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January 25, 1925 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1-25-1925

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. SUNDAY, JANUARY 25, 1.9::




Further - Su gesinsFrh
Increase f_ Campus Intellect
The Concluding Installment of Mr. Robert Cooley Ange11's
Report on college tIntellectual Conditions

ercollegiate athletic contests should
~e faculty men, might well be fol- Il n e ' t Hlan ' n ve s t e
loe.Yale, Harvard, and Princeton A G a c AtH l ndsU ie iis
haeagreed to leave their teamns corn-
'.)letely under the direction of the cap-' preparatory Education in Dutch High Schools Corresponds To The American
ains during their annual games. chol
Other suggestions worth considering; College, Preparation for ProfessionalScol
are the abolition of all freshu-an var-
"sity teams and the building up of ifnlyto eeaottew s
ntramual copetiton tothe pint IBy A., 4. Il ariiouwi boy and girl leave the high school atfnaytokwrabuthwrs
where candidates for varsity positions The,, universities of Holland are oldi1 eighteen sufficiently prepared to spec.heltBuhe ilthndifrnl
are picked from the b,,,-t players on institutions if compared with their ialize at the outset in one of the five. when he is finally i~tle r etm
the class, fraternity and club teams. iictacetsscsi mrc.Btuniversitiy faculties, be it law, theol- her7te, od 1; o f l ~~
The latter, would mean. that intercol- among the venerable universites ofl~ohmeiieo ~
a-__._ i Eiror~e which trace tiheir history back ogy, pioohmeiie rscience.ives

>. hlegrate schedules cool) be cut down 'aa c
Much also may be (done to makee tlnht,,eplni'??t tnnency oil ther.t Lt~aL1 large un~veriies in which inter- Waand cass contests substituted for the to some mediaeval founder they are Wa the American undergraduate By
+,6 thm JuniorCobutgmoderenfupstartsclupolewhich theurlearns in her four years at college is mona~
th Jnir oleg or efetie.ci 1pj ti,''a~ie t lt ow oecollegite athlehtics have been estab- early season games. It oes, wothout~btmdr ptrsuo hc h
rt3 Special .ntiat(Yry orese have. al-.>C, ':Ofbis aftr a notli' IS not red~u. ihe oralogti, wud eacig.ain"ha..cnerne aleio'e-moSS of 01(dage is yet to grow. They condensed) in the curriculum of the ncti;
rerady .been diiscussed., The trend of sum ii. 1£ thare,+; little o no u1Qli j.wisely in completely overturning te ter existing conditions would go on lave no recollection of the Middle ls w er a h c yinna - ek
1i the times toward a more uified cr- tally tatniimclaivt eonitetto a couirse sse toego.Aun neet eoda poigayelreetAgs. They came into existence when imai and high school. all th
...iartlum as at Reed College, 'Yaeaidl h'. t U" i~ilt. liy CXlIled. It onlly ;and suppo 'r9woldcertainly "fall off; Io lns eindto accumoate more miasticisn_, in the northern Nether- Having succesfully passed the final to
°",:RAmehrst. s on the'whole good sinzce lends V i U)irV2J.' i ie~lllfltul *stu- the ju t towould e19e wih pecatos.. inainy i sesgo orand:;, had become a thing of the past, Iexamnation at one or tie other of easd
I it, gives 'students' a broad cultural Amt's:gratpyia lnti rn tndta utfo nvriy opytls and owe their oigin not to private' these schools the student holds in his ' ut
frundafton upon which they mnay , anit'r of li he xr-ciriicular a~tvi-!athletic h)ouses, etc., which would who are engaged to tain the mrid.' dvotion of a pious founder but to the' certificate the ky to the gate o h re
hil eimpse"; peialtzalhngalogcollective initiative of a young democ- university. An etrl new life is mde
~upr~rpos spcia tiaiiing'almigties a<anr learve to e 'banned! and "yield n10 return; suet the student body Present enormous salaries are due t.o;enirl
"'a"ome' particular line. One o f theytee t co ayohr: ob ol oeaget elo t w"tecmeito ewe col nd )iaY htgvste hi pcla wiighm tratv o t re it6
'greatest" hindrances to intellectual Iesened. This is not, however, a mat- feeling, its consciousness of oneness. velping cham ionshipi teams. As a character, so different from Oxford doe from the dull ro'tne of scool, tee
i' dscusson outside the cassroom k' hter for faculty legislation since the'A better plan appears to be to under- seat of learning and culture Milh- and Cambridge. The college with Its'but more so for its remoteness from not s
