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February 25, 1925 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-25

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1'1DNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, .1x925



. i


COMDAV New Era Foreseen In India ,INu1 0 EODEIC

Clm ing F~otstyishLes1 LIBRAR Y GET S pods which niow are published spr
AreNo !EARLY LOINDON It is amr"ost impossible to obtain:
R . o are, GAET IE an entire ,At of the paper, but the
GAZE TE FLESnew library tile, which was purchased
Hubbs Says ____ from Yale universiy and which dates
1 f JtS r J'th *I RM t . J 10. * fairl y complete


i;:nal vefens~e Conference Told ; gunsrnmsi',gu ( 1zty.e Alo Anioncedj
s 't'ha Raicals IUndermine By lDeaniKraut-;IV Wr itie f()
:1ririici Yfonth j ! -",'ie Subets~
"sWa shington, Feb. 24.-The (delegates I ifeen crse s in rhetoric and five fC
to the Women's Conference on Na- (--~.in journalism will be offared during S'
tional Defense, meeting here, after thvume esinti
sering President Calvin Coolidge, . yai
* j.-G}en Hanson E. Ely, command- t.iCltosea n reto-I rauwilsnlue.h
ant 0of the Armny War College, 11(1Clsss n heot'c il icldeth
regkzrfirt and second year rhetoric,
Maj.-Gen. Eli A. Ileilick;, inspector-adwilb
*general, pledged the aid of their or-narto adepsio,
ganization,narto having a membership of taught by Professors A.R Ioris, E.
1,000,000 women, 'to combat the efftecuss1
oftoewowudovernmentwforce. rhetoric will include: Studies in the c
Govenmen fore."structure of the modern novel," by Tj
Th~ovot folowd aspeeh b Gei.'? j Professor Everett; "Book review.,"
Tfemlick, who described the attempts 1'i b Professor lallory; "Modern En- e1
of "reds" to undermine the youth of gii rs, yPo.R .Cwe;t
sugestion tatArmiobceDa'h f"The lDram a," by Prof. T7 . REanlin c
A sugeston tat Amistce Dy be! !"Short story writing," by Prof. F.W l
observed throughout the country as j Peterson; "Studies in literary type
Ndational Master D~ay, marked by de- ln om, yPoesrPtro;i
m tadequtht:h atelyn i s e"The development of the theory of e,
pared dqutl to de~fend itself,wa" rhetoric," by Professor Rankin; "Des- t
-.Prned~b en . R n his E.- rElycription," and "DIction ad lUsage," byje
PeietCoolidge, inIrsadrss' Professor Cowden; "Theory and Prac-
tid that "as the nations mnake pro- ice of Versification," by Professor'
gress in creating effective tribunals Rankin; "Rhetorical Analysis," by -
for peaceful settlement. of interna- Professor 'Everett; and "Arumenta-
tional differences they *ill find them"- > tt to, yM.D .Jhsn
,;elves able lo01lessen their military Po.E .BrosadM.X.Ii
$es tablishments." h _______M_________vaurer will teach the live courses of-
Speaking to the delegates at the- -jfeed in journalism. Professor Bur-
? Tite House, the President mnade no Tow's courses are those in "Elements
direct reference to the pending move fir and 1Ill r s hl~t ismelendr'a Sni, w hose wiedding imay mark thle begin- o Junls, ad"esae d
f: -~ another arms conference, but did l ning of a new era in India itnwhlMrMaer iltofl
take occasion to saytht" country i le ni,-Te aeo"teE ditorial Witing," "Feature Writ-
so fowruateinumits loain[walth, ~hn f V i ota lDevi, (aughter Iraces speaking 170 lansguages, and 2,-' '11'' and "Advertisement Writing."
.. fotunat..cults ocaste aanur tribeatiadherese sstrongssiy
aw ,c n and should set an example (;f' ol. (anapathi Rai, I. M. S., oe : 400 castes andl tribes in Indian. Each',. Reita on frtes m rssin
of modeation inii 'ar ''m "'m laishhenanSdII the term will close Aug. 14. Regis-
should invite"others to pursue a sim- honoers, to Dr. IlrscedaSl to its religious beliefs and social t inhelwsolwllpn
ilrprgam"of Lahore, may mark the beginning tmnyorheaihtaaics.in 1,inthe sesihonlwill oeno
