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January 18, 1925 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1-18-1925

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PALS E;,71 N



-" " iently made rapid progrs, for at i~~
U Si-riaflsBa01edl;a age of twenty-five he was iadeor-' Alumni Ser~~vices,,, 6 ThLU
M u si * oigaistof Lincoln Cathedral, andl sev-
erl yea;s laner shared his teacher',,.
fi z e In n a pos;t , organist of the Chapel Royal. A Review of Gifts and Bequests of Prominent, Grad
Thr, was eindeed a re1cord fit those' ~ ~Alma Mater. IS Mr. Angll's ~tQustion n'
- -- --andl gray lnfors; reciving their col lgo
HistOry' Shows G ealMsial Tendency in Court tand S tre e Sortly after obtaining te royalI (ontied fom ageNine) .t xpedaletuns $518an.13. 389::tu
y G r e at M a nd t hir~~~~~~~~e opoly oin prntedl Imusic, Byrd sond Ob e r m i i g t u t f n s t a o $ 1 ,3 3 91
D ' Q e 7 j {jj dj] 4"yVir ] lE als pallished a collec~tiou or ncte hav been donated some of the folow-, In the fifth group are found libraryl $331
7 r These were received with ; uch good lug ir 81pelrhaps the bettr known, ;funds, 15 in all, with a principal of j aic
- ________y__e__n___________fte___eI__ese in ludnth order of their
f~ I e llowbsh ip, ri eze Mia Joe sori a ssOra n,) f$ 5, 92 . 4 on n July ab e 1.a e i ia
ByFRDRIKt~1.R) ' 3.;' t t bo ,,ys2,-n i dlgun g mtt pC t et i Ui ~t te is f h te c es sa o yeds thee eloshp FieeMPurablgaofica89.4tionl.1,Pulcaio 86;
Perhaps the title of this article is Pfal Nat 8ti,88 ood ta prc:;ervetbe The. Apostles. Tihis w'mrsed a heron- Euslcai seM ing; of athuree part. songfub e rilirayPrk Dasfndegtnalhdapncalo
tu ittsel af'hacktshock retor.thehre tdofr.arl ilw 1tak to1 '1 zu i mau of leafaytaIik. tLatnei amycRiahsdusIllhehi(jlaycoIpain a Latinip, hillps $4,87.00,rdeuependble'alaThise
hought of anyone but dramuatists, ~i. e~r a^+ljc," al prft ^ :and after setting Tfouteen cha ptersialso was rceived tw:ith ifavor by the; and ,h comn ella Shoa omsip P in$485.0gheepedbeIaaceb-$215
l)Ot5 ttle ~~Ll~iatsanddicoor- b7;s~'orr l o1r the pipe" Ito impo able metre and li ihtly et-! public.jshoahpmeinScoltRmeng$18.0 optluds ad uti
rsotocointeIIt. o(evfrtoy msi,\ye 585 ":,iyto ae ice The death of hi; .faster and clo;e,(olt l ae .srpp irrIu 3o h ttlwt rnia aval
livingr, great y ;,ood IiiUn:, 1'Ye for D. lye.Frr,,,fellowship in botany, Mor- I$25,389.84 and $19,419:99 in the ex-
Elizab~ethan age is hard to conitpre- a slf,r''' :a~ or' ';'n n"'"' in the with them. friend, Tallia, left Byrd free to rite ris AMnnminloan fund. Hanlnah .'pendlable column. Gifts for landstt
hien. But muisicians-! ip~ [Thi I~et;lt" "r;,aid an wlihvrt - wa, and h11W ot,'epe set.A; Wright, Davis hospital, Hunt scholarship,! uldnsad iprovemens yet uh1]ece
Iii eneal, usi at histimewEngli iha 1la31 to rlcre.