'~te lck f acomon odyof now1 sudets oul begretlyantagonizedl take a gradual lessening of emphasis 1 an has no interest in winning ath'(- qudangle ^.nd its cloister, its chapel parental control. He will be his own close
lege The chances are that a stu- by any hig-eidie measures. The on athletis. A reasonable objective etic titles. and its dining-hal,.and with a name master, unless he becomes his own tiorn
den's friends are not taking more eilocuresfrthatoiisfr such a movement is a situation ITieeae hn aywy fa. that nerpetuates the memory of the slave. The hardest test of his char- fancy
-than one course that he is, so that to p equest the Student Council to de- simkilar to that so well described by epin tlas ogud h iple donor, is here unknown. acter is at hand. band,
;~ foo for nligheningconvesatio a method, such as the point sys-I the Director of Physical Education at of self-assertion into scholarly chzan- Thle.Cliitrlr fteDth TeUnvriyi oln osntn
S at least of an academic nature-isteofpeetn an onstdnjMihg :"Ierleite tltc.i
is ttepteI foii ofpreentng ny ne tudnt ichgan "Iterollgiae ahleicsnels. Experience alone can tell their Repul lie would not admit such monk- distinguish between winter andi spring d
quickly consumed., It it i tepe'fo devoting too much of his time toI should be to physcal education or uni- value. Gradually a more or les e'-.sh reics into their modern schools of terms, the academic year from about outri
jlameliorate this condition, the these matters, versal phiysical exercise and training nite technique will arise for satimulat_ - cllnmg They were to be schools ex- the twentieth of September until about 'i. th
authorities must guard against in- Inktertiollegiate athletics offer i1hewI what the prize essay is to ,Ithe classes ing intellectul interest which social c sivel, nct hostels for a monastic the tenth of July being reckoned as azn
,tcreasing the size of the lecture sec- ms eiospole.o ll htin rhetoric and-comosition; what the egineswl ppywt nelietiotie.ipod. It waes learing alone, at one term interrupted only by a 'ap
!lions; which would be the natural tis ieyrcgie eea er- intercollegiate debate is to thpu classes forsiht Bt one point must neverfr;± theological learning especially, month's vacation at Christmas and an fo mu
tendency. The avnaeo securingI sentative quotations will show: "Thle in public speaking." be overlooke,the value of support. which constituted the brotherhood of Easter vacation of three weeks. The Tie c
-a common stock ot knowledge would IAsoiation (o' American Collees)1 Those seeking to better conditions by the student press. More lperhaps students, not te community of roof Freshman whose parents do not live aout
inelloeta offseivibya (cras loeires to put onl record its isap ro-I find ~he present coaching system par- can be done by editors ympahtcand board. Hence the care of his in the university town or not within mon
val of the ,evident )tendleny to over- ,ticularly objectionable. The Purdue with the whole proect than by any hysical welfare is the student' r-ct'ulgdstnefo tms aeTheir
II- n ordr 1'that- the oiiginl wark emshatsize the ;spoetacul r feattres of ! Committee on Improvement of Schol- other individuals. They can bring the vae concern. He must find himself secured rooms there in the early sum-
whc 'Snir'olg sol i- intrcollegiate athletic sports . si tanet.rcety said: "The bet schlars into, prominence! thy a lodging, be 'must ater for himself. inr. Unnecessary to advertise for vt
nand cani be bett er carried on, the ' The intense mrivalries and the excs-i plain unmistakable truth of the mat-i can subtly lead students to a ppm'ciate The university will supply him with addresses. Householers who mae ) t >
t ,uirement of a good reading knov,--Isiv ead f iepbi"hv adIr is tha t thre is no osil hp^tefacnain' fth ntlecullife; l-nvelge which he seeks and, I- an industry of letting mros to stu-DM
ledge of a modern foreign language up on the college a strain 1.o which of coping with the evils of profession- (and1 they can give less publicity to. lc~rt', wa;vtch over his moals. dents lput a Latin notice up over their 1~eks
hefm'epasingintethrdeearwokereesouht int tobetubectd,"ofx alsm ndhf teduhelthoovr-tndoo leseuinerstcnthttrse1'fnrtent dooftheReInliotremifrot dorInfrmigote ppospctieedar
