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March 29, 1925 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-03-29

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"SU ]SAY, MARLCH 29, 1927,

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- t-110-0010

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Mat her Selects S[ 1 TMSIT Major League Baseball Clubs GI[ ile~ldt
STURIS AD S. MAIYS AK[Al-ourlan(i nt Await Date Of Opening Game 'GeorgiIaIVS MNtz
STAT Str Cae Tam, rodMich
TI3.S .1 lii ci .tu (I Ii iS tfile 19
IN___________ ____________i.___________hs__hre______ his value will bere a. 'li'
ciiasa tee'sa on o ~'''r n eamitaLpp.achin g, tooeight, tions, roni tli
oOukci*l(,'a intAmerican aTlon o the, rownie infield is working well, and t, Aiin Trip th~ 20 of
Thr" OksLoses TilTo ~St. MIIJ.'3 SI. Ma rvs Th'ree Oaks saebasketball tonirnament, yester- teus inthe Aeicn ad',ic e threeasanbs.Wilof, aob la o ' heSntIiernutherinivo
By On Pfutii nui ina... .......P......... Loopday afenoon. selected t he a 1-Ioun a- (:0W lug to thle enld of their exhibitions o;adTbiaepaigIhi n-
Ponrn111.1Tbi)ig~sn n obn r lyn hi CS iiiVt'dinn g.....e..ill
am....:Satr nmet teams 01 orCla sses B :and tC. No iI lp. And are giradllv a, '>i sng tilarySgaiegin the outer regions. w1
M lrr..........C.......... Savoldi'isecond and third I ears were hosCeni'form that will carry them'P throug;h the IThe y add it oLetyrgoes,.th---MEETSYR CUSE ia
LIN EN PSE Bidwll .........IG....... Carothers ithis year.u ure f lUWie(:mag hssme.ITen
;SAKE LID NUPEI owve........... LG. . ........ Potts I ive ooal into.TeWsigtnSntr .r $100,000 bush leaguer, will strengthen Thte,
Field goal,: Iunan (), Mener ! I'las B jIiLdeft of ,reteating thir victory in the the Phildeipia Athletics' pitching .' asclbali pract ice was held out of'bc oi
Sturgis and St. AMary's high schi iol! j ota s (8), 1 lowe , Savoltth (inen
(d), at~,Ioe(1),MaSavoldi, t(1),akcL.ide., Junior 100!) this year, but fte others staff unlessle u)roves to be it "bust'. ,ioos a,:ai y t rdzly, bult (due to the, , nyhours
bash fball teams romlpedl away with )ckr(8 'obn1Don. Grove, L. 1'.--- Sturgis ar not. as sre that Stanley 1larrs';Groves undoubtedly has the -,tuff to jco:01(1rind, the nine iiniiig raUtice up o
tiro titu~lar' honors in their respective (5, Nestor, C.--Lake Linden nine will come through again. Every- be a success in the big tent, but rane tat Coaeli Fisher had planned th4a
(itthing'obre(2t, ucke ( hePots Clm -Slrgfore can-l
classes ysedyafternoon at Water->'i n() Dce () otsC onsIP~, I.G.-S gs tigrsson fie showing of a goup heter iecwillbeable to live upl)to for turday aternoon lhd tobe)c an rr.e-
yetrdyi). Sustitutions : Decker for Loop, 1,ase, *. C1.-Grand ]lawen of veterans, and if one of the aged his true form in the changed sur- celled. The workout cons1it 0)f a rrieaby
