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April 21, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-04-21

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their share of slanderous publicity, work a newspaper reporter and that
the only difference being that the pub- - relporter is made into an insufferable
lie gets mnoireexcitedl. Every time the; ass and wholly unrecognizable by any m usi c
press exaggerates anirregularity in one in tepoeso, edntwieAND
an educational centier there is much! letters to the editor. W e don't think tl b u h a . o as of t e t ee tr rf si n o e i nt e1I I M
younger generation. fore the world because of this coon-
For awhile Michigan was4 in the: strosity. If we did think so, we
limelight. A few monthls ago~ Wis,-I wouldn't get apoplexy over it. TO- IGH I: "For All of ds" 'with
consin was designated by news stories M\ichael Arlen's p~lay, "The Green ;Wifliatn 11041g4' inl the Whil1ney theatre
as the promoter of viscious revelry--- Hat," had two newspaper men, so- at S: 1U O'clock.
just because it was discoveredl that called, in it. They behaved like the***
some fraternity dances were niot all edit orial staff of a Detroit, Toledo, TIlE: ORG AN RECITAL1
that they shouldl be. Now Northwest-; and Ironton time-table. We never! Pailmer Christian, University organ-
emn university comes in for its part: had seen two like them before, but be- ist, will offer the following program
in the publicity simply because one of cause we never have seen them doesn't tomorrow afternoon in Hill auditorium
her prominent students committed 1 necessarily mean that their proto- at 4: 15 o'clock:
suicide and left behiind him a diary I types do not exist. Nor do we carry Symphonic P~oem, "My Country"
which expounded at great length on about a grouch against Arlen because...............Smetana
certain "wild" p~arties lie had attend- of them or think him a beast. The Nightingale and The Rose..
ed. Already the heads of dowagers When Somerset Maughan created a.............Saint-Saenis
are wagging. Again we hear of the missionary of exaggerated zealitry, Allegretto ............ Wolstenholme
"ftast" younger generation. how'ever, we heard from ceirtain min- Sonata 1 in D minor, 01). 42 ....
It is hopeless to try to refute thej isters that "Rain" was an attack on ............ ulan
impression conveyed to the general the Christian church. a. Introduction andl Allegro
public by newspapers. Let it suffice We disagree with those who pro~- b. Pastorale
to say that just as it is an undoubted nounced it a vicious. advertisement. c. Finale
fact that the majority of 0our citizens WNe (disagree with them that Rev. Andantino in D flat .........Lemare
do not imitate the practices of the ec- aIDavidson dries not exist in real life. Finlandia .................. Sibelius
centric individuals whose adventures Webeivhwertateitam-**
in love and fortune are featured inj ority stockholder in the church, but he
our daily papers, so it is true thatI is not without his counterparts, teach- A review, by Carl Ohlinaclier.
most college students do not indulge' ing "morals" to an unmoral savage4 The rather voluble p~rofanity and
in the excesses of some of their com- I and (dressing the loins of barbarity in delicate situations of "Rain," the
patriots. The average is in both cases a Mother Hubbard as a push toward dramatization of Somerset Mauglian's
about the same.I salvation. "Miss Thompson" presentedl by a see-
The argument against "Rain" 'seems a nd company Saturday evening in the
A RENEWED ALLIANCE to he based on the theory that only Wite theatre, have aroused the
1 1,1 .1, ",.,.n nm. 11- I;9.,- ~ 1,.t (ar -cod Uv f "d~ ,irt" ev rv here ' it