A of_____________________c a new era in caste ridden India. ) Jne.127.n ie eso il n i
__________________________ On t hisocain for the first time lIAu.27
occasion, ~Berlin, Feb. 24.--In January S. Par__________
ein history, I idus of all castes, creeds -I
and poitical beliefs mingled socially !er ilbert, agent-general for repara- A year ago Jamnes T. Lee of Newi
T he and ate together in defiance of all tions paymnents, announced he receiv- .York built the Shelton Bachelor Hotel
f.caste laws, which forbid such inter- ed 108,317,807.74 gold marks and paidI for $3,500,000. It had all the coveni-
C liningli nt% .out 103,575,348.83 in round num bers ence s of the hotel and city clubhousemuI Th b id an gr o n a e ot h gh ( e t B i a n g t 1 ,3 9 4 5 F a c , coi e v o a w r i n f m
C redo were solemnized, not by a Brahman, Slovene state, 2,076,762; Portugal,; not proved a success, however, and
Ibut by Leut. Col. Bawa Jiwan Singh,{ 724,894; Rumania, 340,714 andl Creece, a psychiatrist has diagnosed its fail-
m nedical dirctor of Hlyderabad, whol 684,122. ure to its lack of female.ociety. "The
is a(direct descendant of the Ten I ere presence of women is a stimula-j
Tlodamy's questilon: Do you thliinkl Guru; or disinles of the founder o l London, Feb. 24.-Arthur Hugh ion," the man of science said. 5o now
the American 1 college girlves spends too 'ihim Smith-Barry, first Baron Barrymore,i the Shelton is open to womcen and to
~Wueeased heLirryRoth principals hinite wedding ae is dead at 8". 1-is second wife, whoi families like any other apartment
V The answvers : Dorothy Morris, '251 prominent, andl the unusual ceremony ri ve hmwaliabthPot-w--oue
$ -"No (10not bliee te Aerianhas calnse&t much comment in both; dow of Arthur Post of New York and - -
--"NonatioenondbAngloe-Indian circles. Idaughter of (Gen. Wadsworth ofCen- Don't delay-P ay your Subscrptio
colege girl sp~ens to muonhtie~ in i<,eee N. Y. today.
-social aitivities. There are many Onyhoepsnswoaefmlr
different sides to college life, and I Ir- with the extent of the power castei
Bieethat this iis one o01 i othem. oeShe lie,(15 over iz 'he })eophC nteir daily
nietsl many (different srso eoe i, airaieteiptaeofIcMEC COFEE 4n collveliet Hlaf-Pound in
*and acquires poise and an ability to evnt
meet' all sorts of new situations It is said thiat there re footy-five' ws CesHl-on ks
Friendships formed in college are one
Pimiento or Swiss Chees e, hall-Pound Pkgs
of te mst ort whle hings co-I opinion seems to be that she does
loge has to offer." flues endl too much timie on social activi-j Sandwich T ti td or l }}D ud Haml
Meirodline Case, '27,-"1 think the ties, andl I think this is true. But, 1 6 ILt 1t
average American college girl has a women's (coleges must be excludled inI
serious purpose in going to colhege, this question to make it possible for'j Sr ~pSrdTtvRls ii ~ P~1
and spends only as much time on s- the answer to be iii the negative in II.IU~
cial activities as she requires to com- taking the average American collesy
il1ete her academic education." gil o lg&r cr
Thelma Iloose, '25,-"No, the Ame - Esher Anderson, '25,-"1, think per-
life with her work to get thve best from girl (d0es spend too much tinie on so- 56 E. Wl11aID Open Eveninlgs
each. She enjoys each to the fullest cal activities, but this does not neces-! iliLaImY
extent, and because she does, has been sarily mean that she neglects hier
well known among people of otheir schoolwork. I think too much social1
countries. Wigtactivity tends to develop a pretty *I * M * * * * 3M M * * * * 3 * * 3 NUaU®UUn
Genevieve E.Wih, '25,"hlere at strong and persistent trait of selfish-
Michigan the general consensus of ness andl self-centeredness." I
IN A I MO -1N- V

