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February 22, 1925 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-22

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Toorow'N ighit In Yos
Thie Wolveiniie matmen will grapplle
with the strong Illinois wrestling!
teami in Yost fie1(d house tong orrowI


T'remtaine Gets Half A Chance SEET hCE TAiOPhi Sigma Delta a -
At Grown In Bout With M1artin FRELWn rtriy ~
('a il rli'tenaine, Clevelandl bant a i- I -k15 v!111Sii tDla O L Y B L


j weiht, 1IS onc( 1moreC about to Cendeav-
or to catch the championship wilI-o-
I the-wisp x th;il his b)utterfly net.

11 "ofl(A 11t IlAt7A .Hi1*S 111 i"VSf {iU1Ig
Only Otte Weight Nall
to -Be Sent

Gophder Sextel i i To 4"a ttt
j Series

Six years ago Tremnaine started his
hunt for the bantam crown. Jimmy
Dunn, once manager of Johnny Kil-
bane and the man who made him
chiu~rpion, had trained1 Carl for months



night without the services of Captain ! for hiis debult. Cleveland promoters
Karbel in the bantamweight (division.1 matcehed him with Pcee Merman, thenI
Mic higau's slat squad has shownj bantam champion. The fight was to
weakness in the lighteir weights in the ;lbe stUrrC(I at D~unn field. A short timec
prei'iouls meets, and wil suffer consid- l before the (late of the fight Tiremaine
erably without barbel, who was the' was forced to undergo in operation
only vet ertan to ret urn for competition for appendicitis. Goodby champion-
this season. The Wolverine 12:5 ship hakes.
pcwuntlci has been handicapped thisI When Joe Lynch won the title from
season with injuries receivedl early in 'Pete Herman his manager, Eddie Mead(,
the fall, and has not been able to get crossed Tremaine off his calling, list.
into top form for any of the meets. Wouldn't even let him in at his tea
The loss of Karbel forces Coach Bark- dansants, let alone sendl him an en-
er to substitute Simpson in the ban- graved card.f
taimweight class. Rickardl offered Lynch a. neat suml
victories over Purdue and Chicago, de- to meet Tremnaine in the ring if he
Coach P1rehn's men hold (decisive didn't want to consider Carl his so-
f(ating Chicago 27-2 last week. The Icial euqal1. Lynch snubbed Carl again.
Volverinies failed to win a bout in the Pete .Hlerman won b~ack the bantam
meet with the Suckers last season, but crown then. lieI was 01(1 and going
shouldl gathler a few points tomorrowI blind. He cared little about meeting
night. Baker, the undefeated feath- Car'l.I
'erweight, will meet Shaw, the Illino ;, Then Johnny Buff won the title from
115 poundce. Berman and refused to meet Tremaine.I
T'eopfer will meet Luthringer in the Lynchr lickedl Buff and regained thej
lightweight bout. Luthringer threwtie and again ducked Tremaine.

Coa di Farrell gave oit last night Upon the outcome of 1 ii is t!
the navies of the men that are to makeI Minnesota hockey series w hichm will 1w
the trip to Urbana for the iillinois jplayed t omorrow and Tues~lav a isght
relay carnival on Feb). 28. Men were atWi1r' oiem wl nn
chosen on their ability as shown inI a large extent the question of the ('on-!
practice (during the past few weeks l erence chlinpiolislil)
and also on the thie trials held re- Unless the ice is ;-e7 ed 1), via 1,m
t'ently. weather, the WVolverines will hook: nit
N-o high jumpers will lbe sent asI with the Gophers in their first Bifg
t(lere are no men who can (10 over six Ten clashes of the season.. t'ie vise -
feet and that is the average that a I ors have won two tames from wVis-i
moa must mainta in in order to win a consin to date, and are conseque, ntly
place. There will be but one mian in in the lead for the tiale. MVichigan,
the pole vault and the shot put. ( t4innesota, and( Wiscon-in are the only
G lrooker, who is capable of going over three Conference schocis which aare
12 feet 6 inches consistently in the 'reptresented ill hockey (ir ales, so the,
pole0 vault, and Mlun'z, a sophomore, chamnpionship is (decided bet weenr the.
who can put the shot around 43 feet Inasmuch as Wisconi has follen
consistently-. twice b~efore the Minnesot a sextc(4, vic-
(A one mile relay team will be sent tories over time Gophers would p~ut thle
this year. One was not sent last sea- Wolverines well on the way to the.
son due to the fact that there was not title. Both Minnesota and W\isc;onsin
enough material available. However !will b~e encounteredl by l3arss' team on
this year Steve has a quartet of quar- the annual northern trip which will
ter milers that are capable of averag- take, place starting next weekend.
ing around 53 seconds, probably doing 1 The Michiganl coach bas not yet an-
better it pressed. Feinsinger, Merrn- ondhilnepfrtegmsTh
stei, Mlle an Oiheier illmak teamt was unable to practice Friday
up this team, night, when the rink was .flooded, and
On the two mile relay there arc h wr wa
R'nnnke and Fr eyberg, two veterans oflatngthewr eth adls
last year's championshmip team, both hadI a bad effect on the ice. hlowevr,
of whom are doing undler two mninutes.l the lineup will probably remain the
in practice. Cochran and Hart will sm si h te egmso
be the ot her two men on the team. the season with the except in of the
Ihart. has shown considerable i111, wings, whlete Mael~uff and Sibilsky or-
l provemnent during the past week and Lindstrom will have the coll.
is now running in excellent formn.
C'ochran is doing around twoiminutes.' part in, the broad ;jump, which is hiis
If all the men show the formi at Ur- favorite event and or which lie is 111e
bang that they have been showing Olympic champion.
here in practice there is little doubt Mittman will probably be the only
fas to whether they will win or not. man in the sprints as Steve thiniks
Five milers will be taken on the that the hurdles andl broad jump1 areI
trip, four of them running in the four enought for Hubbard to take care or.1.
m nile reay and the fifth in the 150L' Northrup, a sophomore, will also
meter event. llornber'ger, 1-icks, Cal- make the trip. lie will part icipate in
lahan. Jung andl Briggs are the men the broad j up and has done over 21.
who are going, andl as yet it is a. toss feet in this event.
up whether Jung or Briggs will run
inl the 1500 meter race. New Haven. Connecticut, Feb. 21. -