Though Aristide B~riand on his j.c- Iuapay sar'-p.tn, ni
cesionto he osiionof renh fr- ever that may mean, deserve the foot-
einminister announced) that the lights; that people go to the theaterj
would follow his predlecensor's for'- for exaltation, as well as entertain-
eign policy, it was quite evident that I ient. Thley do nothing of the kind, as1
some changes would b~e nmade. TheI a natter of fact. The majority prefer
firt idictio ofthi istheadvcet emotional to mental stimulus. "Rain"
firstPindication fofwths hi the adiceI was nothting more or less than a new
power security pact which was being Imldaa neoinlkc.T a
considered by former Premier Herr iot that the church will los9e a single
andl Foreign Secretary Chamberlain parishioner or a potential convert be-
of Great Britain. Il~e objects to the cause of it is in a class with the argu-
inclusion of Germany on an equal merit that Sadie Thompson's perform-
status with the other major powers. ance will win new pupils to the under-
Rumor has it t hat lie was in flunced wvorld's red schoolhouse.
to adopt such a stand by the Senrate. Art is unmoral. Whether a molder
Whether or not this is so, the attitudeI of clay takes Vulcan or a wife-beater
is of a reactionary character similar a i ujc lentmte.Ier
to tat hichtoo ith(~ewhentheVIII. -was not representative of kings.
Othellot ahinottrepresentative.tDr
British labor government gave away D vdOthofeal-Plo was not rep-eettve r
to the Conservatives. It rep~resent 'aI Dvdoo aoPl a orp
return to the 0old order of things which resentative of missionaries, but you
prevailed when Briand and Lloyd can see the fanaticism of Davidson in
George held sway together. the average revival meeting. Davidson
The new foreign minister, it is re- and the men getting young pleole 13,1
ported, will, work to give added ;5 n 7yas0( rn iheo
strength to a defensive alliance with tioni and then asking them to come

has played. Miss Jessie IBonstelle
gave the play anl exceedingly bad char-,
actemr when she termed it. a "gutter
drama,'' while another critic consid-
ering it something of a bore, claimed
quite without justification that "the
audlience sat through three acts
watching the downfall of rain and the
1(downfall of the minister.'
Of course, everyone does niot bold
the same ideas oil the drama and there
be those who dlisaigree with the pur-
ists., If one b~elongs to this (class, hie
fails to see vulgarity in Such pieces as
"'Ra in," Wi te Cargo'' or "The Green
Hat." 1+url her, if bie is of such a
mind, hie will find it futile to argue
with those who consider nothking jus-
tifiable tha t verges on thle unmoral.
One ('annrot Sa)y-arbitrarily that.
''Rain'' is or is not sordid. It is too
much a mattecr of personal opinion.
H-owever, it's deep theme and rather
striking elma ra uteci ud on seem not
only to offset, but. necessitate the real-
ism1 which it employs. Obviously, if

