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March 01, 1925 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-03-01

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a~i UN k'f~V 1~Y~and paTs about ti nech ul zheoo!
_____________________________________ar -ike lbobe)d ha i, it is ; cn) -
fori ale tbe reaily disit>lea d ii n-
M ademoiselle Must be Prepared to M'eet all Emergencies of Wleather Conditions in 12Tly eases go ,ad si yim ";
The W ardrobe for Spring. Suggestions for Mi'arch. on sk ji the,o'ln;'>ie.~i
___________________________________the severe simpliiy of Ili,, :> r a3+( li
clings. The only way to Lrct ay
"March comies in fike a lion," some :m ay put in an appearance and concern bright (lawn accurately presages a Materials are soft. thn silks-both from saene s in the mde is io d-
observer of weather cond~itions has'the ladty not at all, clear bright (ay. These are the timges for street and aternoon wear. Even- venture in unique (e 1
said and then, in a pleasanter humor, , The pessimfist and the spring of when thoughts of dress are pleasant ing still claims exceedingly delicate Outstanding this sea sni>,s Ow' n-
added, "but he goes out like a lamb." 1 124 to the contrary notwithstanding, thoughts. There is such an endless chiffons and laces. lDesign and line semble costtum e. 31?', as ' 1 e'al-
After witnessing the coiling and going it doesn't always rain, even in Ann variety of lovely smart things from remain much the same as for sveral turves ths 51SlUlr0; 't<~0
of March in Ann Arbor for a few years 1Arbor. There are lays when a clear which to choose! seasons past and variety is exenll-- farics and~ in ' n u:
it would be easy to mistake the real 1 ioeiiee TE . nai a ,1
nature of lions and lamb s a hording j -____________;_______tn, eliendby an(oc tt '.';
to heprohe qute, fr n An FL REFO or (ull red. E SC uoulle c f a ' nith
Arbor M\arch weather is a maddening THE F E AND STRAIGHTLINEFVITFO POPULARITY ;be most appl)iatEf<(3i[ 3i~'s\'.o,
uncertainty. Rain, snow, wind, hail. LJ ~-Jk~L smart distintie :et iwo (f so I and
warm southern lbreezes and sunshine g :, i 1 a ii tect ihn h hr w odes CotiueTo ol F vo A (1el ri ilyItou d wr"enu oaabtthmogieteJ o
space of twenty-four hours despite a !who beate te o E' grl t
government report which reads: overdressed. The d rescs o s!it a a
"Fair today and warmer''. -ow to ;outfit are p)1iii to the iin of -t' r-
dress apprcpriately when both lion fy, the coat ;t aiglh - i ho
an(I lamb put in an appearance on the x ton or' P, P ratcu .\U
same (day is the M~arch problem of the so hsly i'' leot1 n
fashionable lady. The weather man "tene'Iiht'n''.a":
cannot be ruled but he can be beat-:_ plain un bted IS?+o 'I Ic.,Iit.
enl athis own game. mst as revere. wit 11 .02 II, ., A cla1i ,
Tpo begin, consider the timges when two large patch rwclctas.aldno aitt)bl
the -lion rages. The rough weather r";1or fa tening al 'la'
('ostlume is particularly outstanding smoe~l,_o lteru '-'j i I
because it is so often neglected. A r1 the sft crew at. E z 3 E 'a'i,( r
gloomy (lay is considered an excusel it zan!(h k' 'i'eA)'"
for carelessness in attire, a gooti time exibiits proudly a,=u;~Wi h t
to weir out the old shoes and hats (eserlitle, il aE. a1 vi'?t3t:: a;
before throwing them away. Becausef ren~ha Vt'rr ec e i U ," i Yn giats
so mnany Ijeople dlon uninteresting ; ¢the design l5ie ~r<''. ; 7T~< and Li-r
costume on an uninteresting day, she rstr- Tewodssscrflyi pesn'; ^,":r; };"faraerbftrn.
relief to the eye. There is enough of ". }*,> pleasing ptte °n and it i. wmade wll
a epressicmn in the mere fact f a j ' j"..S a tunic effect acorion pi d it ida
gloomy (lay without adding to your t1 rie j~ fastened na alirio iprva
own sense of discomfort ;by careless ' ' narrow belt. aot'"'va'':. iW) " . '[he
attire. When skies are gray and the, collar fods oftly h cla3011 " 3 '
air seems cold and damp, select your and black rbbo~n-i hang oIos'- 'elTy
cestume with care. A neat flanneli from. It has a note ci ceh;,! ',utt
dress is appropriate and comfortable lacks the dignity of ano hr odl, l
])lack are mad(e in dlistinctive designs3" '{\"xp
this spring for the lain flannel frock a frot flae in the skirt .la(d a s :ar
is last year's model. Plaits are. in- <h ;f ,' >t;tied and thrown over ile ritit.Soul-
evitable and they are usually groupeder Ohyo ca la or, lf
at the front or on one side. An in- ;;Teeia zcl a +1ee i
teresting design of navy blue features"v:I the apparent lack of it. FEerthig is
a high, close-fitting collar, box plaits1 graceful and lovely; oe atrat ve
grouped at the front of the skirt, and a' !costume follows another until the ar-
narrow leather belt. It is standard' ray becomes almnost mnotonous a;n~d
and yet different. zsaIyou feel like the modiste wo ent
Provided-just provided-you are mal shouting: "(laws (tons!
slender enough for plaids you will be Gowns!
muhi h pigmd fyuwear a " "" Hats,-small distinct ie things mzade
tailored frock- of Iplaid fabric. The ..:* becomling or n3etouug hby a tuit
idea that -bright colors enliven the of ribbon or a(ent in f lt - -l1O t)et
gray of a dull day is inclined to be'sectyu:'Ht orio]id
exaggerated. Too much contrast may both eyes, to hlide one ee, or not I a
be almost ridiculous and delicate*.( Ibide either ee,- hats ih leathers.
Iwith ribbons with metal 1 riumin"'
wneatheraensemble. cTh e e ve r-popdula t ry ih n ti m n t al! Iu h c o n
,,', -ii , ~,i1r~ ulshre fashions honors with mall

