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March 29, 1925 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-03-29

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~i1Wl SII II trn a W E ~jOY1925xi'iayy Bd oynm tee
..a io^ftb 3ai f 1~t . . ogb v rsa nPto wllte1f-
i ic~U~ heW t it rn j..\~f'e yteMtia som- l diC h
ac r tion ti' B .dof ( E' ttt~ ~1l1flr 05101.n oP t1 0cours?:
'.A td q~ forest iexerikrtnta1 i4 . will offr «workk given; ill the rcla
a QrPhtyea;}tln~nt of4tlbe Uri# jV , fy Iyc~ricutlun ..o utc egi~8iinthe Colltbgo
. illW14,beaptrad ona bastitetoa by 1 -:".it ofDetal Surgery.
A0 olr, do-art {t'.of ts;kind InL te:Labratory avolxk inrhua~ruatna v r
It'e :for s rathp ndl husbazl w re w.l exff- e,. enddaes or:eMembers of the ontteccon arr angeents for te annual Military
tnr. ,grees' or dotor; of mdcn, with 'Ball to be held April 24. Left to rig lit, upper riv :HIt. . Graihen, '25E,}
patofte.sae"oi Q' P -n ai af- O loaglund 25U. R. P. Briggs, '26, It. ros' U. 26, FF.,J. Goelner, 'L5+.
~' tie prcha e . ~e 'w trnotlh" o uo t efin sunuiler Lowe row:I) . .Gren, '26. W. C. G roff, '2(ji\I.,EOiphant, ',chair-
t, p , £tl rl? ,, ' ":' ,term.:TIW o~arsea s',l~a8-3be'ejcted ran]T' I, Cardwell, 26EG.C. Wet zel, '27,,
: :.aaA inrtj or ,half tiley e1~1r fore1n O V "aft- ____________________________________ !
1 e pr.vSions: f'the gjft ,5 th . , ernoon. The . wqr k wl be .under tike
w .. "SOnbhflehj Woods" . helbe dkgectipoi ofPrgfs. 16 E. McCotter and E g i hp
Pled to the land purchased with j sw
tlim ngih cno itsPedt
pesent;tt ,.:].ares =:a Sii Q C~coffrey "Archer, gvro frof. i. Carl Ili or aniDxLs. L~J r fP o pe iy JirA i
" lh Pr~ ~Un~ ~JigGorge s ypersonal 1 9i?1 tP1) ani r . (2.CrtshIt'.wW .teach E a 0 e if
~~nd ~~ apr~~~8,ar~~ s'tIllpe~di},seld fe o r ,the Post. o fgovernr- litog. bioiQY ~1q3 ,a!aion ro sa, fiawllfreaed
~lbl ftit4G ares in al~ w~ugntalo l iobeoiesdl , l ii ytir.~re.2;CP "his ifs the centlury o sa.said ,ie opncti fric i fr
:8 $e , w «Qflie lan4 'hla ,.. ir- s eceiao ti t e murdered Garal Q l snndl4O~~ySr erePih nlihatoiyal~ te retl onre ilb
c id ke 4iai ;as pi~ ~~rSir f cu " tit k" 4,wil offertudy4'P "flsip~gy and
.,,, y..?tA',c rle 2b lor ~r, n fiances, Friday in commrenting on raised to a higher standard of civilizes-
i I e ijbti,ner. y;"',co~li U othe:s~ilcutis I 5tecnuywe i
departt , ienl* will gh .t aOyl , Ex i~ nl ir y r oi w n~ony the futur'e outlook of the oriental] tion. cnicdta h rsn
4f almoast 6b00 acres uner immgediate *se' he";,wl ~wl
oviisip rand 8superviiiion.--'n'ftk _,. ~
ton :an krd to.'p - cttt ~hibr tudy 1 ika l1u kand h ?p n e t I oubfsoni probles confronting
xatoen =, FTro. bi~gh . Thunoitg,"o the l Z WtQ o te r_ 4t. $y .nxosre 0 .:wll res rt ,thy" 'ineEurope wil1le soved and that thre1
fo~r dprnen ttd:~ork s~vtni l ~e l~ uri 'lle a grut expansion of trade.