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TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 1925 .1 Great Britain-an alliance similar to 'fradaddcaete1le ae, n i~ uog lan wun u
ltoewih ruh nih ra are of the same family. >auie Thompson to empjloy sonic ofI
i~gi dtrTO.P. HIENRY, JR. Watehpiuha obnto er choice elut lzcis against hier pei'se-
Waightrhpsditor-TominHion.s ,1E1 hARV ' ;'T'OF AIWfERIVfANIT'ISecutor, Reverend Davidsoni, or for thet
inevitable. It is nevertheless, wrong ThBotnTasiit. leeenlI0tk hiinedrntc
WOME WHOVOTEin principle, a harking back to the
Iin the days almost beyond recall + order that wvig before such associateI Dr:.~ William S. Sadler has coinedl a,0a(d altogether satisfying dive into the
,whe, wmendidnothav th voe, tios a th Legueof atins ereword to designate what he looks up)on depths of (depravity, then lie willt
thee wer rta inothv hpoe to a h gessofiNations wereown.a anational odisease. It is "Amer- emerge from the theatre doubly satin-!
viduls wo faredthatthefemiineicanitis.'' Explaining what hie means lied that the p~lay is altogtluer of the
Windwa nt apbl o. rapigthe b-ly. it, Dr. Sadler says: "The hurry, j(Ies
immnd as ot apbleofgaspngIt is to Ile wondlered whether the bustle, andh incessant (drive of the I however, there is much more to
full significance of political matters.!
The woman's place, they said, is in cr'owds who battled in New York to American temperament is responsible "Rain"' than these merely sen sationalh
the ome Toenlrge he cop ofhear William Brown, late bishop of for thle peculiar and charactemistic situaitions. The double-dyed minister
heracivtyweldbe o ndngr urArkansas, speak had any interest in) American mnortality increase during is in hlwimslf enloughi of a study to
se atbiitywudb oedne u modernism. Moi'e likely they lioplicil the 'dangerous age' periodh between justify tihe play. At tirst, he appears
mitso.l o a rumpus. forty and fifty years.'' It is between as a narrow. brutial fanatic. When
These, we repeat, were the pessi-
mists. 'Thle optimists as it happened I those ages, hie says, that Americans Sadie, inl thaesecond and third acts
cariedtheday Asa rsul woan Three hundred and iftyv million dolt-, die in greater numbers from, heart appears to have accepted himl as g'in-
carie te dy.Asa esut omn arsinseurtielwreresntinovd securitiesplxyan oheweree- inranecnentlyafar mooessedc
Is. rapidly assuming a position.,of dsae p Fcyadote ee- iea( ieteafk eoe oe
proinece n te afais o th wod..safely- through thle streets of New; erat lye troubiles than do any ether thing of a piuzzle. It is not until tile
Iuonrec nteafiso h ol.York. In tile wilds of Detroit oneo i white poie "Nebraska moun ta ins" enter into the
Since the enactment of the Nine-
-cannot carry $3.50 through time streets ;Thefathaebeofepestolteetathitngecrfe.
teuhamendment, however, there sfl. yrflct abednmortittabese-d.thmissth-allthtooantheclartifiesadi
ha ve been occasional developments, - -'Thyrfetd otltItbe r- bls altoktep."to ai~
sonic of which almost fulfill the most : unlyqoe.Bu hniIcmst Thompson, madec fatuous by Jeanne
- Anyone who would he willing to the causes, ther'c may be room for agles, adequately. 1lcr Twtelfth
direful prophecies. The latest in-- mk iaca arfc od e
proisin o mae afinncal acrfic todo e-doubt'. We hear munch about the hbts- Street :stiride and deep intonations
staceisa uc-dbaedsearcht work in aeronautics oight to mtemad bustle of American life. But went. deliciously with her role. .Josephx
a ma.odel marriage and divorce law reach heaven some day for his serv soetik vrtemanro ieRbsna oeImrtae fPno
proposed by time National League of asoetik vecesanroflf oio a o on rae fPno
WoenVtesehrey.oenwol of his friends and acq uantances, lie flid well as thle easy'-chmair pilosopher
be rquied y la tohel suport VonHindnbug nw 1is rnot likely to get the idea that many who believe'd in thme maxim that one
be rquied b la to elpsupprt on indeburg no sas tht h of them ar-c victims of over-activity should do nothing that hae can have
their husbands just as conscientiously is a supporter of the Repiublic. lie ad murostai.Imghsem oeoeled.
as, rmci have been called upon In the seems to have acquiired the lying pr'o _ad iror tan t ih ersmoees o
pat. 1h'ailure to do so would be con- ,tyo.Aeicnpoiicas that, in a great many cases,' the trotu- Joseph Waller, however'. in the diffl-I
sidered for divorce. _ npoliticians.__ ble lay in that aversion to exertion cult role of l-everend Davidson, over'-
groundsact-tat theendorsment - which prompts a mian to wait for the played his parl, to sonmc extent. i s
