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January 24, 1925 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1-24-1925

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IS'T-RDA-,-'J- I I 2I, I .,


Publication in the Bulletin is constructive notice to all members of
the University. Copy received by the Assistant to this P-esident until
8:30 P. M. (11:30 a. m. SatxtrdaY.
Volu1me 6 SA TURDAY, JANUARY 24, 1925 ) N mber 91


Rtegstrtion---Cale of Lterature, Science, and the Arts:~
Registration will take place during the second week of examinations
from 9-12 and 26, teruary 2 to February 6, inclusive, also on Saturday
morning February ?,,from 9-12. No one, who has registered the first
semester will be allowed to and in elections on Monday, February 9. That
day io for new 8tlidetat only. Elach student must present his own election.
Registration Roomis
All Freshmen-$lckn 1025 James 13. Angell Hall.
All Soph~nnorefr-Roomn 1035 James B. Angell Hall.
Juniors and Senors-Registrar's Office, University Hall.
L11 in A. Hughes, Assstant Registm~r.
Seniors In Colcga of 9ngineering and Arlitecture:
Seniorsi in the Colleges of Engineering and Architecture who expect to
graduate at the end of this semester should call at the °Secretary's Office,
Rloomi 263 West'LEgigneerig uilding, to check over requirements for grad-
uation and arratnge to pay the diploma fee of ten dollars ($10) by February
14th. Louis A. Hopkins, Secretary.
Selwol of Education:
Registration will take place in the office of the School of Education,
from 9 to 12 and 2 to f, Wednesday, February 4 to Friday, February 6,
inclusive, also on Satrday morning, February 7 from 9 to 12. No one who
has register'ed the t~it semeter ill be allowed to hand in elections on
Mlonday, February'9.'that dap' is for new students only. Each student
must present his own eetion cardt to the Recorder. Before making elec-
tlons students should consult the Supplementary Announcement printed by
the School of Rdlieation Efs well as the one printed by the College of Liter.-
ture, Science and the Arts.
Edneatioft Courses
All students electlig courses lit Education where more than one section
is given should obtain special cass cards. 'These may be obtained in Room
106, Tappan Hall, from 9 to 12'and 2 to 5, Wednesday, February 4 to Friday.
February 6 inclusive, 4160 on.Sturday morning, February 7 from 9 to 12.
F00rury Senors
All Diploma and ! Btt~er's Certificate fees must have been paid and
the receipts returitd to the Recorder, School of Education, by February 14.
Office hourrs 10:30-2:00 A. Mv., 2:30-3:30 P. M.
rulc~ers' Certficates
Blanks for this pyrtet of the Teacher's Certificate fee may now be.
secur~ed at the office of tpe Senool of Eucation. All students who expect
to be recommende fgr the Teacher's Certificate at the end of the present
semester mst pay' their fees, and return: their receipts to the Recorder
School of Educattl, by tFebr ua y 14.
Ofice'hpurs 10"0-12:00 A. v.230:0 P. M.
GretcheniKug, lRecorder.
1)oal'* AdvI ry ('#mmhl~et,9 oiege of Literature, Science and tte Arts:
A meetin* poft6,01Pq.aMs 4plry-,Colnmuittee is requested for Monday,
January 26th, at 4 . '. .in the Dean's office.
Jon R. Effuger.
QPu~ttiits ttOf i~'.p IQ 4iAng } 1ul4t:
A teatattve ~tff Anelhall has been prepared and posted on
the bulletin bptr t 4f1 re r o tbe lobby. Any corrections should be re-
ported by thosp i tprWf t ~t t Dean's, Secretary. This should be done as
soon as lpos'tbo le t; t p c !irate permanent directory may be installed,
with the nam~es iln lrOr type.
Names of le ~ ti P b's111~Il be placed upon office doors. Definite in-.
strutions regirdn "this matter should be sent by each department con.
corned directly to r~oesor heprds office.
Annoineenment of Courses In Plummer Session:
The abridged announcement of the Summer School may be obtained in
the registration offices of the various schools and colleges and at the de-
livery desk in the University Library. F. . limis.
.Final Examination in 'Rhetoie 1:
All sections of Rhetoric 1 will b)8 ekamined January 29th from 2-5 in
the, afternoon. The, schedule of rooms follows:
Mr. Abbott,, Mr. Ad xi, Mr. Bower: Law Buiding Room ..
)4r. BouiWsma: Angeli'Hall Rooms 2003 and 2203.
t. Cograd, M\r, '0sbhtrn.: Physics Buildng West Lecture Room.
Nr.;Donnelly,-Mr. Fietcee: Alumni Memorial Hal West Gallery.
Mir. Hall: Angel Pall zRoim 1025..
Mr.' Powers; Angel "Rall Room 231.
Mr. Schenk: Angell Hall Room 35.
114 t. Smith: Angell Hal Room 25.
Mr. Solve: Angel Hal Room 1035.
N. Van der Lugt:' Angell Hall Room .
Alf. Wells: Angell Hall Room 222.
E. A. {fater.
Examirtnation in Sociology 20:"
Examination In Mr. Johnson's course in Social Case Work will be given
ont iIondlay, February 2, from 2 to 5 oclock, Room 102 Economics.
A. E. Wood.
MthematiA: Cotleg of Literture, Sene and the Arts:
Pinal examin~.tons in Mathematics for the first semester will be held
Tuesday, January 27, 2 to 5 P. M. as follows:
Mathematics 1 (except -Mr. Field's 1 o'clock section), Room F, Law
Mathematics 2 and 4, Root 1025 dames B. Angell ITall.
Mathematics 8, West Physics Lecture Room.