iinna foial1d(111,hootling contest, ;jest
t .:nleted. T i iiiy-feu lr houises start-
( (1 the contecst but, were elinminated
down to( sixteen inl the fi rst round of
1ity a.'hai ('igma D ellta loo th** qual-
I i yci's WithIi"89)Ibaskets out of a pos-
( ilbeo50.
j ' lie s\nOd lrouildolr!play endcedl
wi ?!th x'11 (igch lhlt.a igand Sia of
a ~osihle1(10 tAis cro lit. In orderi
to (t iej t.leIho \v.i iimm amextra roundii
o~ iifi , s hots Was,- t-ive'n totHie hou1ses
ti ~t for flar 1';; )ce. Pi Siga [elta
;pet ill:14 thr"ows for a t :ti1 (f 109J
(;ii f of a. poosilble 17 0 while Sigmia Al-
! iliglMu haid (to beconitenlt with a total
(r ,;'10 7.
P hi Labda (3gm ws third w'ithl'1
(?~ rants ; while the other houses, fin-
ishecd in thle following order: 'hi Sig-
' 8 : njm, 02 ; Delta Alpha Epsiion anal

I v iieyi, a netw sport anmong Leh
Iut ra-mnural activities will be inaulgwr-
ated this week. Nearly fifty' fratern-
ities have enteredi andl these teamsl
have been divided into leagues simil-
ar to basket- ball. To win, the fra-
ternity will have to win two out of
three fifIteen-poin t games.
Tiiesday evening, Feb. 24, at 8:15
at Waterman gymsnasium, the follow-
ing fraternities wvill play: Beta Pii
1 elt- a vs. Acacia ; Delta Chi vs.Phi Clif;
at. 3: 00, Sigmna Alpha Mu vs. Nu Sigma
No.; Phi Kappa .Alpha vs. Phi )kappa;
at 3:45, Delta Sigma Pi vs. Alpha Rho
Clii; Sigibla Phi vs. Theta Chi.
IFreshmnan group basketball gamnes
will ho, played on Wednesday evening
jinstead of Tuesday as previously an-
nouncedI. The following teams are
scheduledi for that night, Feb. 25., at
8:30 o'clock: Group 1 vs. Group 5,

Grnn n 7 vr.

Tao.I Jeta Pi wih 60poiit scoin
iMetes the list of the five high scorers. I I
________________Group 6.
Coliibis, Ohio, Feb. 21.--For. every' The medals
girl on the carnpl~s of Ohio State uin- all-campus w
iversity there are two and -one-third at the Intrami
men. (Continu

Group 4, Group 2 vs.
sfor the winners in the
wrestling tournament are
aural office. The winners