likepeofects aro reIioni undr iin, a.dhutoois i nai'' c i)'Ially in his at-launched intosprint a imyriadiof small oan find. Morris Fhiosophny lbary,IThe miscellaneous group has a prin: I
te I kadSpl' lis lyn n(o:>IOit ion. of very minor iP-portance. Peter white Casical fellowship, cial of 130 22.83 andi an expendabl, and,
Refrmtin.great change, (Inc of course to the tgdeod orator.l payngo
ITeformnation. The old Romnan Church g.otd tor a kor. h f'Qthe10 organ in t he ( liael of (queen hese wre followed by the' first Fag-! Helen Newbery Classical fellowsip,ifund of $62.478.60. Finally the Stu zi
forms,. traditionsoand musicknwereherv-L+Sl"zaeth, wi i con ,ined Wnk )1111- li>h iizdiigal ever writtfe. Two, C. t;. Morris felowship in philosophy, dent loan funds amounted to $173,588. fund
fnrs, watontheanwdscere tigs, Niare hbath best o~ed the benefit, of aishe ooks of sons, ieaing rlablorate iAmerican Association of Uivrsity1 13 in permanent funds arnd$2,78.73$23
ialposbebthesalsmnofIgnd voice ; wlic'hrgift isorarr, as ds en ' 'I)telbn that _cs, as wa; cu lomnary, twceethenv n omen lon fund. Laniont Refrac'ropr, available for use on July . B
therelshCurh heEgls Pa-is not one ;:mong a thousand h aY uhm)etot .v'-r 'rpl ht1}pblhf"Wob5ter scholarshi loan fund. Car- In thc above the rnia is the fund
1 baIe il"lidkmny, hotkcel-sleCplayehout.he English erPrao- he principall
that fl t 'it, rotdusendhwordxthat her majsty's I B yrd ws unlike his, at r. in thV i af r-ncation Tappan 1e noral, amount that can never be touched, the the
TheBookundeofth gish languae.logitisotbcusethy want arals wetre out of tune." o ('Olpsced large numbers of pieces Scoolat thesdnaton.interest on the donations alone eing thei
Th nlec fti hneo n-Ito ('XPI'055 Nbd e doi t 15tbc spinet, or as it was called . , ,.Babcock scholarship, Henry ;vaiable for use. The expendable ette:
sic can readily be appreciated when 7. 'Ther~e i not any music of instru- After a series o financial __liu thenthe virginal. M fthee trsng ss~hlarshp, AIUerican Academy fudol eued h oa rn loan
we realize that practically all the I'n.- tc r l'Inba rigsoh eto hccofnd ol eue.Tettlpz
1is cmpses f nedaswretrinb.whtsoceer (oupal'ible to tht tebonlK nby ban erring sonihe today, windiam Vi'-e;tin t doiip. ates L awhr lbayical pal as at July Iwas $1,576,268.53 in own
s.aIstcmpsr fteda eetan hich is mad of the voices of teen jcied in at comiprative, state of poverty. otisexttda, nd an bin oedoatn aheClsci
eel when children in the church choirs. wetevie r odanitejAlt bough Tyc cannot be named among f ound ."it r nthe ' dNeelsTurner ]\-emcr l fund, Junior Jeir op~emanefnsthat heeenaiven r.h
Fortunately, these men, trained in sa~mwell ssrted 01r ordered. t lie greay : t, str. :osi;of theday, le o k." Thislatter volume consists Pa onfnMr .Gai Mem- funds on handi were $14,72.9 In the
thle elaborate services of the Rouian . r bette01'>tvlie ~is, the mieeter adeol materially Iin etablishing- a fnwI,. r"?l, ~etroit Eidison fellowship, John addition to h bv tha ~ne- v
Chuircl, were well able to takeovrt i6 to saes r10(1serve ('od there- teof'glhchrhmi. i a erieofirinae s onslandty CU pF.Doae loan fund. F. M. Hamilton'timnated that t les.t that much more seni
th as.gie'themi as a heritage wre, .V0: !I(" v o f ptman is chiefly, i T'te r sang iti the chor of the Iinl Enland and n the continent. 1 loan fund. Eiza M. Mosher loan fund,moe and lands have been donated fati
of the Reformation. This task was es- to b.^ein'ooyed to that end."'I('hapel tlcyil, iabout lthe year 1520,1aienygineer.ina-dfelornHdonsi Thegwy ythalmiadion's offie -EnowYhe
.etal heetbihmnquane Iant bit of philosophy, biltifi boy namledl rhom~s Taiis. After per- a series ota'igoas andr poitical (if ! versity.
order of things, from t lie wreck of tlv* I followed, I fear would w.reck cur mun-:sing the rigid course inl ilusic given tcuties, browht o , in the main, I j ,h ria. loan fund. Iikig an Investigation of a con- sine
Reformation. sic schools of' today. thee, foi- nuiibet'of years, e wail an oer-ambtious wIr. I 1'iii.l1 'altar 191fJ the. fllowing fund, were pete nature into this subjiec, but re -cas
The Elizabethan age, fron the stand-- tmgtb ela his point To Iafo cinted organist. at.1h:+a- nintand trob e emnfedi i lon , rabb snei. enior Society scholar- suits have not yet been compiled. This I Alv
It- - ship ben fund, CntralsLeagu Detrgoveleatotal donatoniof trusteuidg cth.
