only classification in the supplement, the miemblers of the fourth district of Ptor1? 0 sLShow
According to the present plans of, the Alumni associatoin, recommend toLo a1 t
the telelphone company the new lines cIAtL c lE ibtch locli association a nd to each XI I IUTiV M EA r
wl )usd egniga mingtaunsat ntedshrg f1iI~ I H L iI1
wilb sdbgniga ingta inlta nta tca o 'Saturid ay. The Daily's directory will these ohlltgations, one of their prime Phoatographic pet tra 'ts tramn theSA RD Y M Y2
1)e in the hands of the subscribers { }.'pur po >e c shall always be an interest studios of eigh n~t ot' flpcu' try's fore- 4 t AY0)A
Sunday morning, ready for use as iii the Odlli ioiial prioblemls and i i A One inl btou'iii' ((14~if it (zly
ooasiispubihd stituttions of their respective coim-

Grmin n utranuce into the League of
Nations in the near future was pre-{
dietedI in an interview recently by Dr.
Manley 0. FHudson, Bemis professorE
of international law at Harvard uni-

I wuiil les and status, as wvell as those elol exibition thiswRek at the S ec-
of the Univerr'Sity of M\ichiman.", ding studio onl East Libe'rty stre'et.
At the recent L~ouisville mteeting of, Mr. Spedding has a inged a, Pilot o-
i'reproesenta tip(es from 'clubs inl Idi- gr i ph Week, and secuared the presentl
aima, Kentucih , Tennessee, Mississippi ,-collection to illust rate the latest de-
velopm1ients of professio nal phote-



versity. Germany, as' well as thet Dr. I-. L. Fisher, research chemist
United States andI Russia, has alreadyI for the B. F. Goodrich Rubber com-
cooperatced in numerous conferences I pant' will ''e A Ceia akon
of the League, and is therefore an ac- i Rulbber" at 8 o'clock Thursday 'night
tive participant in League affairs,; in the Chemical amphitheater.
accordhing to Dr. Hudson. The talk wvilbe of a non-technical
Dir. Hudson declined to snake any nature, andl lantern slides andl speci-
statement regarding the election of imens will be used for demonstration.
Fi'eld Marshal ,von Ilinde-,nburg toI Dr. Fisher was for some times prey-
the German presidency, and the prob)- ious to 119 the - colloidal chemist at
able effect it would have upon Ger'- Columbia university. In 1919 h'e be-,
man entrance, beyond a reiteration of gan his work with the Goodrich com-
hlis first declaration that such enl- j pansy. Hie has also written a labora-
trance would take place very. soon.1 tory manual for organic chemiisry.
"Germany will probably petition for The lecture is given under the auis-
adlflission at the next meeting of theI pices of Phi Lambda Upsilon, hon-
League in September," lie said. orar y chemical fraternity.

grap hily.
Prornin cut among thoph1ot1ogi'a ph-
erq contributing to the collection are:
idr(n ,Jack Turner of Princeton, N. J,T.
11. ho sent three portraits, all of which
Nvcrt shown last year' at the national
convention of the- Professional Photo-
grpa hers' Association of America. A
series of full figure p~ortraits of womn-
- n and children came from the stud(io
of Peg'gy Stewart, in Canandaigua, N.
The Stanford studio of Louisville.
Ky., contributed several interpretive
chariacter studhies utilizcing effectively
several lighting effects. Howard D.
Beach of B~uffalo, N. Y., a portrait
pa inter as well as p~hotographer, adds
a series of three retouched portraits
pi inted on dark backgrounds.
S T'owles studio, Washington, D. C.,
gent several full figure studies on
(lark ibackgrounds, revealing lperfect

(Basect or oi o uixote)
No O wte ie1turiigPrologue
('urtain at 8 :14 Siai'p

. i

' ce-President Dawes is takin ;1' ~l0 01Ufi11 ITs1 ' ii" St11G'"ion Se1 -
a te prace(edii, to ulyay prominenit 1)Uart in obs* . rc~cs of the 1I : U.a1)i-
versary 'of t e opening events of C'e 1c Am '" e x L , 'jj oll. 1.1 jS great
greatr-'grandfather, Wxilliam 1Dawes, a -, ; 5'' o,'On ealy hceroes. 11(1
seen above shaking hands Awith a oh ctcrzi1 ct il'.; ancestor
and (beow) at the hero's grave in I C~' 'h1lh:' ),I '"Y'f''; gr.ll(t1, :3ostoln.
i.. !!lI lMY ...fY !! .!YY!!!lI.I ,a ..Y... ..* . . . B. S * Stle t , ,s ...,S* ..s .. .. . . .. .
c oaltodce ya xet
cornuctie d by anclfexCpert.e
l1 45 'Washtenaw Ph(o"n)e 1775

4 r

Are you
etgoing into business"?
F OR every man who is preparing for
law or medicine, there are scores who
are thinking of the future only in indef-
inite terms of "going into business".
The Insuran~e Company of North
America has openings within its organ-
ization for several such men-men who
will join its forces with high standards of
personal achievement in business. These
are not selling positions or insurance
agencies, but departmental positions in
the home organization and branch offices.
Inquires are invited and will be prompt=
ly answered by
3rd & Walnut Sts.






~ __ "


~Betsy Ross
Ca, a
- r
w r
wr -
I Mohrs1
w aw
-w Y
fieC y}C

If you are thinking of a trip to.
EUROPE this Summer
Write for illustrated .booklets and
complete in formation about our,
Tourist. Third Cabin-Entire Third Cabin
accommodations reserved exclusively for
students, teachers, professional men and
women and similar congenial people.
Round Trip Raftes io w as sits

Now.You Can Safely Carry Your "'ALo'vely Complexion
Favorite Loose Powder W~equires Loose Powder"

Wherever You Go
So~ clever-so simple-so convenient-so prac-
ticl-and' so, economical! You've longed for
a Vaitie ke this. You've put up with gritty,
crumtblinzg-cake powder because you simply had
no choice in the matter.
But now comes genuine relief-,the Norida
Vanitie- a new, patented, non-spilling powder
case-as dainty and beautiful as it is practical.
In it you carry your favorite loose powder where.
ever you go. You can safely carry it in your purse,
shopping bag or pocket-you can even turn it
upside down-yet the loose powder cannot spill. A
patented feature keeps the powder securely sealed.
And just think of this advantage: When your
Norida is empty, you refill it yourself with your
favorite lobise powder taken right from the origi.
sal package,

So says Anita Stewart, Cosmopolitan
Film Star, now appearing in "Ne er
the Twain Shall Mcxt." That's why
she uses a
A thin, dainty, beautiful, handscmely
embossed, non-spilling, refillable vanitie.
Gilt or silver finishes. Size, two incho..
H-as a powder reservoir for your favorite
loose pow'der. Sanitary--practical--ece.
nomical. Buy one today. Costs 31.0-
but worth much more.
It comes filled with Fleur Sauvage (Wild.
flower) Poudre, a fragrant French Pow.
der, in the shade you use.

It costs only a trifle more to travel on such
great steamers as

Majestic (56,551 tons)
World's LugegsulShij

Honterlcr 34,359 tM
World's Sixth Largest Ship

Entire ship reserved exclusively for Tourist Third Cabin.
Wo other passengers carried. You have free run~ of all decks.
Attractive sailingis, convenient to the close of college.
To Antwerp via Plymouth and Cherbourg
Pittsburgh, June IS
Belgenland, June 25






Ut .1 H I

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