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January 06, 1925 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1-6-1925

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Ser ic,

News From (
Gc i a l sltdents led fraternity and
Ir [y Licr) b1)rs in scholarship in the
J 2~a1according to the averages
r tea sc lust week by thie (lean of Stu-
(tm iar of the University of Min-
i) (-tt. 'i altis was the second year sinceI
I 1318 Iht Lfa tternity scholastic av-
Im~; hs lagged beChind that of other
_v'aaes of inen and women graups'
w ye as follows: Fraternities, .1)8a;
' oi ie na tudents, 1I.046; sororities,
12, ;r elotr w omielL1.310.

" 7 U

i Needs 101'm graduate schools in li-
birarilanship, the lpresent a dinin 1sfT r-
tlien of American libraries, and meth-
od1s for liibralry serIvice were og

t he subjects discussed at the ni id-win- , - - . i,
ter ineetings of the Antsrican Library F 1 Z 'ir can't u.1derstand the''
association, held from Dee . 31tl: l I i cc; ci le student's lack of in-
3 in Chicago.
r~l~ereprsent tive of lie :..n ':11 'c ; in haepeare. Only 75 stu-1
'I'e rpreenttivs o t"1 lnivr- c,, . a atelded his production of 11 am-
sity librarty who attendied i.. confe1-at Yi '-n atthe University of zebras-'
once were MW. AV. Bishop 01) n,1,1' .. I fal'II0) itidcrstaidit,''de-!
Miuss 1,unive Wead, Miss Esther "am1ithii e.U;c, epcalyi h
1'iss Margaret Smith, and l iibert. It.,,.,!
D oane, assistant librarian.Mr. ish-t- ' a'atiflia e afe te olyr
cep also attendled the 1)101in ti ty ' iaay1a u St emaeo h
1. n ia t : ~'~relay.~
mreetings of the exec:utive board sandI
commflittees of which lhe is atiniber.
The Chicoago library club, corn iloset ci 1- so; i r;o s ar e againT
of- A large number of libtrarians ftorn i bn LI;, eni aeio ngineer. aat the
tha t Vicin ity, ls ( tfiIhe (Iisoii asion t .,xt ;' of 1Kallsa 8. in accordanice
of the graduate ,school for 1lib a2riatn V c. (a i f gun three years ago.
sh ip, as 111i,,gr'oupI has made e n- ( t; ; .ibe we 'n at least unltil
rive st uds= of thle fposililitifsr; o,' 1,\ ct i 0 meire Thmnan innocently in-
anl institution. In 1923 the club) ,. ,m-ti 310'_d about this "S"1:rr'nl o" -
' aittod to the Carneg"ie cor,,^,:)z0~
statement of its belief that a graduat
cooclosG ely affli at ed x 1111 n-of '1 mei2n uan wises who are inlfer-
the lar'ge utiisit jo t1'he cit. 1ic ttellhoot was the conclusioni
would fulfill <a lon'; felt need of' the -aehdin a ro alology class at Ohio
" library 1proession for an ii litifPtnt ion Si ate nniversitxy. Women in the class l
a foigidvancedi work. lI V c Psi itmtn they could '"look: up i
.11w f( (5(111 eie corporaltoll i, at 0o.'' One iTnoiil husband pictutred was
pl< ,cat fiw ncing a. board ci eclil a nce, rr:;aitif 0 in art and athletics and
tI oin for 'ibarianshiip, founde ha I sJillod on the saxophone.
Tilli tin r;y the com mcil of tlte IAlrary -.
:-ioiatioti, to study librariy ::"TV ice n'CQ;~iade by freshmen mlen in
1014dU., a i gia g not ,, ztnd to inv ;t i-- the now lnychlologrcal test at Penn2 f
.athe adhef(l of cx ho agen" t ate cneewere superior to those -
a c ies. Adam Strohn":, ibti,,iin of theI jsadl('Ily fT. slhmen voinen. rThle 910'
D etroit p)ublic library, is c hl.. ni an oft i utn a ,,e raged 83.9 and the 109 women !.
this lboard. 77.7.!t
ily 1moans of an eilborate to q a tic~ll-"t
£0 i'ewh;.ch has been 501)1. 1") CV'irtY student, and to maintain a bureau ofi
college and pub~lic library over the it luT t;:t ion about adlult education op-1
country, connhpote det ails of tfo tir o-tui ies. In order that small lI-
n ztion, adninui ofratil, at; d 4S~i 'I V a i r will be able to render such-'
of toseiilsititiots 1 lioiug55 ,,(-.-sevice without the aid of local' spec-,t
by the Library survey. A lT lr'i~i- i , ,int.;, thle association will publish a1
naryreprt f te rsuls o tI, m seies of special reading courses. !
ves;tigation was heard at tlie coi fer- __________
ocue from Dr. A. P. Bost w ick, c IiL'it-
.man of the :omltylittOO ill cllizi ( Bears Will Have
~the survey. The results wlil later be1
tllltdand lpublishted. I 000-FLoot P'ol
Adult education odepartments were --
eL recomnmendled for every large library San Ii anOisco, Jan. 5.-The new
by M. S. Dudgeon, librarian of the! Flc isbacke: swimnming 13001, 1,000 feet '
rjMilwaukee public library, in his re- long, saidl to be the largest in the';
port before the conference for t he w.oeld, will be dedicated when. the Na-
commission of library and adult eru- 1 iciial Amateur Athletic Union swim-:
3:cation. The purpose of such a pa tiig c h,1tltionit~ijl are held here
Spartinent, according to Mr. DudgTn, A pril 23, 24, and 25.p
would be to suplhy hooks for courses, ---_______-_
-prepare= reading courses fridvda rRNZ J YA DVIE'RTISP:RS

