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March 06, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-03-06

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1 rTRv , MAPICTT r, 1925

204 1~itgn a l I
Published every morning except Monday
during the University year by the Board in
Control of Student Publications.
Members of Western Conference Editorial
The Associated Press is exclusively en-
titled to thc us e for republicationi of all news
diispatcCcs enduted to it or not otherwise
credlitedt in this paper and the local news pub-
lished thereiin.
Entered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,
Michigain, as second class matter. Special rate
of postae granted by Third Assistant Post-
mnasterC cu;ct'al.
Subscription by carrier, 3350 by mail, I
Offices: Ann Arbor Press Building, May-
nard Street.
Phones: Editorial, 2414 and 176-M; busi-
uness, 960.
Telephones 2114 and 176.31
Editor................ John G. Garlinghouse
News Editor.........obert G. Ramsay
City Editor............ Manning Houseworth
Night Editors
George W. Davis Harald A. Moore
Thomas P'. henry Fredk. K:. Sparrow, Jr.
Kenneth C. Keller Norman R. Thal
Sports Editor......... William 13. Stoneman
Sunday Editor.......... Robert S. Mansfield
Women's Editor.......... ...Vernea .Mbran
Music and Drama...Robert B. Henderson
Telegraph Editor...William J. Walthour
Louist Barl'y iHelen S. Ramsay
Marion Barlow Regina Reichmannl
Leslie S. Bennets Marie Reed
Smith Cady r Edmarie Schrauder
Willard B. Q rosby Frederick H. Shillito
Valentine L. Davies C. Arthur Stevens
James W. Fernamberg Marjory Sweet
Joseph 0. Gartner Herman Wise
Mawning Ilousewortk Eugene H. Gutekunst
Elizabeth S. Kennedy Robert T. DeVore
Elizabeth Liebermnann Stanley C. Crighton
Winfield 11. Line Laeonard C. H all
Carl E. Olinmacher Thomas V. Koykka
'Wiiliam C. Patterson Lillias K. Wagn.-r
Telephone 960
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Acunt:-, . .............. M. Rockwell
t ~ircub t i"))..... ...John (Conlin
1'uic~Iut rn i ........................ 1. 1.). Martin
1'. '01. Arnold W. T,. Mullins
W. U. Ardussi R.11. 'Mast
7. Al. Alving If. L. Newnmann
Irvin g Merman P. 1. Olmstecad
Rudolph 1i)stcllfaii R. M. P'rentiss
If. V. (lark W. C. Pusch
J. C'. (\misroe 1. D. Ryan
11. h. Ientz~ N. Rosenzweig
J. R. Delany Al. E. Sandberg
(Gorse C. *Johnson 'x1.L. Schiff
O. A. Jose, Jr. F, K. Schoenfeld
R. K. Klein I. J. Wineman
FM DAY, MARCH 6, 1925

From the clay when the earliest-f
member of the genus ho()steppeti M USIClf
out among his neighbors; antd forcily ; /IPLLAN
assumed the leadership of Ithe first1 A~A
organized trilbe, lprecedentsfor5P the ; /I 11A. DIa j i D RIM
conduct of society have lbeen ('St al- II______________,______________
lished, have grown tra~ditionaiil, ani~ Chias. Dawes rates this (dedicationi 11 FE~O)N:TeOgnle
have ever been reQvere'd by t he (igfli-; because he is the only guy that has i vialIae 4:") &e" irkillinhill atuditor-
fled and decorous indtividual;, who live hollered at the whole Senate in theI.
in cnstnt eamthatI hy tldynothist ory of these UnlitedI States; niot I
act ''properjly." hibeca use we arie in sympathy with his
Ancient customs andi ancient lC0Vips(Iit-il'lteilg])l'iciarhibutOcsioANyF IELwaDI 3ingshape
pies of the nations oft the lEast have ;beca-use lie. shouted them at the Sen- wOrks inoalperfect sittin: air.
becoe s reere, infad. tat heyate; and because lie told them to snap Richmarud Mansfield, sorely onie of the
form the basis of a religion, a worship ;out of it, when they wanted to be1
of ancestors, so firmly (establisbed that, '\,worni in b~y fours; andl because le' most cliari ing atctrieses (Al (lcur st age;
nothing short of an earthquake can said"Wellcomeon ou andwatch the -aiercl 've" Ile e .x
shake them from their (deeply rooted! inaugurat i now" wen they were allsadistbei'en drdyat(r
foundations. Tradition, formaism,;swor in, aiidl becauise he got the noon, M~arch I1.3, in t he Whitney the
and finally stagnation is thle order~ of' whole Senate out of the building with-l atre tinder the(!auzspic es of thle I v~o
life where. the l~~hil~s~l~hy of the post out one of themn remembering to movemotauiiis ornitos m
ple becomes that embodied in the we adjourn. i such an attraction, the American As-
phae the good old1 (ays." And b~ecause he got more publicitysoitnofli(riy omnalIh
A perfect exampjle of this kill(V fhs itl hftseedne !hnMichigan Theatre Leagtte. The play is
state can be found in the U'nit edth President did with his cautiousisacm y 1olee anrsba
States Senate of the Sixt y-Eightht the Michigan autltor----"The (Goose Hangs
Cnrswhc clstitlat economy. *' *High" by Lewis Beach; and the pro-
Cductionswillcservesto introdlcet essi
sion a few momients before the in-111,UpI'dcinwlsevtonrdueJse
I '1EIt IllI LS RnBnmdpell and heri :~veryrnat ionailly










