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January 22, 1925 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1-22-1925

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Upper ('Thssiunen To al In Ele tions
At {: g itran ' i iee;lSoyplio-
iio'~In Anigeli Hall mm
Registration for the sec.ond semne-
ster for students in the literary col-
lege will take place from Feb. 2 toi
Feb. 6 from 9 until 12 o'clock andl
from 2 to 5 o'clock and on Feb. 7 from
9 until 12 o'clock. New students may
also register on Monday, Feb. 9, but
nio students who were registered dur-
ing the first semester will be allowed
to hand in elections on that day.
Each student must hand in his own
election. Juniors and seniors will
turn in their elections at the
Registrar's office in University ball,
all freshmen at room 1025 Angell hail,
and all sophomores at room 1035 An-i
gell hall.
Graduate students will make their{
second semester._ elections in the of-{
fice of the Graduate school, room 1014
Angell hall, on Feb. 4, 5, 6, or 7.
New students or students 1 r~nsfcr-
ring from other schools or colleges
will register on the same dlates. Aj
student transferring to the Graduate
semester must have the secretary of
school at the beginning of the secondI
his school or college prepare and send
.to the officec of the Graduate school
an official copy of his undergrad-
uate record.
Srnlinmores Juniors and seniors
are limited to a maxium of 16 hours.
1,: ehLia fnours are desired, students
muust apply to the committee on extra
hours for permission to elect them.
Special blanks nay be secured at the
Registrar's office for that purpose.
he card upon which elections are
made does not give permission to el-
ect extra hours even if approved *by
the advisor. Petitions must be handed
in at the same time as elections, and


