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February 26, 1925 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-26

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1. l RPSDAY, F'IiARUrARY 26,'..1925



Russian Children Pay Homage To Lenin

lRlngte From ;400) To
$1,VO )A nnurally



Applications for fellowsh'ips and
scho larshlips for 1925-1926 in the
t. ~: { evhool must be. submitted I
notla orthla-.1 March 1, it has been an-
4 nre.I fi:~~ n rardrl g these
n a< to °:.? , , available to
a tJu asn'nI: 1 >,,, rhe secured at
r~,'o I A e ll hall. Application
l~8Tl~ ~~"local Fellowships may also
The fellow,-0ins open. in the Gradu-

Cosmopo i in N ~ilat t1tr
Progra is
Committees andl tlh(cat to take
part in InternationalU Night.,the anl-
nual prodIuction of the (',). ,,opolitan
(lub, which mill 1be pri'esent etlnextj
Thursday night in ll;auditorium,
have lbeen announced by CarletonWlsoftertrc (,-imn,
who is director of publicity.
1\Tinna Miller, '27. will liay the role
of thle Princess Ahtar Itozina ("Star
of the Roses"'), wooed and won by
the singing of the Direm Lover, who
turns out to be Thr~, ,Alexis, heir
to His Mvajesty of 1,'1,14:1. 'This part
wvill he taken by Sti 11. '. iozake-
vich, Rus~au blaritoile, Who furnisbod
the feature ntil~llei of the -hterna-
tional Night program last year.
It. Lyman Blright., '5, wl-o Itook a
part in the Union Opera, will port ray
the wiles of Kalim Azad:, the (band
Visier's soni and( royal favorie of' the
Sultan, who sear'ches th-e far corners
of the earth for entertainers to win
the favor of the Princess. Willard
Spanagel, '25E, also of "'Tickled to
Death," will take the part of the Poet.
Lionel G. Crocker, of the public
speaking department, is His Majesty,
the Sultan B~uland Bakh, father of the
Lucille Bellamy, '25, is directing the
orchestra, which will play an over-
ture, finale, and accomplany the Ara-
'Wban dance number by Marian Miller,
Derek "Van Osenbruggen, '25E, is
general chairman of International
Night and in charge of all arrange-
ments. The play is being coached by

'MORHIS WRITES BOOK '.encers Holding
DN'F regular Practzce
FOFIMIIr METRICAL LIN[; 'Tithiugan 5in fcria <l fencing team
"Th" ^Orchestration of the Ml eacl ueslay at uda a -noons
Line ' a hook: written by Prof. .. \ey (doubtful that any interl-collegieN
Mocrris of: the rhetoric deparitpnt,1 fencing wvill take pllce, hit, accord-
'and based chiefly oil eXperile~n ;al tfl ing to D r. Gorge MaLy, plans are tin-
of 10 0years ,has been publishedq by> l way Ior two callplu s l ournaients
:Richa rdlG, Badger, Boston. tok;hec held in tme ncar fofture. Thcese
The book is an analytical studty of ll be in the nature of a novice3
rmyt bniea itform in pro, in jufree tl u infollowed by anll1-camu-
'verse, and in more conventional poet- ! Jrats tou iiilent.
ry. In a ltrger w;iy, thbe book is an
atttemupt to further the p~resent; miove-Athen a i1emk~.rs
1ment to bring into harmnony wish the
mnodern 'sciences the subjective tho-- Dic ssEd ato
ies of rhetornic, literature;, and aesthme--
tics5. While it is a study in speech "The Function of a College Educa-
rounds, the book is primarily infer-I tion," was the' subjecct for discussion
ested in literary form rather than , at.Atbena meeting which was held
phonetics. It is concerned with lang- Tuesday night. Short talks were giv-
uage analysis, but the analysis is of en on the following subjects: "'A Col-
language sounds organized into larger l lege President's Point of View," by
untits for the expression of tliougbh Virginia (Cronin, '25; "iEducation'Old
ando emotion. I .nd Newi," by P~eryl Schafer, '25; and
The chief interest of the Moose lies ill "Our,(Colleges and , .Aerary .Disci-
dliscoverilug andl defining thel( quality plines,"' hy LEleanor Silk, '26.
of the line, which p~rosodists thus far
.never have dlone except by inuplica - cci~c'n ; if the buyer knows what
tion. An occasional touch of hituor makecs a, bushel, and the seller gives
livens the technicalities of the vol-I the 'coi'rect mieasure of apples for the
time. For exaniple, Professor Morris mroney, the only issue between thema is
says: "If we may trust the prosod- Ithe quality of the fruit."
ists, the relation of the poetic line Pr ofessor Morris will A~se the book,
to fihe syllables anti feet that till it iu)p!in on rt; as a. ,mpplemnentaryl text in
has been,: from Aristotle to Mr. Lid- his classes in phonetics.
(dell, about the relation of our bushelf
measure to the apples in the basket. GA RI Nights - S0 o $2i f.50
How the bushel. came to be the ac- 1f PoS ats. Wed .to $1 5
Oteo America's Foremost Actors
epted measure, is not the linmediate! LOWELL, SHERMAN
I - jin Willard Mack's,
IMrs. A. D. Moore, who, with Prof. A. I" H IG 1H S TAK E S"
"{D. Moore, of the electrical engineering! A "thrilling, Gripping Dlr~aa
depatmen, rerraged he innu The cast includes: Wilton Lackaye. Phoebe
depatmen, rerraned te innu- ~ster, Claudette Colbert, Fletntthg Wards and
script. Robert Vivian.