such an idea has actually been en- abdicate. That's what the Kaiser once , ei fn tvnlrIrvnstvtz imrt ie iaiveddtoaa
elvtrthuisiastically debated in a national said. Igele flight of stisanwhcprvts itn matiesadeddto1)hI
comvetin o tis repesnttiv I_____________________________________ Ihis walking any distance on a level scenes where his voice should have
convenion ofthis rwhenenitivis
woinel's; organization does not signify wheUn it, i possible to ride. D~oubtless been tempered. Tphis was especially
that women are not fitted to take their r bsns worry andl the nervous en- true when lie discovered his passion
par~it iii politics'. Men have in the past EDII'TORIAL COEMMENT I i rgy which accompanies it is a con- for Sadie, "You're radtiant! You're;
discus'sed just as inane topics in their __________ __ tributing cause to tihe heavy death list beautiful!'' is hardlly a line to be readt
party conclaves. But it does indicate ! of mniddle life, but it is apparently one in, the sarne tonie of voice that isciii-
a tendenicy among women of tile ag- IdtI2R)'A11~h of many causes., ployed in ottering ]prayer~s to the Al-
gressive type which is to be regretted "' Pehp teedaly iessofmgy
-T-lhe Detroit Free Pre"ss.° the middle years could be desc'ribed a
and which is strongly remeniscent of Mrlt raoe'anhn fii hs fp'seiya ela f a
militant suffragism. Mrlto eti ido t stoeo rseiya ela ften- i THE IOF(>'E"Si'IK RPLATE.RS
oforpeetenjoying a vogueic far beyond its peramnent. Hosts of Americ-ans live too I Ge loucester Players, located at
dafteriliatheobis desertsoit.seem torus.well for their own good. It is. trite louc ester, Alas sacuset ts, on ('ape
day iviizaioi isthehom, I ou We apply the mor'al yardstick to to) speak of odigging one's grave with C (od, have recently selected th-e rcpc~set
rac ittocotiuernatsnatao We mesure, books and one's teh but the syn is still true. t for their~ sixthl season of nine
progr'ess both man and woman mustI ilesdamat. Iteets, saying the t101y
play his role. The principal funlmsonby i.IThs eoeteAlieI'le diig table may be a greate~r weeks to Opein this ,niliimer July 63.
of li lateris o cre or he omevirtue, and(1 thou shra it have none othuemr Iuenace to the life ofi the business man 'time first productioni will be Rachel
~vhie he ormr rovdesforit god biut it. We are getting thne ,muid , than the ,oflice desk. It is significant! Crothmer's three-act comedy. "Express-
outside endleavor. yio hsewosudrattepiuclli that regard that men still active irig Willie,," recently plic.seit ed in New
TIhere wiles, of course, always be ea nude and wince at sculptured naked- at great age when asked about their I York with outst anrtcig success by the.
ceptions to this rule. There will be' ness, as the annointed 'alaiumet officer's modes of life disagree oun a great many Equity P'layers. ''his will lie followed
men ho mke btte nuremais Iof morality woultd have us shiuider things tmat agree in the statement that successively by ilo n-c
thanwbusnabtesuro sionawridand wince. hey live smlJndctsarnlplaysby <i h' B isly f Shea'm
'crs. Anid there will be women who Isao oa n'hthrshdesls moral or im-tHeaess mmay Sc e tlliila-'the School For Scandal," the ftirt
will do great and useful work outside Imrl Wehr hcokswl iii ess at ages which in former generat- h productioni in Anmerica, of Jacqume Ca-
(f th-orwlso oe h on seemis the miajor poimit to us. t ions would have niai'ked themr as fit peau's "The Tlotuse Into Which We.
t~m fur als f hme Th pin Is a pocket-flask moral ? Not, a. only for the fireside, t here to) sit in! Ae Born." (La Maisonm Natair7:) , andI
is-the exception to the rule can. never wok.as to) whether a pocket--flask is 'beecondthehbdatootformd erevobliviow'
Iecomeethedbassiforoaddavd merlaw.blivio-.";('Ohlin Cainpbel I Clement's; "Thme Boy
'rhe National League. of Women warming andI full of rosy tints to paint l But the great p~revalance 4 of dis- Thmrough thle Window," and Molierv%'s
the udun
Voters is only making itself ridiculous hu~ ru.eases of the kinods mentioned by Dr. "Le l3ouzgrcoise Gentilhomee" in Eng-;
abot sch oolshnss Jurgen, we had it officially onuec, Sadler taking their toll, which hie est i- !ish. Ther'e will also lie a siwecial
by talking aotscfolhns. i adCbl' te atnse o
_____________________ Iail Cbel'sotlci natimesesconmateISat 24(00leaths a ya, si- ESunday evening perfoirmnance of ''The
CADLI stitutedh a threat to time world and if ,ies a distinctive name. Let it be Bo fRt, n h ia rdc
SCN)Lread by the young would polltute them (-called m ica.~niN is even thn t hiulor, Ihr irm w,'1ihof~nrynPo,- ii .1 i ,




...and then he
changed to



aptt0 '
.1. t14u 1\m


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