Succeed As
New Dry Leader


Fosdick May
Discuss Se~ct



(Continued CotoeTs 0O PEBAIE FED. 1
Continued From Page One)
4 oti iiu P o& s~ei~'xp~etd T ~ To repeated (demands on the part. (otne rmPg n
f :' f ciss if l'' llr t ti t i Maiing; of the Judicial- commission that he ac- Route No. 4-Liberty-Hospitals,
Of Peirne cept the doctrinal standards of the starting alternately from Soule boule-
Chuch as contained in the Confession' vaid and West Liberty, and from}
{. : ILL SHLOW PICTURES I of Faith, Dr. Fosdick has been quoted SvnhadMdsn ot n5v
as sying "An subcripion' enth to West Liberty, east on WestI
~rof. Marston Taylor Bogert of Col- under such circumstances would beibet oFutnrho orht
umbus university will lecture on "Sc- b l oes nHrnt nalnr
. generally and, I think, truly inlter- th onlIii-al to Catherine east on
SI ence, and Art in the Perfume Indus- p~ela oa urne.Ia n ahrn oCak ot n(akt
~~ ~~~ try" at ~~~~~~~ o'clock ~~lak.tonight in the dcem-Ireywligtany telg eAi ato n oOsraoy e
I cal ainphlitewtec. PofssrBogert Ys j ioi c:[#meniel nwlin;turningsae oute alternating the
oneofth ladngoranc heis.)to give occasion for the questioning of 01 'Ia selice ;In Al eventhl and Liberty toj
;: z ; :>th . country. be YIng airman oft Ill y ethics." Seventh aLnd Madison and Soule boule-
chenmistry division of the National Re- The conflict, as p~ointedl out by lead- W.1111 alld] iberty streetl
search council. ji lug secular authorities, is only one Rotate .vo. 5--1. C. Depot-Burns
Any business which succeeds inIcol- skirmish in a larger action inivolvinig
lec ti p the' suml of $1.00,61i0,000 per; theological regularity. In expressing'j
~* f~~ ~ 1~)f resdentVhisviDwk of the situation, Dr. Ihenry I S4ITE AL illST
of he nitd Sate isnotmuc anin-Yke has declared tat No O 95J1O x. T
of he nitd Sate isnotmuc anin-specificlpoint o, theology has been FI5.110'GET
.i'niticent industry, yet that amount --
!isspet anualyVfo:pe ume0an raised between Dr. rFosdick and the FaentisoIrgnain
i r s Isspent anually fr perfums and Ichulrch. TIhe requirement imposed r~erlte o ognain
I ~ a~ ~ ~having house parties and booths
R 'fi, ::^: f ~cestics, overnL ent S151 istcs shw, :I>g,(as not the resurrection oriananci'ent
Pr Iofessor B~ogert contend:. { faith but ajusrpto othIsa over the J-H-op week-end must
The early history of the perfume.s, ! conventional formula." hv hi ito ussa h
___ __ __ ___ __ __ __ ___ __r :: K... . h i h t e a w m a e l r ," i k t h o g o t h n ir eD a ily o ffi c e b y T h u r s d a y , J a n .
Wosials of 0t(-,perfume industry are lpro- ppOit >o h (eadsfri 9 n rertv ettemit
Arthuroeolcecoi duced andl the great factories neces- denoina itionunty hedand s o'!thme J-Hon extra of The Michigan
ArthinatrnWooditsndtheological Daily.j
missioner cf New York City, is being sayfrteproe ilb ecie regularity,-"the integrity of the :n..! Such lists should be typewrit-
Inand illustrated. The lecture also plans di ul neene" Aai, wt ten and in alphlabetical order
considered by President Coolidge as iiul cnsen. Agnwt p
a osibe uceso t Ry -lynsto take his audience on a picture trip reference to his refusal to accept. pro- ;and Should containi booth nlum-j{
aipsnaionleuperohbtocommiyssion around the world to show them sow(e posals of the General As sembly, Dr. R h er. Address the lists to the J-
Sof these natural products in their !F'osdick continues: I1HpEtaEio fTeMci
!L ho Nme lands. "There are nmany creedal state- 11 gan! Daily.I
The lantern slides illustrating thei ments, such as the Augsburg Conzfes-I} No list; will be re.-eivedl after
nation's founders, or misrepresents woldtipar roitenaou, the WestninYster Confession, grid 1 Thursday.
the ideals and causes for which they wol rpaefrmtefmu Bur- the Th)irty-ninie Articlcs, which ex- I
struggled and sacrificed, or which1 ton T. Bush collection at Columbia pres, in time, mental formulas of the-_..
contains propaganda favorable to any university, andl the finished Produc ts genem at ions when they were writtenA T I V d~ T
foreign government." wviich PFrofessor hI:cert vwill exhibit abidling CIHiianY experiences and G A R R C~.. .. .'
If the bill goes into effect, the con- are dale to the courtesv of such firm11s ,(Thlicitiofls. 1I1hon(or-all of thleml; they The rI)R kM II ISTY I IEATPi1IW bi.
plaint of five citizens will occasion a as TIloubigant, Cherarny, Th iris, Viv ; relrw ent memorable achievenments ini Presents
public hearing by the board of educa- audlon, Rigaud, Fioret, a55(1 a numb,-r the dieveloptuict of Christian thought. 1c C GOS F IANGS 1 IGII? "
tion of the state, and in event of ac,- i of othc-rs. But for ' me to make a.('reedal sub- By Is-,is Beach
ceptance of the complaints the objec- Thsi nvriylcuead*sriptioll in t t onus of any one of them With
tionable matter will be eliminated. I o ehn 1ntuei sa-W~i~ e~voaino o~lne" Norniman Treior and Mrs. IWhi e
Dlistricts failing to comply with the trono e.I~llii~ltltl~it01lIl~llfltlFltt~lltti~E{i~it~i##It;
rulings will forfeit state educainnucd
aid. t __- -

Park, starting from the Michigan Cen-
tral Depot, southeast on Carey to
State, south on State to Monroe, east
on Monroe to East University, south
on East University to Hill, east on
Hill to Chur-ch, south on Church to
Prospect, southeast on Prospect: to
Wells, east on Wells to Lincoln, (B3u-
rns Park).
Route No. 6-,Geddes-'.torth ,Main 1
starting fr'om Geddes and Oswego,
west on Geddes to Washtenam, north-;}
west on WNashtenaw to North Univer-
sity, w~est *on North. tnivdrsity to