r r

... ..,

( r~rNights .- -gct 25
~j1t\1lPOpT. mats. Wed. ad$15
Sat 50c to -





o olleeSea ationerv
with1 NAME and ADDRESS
lrzc--~i200 Sheets. 3j .00
100 Envelopes. Iu.Po s
Your ",Laned addrseein three line. with
or without College Seas or cret of ny
National Sooial Fraternity printed in deep dignified baj1
on 200 shets. 6c7 in. heavy kid fiplah 24-lb.Bofld an 100
envelope. to match wit'h seal omittd Write order at~u*l
sad send with $1.00 bill or =1.10 if want of Denver,
304 S. Dearborn St. Chc o.lioe


303 Southii 3lsnnSt.
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with party dresses. The NEW UPLIFT bras-
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auguration of President C'oolidge.'
Shackled by formalism, (lelayed by
rules, and impeded ini its ctourse5(of
action, sometimes b~y a. single Sen a-'
tor, that august body of tradition-
bound men whiffed and poofed Over
vital legislative mecasures and( closed j
its last meeting with. uitaity of its Wuist
important taskis on inished. The tra-
(itional right of any one of its nin--
bers to present his views uncheckoed
for hour after hour, to i libustercif t
you please, orce more was the means
of blocking every rove t oward the
settlement of matters of no little mo-
ment to the en4 ire nation. Only an
earthquake cotuld have ch~anged the
The earthquake(-cne. lp through
the crust of formialisnm shot the head I
of "Hell 'an Maria" D~awes, America'si

Sonie may long for the soothingi
touc(h I
Of lavender, cream or mauve,
But the ties I wear must possess the
Of a redl-hot kitchen stove.
Thlle books I readl and the life I lead
Are sensible, sane, and cowed,
I. like calm hats and I don't wear1
But I want my neckties loud'
Glive lat a loudi tie, brothers!
()lue wit a ('0511k icrge!
A lie that will swear
And rill and ttear
Wihen It sees lay old blue serge.
0, sonic will say that a gent's cravat
Should only be seen ,not heard,
PIIIt vv fav L 4tUUit, tb IIw i Jl I&make Imen

4 a

fainous repertory c~ompany ini Ann
Of Mrs .INIansfield. the list of ad-
jectives has run ot --youl must trust
to your judgment. that she gives a per-
formance, beautiful, impressive anti
profoundly moving. Of thie platy itself
there is the remarnon 1le record in its
favor: presentIetd last; year in Newx
York it immnediately b)ecamie a success
and ran a capacity season, it was se-
lected by :Biurns .Mantleit s one of the
ten best plays of the year, on t lie road
it met constantly packetd Iiouses, andit
nowv the current:lprodlution bmy Al iss
lBonstelle is a rouising; such en tluiasni
that its lDetroit run is being ext ended
to three weeks. . Oc casionily the
way things happen wvorks intto a per
feet, situnation.
A review, by RiobertManisfieldl.
H ill audi11tori umn Ias an elevatIor ont.
the stage,---of t hat anon. Initeima-
ticna I night opened imost a uspiciousl] v
withl an ove'rture'Oxwhiitch xxe vaguely
recognsized. TDarlmnss fell, and shad-
owy forums saunteored ont o the ,;agie-to
(liape themnselves effect ivelIy about.a
conventional es ltn un cacotck I Ii ine. lty
its part. Thiire in Iin i- stngo thlere
r'ose anot her spirit; who deli veredia

