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March 22, 1925 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-03-22

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SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 192)

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ooks and Writers JI

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01 Course...
THE G RE EN HAT, by Michael Arlen.
George It. Doran Co., $2.00.
Those among us in these Hechtic
and opaque days who would like to
blossom forth into the realm of the
novelist will find it to their advantage
to jot down with care the vagaries
and most disconnected of our usual
thought. It will be found that such
an accumulation, stretching over a
period of say two months, will be an
Undeniably effective nucleus for the
development of our novel.
Michael Arlen deserves credit for
having thus produced a book that has
for weeks rated among the best sel-
lers far and wide. He has sandwich-
ed in sufficient adhesive material be-
tween sections of his mental wander-I
ing, to the extent of some three hun-
dred and three pages, to seize upon
his public, and we have another mag-
nificent addition to the modern litera-
It would appear that the old days of
transition and like mechanics of writ-
ing have been supplanted by an in-
genious, and modern, device consist-
ing chiefly of the use of three periods
at the close of 1Asentence, paragraph,
or chapter, as' the artist wills. This
contrivance, 'which Arlen employs
freely and boringly, is the author's
means of showing that there is so
much to say, so many waves on the
ocean of thought, that they cannot
possibly be expressed.
As a little example of the above,
we quote from page 218 of Mr. Ar-
Ien's perpetration:
"'Iris,' I said, 'I like you. Of
course, if I didn't. ."
"'Of course,' she said, 'he doesn't
"'Of course;' i-said.
"'Anddhe'll never know .."
"'Good,' I said.
"As for me,' she whispered....."
This quotation serves as a fair,
example of the way friend Arlen man-
ages to fill un the void between mom-.
ents of action, and at times, he even
inserts them at critical points. The
effect is remarkable: it keeps the
reader on edge, for he hopes that just
around the turn of the next page will
lie some tangible statement that will
put him on the track once more.
Suffice it to say that he doesn't, with
the exception of the last five pages.
Briefly, the gist of the whole book
lies in these final five pages, and to'
enjoy the book, prospective 'readers
are advised tostart at that point, then
revert to the beginning and know
what is what.

-- I

Cynic's Paradise

OORPHAN ISLAND By Rose Macaulay,
Boni and Iveright, $2.00.
One of the strongest recommenda-
tions that could be made of "Orphan
Island" is the statement that it is a
worthy successor to "Told by an
Idiot" and "Dangerous Ages," two of
the most brilliant of Miss Macaulay's
previous books. "Orphan Island" is,
however, (if it be possible) more in-
genious in design and execution than
these other works.
The first chapter is one of the most
ruthless and masterly pieces of trap-
setting we have ever seen between
covers. Miss Macaulay, faced with
the problem of presenting a hypothe-
tical, sociological situation to her

Micha~el Arlen

Unreality oozes from every sentence reader, goes about the task with the
in the book; the chi3f character- most charming sort of cynicism-
we have read the book twice, and b murdering, ruining and wrecking
lieve ourselves reasonably safe in without a qualm. Her task is to fill
a desert island with children under
this statement-is one Iris Storm,I ten years of age-without the encum-
March, and Fenwick-you see, she had brance of parents to bring them up in
a maiden name and two husbands. the Wa tet tod Go." Thisuphe
She is, one might say, the motif of the accomplishes by wrecking thesship
title, for inconspicuously enough, she that is carrying a load of orphans
wears the green hat that titles the from England to America-and then
book. She also keeps the other by luring away and killing off all the
characters in an English hubbub adults of the party except two Puri-
throughout, what with, as she ex- tanical women and one profane andI
presses it, "her pagan body and Chis- dru'nken ship's doctor. She then
lehurst mind." As it turns out in the leads the women into sin, kills off
end, she has been the purest of the the doctor, and abandons the island
lot, and avenges herself upon the mis-: fore about seventy years.