Wher olle s i'RELI1GION'S DO NOT
)the ColegesLOSE FAVOR HERE:
I Recognition of Soviet Russia by the
1United States was, favored by Prof. 82 Per' Cent of Stuidets Express Some
~;Amos S. Hershey, of the political sci- Relief; 'Nethodists Lead in
-lence department of Indiana univer- 1 Churchi Cenusus
sity, in a recent statement onl the for-j
eign policy of the country.I ALIEN CREEDJS PRESENT
Prce!fo rsln ac Church censusl figures, comhpiled by
held at the University of Oklahoma the Student Christian association,
>will go toward the stadium fund being show that the large majority of stu-
raised there. dents in the iUniversity are either
' fI members of churches or have a pref-
Prof. William L. Graves, of the Eng- I erence for some certain church. Out
lisph department at Ohio State univer-f of the 8,652 students who registered in
'sity, suggests that football be made September. 7.137 ate affiliated in some
the subject of verse.:IHe thinks Vach- way with a church group. Thlis shows
el Lindsay would 1)e suited to the approxinately eighty-two per cent of
task. the studlents in the University have
some church connections.
Hip flask sales to students at the Seventeen per cent of the students
Un iversity of Wisconsin will be in- of the University select the Method-j
vestigated as a result of action taken ist denorminat ion, according to the
by the Sophomore Lunch club, results of the religious census. Pros-
h yterians compose thirteen per ccent
Ring Lardlner's six-act playlet, "Tax-( of the student body and Conlgregation-
phases of life at the University of alists follow with nin' per cent. Epis-
I Wisconsin, an-pears in, the current copalian 3, Rolinii Catholics, and Jews
idea Americana,'' coveing various coipti;, cigh.tlper cent, seven hOe'
numbere of the Wisconsin I%'terary cent. andi six tper cent respectively.f
magazine.j The al. ovt mentioned faith.. are the
-- -I l highost rei iorls in rapresenta-
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This year's ,church census was com- iElt11"11t111 11111Eli11lfltit iilili1 rifiillMlE
pieted just before vacation and gives
a. complete numeration of students.
connected with the various churches.
The dlata is compiled with the aid of
registration cards made out by every
stuodent who enters the University. ----- _-___---____ =
These cards also form the temporary. "
directory which, the Student Christian 1OA NYIMT 2c VNN
association maintains each fall priori--
tthe putblication of the student dil- A- Film Drm of JX~9L4L.)LLeILO_
rectory which appears in 1November._ and Splendor _.,.
Religions of foreign lands, such as i.
Hinduism and B~udhism, have, their
followers in the University. In addi-
tion, almost every reoligion wvhich ex-
ists ini any part of this cottntry is rep--
resented by at least several Michigan
f studen-ts. - ':. ' 2r:" -
Gern'vzn Merchants
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hlanburg, Ja. )- A party of G~er-'=#,
iman mezrchanlts and min ida; tu 'ers
v.1illeav e her e Januar y M for Allexico,
whlere they, will he given an ofin it 1 Flran .le
welree. '. Tlv wtll Itour i'1 lxico for L'C) -l :
r1) day", viziting the ilnd3.stri< . ,mining'" So~elhrlal S o- ci
and oil re'gions o: i ht? r, ,IaiicO. M T IDE Y-
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r x . =Resplend-ent Paris is height of
y > , fufolly. T h e of e biling ,
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Ihad, 'em tipir


ig out of







V !
-- ,..

their seats all day, yesterday!I
DIVERTING? umh, hum!

Up) :1114 downt Broidway - in filie Garihl
ILighat of the Raarlmty tCoaust - and at
Last in the lJepthi of l s~huai u- -9,670
Mlliles on1 h le l)owii (Gu'ide -- and Il enl
the Long ]'sIIalt Bck.


" M..xi ; A c


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all the inherent qualities, the star runner,
golfer, "baseballer," etc., must be carefully,
thoroughly trained--both mentally and
physically. So the methods of trainers
and athletic experts1 are of interest to aIl n
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/1.9 Uh1

w iainy
.. l



llow c
i25c, :vie

the '-4f


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A tI'P

for' elvc @ wlif i--
friend hus-bajd stand'ig the bill!

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10e, 3i5, , ))c
New /
A Gam

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