ed on Page Eighty

Friedlberg, of Chicago in the Illinois Abe Goldstein, who followed Lynch
meet last week. The Michigan iighmt- and held the title less than a year,,..."...
weight grappled in the 125 pound htook on easier foes until he made a
class in the Purdue meet substituting ;mistake and agreed to mieet Eddie CARD : U X
fomr Earbel, who was unable to make Martin. The latter hammered him all
thle trip). !over the ring and won the title.
Kailes, who has shown considerable Martin has given Tremaine at least
iinprovenment t hroughout Elhe season, half a chance. Hie is going to swap, has (lrawn the ha-ha for many of the
will probably (draw the assignment in punchies with the Clevelander 'rues- older promoters who havec been monk-
the 145 pound class. Kailes is a ii, - I'(lay, March 24, at Cleveland's public eying around with seco0nd(1raters.
tural 135 poundler, andI has been forced hall.
to give weight adlvantages in most of B ut -Martin is playing safe. Pis
his bouts. Last week against Iowa title will repose securely on the mnant-,
Kailesgave hs oppnent aclose at-el at home regardless of the outcome IINTC
tle in the welterweight bout in spite of the bout for tihe reason that the I
of the fact that he only weighed 135 men will not make the bantamweight I Thswmigta wllet
hound.. Mathis will probably be sent limit. brIiaiat1 o'clock tmroMn al
in to fa-ce Kailes. lut a victory for Tremaine will o'lctmrowMndy
The 145 pound division has given force. Martin to give him a title bout.! I\A'l"F MIANAN,
Coach Barker time most trouble this An.id this is what Tremaine has sought Coach.
season, while last year this weight for six years.____-
was the strong position of the 'Vol-,. Walter rTaylor, a newcomer in the I

--htDo You Know
!I --hatJohn Hancock, as Presi- We suggest that every college
PE dent of Congress, signed the student utilize the first opportu. '
commission of George Wash- nity for a trip to the National
?/'Y' ington a.s Commander-in-Chief Capital and make a point of t
of the American armies in the looking at the -Declaration of ,~
J Revolutionary War? The origi- Independence, Washington's ~
nal commission is at Washing- commission, and other impot. ji-'
3 ton, D. C., in the Library of Cant documents bearing on '
~A Congress, Division of, Manu- American history,
scripts, where you may see it ate9v
IIany time and note the famous We believe avisit toWashington / -
(Isignature.- makes betterAmericansofusalL.
The John Hancock is particularly interested in
s ~insuring college men and women and obtainin t
ra Over Sixty Years in
Business. Now Insuring r
Over Two Billion Do - Ltr NURN o~P11
tars o 3-o. - ivsOF 8SSON, MGSACHUSLII8
" - "$ z q - ,Z'^ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __-_7 '" " ^ ,~ n"%.r- "


verine teagm. Inieligibility claimed promoters' ranks in
Cranage and Shafer, two of the most Iucngtile show.
promising candidlates on the squad.I his feat in landing
Cranagy won his match easily in heisI
initial appearance against Ohio State,
and would have been a point getter inE
most of the meets.
Coach Pmreln will probably select
Gesto meet Sinclair in the 15 8 pound'.
bout. Sinclair won his opening match
in the meet with the 'Michigan Aggie;
wrestler s, hbut has lost his last three
matches. In the workouts held this
week, thme Michigan 158 pounder hasE
showved considerable improvement amid
is slated to give Geiss a hard battle.
P rest on, who1( made his first apIpear-
anice onlthme Michigan teamu last week
,)-jain1st Iowa, will wrestle against
f3chul11z. fThe ImIitchbdetwVeenm Preston
mnd Schultz -should prove to be one
<<f the best on the car'd for tomorrow
Goldstein, time star heavyweight:(If
the Maize and Blue team, will grapple
vith Brown in the feature match of
the eveninig. Coldstein has won three
out (If four matches this season andj
should garner a few p~oints for the
Michigan team against the Illini.
Football candidates for the 19)2;
squad will enter upon their much de-
layed winter tri ning programn tomor-
row afternoon in the field house.
More than 150 prospects for the
squadl have signedl up for the winter
schedule, all of them having been in-
vitedi to do so by the coaches. in
charge. Coach Tlad Wieman will have
supervision of the men while assist-
ant coach Jack Blott will act as his
assistant. All of the practice sessions n
will be confinedl to :krill in fundament-
als as a plreliminary to the more ad-
vancedi work: which, will -be given in e
the Spring traimning periodl,
The majority of the men who will
report for the winter training will C
be those who have never served on tihe
Varsity squadl thmough a regular seas--
on andl who will have their first op-
portunity to work tinder the Varsity
coaches. Most of them will be sopho-j
mores who have been selected because1
of their work on the freshman squad
last fall and who are expected to make
material for the regular squad next
fall. Members of thle Reserve squads~
are also being asked to attend the ses-
sions andl a nuimber of men who haveI
won their lettemrs will take advantage/

Cleveland,, is con-I Music prinitedl on dar'k green paper,
And incidentally J with the notes and staff in white, is
the bantam king" being used to reduce eye strain.

Fiv e hurdlers will be taken along.
iSnidler, Voelker and WCalk in the 651
v ardl high hurdles and1 Hubbard and
1 Hulse in the lows. Besides running
in the lows, Hlubbardl will also take

Commenting -editorially on the hockey
team, the Yale Daily Newvs app~eals for
recognition for the players equal to
that given other participants in major







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to buy y superb winter-



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