tration of her mockery. The aristo-- Bred Men," says: "Am I coming to be
cracy, the press, the judiciary, the ! a traitor to our creed if I wonder
medical profession, the tonsorial art- jawhether a college education really
one and all are beautifully and totally; crossword MurderThIS and That adds anything at all to a man? If
devast atened. Mur rit is e fective it helps him to find.and
As Laurence Stalling said of her, Ito organize what he has got. Aside
"She must be the w ittiert woman --__-- j from that, I suspect there comes out
alive." TIHE LONG GREEN GAZE, A cross- A Man Walking of the mill exactly what went into it.
N. K.y Vincent TIf I am right, then a college owes the
_er p . W.zzle mystery, bYnew The gates of hell are very small; quality of its graduates very largely
Fuller. B. W. Ruebscli, Inc., New To get inside a man must crawl to the character of its sub-freshmen.
or.$..Upon his belly, like a snake, Assembled alumni should not so gen-
Writes the publisher in his blurb And grovel there, for hell's own erally boast that Major-General IJTow-
Track and Field concerning this book, "Here is amys- sake. itzer graduated from dea r al s
can be the chief detective." And so Of all 'the many gates there be }shrewd old father had chosen it as
in "The Long Green Gaze," we have a That lead to hell, you could not see' the place for his boy.
book in which blank crossword puz- In all your years one gate s0 high
zles are scattered promiscuously That a man walking could get by.
TRACK AND FIELD, by T. E. Jones, throughout. The reader solves the -fromJohn Russell McCarthy's COINCIDENT with the resignation
1925, New York.. Publslhed by puzzles-and he solves the mystery. "For the Morning." of Dean Briggs of Harvard College,
Charles Scribner and Sons, $2.00. . . The book should be quite the thipg *Il oughton lifflin Company, his pub-
In this book, T. E. Jones, physical for those readers who like slueths BURGESS JOHNSON, writing in lishers, announce the publication next
director at the University of Wiscon- and murders and Hindus mixed up in the "Lion's Mouth" of the April "lar- fall of a volume of his essays on col-
sin and a recognized authority on their fiction reading. The story of per's" under the title of "We College- lege life and teaching.
athletics in general, has given one of the book-one that we could not fath-
the most complete discussions of the om after the first three or four chap- -....................................
principles and details of training for ters-has, of course, the invariable
track and field athletics ever made. American mystery story murder at the
Primarily intended to provide a outset. There is a wealthy aunt, own- C
thorough course of instruction for the er of a bizarre emerald, who keels
budding track coach and high school over at breakfast after tasting an
supervisor, it actually describes the orange and consumed her morning.
business of training better than any coffee. And there is a handsome;".AND
ach could tell it and provides a use- young college chap, just canned, who
col eli n rvdsas-I E CALL P E SE"WE DO ALL
ful manual for any track coach. wears collar-attached shirts and who KINDS (W
In all, eighteen brnches of track right there to solve the mystery and FOR ANDTIN
and field sports are described, a sepa- marry the heroine, who, naturally, is DEIVER Lne 6.4.8 i &rnIG
rate chanter being alloted to each not such a repulsive person, herself.
one. Everything from the sprints to Something unique may be had in the'*
steeplechasing is thoroughly treated I person of a butler who quotes Omar _
by the writer who shows an extreme- Khayyam betwen meals. And with __ __
ly adequate knowledge of his subject is right there to solve the mystery and
matter. The feature of this book is not tell you what happens to all of Phone
the character of the illustrations. these capricious people as we are no
There are forty-five diagrams, illus- hand at solving cross-word puzzles. ;
trating the more complicated sub- The book, of course is nothing gi- E. STEIN - PROPRIETOR
ject :natter. In addition to the dia- gantic. Neither Collins nor Gaboriau ."-..-_"".---.-."-"-"..............---- "...............--........
grams, many of which are sketches nor Chesterton need be afraid of their
of athletes illustrating proper form, laurels. But it has a certain tone of
there are twenty-four plates, each the unusual, and, as such, it should
comprising three or four action photo- give the reader an entertaining even-
graphs. The inclusion of the numer- ing or two.
ous illustrations not only makes the -N. M. D.
book of more value to the coach than Th s
jit might otherwise have been but it strictly limited and must be comple-
also makes it of some benefit to the mented by actual' demonstration, this is e
athlete himself who oftens fails to ind probably as donatin, th
is pobaby basgooda thing ofthe
get enough individual attention from kind as has ever been published., season
the coach. se H S
In spite of the fact that the value when a
of all publication of this kind is Patronize Daiiv Advertisers.-Adv.
doplenty Of
W r f o r y o u.
!k fA- W-lntĀ®_rI1t~h&

understanding world by banging full
speed into a big tree, riding in her
vermillion Hispan-Suiza.
If the book weren't so hazy, if it
had omitted one or two grammatical
errors, if it were enjoyable, it should
be lauded. It isn't.
-G. W. D.
HARPER & Brothers announce that-
they have now become E. M. Dela-
field's publishers. They will bring out
Miss Delafield's new novel, "Mrs. Har-
ter" early in April. The novel, which,
will be published this Spring in Eng-
lanid, also, is written with Miss Dela-
field's usual brilliantly direct style
and logic.

Observe that the situation on the
islanil after a seventy-year interval isI
the' sort of situation that is invariably
discussed with small and large dis-
pla, ef imagination on every occasion
when good sociologists get together.
(An "eddy in the stream of civiliza-'
tion," they would call it.) And now
she brings to the island an OxfordM
soc ologict, with his two sons and
daylter-to explore, to study, to
rescue the orphans. The opportunity
for the satirist is just the kind that
Mr. Shaw allowed himself in "Saint
Joa," when he permitted an English-
man and a Frenchman to discuss
Vngland. Miss Macaulay thenceforth
<,iscusses England-and fairly dazzles
the reader with the grace and pene-



"a 1

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