such as is now in force at Harvardl1<, 1 Jdom fCicg e- rowth of college athletics unless we mnr ~lk were rumannyo the unvrste as F'resl 'nen that they have Cubicula Lo-. w'tc
. ise' d e '. j d o o C ic g o ti r enr v " " " mi n o r____ _______ ______l___e am releti ces . Y t, c 6 in t e U n o . c a n d a . i:e sp e n d s a p le a sa n t dla y , fu ll T
Since interest will be maintained by t itUtion oOP higher learning as " an This cause. your comnittee tOIeWOSer ,, I(R1('o: ~'or rovimCial pride did not allow fi vlep~rene, in libigpety
IO self-expression in intellectual matters ;anusemeit park?" And James Bryce, 1is lprncipally to 1)e found ini the prey- I Rolland to remin in iisole Ipossession .ark, winding stircases, inspecting 0usd1h u rcl m as wl50'ok e m rc b te eh p it s sem o ii g ah ei o c e a e a]f rh~h rl ari g h e u ui u n s m l u ra s rt r
within it, students can bhe eno- than any American wrote: "This is ItI nillii placing the priincipal euipblai- Due t)ain unrfomtunate error i11: of these old provincial institutions viewing landladies of' various looks r54
it aged to write scholarly articles and strange inver sion of what might e cis uponi the winning of games andj handling the vast amount of itatist- ore taken over. 1815, by the new, and tempers, from the forbiddingI Spami
even to publish their own literary. and expected ini a hi 'h civilzation, and college championships. And x-Pres-' cal dlata necessary in preparing last Kndmo the Nehelads tos o vimrago to the ingratiating gossip, nahl
jscientific journals as Latin-American ! a strange perversion of the truet ident Meikejohn expresses his opi-, Sunday's account of the gifts of aln- Leyden, the oldet of them all, of! praising to each the rooms just visited zes
' (ueto h xsigpuhc prto miemst ie ti o nion of coaches in these terms: "These ni iand friends to the University since U:eh ado1roign Ase-before hers in aigthe wever disappo ind tedbr'
ions might easily expand on the in encuraging symuptom. It reminds one ' outsiders, demanding for ten weeks' its foundation Miss Octavia W. Bates, dlamn possessed within her walls an hp fbaigdw h ~nfn-52r
' ellectual side, with more attention to inordina:te passion fomr the sports ofl y'oo'k salaries twice those paid to our 77, 96L, was not given the credit due Antimenacuni Illustre, which in 176, n tsoedfiut omk phsAe
!s special articles on particular phkases I the amphitheater, and, especially,form' best professors for a year-theose out- her as one of Michigan's most proms-i wa raised to the rank of a university. mmid after each fresh inspection, and tiesc
a of knowledge. Furthermore the fiing-! cbariot racing, which grew more andI silers make the rules of the game, 'sent. alumnae. j hit it. still differs. Zrm its three returnin'g home in the evening with an hof f
ling of undergraduates with graduate mnoie intense with the decadence of l ominate the play, and substitute for l Mss Bates, a leader in woman's suf- equals befoe-mentoned in that it r&}I anxious misgiving that the rooms he'
"students and faculty mkembers in a art and literature and national spirit I our games annual contests between f(rage up until her death in 1911, was, mains a muniepal institution, where-cI
' purely informal manner' though very in the Romian Empire. What does I themselves" The same authority]I one of the pioneer, among the women a; the othes e State unvrsite:' r "
tdifficult to bring about, s worth every, civilization mean, except that we! favors the abolition of the Board of students in the Law school, in fact Itednca ~eule-'
effort expended on it. An institution realize nmome and more the superiorityI Control as well, saying: "It has done shte was president of the law class I h,,nduc t i or nvr
smlrto the Elizabethan Club at I of the" mind over thve body?" Fromk In the way of enlarging the scope of in her senior year. She is tie donor tie is comprtively simal. The
siiarIIlarget of themr cannot comnpete inm
Yale where graduates and undemgrad. ianother point of view, "the real value athletic management what no under- or the Bates General Lirary fund, u'er wthanAercaocllgeo
aes interested inlterature and art of an athletic contest may be repre- graduate board would ever hkaveprvsn for which was made in her
tPerhaps sonic such ting might 1)0isth nunmber of players and whose do. It has built Stadiums, Coiscmaeeugte, ster isms, ---amd methods are entirely dfferent.