A'l ~en ftednto eep tr ' jeculilnuof :tte,:Colk E"of Dental Sr- iv
, 12aif the .Y"mnt- tb real Rt1Lr reiresenit r .th aisery, and wifl e Qpon'to candddtos 1 We aro at the beginning of this trade
ized. t w$ a~iasure us .,f lleitty o ta,it.f ix ~f lnglaad's tmost pjr- nin- :for. doctor..s Aegrcea. in. ;dental surd, .1p t x~so. arasan qimn
4,9 ru n o p mn n th r ~ n ~tstiy o n x iii n i Ie~ f t e re civilized-nations will be'
pia tlcal Ywoi kkfor the sGi et:. Tlie~e ithe 'hlchittura1anne. Teseries 1 l t~s cuss h iltalken into the backwardcotrs n
w~ ~~a~a, r @r aaor e p ektal I-sl vbii ;i re ppl.Aished in consj.t of the dissetln, undter supr- ' C re odS hmt ihrsadr.Te
ii?,a c t~'izI f h e tie-(u an bo yi ill d evelop and with the develop-
do, 4raIe ;-,inet 30 bosmybe car-!ael 1 I~iway, wre selected: last addition . to<- the regitia " courses. ol- itwllcn agetJungper
rt on:," Profaesr u grtig etpiain cd atitnr, ax d- hro~lght.to Ann ;A,bpr .~plt ilb e or 8pdacial qesieoniiDO: tt lr kk, hP~th "Teeg tcuriswihhe
t. the:true n~tr 'fJh oog~rb rest W il yof 'the Archit. saidy°a£o fitah;regli"n f the body, the i ay~been sleeping, as it eres, will step for-'
- t- I: ' d th t h p bh- chaiaster aud' x t ti tof .ite wo rk be- a stte of socialism e.,ist~ dt;A VMici a n vrla ol ov r ll wl a e t
ft o f l?;nai.Ural . o'i1 W. - ly ipufated ht r:pu iifnn m4luo4to, suit the un ed (of the 'mclias that .t. isonine1recognized. Their dlevelopmzent and
.g ,i xbo>.ttfli~ft> a ',c'l : On:the, .. ' pui.expansion with node n equipent will
.,?iue m. ilswoutld -frtecr .id .tu>, .ctch f. this s, rs o Uhgraps Ii~t idual. student -bigt hm~elthadlrS)it
dits ,ti, ieainlg4ore t ip premii t i tltis- the- ciunIation of- a lov- I :Letures; reeltatihitu.and labojatory i ts tn iu er. )w oell'eathsandrospeliing
tutth )sl. - I txnt la ein yars ago by -the ar- I;wrk in n. flhlly l histology iwill'xs Ihsg
;"The laud," cotinp.u1 Lgrtessor ,lt Y4litani boriforil ?oveni t ars.l~b~ oered ,in -ouirse .4a, as MiveniIVrgnaIlar1 27--"o.IlCI.V h so il eiad get
itn ,{ -o Aed ! lw ad,~z lt ris.cvv!ties of all 4tngs Idrngter . urcuu o t-jthat. we have a large number of so- I amounts of foreign iiiports fr om ll
arkeuitura.Ly, andi wifll'.mo tr aex ,tl' lian: , The Lnon and North- det of dB ta.l so t';+r S'aisso hecnlus )~ te a countries of the world. 'Tis will
th ~ p sg~ l v es of th t ~ ~ f ait~e n..,t ad. e'1Vcg o . a i o ~ li atoy Iioht so ni t h i'O ii ht anbut they bar - ft e a t r c un r es o
for, tin slyr proAction,"' As this ris ii if :t n £ tepse t t e n r" vtieo= IEurope and ether places.
lviseInTesa9th rutsIpeaiotepose , tl d:; on " ro et fctr ; 3t 1be1ofIawionsin. 'hey, have kept tlei t o~ 'Crnany, rane, andIother
a'lc I o;tese aalsa c plhmeniral company, inter ered : l~ im'tl ~r~t~ fls s r ''dY
r~iood fron t e1o (tred wnerlil-bc. ofn o I laoessr of the 'best known English '- -ideas to themselves" I(-iitrjCs of-Europe can find no iiar-
.. m :ll iv cl d , will 'be, f ; +xal ~mcCotter ad. Gxild.