ta school iliv olve stipends ranging M
uom M0 to $1,200 annually, and are-
~I..rc than40 in number. They in-
college fund, the Prances E. Riggs
foundation, the Sarah Parishfelw
sand numerous other special fel-L
Th1,e Sarah Parish fellowship, estab- Nikolai Lenin has been set up as a super hero for the worship of Russian school children, and impressive
I }? :' by Joseph Parish-, of Detroit, in exercises are held frequently at his to0mb in Moscow in which great throngs of children participate. Students
memryof his wife, carries a sti- iare shown at, the tomb,. some of them marching into the mausoleum to pay homage to the "Ried Father,", while
}in of $1,000; and will be awarded? others stand at attention and at salu teomf the outside.
For proved success in -graduate study

and distinct prom ise of productive , %sh l r h p h sfel w h pi a al . '
able for foreign study. -+ , r
Fellowships offered to graduates for +1
study in other institutions include the SA TURDA Y
fellowships in international law, of-
fered by the Carnegie Endowment for=
International Peace; fellowships of; All additions and corrections which
the Robert Brookings Graduate school are to appear in the Student Directory
of Economics: and Government; those supplement being tabulated for print-
National Fellowships in Religion; the ing in The Daily must be in the hands
Thayer Fellowship in the Schools of; of the Directory editor by Saturday
Oriental Research; and a fellowship Afternoon.' Those whose names may
'in Semitics at the University of Wis- appear in the supplement are new
con sin. studIents j students whose names were
The Carnegie Endowment fellow- left* out of the fall Directory, and
ships are intended to provide an ade- those whose names appeared incor-


London, Out., Feb. 26.-A lit-
tle pop bottle cast into the
Detroit river at Windsor more
than two years ago with the
name and address of a high
school boy of that city, was
picked up Feb. 16 by a sailor
off the coast of Santa Barbara,
Cal., according to a letter re-
ceived from the finder.
It is .presumed1 that the bottle
was carried down the lakes,
over Niagara Falls, and down to
the mouth of the St. T. wrence.
'Then it doubtless followed the
coast line around South Amer'ica
and back up the coast. It is con-
ceivable, however, that either
manty miles across the ocean

quate number of competent teachers '
in this country to afford instruction in
international law and related subjects.I
Only men and women" expecting to
aid in such work are expected to ap-
ply. Teachers' fellowships, which'i
provide $1,000, require the previous
preparation of one year of teaching
in international lawe or related sub-j
jecets, or the equivalent in experience1
oa.Year's teaching. The sti~hents'
~elowsnp~ crryir - $750. are award-'
Icis dgres. ('hre re iveofthese
ebyphoto (is f Mtle applicants.
,will b,, i-eco: -e' until Mdarch 16.
'Twenty fellowships will be award-
ed for. 1925-26 by th'e Robert Brook-
ings Graduate School under the George
Eastman provision. These range from
$500 to $1,000, and will apply upon.
the school fee of $1.000 annually. They
are open to graduates of approved
schools. Applications must be sub-
mitted before March 1. Consulting j
fellows will also be named for the
period of one year during which, time
they will receive board and lodging,
stenographic assistance, the use off
the school's facilities, and a stipend
not to exceed $1,000. Applications for
these fellowships must be submitted
to the school at Washington, D. C.,
-not .later than -April 1.
The Thayer fellowship, granted by
the American Schools of Oriental Re-
search carries an annual fund of
$1,000, and is open to students hold-
ing the Bachelor or Arts degree. The
awards are decided by a competitive
written examination.
Industrial conditions in the United
States have been only fair during the
month of January, according to the
Bradstreet, issue of February 21,
whilch states that this is mainly due
to the. unusual reluctance of whole-
salers and jobbers to hurry their
spring buying. Reports for the month,
however, compare 'very favorably with
January of a year ago, and seem to
predict an even .more favorable con-
trast as- the. spring advances.
-January foreign trade, the report
continues, exceeded that of December
and of January, 1924. Large exports
of cotton and gold featured the move-
ment, the export of gold being the
largest for any month, excepting June
1919, since the war.-
Urbana, Ill., Feb. 25.-The first vio-
lation, of the university ruling confin-
ing initiations to fraternity grounds
was discovered today when a freshman ;
was put in jail as a result of a search
in which he was taking part.