dAVlOped in connection with the denomimnator is the nurnber- of atch- I Bowls; it. has brought the gate re-; a oeuvln fte Ru
ti Union. Doubtless t~e higher types of ers present or absent As tie latter celpts of a team foir a season into thke 'I A hmlcn cohs nohequilt of
extra-curricular activities sukch' s increases, the game degenerates ito a'udei of thousands of dollars. In theereamWcalnt.Thecuriclu
deaigciWlosot h pr noapcaladl~idesR a h Xant Adb e f~ur universities provides exclu- ~O N
spectamusil'an a word, it has over managed our co-,svyfowhtntiscuryIcal- CITY O AN
'b)e made the bass for further contact'teseaceio a gamblinag device.'f ege gan e, slvnte h oe'I"cdps-rdaewr.TeDth
.-letweenn mture ani inmmati' minds. In short, nearly all thoughkfl obsem'v I amd the public place from which every 'ell____po____t-g____aduat________work._______The____DutToch'pra
The increase of itellectual interest Iers agree that college sport as the other type of exaggeration Inevitaly r
pamong college muen aiwomnenshold comp~etitor' of profesinlbbl oessoabaellcn." ' 'lllllil[111!lll11131111[I~liillll81'Tll[111!"TIlll'll
as far as possible be accomnpishdb and pugilistic contests mst go. Since a single institution such as PEJ 'IOO O
positive ,means; that is, the, studenkt Complete :aolition of. intemcolegi.- Michigan cannot well act alone in a oI. PLPEZ OO
shoaid' be led gradually to -a fuller' andi I ate 'athletics .isuggests itself as the matter of this sort, a. conference of ICmc ln7t
iner appreciation of things of the q 'um(kest solution1 to the prole. executives, members of governing'
mind, without being forbidden to in-- Suphmrlrs of this vie-w cite the Case boamds andi faculty representatives of I 1j SA =y
trshislinohrmtes o-tfReColgwhic was founded n all the universities in the Western YJ S v e -P C
A NO 11 -A.K D.
evr, theieundemgrad uate, cani not iol- 1910. hirntiuin ia ot. had ony Conference might well be called to '' 4
". .. - Sarting from Genale Drive,.ca
to T General- Sheridan: 'advice:- ietcolegmt' te msi except 'during agree uponl a joint plan of action.I= ff~ e~ eiuo tett anSrei
'nd .then le silent; Sit a_ W;andnd cl laims <oto 1ave suffered Pe r'matsuthe xaml e of Oregon,. -ct outh ai n Pacardtru
Ithink-unless sonic of the dist d m o ii effecs lecause of it. Ideeth. whose faculty iim 1915 abolished all idodha to Licoln Avenu
tins of the college miliie am'e lesson- the facut ty were so pleased with this! scouting of rival teams and pr-season . ~fo 1~(b. ~Oamgr~vne e nCag
Did 7 Uranger Avenuto e t .raeew
"waxy. I they votedummnmnou~ly to continue two hours and a half daily, antd pro- - arStic'oHuron Stt
Th'rsnei oleeo hs h it. IHowever, it semps ver'y unlikely vided that at mrepresentatives at in- ar!1^ 'c 'p.ice n~ redJcsn vne oGedaeDh
have no true inter'est in imtel lectual are ~IiAI I-
m att rs auhno tdesire to have the ir r!I Ijse llingIIIIIIIII h2 5 '-p teIIIIilcfcI im p o r tedIl sI~lII : ~~ & ~ m~ O
interest aroused is a great mnra(ce t = Chnina t a ets?