point of the popularity o(f imusic, can ,. , vv.orl cei'n n nin- powerful AWalltham z A.bbeN. WIrcn the dffrmt n' lt (bt'h witote 1: 1:1 fud~, Cntal fLeagu or- iaov e th a ti2,n0,00 -trust.fdsh ta
(erta inly vie with that of any o11101' (0t03ay n ileorinns ical I1's.- 18013 asteries were soisve :', "Ta.lbs ', ~"lit icizal dtuatiooi'nMmoialofeorethared,50,0iDil t
anyter_,ti,, oh11,ll, tialitnhioiganl.iJrraliht chool Debating bidnggoatdhveaontdtj
epoch . To. understand to what extent tar, o e i e piod named "Th'e Fitz- vas called b'k 1rthe Ii 'atil Ro(y'Orbckd eco pr. _ elu ll".lague,liiames11 AF11l Memo ilioredthan te6,0,0ve.amonedt o'
inusic held sway in the. popular imagi -- pviin Virginal Boe.'' a;oigani;t and ch!oir rmos-t or. Soxf a'hsenocdreieetbulanfnAlctre
nation, I might quote afEwrulines This hook s as> o'iginally andi lc10irca- This sudden risn to ptlsOfi(Iy 1and(1 ip;' d publishOe awork, brdlened p 1,~ IAmong thesud n onfnste~t
fom ,Chaplpel's '"Old En :I isliPopular eWui y-llfor afln' iale "Queen 50ocial;'o.i Mon -,.lid t avegoe-( I i wit ite follonrg !,aitl.a 1 Palmer t, lo;v hip in history, first was established in 1894, fnd slur-her
Mi'usic." ,' ih sa~th's\dti) iai ooke,''due to its f the otsciat's harca"9,fo. ;a ill c f 'i\'ola iusicke. lSuke, from 80fl r: . ton rhip HeinryoouAsell Pesot-ltir~ettnyastn oewr
"Duig the' rino Elzb~M1is 1-' ' rh t ' a f auesf-';ShipOwHenry Russell~ endow- <,r.etabg thed Frt't1n9years nine moe wenr
's~.~ gic seems to have beenin univ('r';al , , n oio; t rh:b, ei~i c el; rI ._ were vt~~ein~ lnI ulcton eiwhi njurnhsnI founded, and Lthen 4 ntenx
(-uenc ,. tJ gt e. tiiy j0Cl dted I i, ,,hounrd Talli'; to Is:e "or- 'eau ta eerwee i tislad' u~~lcACI Iellwsipinjori mismf
cultivation, as well as uni iveaa 5-Laoliyto Ia,! loatetd cs. t'-slt in trheart' lou p1 indebltto thi eii ii ,house namiely Ma~ster' William Byrd, and F'ain-rt lo'ai fundlfor dead. hefist oaswn ad t
tem Ntonywa't.i 'u'gsat(_ isniel ]l aitlg But whatever his fianoiai dificul- M'vaster Alphonso FOrhasco ... oitther !omen, Fellowshi p in Creative Arts
lualifcation fotr ladies and gentlemen, I ItJib:~trnace it was cpe of a ntn- 'ties were, Talus was directly respnon- of whomnn have nade 4titiesveral! l;.0. linsw;.e scholarship, Nrses'
but even the city of London lvet- er of ot' (e ,;ion of clavir music °.ibhi or lo'bc (13M. selfting to music 1 wares (without coxten ion ), sho'i, v;r iihlrzhip loan fund, Sarah Caswell-
u sedl the musical abiliit ies of boys edr ijt .stten fatal coimpiled during the of thIe English choral servic, and for mtost, rare andl intricate skill in tw~o Angoll loan fnd, Steinberg,;enorai-
cated in B~idwelf, uand( hristf's Hospi- lliizablIaa ('t'a Ter: iolowinzg 011111 this reason if,,; soetirnes referred to parts in one upon the playne songin-dil. J .. MVeeks scholarship, Edna i
tal, as ai11modo0of i'cconunending them rationumay p ive tho reader .n idea :; the founder of ngish Church 'Misaere' That whici, at the perest~iue~' 2.11 1 :irclloan fund, emrency
I -s servants, apprentices, o husbald-let' its ,ize as well as the probli music. of at friend, is moost pl iiI stte t ai fund for foreign students, R. 9.