.ttu4 ,interest. iardisen the ,preparation of the series- - Louis A. Schwartz, '26M.--"l (10 no. kt for their products. Without a ,
__,, ..' ltd'psters represent typical scnes I7; he preopli of Wisconsin, as a grop,' nmaket they aie gradually going into'
fr'oi several of the ities 'of' Nrther n II~~Iae far mtore socialistic in their viewsia financial ban~ruptcyv. IPactically , li,
ov ~an d a:and southern Scot land touch- I AILJ1thanany other state. T lheir dears ar-; the nations of te worlhd have rascd
d.E fEf!IItI 4byte,.'.ompiany's :system. Of par-osqenl -fccc ntei tt thcir tariffs against foreign goos to
,tfcu i nterest is tke presentaton,,in 11 ,,., .113prtec teir1niversButity.l~n
vlet of "Sklplne's Lne" 'in the city;,-t _GN !neLuz,'24-"o uc mst he (one to fst uLpagain ata-o
E,;if York: >" thihied trade systemn if the world; is
oftrepsesi inl Al kr '6, a eevd h state. exists here. Conservatism is be- to -avert a ~reat fancial paic.
-.(ontlnried: fthA Pa- $ e ntomb, ; Arvnion tihe done .by 'ti- r app3rioval of rthe ective commtittee-of yn ob PiE oiyoforu> -Withi: a settleent of present tradlc
7L 11tistt'ifcud': .Newaste o Tye byth45tu~en .CrisianaSturafent- i ChrrbtnstsI n associations geat
60 y ard- da hh-.'-Frt tll. Iaet: Wo i Ii'r , )t BtPangwn-a bustling harbor nacts sutntuer sieclirlntendent of the somle Iresects, 1but not to any silly expalison- of Asa will brig to t
it a:MI) reecodP4eidl );eeie in he shadvow oEf the high he l nnual 'Fresh: Ai.ap wich is sup - extremies. The state of \ichiian hs Countres of the world au era of prs-
thid, taf ().Tim :& 2 br4g~; nd"l~r-nslnd"a ovig]poted- by tbc c amp s for the benefit 11-0 eioet of scialsii, as WViscon- p'erity."
$eopt heat Won -by Itg td ,iMy picf~re i that buy' industrial center o f poor chiidrleii at oftroit. Likert snhsi aolte ou-eispo
- nAril t(0); tt S ,$eyirn i -h ~rl ~fFo lby-Frank I,. will, be in coinle charge gat: thepe niuie-sy togiybtiicltmshrF;vtcndcvfr
(lv}). Time.: 8 &.-r,;Ma v. c f - -is atgod old fashioned leublican Isoiaim s-tMaisn te state
'61? y~ai~, h~li hlk-4r11t 'trial -,'A puniher ocf addtional posters wi"I't- heT canip session-this sumr Junotcait.maland ra tdi sot-bd f i
he t: Wonitby Boioth. (C); seiid -be'. ded to the collection sone. Any- 17 to July 28 *1411 -o- iided"i nto ,four stronghll."iaptrlntrdclho t f s-
- Wtl) (f) ; third, wasner- . (I). Tif -pPersona Inter'ested tIn t e .exhibition tn'd y eio s. -LeR.s fr th H~Ioner, '26.-"No, Mic higban 1co flsill
:0 7 10: - are. ni ei l to viw it in-'.the. A rh- camp.re.-now -.ein *, sighed'up for se emns to be conservative in mot
;3 n 1a ~ b~~~ ,"C - thwa nex. Ioe 1ral otth-- rind .' AnY- stui- Ithings. Social stratas are very rigid: C olumnbs. O March 28-Efforts to
s brondU tiee M hid endent on the capu' s i lgible to ap- a nd tey ,arenot (onlfie eto radical block the. rposed merger of the
(n. le,,:O&9-ip. -' 1R -ai Iply, for a psit1rn. Liert: will lein or socalistic (octrilies.lraditions wrnei i e lt ytmwr
'Mi. _. )o3 b flI .mi);l jLafle hall 1 :to 2 o,,cloek- 'riesdays-and j hec lenidlalso to produce coserva - ~ei :this noru~icnsg.