Plants add greatly to the
attractiveness of a room.
I There is a great
variety of them
Cousins & Hall

r _ -q


611 E. University
Phone 115


Night Editor-NORMAN It. THiAL
For a long time it has been per-
fectly evtiident that our national ex-
ecut ive is overworked. The strain
of being President of thme United
states, is one that only an exceptional
physiolue can withstand. Yet nothing
has been lone, even though the mat-
ter wvas br-ought forcibly to the na-
tion's attention by the complete phy-
sical b reakdowm andt subsequent death
both of the late Presidemnts Wilson and
With this deplorable situation a
close analogy can lbe drawn. Many
have recognized time fact that time ex-
ecutive heads of our great state unt-
vemrsities have more to do than any
man can possibly handle adequately
wvithoutI physical injury. The modern
state institution of higher learninig
requaires aim astuite business niAn, :a
cabeorator, a careful scholar, and
ammgei personality-all combined
in one, man. Seldom it is that suchm a
merging of qualities is procurable,
and wheim it-is, at 'least, one phase of
this nliencrnenal' person's activity is
Janieretl by overwork. T'vo such
mcin have literally given their lives in
the s(-;rvice of midwest institutions.
Yet nothing has been domne about it.
In a recent statemenmt to The Daily,
('hiase S. Osborn, former Regent of
thne University, suggested the substi-
t utiom for tlie present system of a di-
tarchy in which time respofisibilities
could be diividedh between a president
and a chairman of the Board. It Is
his belief that in this way the ex-
('cutiv-xwotuld better combine thme
qualities of a maim of business and a
scholaur. neither of which would neces-
sarily i,,terfere with thme other. An-
other scheme which has been success-
fully tr ied( out providhes an executive
depa i-I mont, compihosedI of the president
who represents the university on pub-
lic occasions, welcommes visitors, and
touirs the coutrtiy speaking to' alunmnt
group~s; and two vice-presidentsI
whose, duties are respectively to, su-
perviw-f the business anmd scholastic1
(lepal'A _i('fnt 5 of university administra-
tion!. 'f'hesc are onily suggestionms.
Nevetheessit should be clear that
some1(' change in thte adbministration of
iunivc rsi v affairs is essential, -just as
is thecas with the nationmal admin-
1st rat is.[Bothm offices are swamnped
by, an enlarged scope of activity. It
mnay be 1 a loiig time Ibefore CongressI
gets a roundt to make any changes--
itore Presidents mayylie sacrificed to
public dii' y. 'there is no reason, how-
ever, 1- y the University should fol-
low r f the analogy. Let it be suf l-
cient jirool of tithe need for a change
that i'm-eitit Burton gave his lifeJ