the tone of thke imstitution. 'Theyr )p1oi' S ( Xr -. iarting from Hlier vel'Xt~nuoand
'lute the academic :atmosphierito such's Slflln m et Isn t So ar Off I - Avemnue to South Midn Street, n
Sa~ extent that the college would b12 'I Values Rnvn as High as $2'5.00 ~ ~ Miller Avenue, west on Miller A
far better off without them. Thoei{ °lsjstarsstewa! Nw Ion :spring Street to Hisco.ck Str
elimination, however, is a problem to' =
daunt the most fearless, since nug for, I zthe time to pan a'litale jaunt wih the I d, 01)o Miller Avenue to Main Qre
of tst as et eendevsedwhic I i'~ j-1' '-' J ~ Ihoover Avenue, east on }hoovermi
will discover individuals of this sort. urau oflrvcr pse u
have to be content with tightenimg en-MnsTort uopI=otpitr
tracereuir.etsanAemloincICXjuean )isorcspots-7 I days, and _ :Starting from the intersection of
psychological tests such as those pre- Iatoi$00 nIQun1's. nrthwest on Wasitenaw
" paewyI 'm.I Tus m o i Avenue, west on South Universty
p a e b D r I . T u s o of ( k: IiM a n S e eca g o fo r th e A m e ric a n C o u mnc il ni lt -H' ' Mo nr S t ate t ,i' oe t ht o W illia ms ntre
{Education as aids in dsodrnRhe'JOBERTD. GREGG C-tatIn Streetnotoin Stree
mentally sluggish. A sincere adleinp~ Student epresentative 112Es.ahntnS.-CteieSre oDtotSr
undertaken by tie Michigan Alumnus aot nd B owa toadoornotw'
topeetaun edn tltcl: 425 South Division St. Phone 1551 _W Deliver suho Pnta Rad oSw
-o t peen aunisedig-t We llrStreet to Broadway, sou etor
"' capable but intellectually apathetic w -to Catherine Street, wtest on Ca
mken to college woulti also hell) to pui- ;tI_________________________________________________________IIIIII_________________ south on toMain Streett toth Williams
,fy the academic atmosphere c"oStt tee ot o tt
itie intellectually lazy.Ite students i,~ southeast on Washtena Avenue

rely, how'' over, he' wvill ho','
igy to -;; ' i} i' O i vsltm lree
sof his student life. For he ad
e fellows of his class are on pio-
i, and, being greenhorns Just re-
1 from mother's apron strings,
'go through the process of ont-
in g or "d'egr'eening." They are
to live under a depressing 'con-
tii of their total insignificance to
atire scheme of life. They may
port an artistic shock of hair, a
cralped pate being the regula-
coiffure, hats, high collars, and
scarfs are considered contra-
their uniiportanice not desr-
>etter than a cap, a low collar
zsldnnpy black bow. Thus ac-
ed they descend upon the town
ie first day of the groentijd, the
g trn: e. There is no way to es-
fromn the trial. F!or their uni-
mai-kts them the lawful p)rey of
den classes, who can order the
command their services, sum-
thm, and dismiss them at will.
own wll counts for nothing.