1\athematics 7 and Mir. Feuld's Section of 1, Natural Science Aiiditorum.
XMatheniatics 51, ,West Gallery,.Alumni Memorial Hall.
Students in courses L ,2, 3 or 4 who are also taking Mathematics 51
will report for the final examination in Mathematics 51 at 7 P. M. Tuesdlay,
January 27, in Room .3003 James D. Angell Hall.
JosephI, . 1arkley.
1'resiiman Foresters:
All first-year forestry students ar required to elect Forestry 2. It is
hilt nccesvary to apply 'for extra hours in order to add this course to your
c lections for the second semester. L. J. Yong.
.1su riiliSm 101:
Thle final examination for all sections will be held Monday afternoon,
February 2, from 2.to 5 o'clock, in floom 2225. Literary Building. Student3
who have conflicting. elaminations can arrange a make-up by being present
at the beinining of this period. IE.(G. Burrows.
M 1emibers of the class wishing to meet for discussion Saturday afternoon
may cpime to Room 1025 Angell Hall, at 2 P. M.
L. A. Straulss.
Tihe pichturo for tiro Michiganensian will b~e taken today at 2:30 in
Rcenisebler's studio. Full dress.
Carl B. Selhoozanittker, 11:1ualger.

E. Huron St., at 11 :00) A. '.N. Sunday, Jlanuary 25th, 1925, to have a class
photograph taken.
This call includes all those to be commissionedl in the 0. IR. C. in
Februay, .une, end of Summer school and at Advanced Camps, 1925.
M~ut. T. Carpenter.
( EZartl eek :
AU,(:t at 12: 00 ill. at Dey's Studio for 'Ensiam picture, today.
11. 1. Fisho-r, Pur'~cr.
Fr ,tteritles and Sororities:
All Fraternities and Sororities that intend to have space in the 'Ehsiun
must have their group pictur es taken before the end of this month. Ap-
pointments with photograp'er s should be made immediately. Chapter
secr'etaries shouldl send in the chapter roll on the provided blanks as soon as
possible. t'harles S. ii igley, Fraternity Editor.
Psychology of Education, 10 ('loek Seelion :
The special final examination will, accordhing to the vote taken in class,
be given on Thursday evening, lwgining at 7 o'clock in Room 400, 11. High
School. Howard 'McChi sky.
Students hIEconomics:JPulich'Utflilties:
A three hour course in Public Utilities---Economics 134, Al, W, F, at 11,
:Room 202, Ec.--will he offered (during the second semester. It is open tji
juniors, seniors, andi gradluate st udents who have completed the course in
Railroads (Economies 133) or its equiv alcnt. Economics 234, Public Control
of Industry II, will be oiil te:_. I. IL. Sliarfiruan.
M iChigal ll'eg-C.V( hemiistry Teachers' A ssociat yn :
Meetings today will 'w hold in Room 303 of the Chemnistry Building.
M~orning session pat 11:00; 1 unchcon at thle U n ion at, 12 :30; a fternoon ses-
sion at 2:00. I. Itodges.
StudEltnts i celogy:.
Mrl. Frank Tannenbaum, <!utbor of "Wail Shadows" and stu(Ient of
Criminology, will adldress a gronjp of interested students Saturday evening
at 7:30 o'clock in Lane Hall (Mi problems relating to prisons. The public
is invited. Ai. E. W'ood.