State, north on State to Liberty,. west
on Liberty to Main, north on Main to
end of. pavemuent at the Mill returning
via swine route to Geddes and Oswego,



Little Home
E. Walker, Propr.
922 East Catherine Street
We Use Soft Water. and
Pure Soap
No Alkali or Acids.
Always at Your Service.
We call for and deliver.
$5.00 Cash Cards, $4.50
Phone 2721-W



We arc again serving that
wonderfully delicious
Whipped Creamn.
The Arbor
313 So. State


We hav~e aLrgc variety
oOflf2 alyt





should show the entire program (of Mr. O'Bricn, the author of the bill
courses to be followed during the see- heads the division of telephones and
and emeser.telegraphs for the depai tient' of pub-
lieciutilities of th, st O, and is a for-
Start W ar On mer ineabet sof the stat:e legis latuire.
School Books
War on "Propaganda going on ini STUDY at HOME f
our schools today (designed to destroy ( More than 450 courses in Hi
American ideals an(I traditions" h~as I Zoology, Modern Languages
been started in New York state with j are given bycorrespondenc
the filing in the legislature of a bill be applied on your college pi
which vvould forbid the use of school will be furnished on request.
books which falsify the facts regard-i Ie ui
ngthe history of the United States. 98 ELLIS HALL '
The filer of the bill is William 31.
O'Brien, of Dorc.hester, N. Y., who _-.
holds that, "There is a whole lot of ce.vmzru e
talk about Americanization and dc-
porting Reds, hut one subsidized cl -
lege professor or a single poisoned
school session of ten months than ai:;Omr mme no~ .H
sibly do ini ten years." 'L
llrport of the proposed bill is
That "no hip tory' or text book, shall bte ;GFR ?.
adoptei bfr use or be uised in any di,, e, 1
strict ;school, city .;dhool, or high scho- P
(A, which falsifies the facts regard-~P"L
:ng the war of independence or the
v.ar of 1812 or which (def hmes ourY


IPi'h for O at Partny.
I For Cig'm~~ts(all 2,4

listory, English, Mathematics, Chemistry,
s, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, etc.,
ice. Learn how the credit they yield may
program. Catalog describing courses fully
t.Write today.
[berzity of Qtjiago

Fir~ft National Bank
OrganIzed 1863
Oldest National Bankg in 1Afichiganr

f (-.gdk6-

L -

Romance, Adventure and Unbelievable Magic





yhe Your Noon








+ r. r. ". s
Limber .Up
Tennis, golf, baseball, track, racing--every
type of keen, active sport leaves muscles
stiff and sore until you've had time to get
in real condition. But a rub-down with
Mifflin Alkohol will speedily relieve this
stiffness. The penetrating qualities of the
Alkohol plus the gentle influence of the
massage take out all soreness anO~ leave
you ready to have another set--or round
-or whatever it may be!
And Mifflin Alkohol has at
dozen other daily uses, too !
After bathing, a Mifflin rub-down is cool1-
ing a..d invigorating.
After exercise, Mifflin Alkohol relieves.
tired muscles and many "sore spots."
Mifflin Alkohol is denatured by'r forn'ulf'
which actually improves it for external ise.
College teams and many other athletic
org anizations use Mifflin Alkohol regu-
larly. Be sure YOU get MIFFLIN--in the
handy-grip oane-pint bottles as illustrated.

seen a Magic
Rug scar above
the city bearing a
TIHocf and- a Prin.
Have you ever
seen a white horse
with wings fly thru
the clouds?
Have you ever
seen Magic ropes,
live dragons and
*bats as big as ele.-
ph ants?
* Have you ever
aseen an "invisible"
This beautiful
g' story of romance
and adventure
abounds in happen..
,ings of astounding
and unbelievable
Must be Earnxed"

©Q o. V. Co. filiernia Bank & Trust
New Orleans, Louisiana
FAVROT & LIVAU~DAS, LTwin, Architects

r'i~f n Chemical Corporation
Saki, Agents. HAR~OLD. . RITCHIE 8& Co., Inc.
171. Madison Ave., New York
T oronto Sydney Wel.Ingto,


"Expression in Architedii e"




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