ma gmnsim n hefialgae ofLe o atrSlesfrLo, lnrem ton:frad Mrs p tcers; blows, the chanices of the i roundings is doubtful. If he turns to onmbr of "pep" games mng te in- I
the seventh annual interscholastic Smith for Ml' Runer for Tobin of art, V'nylen of Grand Hlaven. I Solons will be slim. Water Jonson', be another bloomer, such as" 1,4ch i pi 7
state bsketbal champonshiphasiroieldersforndumleattIei'ymenof while thel out- toApril l27.
chmponhps ~ ~ o mnierJ~alim fand( Fleming Stan Coveleskie Jeb Zachary, All Itis- encountered so miany tines lbetie the fielers were reuired {t r Last y
Sturis bsketersof cass , upet onors in the consolation tourna- of Eaton 'Rapids; uaris-Eld red 'of;!-l, Dutch Ruether and George Mon-I Athletics will be about the same as for two hours. rctc
all xpetatonswhenthe deisiely flits were won by Grand Haven and Eaton Rlanids and McCabe of Petos- igridge would have formed an invine- j last years, excent that Max Bishop . Cni Friday April 10, Coach Fishertimies heft
StnamsiTe ri,' playing ~in key. .j ilepitching staff four years ago. butI will probably be better than in 1941ad1 sbler illaefrt e unl
dgetdthe strong Lake Linden coin-,class P.,,easiy defeated Petoskey with tersttsiChrlodeeansasl TltSnt 94 ii( 5bCealrswl eaefrtevngl
scor of36-5.:n>te >11,-score, while the latter won the l ukupchak, ItI 13-riofgman Ipresent. -T'he rest of the team is not break into the first two 0or figred tosannualisprgam tril)lt e soudthelan.or- ve lgal
finals of the class C tournament, St. I class C consolation by its victory of Butler, L. .--St. Jamnes made up of kids by any means, al- season. Their team is of about the lowing ly at'Lexington, Ky. against; eglar d
Mary's of Jackson head to employ tro- 15 to S over Farmiligton. Savoldfi, .-Three Oaks though there is enough young bloodtw same strength as that of last yea.i the Uivi~esity of Kentuckly nie Last; two ee
'an efforts to defeat the Three Oaks In the 101n0 encounter of thle morn- 1luemnan, It. G.-St. AMary's (uctteredI through it to preclude the Magum the young pitcher ilQ l)50S l1c iaz.aidBu canls ill be i
quintet in the last minute of play by m jg, Grand Haven won an easy Victory Potts, L. G.-T'hree Oaks ossibility of a sudden Smash due to; fromn Milwaukee last yahsbe te istgm oftirtitu t ir ou
ar'12 scr .. - fi'om Eatonn Rapids by a scor'e of 28-12 honiorable mention: forward-Gorton the advanced age of the outfit. !looking good in training, and may be 'uescool i to 8._ are expec
The game between the Sturgis and' in the class 11 semni-final consolation. ot 'Carson 'Ci~y;guard flidwell of t. ;The New York Ynkees are ood able to help out the Sox more than A day 0' rest is allowed before the
Lake Linden fives was intensely con- Entering tie afternooni frcy, a decided Mary'as. -nossiiities to coniiceback and win the hie did last year. next eicouitei, buit on April 18 ichi-
tested during the . first, half. Sturgis{ favorite, the Granmd 1havn five hid r-- - ~---i hurels the}= lost last saon. 'There i The Cleveland Indians prsn.an p 'l'Clcen a1g t clcmyson