-- ______-C:3tJ-young Peoples, meetingl at!
I T H A TfS GOI N G ON '7i:-111 churc.h1. ]aIos! p
Notices to appear in this column miust It ntiver'sity service in Sill ,audit-
«ci . n che box at the Da~ly office
J rr d for thlat purpose before4 orilili on "A mericaan1d( Africa."
o clock preceedinv the day of issue. I U-NOTICES'
Treasurers of organizations- Ever-

10 ".30-1# IAlulinae counicil meets in the ,
11I:00)- 1 icligai Clenisti'y 'Ieachuers'
assfcciation meet in room 303 of the
C hemiistriy bu idi ng:
111:60---13. O. 'l'. C. seniors meet for,
picture at Rentschler s.
1,,00- tMembers of 3Masqunes take
'Ensia n picture at Speddings'.
12:00---Quarterdeck mhee4ts for 'Ensian
pitre at Key's. Ie cu
meets for 'l'nsian picture at Rent-
1:3 '- ongregational Outing club
me:ets- at church.
I :30-Cosmopoltan club takes 'Enshutl
picture at Speddings'.
12:(0)-4:00-Exhibit ion of block prints
and D~e Fries etchings in Alumni
Memorial hall.
.:10 : At)WOicill C heinistr-yTeachers'
association mets in room 303 of the
Chemistry building.
2 ~:30 ~ Tlsity Glee club meets for 'Ell-.
sian ]picture at ten-tstchler's.
:30-- Mr. Tomiteb awn ,spests oil
"Problems Relating to Prisons," In I
Lane hall.
1 7 :30-Wrestling, Michigan vs. Ohio!
State in Yost field house.
8 :00--3r. Springer speaks onl "Recent I
Tendencies in C. P. A. Legislation"
in room 207, Tappan hall.
I l2:0N--istssion lasesat Presby.1
:3:01)- lPresbyteriani Hoover Sunday
:,:30--Social hour at Presbyterian
6 :00-:Iliss Crocker lectures on "My I
Mi editerranean Cruise" at Harris

organization appearing in the, 1925


I ilii'T(]ia ?L: ., C1'tits spacoe and have. its picture taken~
before Feb. 1, 1925. Thcre N"il e
no extension of time.
Ifanus6.cripts for the February Issue of
The Inlander will be read until Feb.
10. Manuscripts of every descrip-
tion are acceptable.





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t ?'J E

T HE VNluP1tfifTL1L

Ituron Si ree, BetwueenuStale ad
1) ivIs ion
Mlm1ilst&'r of University Studients
10:30---Worship and sermon. Mr.
Sayles will Ipreach. Topic:
"Tine Indirect Amut."
12:00 ---Sunday school. Classes for
all. Students will ineet at



at inn Arbor Churches


the Guild blouse for
clan.s studly hour.


4,:30) -_ Friendship Ilour. Guild

U :20--Devotional meeting.
Norma Edwards, leader.
is : "The Attitude of a


New (laurch-('orill111&Tappant
KEN NETH It . BOWEN, Minister
9 :30- -!ible S(,Jlool.
10:380--Morning worship. Topic,
s12 :00- -"tuments, Class. Prof.
6:00--Young People's Social 1Hour
andl Lunch.
6:30--Christian Endeavor.
No evening service. Co-operating
with Y. M. C. A. service ini lill
Mid-week serv'ice Wed~nesdlay night,
A welcome to all.

Fifth Ave. z1n41 William St.
h14!v. L. F. GI't.NI)EIItMAN, Paistor
9:30 A. A1.-l-ible school.