re l hats this spring, Thtere is a' tiny gold-colored buttons. Leather
~1 W jg tndecyto shape the hat to, bows are more popular than buckles.
Is' cnton of the hleadl. New fancy A tiny bow at the instep of a severely
1 yws re piIi~offered ; the hair! plain pump relieves the unbroken line
fb icso ls spring aro no more.' and adds to its chic.
Al tchgro-grinribbloni is usedI both', In late February and early March
k~' . i z, lig 01( to liake' upl entire' the winter wardrobe is a constant
]':a~"::is il l mtodal t hat flares up bo11re, and an occasional new costume
in h'olt is !vernil;; '1 ite prevailin- only(emphasizes the grim grayness
;d. loh1, . ene to becomning of those beside which it must hang.
ae't'esI~stl oer fr 5rl'ng. sport Soon everything that smacks of winter
a e an s itj toIhe carste mc1 of past can lbe discardled and if you wish, you
:eaaei,;. can forget there ever was a winter or
c 11 ( '' ia' aii wonien's shoes-- uncomfortable winter garments. With
"'Ie he ai' uoti tl1 to mewn only Icy a complete new wardrobe you can
1 'p'P ii: ' 1'"o(f it. 1") Vwomni; welcome the spring, Enter the lion,
heytiii(,re L nown lonly for their size.'' or maybe, the 'lamb!r
V '\v'I old-4t ? ;hiolnesill man and he
1 ne .lii ~le o i v what he (discussed..
S't) n n 111x or mar3"a co"Atiiic.
1~b ~j1''5d(esllit ea prnt simpllicity
,ndl universality of plt te"r, provide
:s umek of a va rietyv from 'which toI
e _ C)~a o any oft he ac cessories of '
6_ ' 1;"-los ILnva ries, fabric \'aries,
A ~ ~ o l ' P m'i a it s Vary, in faict
fLi .'> is 'iltinite varriation in foot-gear,
ait l isalt wolft1 it int. _ Marchd'finds
( N OAz'.1 pull] '.v cll.to thle fore a 1-
thogi1 se o iis01 lollititty for
t his type of sipiper have pa ased i1110
tst an Y. Slicsf1o, a fternoon and flowlong 41o)You Avant
oeening Wl', 1 whie ('as charmingly l ;~e(fV
theh a l ine. a pump orn' nt, show 10&)i ar o our
ai a1r'hed I endelncv in the (irect ion of1. wife7
U4 ity and I ;' of decoration, buts
I silentc11shoes (qu;ite the olpposite is! As lons as you lire,
s it'. Mny of' Ihe lit0w sport ox- j (r its lo!},"ais site lives?
0[ aa itmp r quite ornate in
e, i c' a ' t~a.?l oard desvigns, open'
,=d lc.P 0('. lie ('tr1'Cif"1y
11 ,,1in ii brogue semjs toI e passing
t 11 a' ftteit- onc tract iv a style de-!
QsI r O. ' hofarima I pump, if orn a- ---
ln e'ited at till, is : ,r1 in es~t if' the decor-
01 ian is on the Side, of the shoe. A"=
erry lovely gold slippe~r shows -a side
atE cuing tconsisting of a gold Covered8
't >=r ,l1 gh\vhiii a )oV-strap is la _
.<,v V']) 0110fast enedl at cit her end by.1w