drew first blood when Capt. Roger little trouble in disposing of the Pet 1ve been a few changes in thei iros-1another veteran combination, ut wihC Sa . (,,ia game that was niot
Grove caged a clean shot fromt within i oskey quintet by a1 3~-1 1 score in the 1fU kf li.l~lUlL ter, the ±incipal one being the one' a fair amount of young blood inter- O)ilI ht:hdi ale ;las yping. The next
thefol in. acouah o Lkefialgaii o te uriimfeit.irvolving ''Bullet" Joefush, who 'was Imixeo. The showing of the old-timier, day he t('5 ~iIIt lfs a! two gamc erSies
Linden retaliated with one short and S nires y~ta c ote S.Ioi Bon os bro ait hsspig sponi- eth1oPr t3i~nnea.Io
alnonfrncetrcutFrnslGrand iIiiein !Peoskey II U LtUIII l IULJ Utban Shocker. At present it is hard ling. Ie pitched goo( all for the B'ni;.(a, which is another new
then on, tihe game se-sawed back and opoetfte ovrns .r -
1:iHwt h afedn 51 nVaneylen ........ RF........ Ilo81a n - ?to tell which team o the floor end of I Indians last season, and appears to signmaf, h Wlviius
Lne.Wihtee-Sluka ...............It Stack I Madison, WFis., ,izrch, 2S.--Coaeich the deal. Bush91 is pitching fine ballt have plenty of stff left to carry him'. ueitei'too gaimi eisi s 5(i: ,=,., Kappa in
favitor of pLayine.W te re f h lf, ;edr....C....MIb ones' Badger tiackstrs have been in the South11for 1his9 ew mates willethug svramoec pins leiy-aI
Fase 110...........Ols'aen wiouhseeal hi theris.'le eyhlt
sturgkii ofply fnitha sron alf pc a taking advaitage of the iuuully hockce: looks --ood ithheYaks. and Jon. Shaute form a par of st lolmg l',= ide it Oi' theinnIn ua c~i (e: , II i- uesay
fro whc1aeLidnnvJ ne-~ohannes............. ..... omzlgood .sring weather to get, in shale The coming seasoni will teLithe story. left-handers, anl asset to any *Amtcr'i dians are for unat e. 1Bob Koollo, fo-;(is gaime
from amid theLae Li ded aevereicy iel o I:cnie'e ),SUafo etrot~orIle(' 'ri f Shocker fades ou(, on the Yankees, 'can League club. Th;)e oitl,lwI:l icr lihigaji s:; r who ho 'vdi et o
go tritesoebio" trill (whSlcic)h\azye () Fs (will be, held sonme ime tiyir chances will le Io(sselid, but f! e t In the league is not copios Sos lth~ e ae.;;c olast yea :'. :'tms to ,hin ilv
0 'next wek. The Carlifornia ofihciails re-le Comes through to win i sa 0enough to uake ally gsodi poai .d r, c hae ac .t at,. ii ;c as, ar m d ma
Summaries: tAia sani (2), 1 loffimi ,(1), ampbell (1), cntyAI OhCdthte l em~i amie, e will be of vastaid. e sv'. and wi thmtlvo a'S- i i Si ( t:; > : ::e': a ia . iv ('r
" tmrgis Like lindIen Roberts; (1) . Poils : hi offian (2),I be limit ed to 20 entrieis. Ty (Cobb's lDtroi 0(;till) applears to'
1)Grv ( ....F...-1 .. ... Belill tt 8.ack(), I )on hrdr (1), lukla (1t, It is ptl)biletha t five itance titan behof0'about the samesatrength alasit --.- -