111en. P )UIOI-irdy of iii,., different kinds, of iThe fir 1 woak 0o1 Tan vto 13.el,.int- seveallistnct ,partosto be smng i--hc't. n mom orial shoaship, Caroline-aI) "ES'
"Tinkers sang catches; niilkinaids music of ile (day. f 1 was in 1.5110, whon a srvcice book with io-se ase and undertanding -by 2. Iottiard loan fund, G. J. Booth;
sans; ballads; car ters whistled; each It conantIIwsph~ise atmln i~ ~-i~fh~t ssillfl . te' ''avl n fe'llowhp iniArchitecture,
l ia ae, anut even beggar,; had their t 184 dance'Os 'artthtcm. Ii'i O twrefollowed by a-' In 1607. 'a^epublished <, coilila Je n 1. Poketler Jr.. fund for In-i East sie nearly ew.sw
g 4eipial songs; the bass viol lung iln I 46 song-: nn, r t9ymnn+s.n.:nt .s;mv t "iof''.1 L.'S, Ssn ., arid neI in,> eln~ 1V: stiat oil , NarFast PR- 'f hogotfrpa
the drawing roomal'fir the amtusement 17organpice -c t .., ~1~ Si t' t fve -nn-- ;ln .'0>isj-'~;l ~nei e-'' i"a15tdents lan fund,
of waiting guests; thre lute, citternz 9 rrangements (if adigals srvice today.to the life of imo words. Fit for If. H. Lit-rcy oan fund, M,.ayo Lee- sun parlor, large kitchen
-'-and virginals, for' the amusement of 22 fant asdis''el' ni'm'IIu 1' 'efI.llrXry'- o'ln * u""~p isi Surgery D. A. R. war -
!M1-Tfu ral scholarship, Agnes C. Rigs;for axdytsan tw
waiting customers, were the ticessary 7 iRomanti c povsas alnmost enii ely on lui ed o oi'-a usfi'a! worn of lityrd's w;a acont r- casiiJ esCuznsDbtn
i ;nthe ftebrbrSo.19peue an font asioe; on old pla inisongs. Ilotiian to ' Iv ,Thcons ~Lrghton l~ pi ze, C. L. Pack foundation !Tis 1hoMe lasa ldrge k
"They had music for ditlnor; lmu-sic, (6 arangeriett~s for ithe i I -1 This iiht seem utclia s to one a Pcares 01' Lam; tatioris of ia Srrow - Eergnc lan un.,p giin s, ctedjs
at supper;' music at. weddings; amusic (choltf 1.' t, i", e., the tac I at no original full ;Peal,'' consisting (of four acred jIfor jmm srtud t~ients, .J. J. Read MVem-IA~~,~
t ,funerals; music at (awn; music at Naylo' -ys fo; 1K"-cotets: 1-O^ct - there usV d in u h .c( Ua t a ' ssns.I ila ud nanycs . A very atiatie iow pyi*
flight. . . . lie who felt not, in some ''It is tnot ging too far' to:say Ithat ,h1t7!f, hm Wat. i; c ,secv! h1 a'' ,,8! Ilia death 1eccaracdI at Standorm, I 0'ofamngth'nmnrotfud
degree, its soothing . nfue~tceeswas fall ohe:r tnu-Iiins eo the Ieiodi we -ieu: oflnt; (~f ii" (i'. Tb y did tehfurth o July,1GIfusnasbeen placed oh this prop(
''eeta amiorose, unsocial heing, dct royoe, it would be possible to re- not add re:-s, tin^-c ,ra;ves to (Ir tivenl- I Burney says of hireo: '~~dCboioii~c hog e- downl paymet.