thoe seniors-for tie time be
their betters wish them to do is
.o theman, andl they carry a cor-
:un of that law in thir breast
=t 1mm. tI form of a three week'
for the masters a; .l tyrant -s t)
their ordlers and e'e rv) ent in,
'e L.eyden freshman gt'- on
of respite in those three week;
rflom. That is on the third of
;e,, the day on which, in theo year
the city was relieved from Its
imh beseigers. That evommi is an-
y Comm emorated , 1 both citi-
a ,d students, andi the'green-
bein g deemed unworthy of
nig in the fesivities, eave Ley'
it a herd to find among the gal--
of Am'sterdiamn AsCwelcome a re--
riorn their oppressors as Leyden
(Continued on Page Fifteen,
3t on J cks Avenue, aieea o m
th on Main etaeet to. ra i rd
,Dn to Qh dadit d cflst o1
e; iorilion l Iincohmi A a'ei to
er A-.enmue a I 'acn-rt-.f. i'd St
street to Main St're't, o' rth
st on Huron Stree't, west on
Gr(een Street, west on Utoover
onth on. South Main Street .to
.venue to Spring Street, north
eet. West ton' TiQ ,'.11 r C + 4-:1)
Street to Miller .Avenue deAt
Avenue to Green Street.
f Washtenaw anti Austin Ae-
Avenue, to South Uniersity
Avenue to State Street, north
:et, West on. Williams Street to
et to Catherine Street, east on
et, northeast on Detroit Street.
est on Moore to Pontiac Road
ft Street, southeast on Swift
iBroadway and Detroit Streets
itherine Street to Main Street
Street~ east on Williams Street
Street to South University
Avenue to Washtenaw Avenue, ~
to Austin Avenue.§

cello have t) work. i'mrethan t 1Iire -
hours a day t sulhiroit themsevcaN .4- IE TY-10
,iSeldoimthave time enough tot)d(Ithirc' O.4-L. E T
tutdics just ice. They tihus lower the! m Starting a 'ternately from Sonle
0 Sp ecstndirylwivr y -rI hti Iri esandfrom eenth and Madison
intentions may be.Probably it woild IS~toresoth.bem t Sret et on
,Lie better f1'01such men to be advised I -I Street, orthInga FouSrth trt I
to tay at y untiltey hadt aredStreeteat oIngallsh r~ Street o th
'eknough to scape tisbu rden. THE t ftreet to Ann Street, east on An?
F',Togethier with' severe emtrnccxe im- ', rturning same route alternlatingj
unlnhn a-must be IA IID lriW ' i steaks cooked to delicious p°i'- T Lierty to Seventh and Madlsy
pWvaed oi the perfunctory student II1L~*~Jz.A~ etol efaueti evc let tet
t during his dehiege- Coui'"se. 'If lie can±!,,etol Wefaue hSsrie .
the discoveretd his rmnoval should le Oly in the arstocracy)O good r and on1ce tried you will l e ad pN . M. C. DEPO'[
"rut omatic. Tie exclusion from the I( o
ofsuet;woIclthes w5ill you find such su . re ;ester. IMSarting from tie ihigan Can
n - exa .rinati~nof studentstrett Sawhoretsotho
I ave shown no int rest in a Subject i L)cri JWformlL Viting near- ti treat.on0Monre Street otonstU
would prevent, bright mmn from grass-; nvo o riyCes e o teevorLre
hig oouae:by last iJnlutflcamig clir ini our custom tailored or - nvesity Avenue to .Hill Stret
sherq imntr ay hnor .Street, south on Church Street t
lii-mqieeto smn mui . rcc'K2-o-mar models.I Prospect Street to Wells Street,
1oints as 'hours for entrance to ie " ' vne I(Burns Park).
Senior College a d then dro ig 01't1
students who fail to ireach this stand- I B E -AE
" r at r f e . n ,e w u d e -Hchide a few Imldesra lhes frommi thle AcroSS fro m i 1. B l pa t =Stai ting front Geddes Avenue
inc--nt .,Geddes Avenue to Washtenaw

'Boulevard and West Liberty.
:treets n orth on S eventh -e W s L b rt Street F u .
.o lunom Street, east onlHuron
on ingalls,. Street to Cathe-rie
to Clark. Street, south on Cl;rkg
in Street to Observatory v ret.
the. srrvle from Seventh Ind
ion "in' Sonic Doi'1{ ant d ,
tra-l Depot, southeast on Carey-
tate Street to Monroe St!-, '
niversity Avenue, south on L.t
teast on Hill Street to C:::. , n
Lo Prospect Street, southear:-.
east on Wells Street to LUnc1(,
anti Osw ego Street, we:-r gn
Avenue, noithiwest on V.- -

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