1i niver'sity of 'Georgia at
,a., on April 17. A year ago
broke even in their series,
aking the first game 14 to 31
igan sh'utting out the South-
the second, 6 to 0.-
will be spent in traveling
enhs to Cincinnati, where on
April, the Wolverines m'eet
rsity of\Cincinnati nine. Th'e
th this institution last year
in a. one poinlt victory for the
d Blue team.
xt cIly the baseballers come
"Ilnn Arbor, where they -spend
and1 then entrain for Syra-
anothrer two game series on
fl 25 of April'. The team will
Lek at Michigan and will be
classes on Monday morning
ear, the team was able to
out in the open only three
ore their first game, and con-
,they lost four out of th'e
imes played on the road. This
have already been out on tihe
iamiond three times and with
s more to practice the team
1 much better shape to make
thern trip, and better results
'clley Ball
Phi will play 'Phi L~ambda
ithe semii-final 'round of vol-
at 7 o'clock Momnday. Onl
at 7 o'clock the, winnemr or
e will play Phi Gaminma Delta
ine the fraterniity champion-


E .

Nastker..... ......... ''stor Robert", (1).
Clemnlions . RP.G.........Rlheaumef The St. Janmes and Farmnmgton
floargert.....LG.:......... Prown. basket tossers played an even gamne!
Field goals : R. Grove '5) , Nestor ' inltile first thlfee'lperiodls of the fimnal !
# (5), Nastker (4), D. Grove (3), Clemi- gamin 3 the class C consolation taut
uons (3), MacDougall (3), Bennettsj in the last period tile St. James team
.w(2). Fouls: D. Grove (2). Clenmmons broke through to win the game and
(2), Nestor (2), Nastker (1), R. Grove, the tournamient by a 15 to 8 score.
F (1), MacDougal (1). Substituions:..1
H1owofor MacDougall, MacDougall for I
Rowe, McLeod for MacDougall, Sell-'W;igo, aMrh ..Wa
amcad,'for Borgert, Levy foir Nastker, ;is believedl to b)0'a sca of " 'arecord in
It. Levy for D. Grove. basketball scoring was established
Without ~a doubt, the most thrillimng 1lard 'toynight when 'Washnigton 'Ide-'
encounter of the afternoon was the' pendents defeated the Nineveli Inde-
final gam~e of class C, played between pendeilts, 122 to 2, in regulation 20
St. Mary's hig;h school of Jackson and Inimt avs
Three Oaks. Hluenlan proved to be
the star. of the game, scoring 13 of his Austin, Texas, March' 28.-H-arold
tom mn's 22 points. In tihe initial period Osborne, world champton all-round
'ie, caged the- ball- beautifully in ' two; athlete, set 'a -'new world's record in
s rceessive attempts from niji3court the,'uninj J Ii gh junrp. when lie clear-
The game then .alte'rnated as to Iendcl;' d the bar at 6f3 eet 8'15-16 inches in;
*and the half ended with the score the Texas ' elay gamles here' yesterday.
1 ;1 ;sriirt t an Jnrlkk n' t-a -

will be, taken, tWo)
meln, two huirdlers,
(hm'ee weighit men,
two 1)01e vaulters.

spriniters5, five 4,19in
two bigh juiel's.
two 886 moll, " and
T he team expects,

Yeari. No trade{1£s 01' Il'C~1a505



to lea-ve for California April 3.
All hosewho intend to try
ou lfr attery positions oil the
Ifreshman baselyall team' are ex-j
Ipecteol to 'report to ie at Ferry
field, at 3 o'clock Monday after-
noon. Men must furnish theirj
( 13. I.J. Mather, Coachl.

brought tile Tigers anything startling,
in the way of. new material in spite
of the efforts of C'obb' and Ownler
'Frank Navin to bu1y a veteranli second
basemamn last winter. Thley were4
especially anxiouus to barter for JTimmiy
D lykes, but Connie Mack couild not
unde.'stamid their 1anu1age wAhen they
broachled the deoal. O'lloui'ke and
Burke will tryr to till the gap) at th0rs
keystone station-:f
The St. Louis lrmowmn;r appear to
have struck their stridle early. -The
excellent showing of Joe Bus'P.acur
aqi-ed be trade from the Yanks, has ben I
esilrenil1' (n'noraff i2g to 'Mana er

__ j

~'p, Ilj)p lies

tor EvcryvIBranich of Sport,

71 1 N orth
Univchrsity Ave.


Next to
Arcade Theatre

T.hrou ghout the second hLf, tha close
conmpetition continued amnd it was not
until 'the' Last - iniute of - play ! 'Ii6 t'
basketW by I1-luenlan-and, Melner de-
cided the ganib for St. AMary's, iresult-
Ing; in a'2")-22 score..:

Norfolk, Va., Mar'ch 28.-Net earn-
ings of iii'-Norfolk & Western Rail-
way for' 1924 w~ere $18',24.3,348, a de-
crease of 2. per cnt-'com'pared witli
1 ;2, It was ghuoiln' Y"stdrday.
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A new line of Dress esI have just been deliverd-
Sizes' 6 to 14 years.
Hats, too, are arriving ever f w days.
They' are most attractive.'
We have a beautiful 'display, of' Sweaters
for the Kiddies and Juniors.
Sizcs 2-1 4 .years.'
Lumibcr Jackets an~d'Newest Stl of Sweaters.

Thne most alto-actit'e outfit of
the seasonz, a blue cheviot suit
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EASTER is soon, H"OUSE PARTIES are sooner, but
there are birthdays every day. Be sure to purchase appro-
priate gifts, souvenirs or novelties for these occasions at Ann
Arbor's foremost book-store.
210 South Main St.



'oaprn ad summer employment. Permanent .
positions for'those who qualify.
The Divisional Supervisor from the "Real Silk
, . Hosiery Mills" of Indianapolis, Indiana, will
interview, students at office over Chubb Club, from
' Monday until Thursday.



'Thne combination of a fifty
dolla r suit cand a choice of
flanels inecding Our. twelve
do . llar, line for

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