whose converse ought to be shfunned ,-'ito the Ihistory of mu sic fi'oi15501 ion of un0v tunas s no'111, "us tthc_!e "f''cr vr moral chiaa ictF and ea~t- ,yh o )eith iii~l03 lr
aid regarded with suspichmn and dis- to 1160 an the material which we have :ont ra punt al treatmnut f 0o(1 ones. ;uial (isilosii 101, thene can le no test.- icolnhipoc loan funds. Call Mr 1Xhee
trust." in ~(hie Ftzail 1am ook,' alone." Iit the yearf 1,175. Queenm I lizbeth i oy nmoet'e avorale,01 ei ssubject ' entr 7 rs mnsi h
Early in his reign, iHenr'y the Eighth ithti;sat agom f h zt~ ~ors,,a~Wetr 7 rs ud nte
'~~cedhislov fo. tmtsc mkin it Ii iii-; cany b'shroitidof It 1 ra ttoo mas nTai a nrl .iliam to 5115icili. tian those of rval 1111 httds Or the University in July1924,
64in ed is ovefor ntuio ~iihr.do t uJlisic of ie, era, twe pass to a s505105IByrd a license to print anod sAll Fng- ; sicials, with. whomn 1ie w ai lo,it'at tt e a rend of 1theofical year, have!n n A br HmB u
'the fashion. It is said that lie 'of '' cnt ir' biographies of its chief fisti and( foireign mOusic atd ruled have lived during, mu long life with been~ divined hyrI). . Sringer, Uni- A b rH m u
ercised himself daylie in sh oting, coulestc. '1 ese, in f act, canniuot be ,l . e, t the xclu ion ofl all (thfers. cordiality and friendship .And of the o-yiiltor lt ieclse.Sp 08Ntoa l
inging, icn(ing; restlingcatngof calledtli)g h l 5 ttosirphi i'are ratheli; Thi i OneW: odf"tenyoejgons fhslea ,i : omeko ferst al re prtofniecss .Si and8Nai1nlc-t
th ame 1 a hercoersgood -rioarofi'mct. aout I Io'ei goiodneIss'eof h' halittov nl w'n-' be claepoeso n eeteSre paeing a 'lerwrtes, ,urc; '7ataot h~mscl ieyars a , is . filon (10recrd' ' '- .rof, Theha princinpaas e-l in these Poe
4111te,.viranda's, tn seflung' of2songs and tof ilIepc Dien. , rot hinlins IPhone ?at"
ilte vrgnls i sttn o sng 11(1- f hseri.aliiugiil t istwm'y. loved by is Master' Talis, and i, -n-.July i1as $28,58. In thesecond
Ballad makinig." The firto 01 Ili comiposers; who slamy i L(ittle is known of theal('i y life of I cholar Morley; whio) fromn their inti ei:,flwsp ad scholari;l
The wiriting of ballads, at.this i ;tn :ebe called strictl y I'Lciabtfhau +tssjXv ' _ -:,motirtr iti a lsinae(:12oettrlwtIi!zmnut :ae ud, f, ther ar 1ip n al TetoP
seems to have reached a hight pit L at: is t-ohier ' 'Ie. Thi ist e.iN potionl i -m tedoau a' root, exceptta. 11e wa ~seenolthi lii n '"robe de ha.ibre'' an 'I in ths rou pwas $72225.98. Prize'
of poptular' exctemenlt, for 1min n1o(d l of I as hI i'.ihs' r r ma t-;is t :nt r ifs= 1 1 Huto lnic rtncie ic nsas'Tt - 'IhiOO 5'iecti am .r o alli the.opo iti115 n tuu 1 i fd ,: n-mber,
'i~txeecalled ''Martin Mrsixtus,'' pub-c,>a.Jc.",s 85didetpros', itt O(c itnsof Ithe is'" n tic'I ha pet ito~si. Tie by (Comntinued (ou1 Page 'Thiriten ) ,'x 1 .a pa a nal of $12745.10, while
' i shed in 1592, theire s a tl Oei'jt i on d iitya ,cor lboy utiNKin g's olcg(,I
of the l ood of ballads i'ainmigonr '' ,"idge, end in 6, if,:latte age tofI
England. ;45, w'eiv otlthe degree not Musucl IDoc II~~ ~ ~ Ihni

9 ni-versity
uoates to Their
ent in 1897, and since that time A
ava° been-made to gr, a total of
l2-'8, the average loan lh,0
an i'd1 to $85.16. Loans to, mc
totaled $75056.77 divided anion--'
tudenta, the -averagfbeing $47,
e total that has been dons ted is
965.38, while that has inresd
1.. there is at present $2561768
lable for loans. In the entre - usc'
the funds have ben In operation
! four cancellatons have b00,11
,ssary, all on account of deth.,
iaddition to, the numerous trust
loan funds the. treasurer of the
ersty is also custodian of trs:
I deposit accounts amounig to
151(105 the hu~e total of te =_1oe
I, the-majority of which camle a
result of donations of the alnll
local alumni clubs are at p-ecnt
,mpting' to aid the University by
1 funds- for students from their
home towns to come to Ann Ah-
Also the Alumni association prop-
tas an- Alumni fund amounting at
present time to more than $50 000NY
his was foundedj in 1 91; by the
for class of thart ye si' with r_. do-
[on of $317.03 a., a cass mnem oat.