new Vice-President and leader of the cry
Senate. Out, over' the beads of thle And render thli]r visionl blurred.
Senators p)oure-d (lie red hot declara-
tions ofIfals xcuieaioa , yearui, 1lomg for a tic so strong
of afearessexective .tvoca- i It, will take two men t) tie it..
ing reform in- their presenit, methods i uhIhmc1e utso t t
of doing business. No wondver they I m-
wvere astoundled. With a single ges- Wiat1'ev- Itle price, I'll buy it,
ture lie swept. away the old custom
of swearing in the n wmember,, 01' (f 1 ildltlrtir
that hodly in ,grotups of fouirani di- (ne101 altlofsis
rected the whole lot to comue fcrwardl Atictts- 0 lz
for the ceremony in a lody. Bravo, { Ill. a l eefl( gaze,
General! Another wxord, the descent.
of the official gavel, amid the assembly D Iowni where the zest lbeginls.
was dismissed to attendti I heinaug- * he om bv, sth ok*fMr
iuration ceremony. 'hepei bv s(i oko r
Notonl ths otwad iianfosa-Iiadfield, Cretdit Manager of Van-
tion but also the spir it atack of it,.1 Bvu, rsanlhopolor
indcats tatthenewchi~fof th port ('(1. We consider it masterly-
indiate tha tie mow cief theantI as they say at the bottom of the,
Senate mmeans, to Raccomplis h thins. Iy
If he (10esntt infuse -hs ttitutde intoltatae--They Ilave Them.
f every Semnator, b~th old and 'hew, and
bring about a nexw era of lhiOdtlile It delopdtis that all those who got
legislative activity it will be because inivitaitions to (lie Demmocratic b~anquet
the legislators are juist as stubborn can go for nothing.
as they have so long showed them-- I, So we are going.
I seves o he- IIf anything funny happens, patrons
of this departnmenlt;. will hear all abouti
ANOitTtl.IIJ'R EFOR~M ii I! it-povided that it doesn't inv;olve
Time thrteen riginalUnitedStatesparty secrets to which only{
-of America started a gi't'at wxorldwitle sanIad Iile eorut r
tmovement whenm they bandied tGgethR * *
toluformmwhit. ii xx-becbendifferentadini




You can depend upon us
for prlompt delivery and
courteous attention.

A mice saving for you on
Biri)(l at y gift or Wedding7


"At the Drug Store Becautiful"
w= -
I- IN0 eetI it iat R
F.w. u rnRr
w 108w7NcesAcde--- . 'IQ~J

(utle In i-i-ble tihe

selection Is

2 Nickels Arcade
Opposite Substation

i I

________________________a________________________________ _.,.__..

A singly trial'