409 South D~ivision St.
10:30 A. M.-Regular miorning :per-
vice; topic., "Truth."
11:45 A. M.---Sunday School follow-
ing the mnorning service.
Testimonial meeting 'Wednesday
evening, 7:30.
The Reading room 608 First Na-
tional Banki building, is open daily
fromn 12 to 5 o'clock, except Sun-

Corner S. Stlite and EI.Wasington
1REV. AiLtTIuul W. STAiLK E11,
R, .~ . 1 .SCOTT'I' E S'hE IAN
Associate 1Minister
le.Doad'[iemaEllen WV. Moore
Directors of SI tident Activities
10:'30 --Pastor's 'lfetI
12:00-1 2:45 .-IFive StuILdent Bible
Classes m11ect at Wesley "-Hall,
6:00-7: 00-Wesleyan Guild. Miss
Mary Ross, secretary Y. W.
C. A., will lead on the sub-
ject: 'What College Students
11xpect of lReligion.9
7:00-7:30--Open House. Refresh-,
ment, at Wesley hall.
7:30--J;oining in the University
Service atH[lii Aditorium.
Mr. DuBois, speaker.

10 : 0A.

AMI.--Thle service. Sermon:
Ca;ptat in's ith."

St ud4ent Towards Religion:"

5:30 P. 11.--Student Supper and
Fellowship H-our.

Note.--The Annual Banquet of the
studlents comes on Friday even-
ing, February 13. Dr. Allyn K.
Foster of New York will be the
sp~ecial speaker.

(C, 0P. M.-Student F orun-il.


IIEiIBERT A. Jt.IMP. lflilisieu'.
I:. KNOX IT CHELL, Ummi:ver ity Pastor.
LI'CE' H BER, Sec(reta ry for Womten Stu dents.
1 0: :5-Ser-vice of V.orship. Dr. E. W. Bishop, piastor of t he P'lymouth
Congregational ChurchlIaiis>in g. Mich., will breach.
2: 30-R1ally of these interested inl North Side Union Church.
,:.0 -Con lreewatona i st udenit": sleet at ("111rch1to ;a over inl body to
I arr is iltd fa Iy el ~, -,erandI joint meeting with rhiiscopla
s, .ui 5.:I:- All u'toCrocker will speak onii em Medit em-
ianr1 'gip.
x3: 00-Alotion Pict o Ie ahice. J1olhnBa rryvmore in "1SiTERiLO('h

ject, "The 'Yagaliond Trail
Tithrotigli Europe." Leader,
Thomas Koykka, '27.
(Missouri Synod)
Third ald West Huron Streets
9 :30-Sermon, German.
10: 30--Student Bible Class.
11:30-Sermon, English. Subject:
"Tlhe Cost of Being a. Chris.
5:30 to 7:30--Social hoar, supper
and1 discussion. Subject: "Bol-
slievismi," led by the p~astor.
Washington St., and FifthtAvye.
E. C. STE 1111011 , Pastor
9 :0') A. M.-Bible st udy hour.
10:30 A. M.--lorning service with
ger nnnthe sict. "God's



days and leg-al holidays


Huron at hDivision
REV. MERLE It. ANDISON, 1). 1). 31inister.
LEWVIS C. ItIEMANN '1(i, Scey 3Men Studentts
MRS. NELLIE It. CADWVELL, Se'y Womien Student-s.
9: ,0---Intermediate Sunday School.
10:41 4--Morning- service. Dr. Anderson will lbreach on 'I'he Signls of
the rTimes."
I 2 :00- Student Discussion C'lasses led by Miss Grace Williams, '27-?1,
iI. Y. eCluskcy and H-oiner I1. 0-rafton.
8:00--lloover Sunday School at H-oover factory.
5 :30-Social hour and refreshments.
- 6: .0---Young People's Meeting. Roland Skcell, '27, leads the i-oeetin~g
on 1111Whnt Shtould Be, Our Attitude in Case the U'. S. En.Itered
Wa r?"



Slate and Iltron Streets,
SIDiNEY S. It INS, Minluist er.
10:80 - rgan l)I'Chtde-
(a ) Madrigale ...................... Siionetti

IH. L. LONSihALE, Assistant,
RA(C'I EL 11A VILAN ), Secretary for St udolt Wtirh.


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