fund, based -r. th'' systen1,y{ a
c uni'versity baa g;r" i t. ::edil3-
Ce thait nwe, w~d l:-oioms hby
3 e-s 1~f an tI ~i cl:tvid '11t'r - 1 i1i;-Esi
t1L i't g t: 1 1': ' fon, I 'n li o fact
t It. furrul,(1 a n.' n c: ' -, f riG1
t ean be used ras istound est vith
res.trictions. 131 s<<laltion to the'
ve it also sei-ves o :c u'ogthmI' lt(
,rest and infliw-uce of the alumni
ead" the Want Ad$
en room house, oak
,e, French doors,
lavatory. on first
it room in basement.
tf with a two car
off Packard street.
ice of $-I0,500 ha>
arty with a small
or MVr. Zahn
eders Association
Ln Bldg.

''Every red--dosed rhiynester is an t 1t'oin lls341, tiane inittutaanmi.
s .(t hon"''he write %, "Scaare a cat c" mt V11u1:-n11Ihe first it seit is tI -atI 'fy
loo ~ kOut, of a gutter, but olut t stat" a A us 8l015'0f toemlotions. IdIs1
hilf-penny chronicler, and hml',e5(ntly a pa= ssion Lear1literature, and3( his passion
Ihilopel' new lullhed otf a strange sight, for 1tnnsic. "Phlough lie toalk his degree
t iS inditedl.''in the lot ttr, Itowan; £tcr1 en 11,m1re
If we shoulid take our auditou-y -in htis day fot- hisltrryefrs
sse s- to account, we too are livinfg;1115i(,; 131 )o . i 1(11 OOi 1i7ted l lnnin IV
il an lage of liopular1' iuhsis -but the ; (i' n ttl s3''i'"era! masses0i(d a ffew
llusic t!bymi tune!s~l£. i 'y(O'5 twolth~enis, '"1
In a collection of so)ngs by an cmi il-l-salt 'The;e,'' and1"I-big Unto The
nieapt compijoser of the day, willimcmin Lord,"' trs as lpjlular tod)Ity as whten
Bryt-ul, Ihedems it niecessar'y to (-.11dl Ity W('c rewIittcnI. Of hisl, Masses,
,ttenltion. to the great tlenefil's d (.lo'(1 e.its Itoday r',l'hict.; II Itlrougil it
!.,V(,(' roul singing, Ias follows: dots 1o0;1,c,c~SOsS;1 n3 l'i ~g I01i1-I
"Reason Ibriefly set (lowli by ltre oti-! Naic or (11' yis i<a fl18 wlesseaplj
lhor'. to perisua~de ('i'01yono to iniSlg. : l' c 1 tant;5lit al x riting. Of has
L. Firsti: it is a ktiow hledge easil, j h yisn, itc,t. (,f those foiundt in ''The
taught, sand quickly learned!; where! Act!; of '':oApositles'' mmare in active
there is a. goodn master ,adan apt j(use ~i/
vcholar. jThfi-, last t nerh (lcomposiition, AWas
Conw llE LI.CInrk
~ ~' ~ irfl r *Mb,
Solva Coke . . 10.4
,. Ici', .1
lyrEgg Scrntn,, L.ump 2'..ad .Pitsto
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S.tFtudcrt it ,; ai-s ' ' 'la y sbe obtained at cur Store^ at a
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1111 solih Univrity Avenue

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Your Friends Hv n

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ACOUPL E of weepsi or so ago Vou
had ,your c lot hes- laundcrcd a'
homt---r~mefnber 'how' clean,.- white, and
soft thcy saemed! Yovu can h~ave themn
laundered with that - ,trfl painstaking
care right hcrec:in Ann ,arbor. Why
not try it?.-
"What is more pcersonal than the clothes you weaur?
They deserve- a personal care.9
T ,r. .- £ ,r a ,' t p*1,T 1 r% 'u'X "T

Scores have had Rentschler
make them a more recent por-
Iaait-Chances are your friends
htave one!
J')',)you? EV'oryone -shotmld
hlave at lfas one really fine°
portlra it.
IRentsc~hler's is the place.
Y'ou get all thte finer foatures
of portraiturie from Hentsc r-
let- methods.
Maken0an apsointmnent. today'.

$7.0fl to $50.110

TJhme bozexi
tc'the IRe.sciler Dis)plays
They chiange every wreek.



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