tdemocratic republic of Itle day. Ispe - year.we undrstand. Itdiferemmtreti
r dally since the World NNvar, dyniastyyeweudrtn.IisuireI
Yafter dynasty fiahs fallemi anud ruler fi 'l ierinore, that the Printer's con-
z upon ruler has cit her descended frol;trathsbenmmnedwae
of a~-* * k'oui' ~ I ihat inea ns-andt that therefore 1 his
tmthoe uig ' ' Pnsian will lbe Itle betst in thhilst ory
1nonentity in tI n'govem-nmnent- (d thme
of col loge annuals.
r I nationm.l Well, it will be hkindt of mnice to seeN
The latest- move for thle spread of Itn epu lr nti ls.Te ee a sn~lrge
fdemocracy is that which is eo~jmctedthmiepmslt'imthsca.TenerlVu Oebuge
to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ -z tk llaei Jwnmxxil oncanm con dtemnmtheumiall sort of xGeneral clair'man of '"Internationmal
zortie Abilpoiigortewhole--heaxtedly aind justly .. . Neight''
renfmanchisemuent of 16t,000,0100 maIle rl~eal ie~ly:lp riltllt
citizens of Japan i drty yenarsof' age I H ROVER BOYS Obi THE 4Att'S1 vi leee-traan I.xa e l
and over wxasmreport ed (oit. of conmiit - N.' ultegcl
tee to (h lotmse of Rtepre'aemtativesr I Three rollick'inig boys stood oni the As was [lie case last year, Stefan
EMonday and passage by this body was Icu-b holding their sides. Thme object r IKozalievitch, Rus;sian -baritone of most.
expected (lhe folltowing day. mI hron of t helmr mirimth lay wmrithing in time ooze I pleasing voice, too)..amid held (ie stel-
there the bill will go to the 1 lonrt' of of the street, where a passing taxi 1 Iar role amrong _the: vamiotus ierfoii-
Peers, which wouldh scam-cely d.o:Ire to j linocked h init as it sped rip)thme street. er-5. 1ii; splendidl i-cd itioun of t he Vol -
reject it if pdassed -by thletower lbody. "'Whue" sobbed Samn (for it was time g:onu'iSon lullthe lieroduzc-
SSince time success of tlie proposition( Royver boys themselves, as oumr dear lI lion MA)" a.a Professioma I standzrard on
would incmease the vo)tPig )1ppla I ion I nea;tdema; lhave a leady guefssed) "will which it, inn iaged l i mon in In in a pi'e-
of he outryfroe ,00,00 t a ot~~lI you lplease look at that, hole ini hiscaiubane rogu.
Gof 19,000,000, it will1 un doultdily have heanlt:'?"'' orthi le vitctimi of (lie acct.i Nateb A rabic, danced by Mamian
a great' effect both (ndimhe hpeople and : tde~nt., evidently' in great pain, was no Nliller, hiennathias t) toe amid heel, was
upon the policies of thle mation.- What less ridiclous5 because of time lam-ge I(qite well received., Willard Sp-anagel
it shall be cain only be conjectur-ed. mremnt which had accompanmied the col- aid II. hymIian Bright supplied light
l______________________________ ision. j comely. Spamma gel a ssisted hate'in by
'Amidbis face'' sneeredl Coeto) 1le iIs oc-heir, Trt;mu an( id avares
CAMiPUS OPINION wxhomithle mnovelty of the sight had aIt hlayeth -t ie y nede n o futimt hotr'1)ralso.
Anonymous comimunicationls will be vast, appeal '"le should have chosenI The I Aittic ; paniishi Danocrs" wxere
disregarded. The names of cominunt- l, anigmr crfly h apdI ct n wkadbVuns u ue
cants wil. however, be regarded as h sh ljgmo' nrfhy'legse tt mdawwmdb i-s utsr-
confidential uvon request. inartmicul;ately. i )01 ei"sde ly ade to thme entenrtatininenit in full
"Dont ng (.ie oor evi" sudeny mesur. Th ChneseNlistr hinbd
('I;ILHI NA LS BY AIIIPLA NE. put iii magkwhot becautse (if his age time umisfortune to be playing to) an
ITo (lie Etditor: I w~alale to undemrstand thlie gravity of I uitiene of strangers to their utusic--I oei ispg ril ~d- 1 .trto dellybhr. tw~ nobel oi hns u
the st atethemit was mtade lbfat. so far SI E itinrg his actions to his words, sic--- but. we couldnohu't m iiderst anti it.-
as caim be w ct'rt aineo I lie r cemt ithck st epped for ward to r'ender a ssis- I 'te (iris' AManidol imi (lub lpla yed, fol-
transportation ofI a Geriman) pisioiem taige t) the unfortunate muan who was 1 owecd by a Stottisht sword dance. The
b hy airplane wais the first Li ue (hi is still gm-tveling iil lie gutter. Bending biagpliper wais inl time saute sit ma tionl as 1
novel nmethmod of custooly had ever over, lie made as though to m'ise hulim lie(Chinese Nlinist rels, but.I ie sxwtordj
been used ini umniver,,al pol ice hiist ory.,Ito his feet. I danucte sored xxwell.- And thlen Al r.
It is asmall poinuitto ftars{', andmiiyet I ''i tands off Me You youmrs villain"' I Pi >biio'fphiyedth Ile I-hi]alaikca ori
jiteresting, thati roeadcimi a mhews burst forth from the injurm'dnan. "'Yott I some suobhItaint;, andm wbiien lie wound
sheet a year and a halIf ago I ran I young sntos imay hldlt the upper panel up withnthme Vi et om's.time audience I
across aim.it erni recordiing transfer of 1 now when 1'iim bail Butrt. ..H'' is jquite ahipirovedo. Wit hi I iz' I 'olish daunc-
three prisonertAs by ( host en Conmner, voice trailed toff. Ilie was umcounsciouis. ern ht leir color-ful1 costumes, tlhe 1m-
j thme County sherifftfr-tmiiWic-hita, Ka n- )ickpeer-edIthrotugh time thick coy- termediary t'nterla irnent camimo tom a
sas, to thme SItate' Prisomn at Leavenl- ernmg oil mud oi time unknown man's cltose. It remulaimod for KLozalkevil el
wVorthi, Kansas, iny the use f thre' f-me". ;silent, lie gazedl at his; two I to sine; again, and thme -haracteris to go

prove to you tne
superiority of WThite
Swan lau'ndering.
Clothes are softer
and whiter, buttons
a-re replaced and

Ph rone 165



you are not one of
our customners, get




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