NOR Tme oayRedeeming
* I, inn,
Marvelous, vivid story of Paris, of life
01m H OE aamong the Apaches, the thieves of the
® shadowy underworld.
aS lnll.a.... .. . . 35C, 10C
W ER E~AM* Kft Night . ie, 35c, 10c
"49 McDougal St."
11 ti -Soo - )

IVhen1 asked to continent, on the
linibing fish found by the University
f Iowa expedition in the Fiji Islands,
L. Rlubbs, (ciirator of fish of the'
oolog~ical rauseuni stated that these
urious nimls are by no means
,ae, being quite abundant along the
.oast of' Africa and the shores of the
As far a s is hnown n~ow, there are
'wo kinds of fish that are addicted to
climbing haboit, the climbing perch,
bundant in Africa, and '3outhern AsiaI
ind another forni called Periophthal-
Plotli of these fish spend a great deal
f time out of water, sometimes being
marooned for several hours by the re-
eding tides in rocks and in the sand.
the climbing lierchli hs accessory
reathing organs to aid it in living
uitt of water. While the fish are in
Ee loud they are exceedingly hard to
atui as they ;,Bill around at a rapid
According to NMr. I-ubjbs, the climb-
tig fish. are not. to be considered as
volving from an aquat.ic to terres-
tia I form of an-imim1 but are in a class
entirely separate from the so called
land1 fishes.
A spjecimen of' Periophthalmus has

Files of the London Gazette, offic-
ial court publication of England, have
been acquired recently by the Uni-
versity library to fill out the valu-
able source material on English his-
tory which the library already poss-
esses. The London Gazette is of es-
pecial importance in the study of En-
glish history because it was the only
official government paper in earlier
days and contains documents and re-
been recently acquired by the zoo-
logical muiseumn through a former'stu-
dent of C. 0. Carlson of the zoology

The only other set in Ann Arbor is
one owned by the William L. Cle-
ment's library dating from 1765 to
1785. The library's collection of
source documents in English history
is considered the finest in the wester'i
part of the country- and this la,
acquisition will P, materially ft
IDes Moines, Ia., Feb. 24.-The &~p-
pointment of James P. Barton, of
F ort Dodge,/Ia., as national adjutant of
the American Legion, was announced
here last night by National Comman-
der James A. Drain.



tip " '
\ J
f lJ



(Tweo and three button)~
CUjTwith that conserv
demand, anid tailored in ap-
propriate, rich patterns
that stamp them as dis-
$3250 to $42 50
841 BROADwAY, NEW Yo.uc
Nest oWa ingCatmpuzs ootery
. SI- . stae Street
March 12 and 13
Our style tmemno. book sent free on request


o. Z. CO. Th cksher Building, New York City
Warren & Wetmore, Architects
Architecture-Today and Tomorrow
STI-IE great buildings of today, designed in masses which rear rug-
Iged, mounting profiles into the sky, foretell even greater and
more massive structures for the next half century. Always a close co-
ordina. ion of architecture and engineering, of design and construc-
tin, ih,:: rchitecture of the future will find architect and engineer
working ever more closely together.
Certainly modern invention-modern engineering skill arid organi-
zation, will prove more than equal to the demands of the architecture
of the future.


Offices in all Principal Cities of the World







I 3tatuhee, 2 :0-i3:30
Evening, 7:40-8:30

The Splendid Pictu rization of
JK. McDonald's original story


0d .T


n t. aLlri


And All Star -Cast

-In Addtion-
"The Sea Squawk"



from the Noveli
"DRd. N Y E" by J., C. Lincoln '

Featuring DORIS K NYON and All Stir Cast

By the creator of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS
and adopted from
WALLACE IRWINS story in the Pictorial Review
That Sensationalized America


Nothing but.- /
Stars in/

(F' /!

'the iden
p 60! Bed'


W, 10,.Mk WAT 7-71AV. ,N

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