arid; i'erlrohl ' (G)-tid J" [( tJj(Ji n Lbrr; i Tursdays for 'the, urpose of inter --____
T m: -nntfi2 ,.9-10 s ob .* rr - iein ~sibele ?s al fwhm . 5Avei-ook, 27.--"No. Thle po- Pay for Your Subscription today.
GO.yaj'"4 tfinals: W-o .,by, ltub- mok ,ng Uflu(ser ijia,1 ]iwill be -d-awa tfrom this :campus._________________________________
l~wrl (i1)~ ~eo~, Wttm~n (); --- Te- ady, which. has" beet ob. -
Eti'rd, aright (C). " ''Lttp : 1-5.1 All the iurcipahl popularmagazine s se'dannualy for 11wlast fd6r years
krqials world's ,ec9~rdforjthw ev0At.- 1haveibeen placed .in-'the new- Pendle-to-rvdth laefr-tm-cap
S1hoat pltt: Wonlby ,IVUt (9l: sec- tOn llitaryii Ltht' Union antiare- t the -il° b- nder- the--dfreetion- of Harold
?t(1; Wok~wit (C);t ,Ird $9wtn.(C). isposal -of -memberis. Wht'ile 1thew Steele,2i; i, wehas- Been appointed,
Di4tanre 44 fat' & 3.4 ichs,. b~ e-foj -ll.Pnlto' irr hairxna-m1 of tb -tg dy comimittee by 7 Regular eating makes for heath. It's easy to be on hand ;
b66fot'll.1video~ irr yatd high. hurdles,':flnals: W on iike npt yot' arrived, they ai1b elcpcted the cabinet. of---tthea $tud~nt Christian I
bi Voe I er(M); l con . ak :sdon .and Will lie iaced in -thie stacks (arsoeat ion. rThecmmittee -to charpg e rguary at Cutting Cae, where the-food is cooked del-
y''.. ~~ g(C.T~ 0~~. o~ ~.ie ok-wl i oci o(falarf~iets-~ h en

44)yard d,b: - Won tby ) 1s tiger aly niomber twho -cates to,- use- -them - cnsiets aof 1 I -F. N; Men~efee -of ibei ciously and the menus tastily palanncd.
4(l; eoond W erley (C) thlrd, t lin thielibrary lit-they will':nbt be-I angiiee inig; cologe; Deaf ~k I. Kraps -
seb r {(i1 ime, 12st la edAincircuiton 4andnimay' not bej olhe: apmhrq cl-es.and Mr..M.
$ b yard run: Won by RelIj~ M;Itk outt otthe rooh. - , A be9. - '>to-
ae~ond, reyber f11W; h td.:U eyj twill rnot:be cec~nsar t-1. Have- a - Pans tre bei-iu~z4e t aecmodafr
(l. ,Tlzme; .1 inmu.1- ,1- e~n8 . fI hi-bryycard- nor to check the hooks.;10byf ah6't~-fu-prosj L L~ . I F
-5y-id1W llrdos-' +3st trilsl in or dut awhon-they rc used- the' 1,km T Totlo 40byswh wl
hit: 'Vi= ,by Votker ( ~}; sOd , piicijle of a private- library beig ISatand tle caip.