1 ;


: -<

You Like to Receive


Arade Jiarber Shop
6 Nickels A rcade


day but a brilliant plaid is entirely
in keeping with the weather condi-
tions and bright and cheerful enough
to lift the deepest clouds of gloom.
WNear' plaids or plain colors as you
wish, but select your hose and slip-
pers5 to hiarmonize. Ox orrds of heavy
le4.Jr in sport design are smart and
practical. They can be trimmed with
buckles or small perforations and they
need not be dull or usual because
they are standard..
Of course a cloudy March morning
may mean anything or nothing in Ann
Arbor. The striking of ten o'clock
may be the signal for a veritable
cloudburst and eleven o'clock may
find all calm and fair again. You can-
not predict, you can only prepare.
Your storm coat may be of several
dlurable fabrics and yet satisfy every
emergency. Nothing is mnore uncom-
fortable than the conventional rub-
berized raincoat when the sun shines
b~rightly and warm breezes belie all
thoughts' of showers unless it is a
slight, dainty wrap in a pouring rain.
Shower-proof gabardine may be had in
durable blues, tans, or Olack anti it
makes a pleasing, tailored coat, pro-
tective in case the sun is deeceiving
you and means to steal behind dark
clouds within an hour, and smart and
attractive should those clouds retire
in favor of the sunshine 'Untrimmed
sport coats of smooth wool fabrics
have good lines and practical value.
Soft wooly materials are uncomfort-
able in warm weather and they absorb
moisture after the manner of a sponge.
Smooth lighter weaves fit the spring
mode ibetter'.
A small felt hat of almost any shade
to harmonize pleasingly with the rest
of the costume, gloves, perhaps a
scarf or muffler, and the bad-weather
costume is completed. Lion or lamb


'By Mie. ILisbthi. the making of this coat with a fine.
Oh the slim line mode and the flar- stripe of a dlarker tone. A huge collar1
ing flare! I have rung the changes on o ei n nhodr aihyue
these two silhouettes from time . n h farn cuffs anti godets make a
mm gorgeous thing of this wrap for formal
memorable, it seems to me, and the ' afternoon wear.
end is not yet. Boath continue as pop- The frock in the center in the ever'
ular' and fresh and gay as when the ! interesting black and white color,;
fashion (dictates first proclaimed them sceme is a simple thing of c'relpe-
to a waiting world. backed satin. It is an exemplification
There is just one thing you must of the simple, straightline one-piece.
remember if you would be an ii- Stitched panels give a tunic blousei
lustration -o the latest mode-and eff'ect. A simple black felt hat
that is, that with the single exception trinmned with "pilot's wings" of the{
of the period frock even yorlaesamne and a rhinestone buckle is worn
Thissouds our e t with this frock.
must be slim.'Tisonsomwa The untrammeled straightline frock
contradlictory, I knowr, but it merely is again shown on the right. TIhis
means that thme basis of your costumetrterfokifahndofvlu
must adhere to the slim line and the in. ee a mdlrwi t eoa
infullness introduced as a trimming iegie, aturenisarownof brss boall
note super imposed on the slender bteats edoisthe ront.f Withsitais
base. btosdw h rn.Wt ti
The oaton h lef ofthi ilworn a ('lever little hat of biege felt
The oaton he eft f tis h ,trmreid witht a bunch of posies.
lustration tells the story. It is long,
and slim, is it not? And yet the flai-'-
igsleeves and the godets introduced; Read the W !ant Adsj
inothe skirt give a decidedI flare.
Golden brown satin is employed in


lqm I , , , ,Jill I

k nn t
x J~r Tr0
9* ''
,Da AfyW S '-' 4

Ii it

Sunday Dinner

1 k
Evening Gowns at Alluring
Prices -
So many parties ahead-what fun to have a
- new frock to wear! There are many delight-
® ful styles to choose from and they are priced
remakaby lw. Simmry Satis, rivlou
Chiffons, in exquisite fairy-like shades, also
Beaded Gowns. All charmingly simple, but
_ very stunning.-
e =-


Cream of Celery

Smar' FasionsIn 7is
Spring ipa



Roast Young Chicken with
T Bone Steaks
Asparagus Tips on Toast
Creamed Potatoes
H'ome made Apple or
Huckleberry Pie
B~rick Ice Cream with Cake

Included in this Spring
display are street and
tailored dresses---
ensemble gowns -dinner
and evening gowns.

'These are the most itn-
portant Spring fashions,
new and strikingly' dif-
ferent they are impor-
tant to the discriminat-
ing woman's wardrobe.

Unquestionably the finzest collection lye haPe elver shown

U . Jb

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