Nearly 125 names have been 'receiv-
ed and are ready to be printed. They
will he held until the final names are
received Saturday. It is requested
that coupons below be typewritten or
printed, and filled out completely.
Clas.ts and department........
.An Arbor address ............I
a lI
ITelephone.................. I
IHcame town
If a correction please note the
t(mistake to be corrected.......
I A {
Mail this coupon to the Direc-
Itory Editor, The Michigan Daily
f Press building before February I

Medical Student
Will Go 2 Years
On Fasting Die
Two years on a tasting (iet! Tha
is the programi that Harold G. C
1-olek, 348 years of age, medical stu
dent in the university of Chicago, ha
undertaken for" himself. I-e will tak,
food only when hungr'y and will pa:
no attention to the ordinary thre,
zneal a (lay schedule, l3e Intends to
eat as litle as p~ossible and will meca
sure and weigh every bit taken.
During this fasting per'iod he wil
b~e given various mental tests, in
jeluding- inathelilatles, puizzles; and ac
curacy in typewriting.
jFor the past two years, Holck ha
carried scales with him in r order t,
det er;-ioie tape amount of food.- tha
hei ordinarily coasumnes. Mental test
given him during 'this time shower
his normal efficiency.
At the end of two, years the result
of the mental tests will he tabulates
Carefully anld expeirt; expect to wor]
out from thorn an ideal human ration
Postpone Senior
Dance At 'Unioi
JDiie to a c'onflict withi a dance be(
ing gi velut tomorrow night by neir
hers of the L awyers' club, the dinne
dance which was to have been give
by the Union for seniors tomorro'
night has been post poned. No (date hta
as yetlbeen set for' the dinner dance
which will 1)0 announced later in 'l'li


were traversed or that the sea-
going bottle took a short cut
Iby way of the Panama Canal. !
Europeans ExpectI
Rush Of Tourisis
In order to accomoda~te tihe expected
increase of student travel looked for
in Europe this summer, Pickford
Limited of London, one of time oldest
travel bureaus of England has in-
creased its staff 20 percent according
to an announcement issued by their
This bureau takes care of the stu-!
dent tourists who leave for Scotland,
England, Praice, Belgium and Hol-
land by way of the St. Lawrence
The first tour is scheduled to start
from Montreal on June 19 on tho
nchor-Donaldson steamer "Athenia"
and will return July 17 from Liver-
pool. Otiher sailing dates are June
27 amnd July 3.

I TVERY collej man wants his
s ' money's worth--that is why
A John Ward's, collej sales gro
kyear by year.
C Value? --Tremeridus! Style?-'-
Up-to-the-minute! Quality?-
the best of everything goes into
John Ward footwear.
O(fn Display By
M~r C. P. Lathrop at Cartier's
-' 306 S. St-te, Today, Tomor-
I row and Saturday

i 5


Wc have just receivcd a complete 5tock of
PORTIS hiats in the new light and' pleasing
shades that characte~rize the latest spring hats. An
up-to-the-minute hat is essential for that spring

it. a

Prices, $4.50 to $6.00


iMeIN SKoes
Stores in New York, Brooklyn, Newark
and Philadelphia 'OZ's Address for Mail
Orders, xi Hudson st, New York City





119 South Main

-. -

d l ' ' 1


- ~t-~ 11

n"c ..


It',s Unique
Mlarch 5, 6, 7

b(13 J ifl I IVIIL bUllIti I jLII adridt Feb. 25.-Soccer football is
being taken up and bids fair to sue-
Quad L house cluo, restricted to ceed bull fighting as a national sport.
students of the engineering college,E
recently received its charter as a Subscribe for The iigan Daily
,chapter of Triangle, national engineer-
ing fraternity. This organization : is __
in no way concted with Triangles, ,
engineers. Quad L club was install- C I
ed as part of the national organiza-
tion of Triangle Saturday, Feb. 21, af-
ter existing for a year as a house club
as required by University ruling.
The newly installed fraternity has ,2)iu ftdtjn
:;4 active members. The national or- j .
grnnization consists of 15 chapters and I"6 MUSCT PLUS'
was founded at Purdue university in
1906. There is now a chapter in
-very Big Ten university, MichiganI
completing the list.
E. E. Cress, president of the nation-
al council of Triangle, was present FOR THAT NEXT
for the installation Saturday. At the
same time Prof. Wilford Cook of the
engineering college and Prof. Hlarry j"IEBL
Bouchard of -the engineering college, PIE FL
at present In China on a three yearj
leave of absence, were made h'onor- ----
ary members. i o i

S td rtli g Starting '-
A Woman lDoesn 't Hwave To Bie intelligent To Get
A1Nca In Ldove With Her-Just Unsc'rupulous
r. _

-- I


Phone 751 .W

-- ~ ~ ~ G ~ r .~-1~*w~riIesf _ea . t g Qom.
-, 4,.c,.,1 4,

Chairmen of all ae:
college committees,
4 o'clock today in
the Union.

nior literary
will meet at ,
room 306 of .1



The E&ery-Player- Your- Partner System
Copyright 1923. Patent Applied for.
Charles S. Clark Company, New York

l f II> M

Permanently on Display at
Guy Woolfolk &Co.




' 1

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