i~niser (N1); ,thirit ,Swutn. (C ). Timne, used:'-,2t s oulty- re~tiested that when i, 'Sae tM no
:0 -.'a bblk is Atken fronm a.,shelf that the b~doM4Lt o iGl oV 54' mines pi~i
.ecold. triapl heat: ;]'Ui by 1-luseI user rturn it to the rack 'after he ~s aidnet~ 6of5'mns pr Day and Weekly Rives
I - -ated in th13 ditrict- b the ittsburgh
(k ;socgnd, tHuibaj'd( ,4 ;:third, ti rugh: with - it.-The -attendant at Car o w an~c~ eeyetr
~oth (C ). Tie, :07 ?-1,..the dloor-;will :not allow .any of, the-dy-- - - ---- --,--I-
't o*amile rum:Won by C l ha (M)' yolmek to leave <.he .room , however.l
ski tan(t, Htlrpl'4eA {M); hld, Giek -lo-aerco ts- wi1,11 le permittedin---- -
( .)" ti~ae, 9inpute~ t0 lO sctp>s:" thO roo(m, ani.al outer, clothing, must- - '-
- ,"yard:It whliuthlea: Won bY1-ub-b le cl eqeddownstairs'bf ore the per< -
b atrd (M) ; seotond, Itties (2}); tird. soh . eters. tt; is' alto. requested that
tielltcr; (l1t2, f'Pl 0 :7.ii-IO. n$ries refrain- from slokiig whle - -,
lpQ~e vault::Wiu by $13riser .(M); in tlie tlibt-ry'as the-- sntoke -becoes -
sdcon~id. 9on4ec~ju (Cl'); 11';fet. ;:iich- too 4hickii sit h a place if'iny grat --
fibtliii'd tie ibto eon Groaitrng ( n uiilbei - niokg.t the same tinie .
{3irrthrup ( Eli di$t43 feet t-4 v-s
, . es. rlay*: oi~by mai>pl. Time, - --: "ey Mik s ic es
- ;te 0 ecoaWT J a W rai -- - - iiTotal NutrienceI
se-hjIxp:' I b5:. Ufa lJcy (0); '--a
esfon d ie b$twehn eran- (C) -
p' l e1r (c,) third, tRt M. Height, Prof.",A. S. iiartlii Qf the - pAtho-' ,..-Jersey milk is richest in butter-fat and solids not fat.: the othr
Fr't t'10 1-2 In hes: - Iigl a departnent' of the Medical-
___________ clool :will'81speak on ,' 0,resent0.tion cQi$ituelts of milk besides butter-fat are important food nutrients; in fact,
A SA 'ofi y ight in tAr et" at 7': 39'clockprotein, the- muscle and brain ,building element, is found more abundantly in
strle of -the medical building. Profes. sk immed milk than in cream. In solids other than fats jersey milk also
~g~.gmsat Warthin will ahow how the a-- "Js Irdcsfrmyu rcro
5 Iwitil C~O~5TI1~T~tIous diseases are tra-cel out .iu art. Hisled.O erJstJry"pousfom orgocrr
" otr.wl eillustrated with a nur'n-I--
ber of sldes.
Phi Sigma Kappa was remioved from. the speech is the fourth on the. 1
pyobation' Friday following the action series' held- under the auspices of Al ; -
of the Senate comimittee: on Student' la Omagsieg Alpha national :honiorary i 7. iLI 2

SUNDAY, MARCH 29, -1925
lilt hII11ii1i 1111.11111.414111 111111h I tIIII llIIIIIIlIII1111111111lIlIlll1" llllUIIIL
s w
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y,..s.y' 3 .
ofth as ee Btur ndseyt
: v f
Harol Lloy
pt , -
.-- r
' : --------ry' 1-,

iiS; tfJ. JIJ-. x::" - "1}A'.3T 4 -^ -
r .1 3- "u
s a- r ° ti -
" l
Srn.-. IEU MS'!. .3 .-. J .ue ..
* wt~i~h~4-~ai I Pei
-. t-' o fl O a a-°rip -
is ':Ut"::der.tti ile Di^, r tioj- ' fE - - - ... =
A Selection of Itlau Folk-Noiigs =
ITT WTT v T V TIV TI A ?W1V " WI - uv 4T,1.'uww P

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