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December 19, 1924 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 12-19-1924

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j w 'A nr Ma ory sweet
oseit ) Qaaner lralan Wise
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0r d1 Ohliacher Thomas V. Koykka.
William C. Patterson Liliias K. Wagner

t the Underwood proposal would
ate a situation worse than that
sting in the Teapot Dome scandal I
se and his accusation that the
esident was overriding the will of
senate agricultural committee
ich reported the Norris government
nership bill, that, too, will be seen
its proper light when it is re-a
mbered that the whole trouble isE
at the senator's own proposition was
Sone which was rejected and for
ilch the Underwood ,bill has been
With even the Republicans agree-
g that the Muscle Shoals problem
ust be settled, and a majority of
em favoring the Underwood bill, it
to be hoped that they will pass it'
ithin the next few days and be done
ith it.j

ask you
Ilall to
Na me

"+wru(rt!! [,-.1"JJI'%//Il/rrnl /J/. r rr " °

I m usic Books fMake the Best Gifts
R M IOur stores are convenient.


. Our service includes

ing is the blank that they
to fill out if you go to Lane
find out what your vocation

A review, by Robert Henderson.
The theater is divided into three

rneipjui co-operatin t heselection ana
delivery of your needs

parts: tho artificial, the natural, ana


Address those who stay between and become
Phone Snap or y negligible. The argument for the
College Photograph stilted and conventional is logical to
Year or Class
ome address extremity; the theater itself is a
What are you studying -to be at place of painted masks and dripping
present? tallow, the sun comes from sizzlingI
Does the work interest you vitally? I arcs, the shadows from the painter's
Is it easy or hard for you? purple, affectation is its mother and
Average grade? technique, laborious and obvious, its
Have you a strong desire to suc quond.nm novice.
ceed? The calsslc ballet, steeped in cen-
Are you willing to pay the price for turies of continental culture, takes its
Have any of the following indered place in this rococco stage as the pin-
ynacle of its art. The toe dancer trains
your progress? 1rornchildhcod to break every nat-

Both Lnds of the Diagonal


I -

-. _._.
.. ..",

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disregarded. The namrs of com nuni
ants will, however, be regarded as
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New Years Eve Dance
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Y lnsor S. Ji. Sinclair
L 11.Nainer F. Taylor
1'lIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1924
Night Editor-NORMAN R. THAL

To the Editor: 2. Moral Habits.
In a recent Daily, I found a sar 3. Lack of preparation.
castic headline about the Egyptian re- 4. Concentration.
volt. It is altogethcr a different thing 5. Initiative.
whether or not the Egyptians ar Ca you.stan crics?
loyal to thi British crown. But why Do you like work that is entirely
should they be loyal? Are the Eng- mental?
lsh doing anything good for the Do you like work that is entirely
Egypt aus, or hav: the Egyptians gone manual?
crazy in site A a good Englsh rule? Would you prefer work consisting of
Did the Americans remain loyal to both?
the English crown? Why was George Do you want work coupled withI
Washington in favor of a revolution great responsibility?
even though he had taken an oath of Have you a keen sense of humor?E
allegiance? Or are we to attribute Do you think quickly and ac-
the same adjective to George Wash- curately?
ington as you might to the Egyptians: Your hobies and Tecreations?
If at all the English people did any- * * "
thing good for Egypt, they did it at Well when the fortune teller hand
the expense of everything that is dear e u h th e ere agha
to the Egyptian heart. And the same could hi tell anything about our vo-
is the case with India, Should the I cation from this, we asked him. We
Indians be grateful to His Majesty's thought the way they did it was for
government because it constructed you to hold out your hand and then,
railway lines, telegraph offices and so they look at it and say Gosh you have
on, which as a matter of fact made the a long Life Line, or else Gee you're
IBrtish rule more firm. In the case of
gonna have five wives and let me see
India the English people say that the 14 children three of them boys. Else
built railroads and established steam they should have had an Old Crone
ship lines to transport food supplies in there with a Greasy Pack of Cards,
form one place to another m time of and she would have turned up the

ural law, to mould her ankles into
a supple rigidity, to balance one foot
raised perilously in the air against
the other resting tin-wise beneath it.
I1er torso remains stiff and immova-?
ble, and her hands sway but little:

then mincingly, sweetly. At her GRALUATE AND RE(GIsT$RED
greatest she rests h1er craft in her I Chiropodist Orthopedist
feet. 1707 N. University Ave. Phone 2652
The other extreme, represented in -.
Anna Wigman, Dalcroze Eurhythmics,
and the Denishawn dances, presents
a body that is free from these fash-
ionsble conventions, supple and lithe, Notice
bound only by its own natural form.
The superiority of one over the other
is a matter of passing taste; the one, To Students going home for the
brought to its final fruit by Anna Holidays.
PavIowa, is turning to its lasting de-!
cadence, while the other is all but
fully undevelopedl with a future that
is still ahead.
Pavlowa herself, especially in her HAT SALE
performance lust evening, was a rare-
fied, exquisite artist. Her charm has We are closing out all Fall Hat
become a definite stencil, her numbers which we have left at the following
are recurring similar, but there-is a prices:
vivacity and sparkling brilliance about All $3.i)0 Hats now ............$3.00,
her entire personaliyt that constantly All $4.00 Hats now .............$3.50
fascinates her audience. All $4.50 Hats now............$3.75
Tf uon cmn prc All $5.00 Hats now.............4.25
ularly her~ leading men, were as care-
fully precin mandperfect. When they We clean and reblock hats and cap
appeared in the several Russian num- and, do it RIGHT. You will appreci-
bers they were colorful and vital; Iate having your hat done over in a
their toe dances were often mechan- clean and sanitary manner, free from

There will be Dances t
at Grarnger'"s
Friday, Dec. 19 ..............9-1
Saturday, Dec. 20 ...........9.12
Saturday, Dec. 27..........9-12
Saturday, Jan. 3 ............9-12
A regular 'New YGears Eve Celebration and D)ance

?ps t UfIi 4rs ifor
tbeC raft tEpeebop
Over Arcade Theatre Phone 2066-R,


Wednesday, Dec. 31
(Cut this Out and Keep Posted)


- i
N '


Every train carries with it today its
cargo of overworked students Who
for the past two weeks, have beenI
planning their strenuously recreation-
al vacations. Going }orth,, S t,.
East, and West, Michigan students are
being transported, from their circles,
of student friends to their family fire-
sides, away from scholastic worries
to the carefree life of the holiday sea-
son, away from the campus to the
home town.
But -there is one thing from which
these thousands are not departing-
the thought that their president.I
whom they respect and love so much,
and who has gone through so many
weeks of suffering, must watch this
looliday season pass from his bedside.
As they leave Ann Arbor, the stu-
dents' Christmas wish for President
Burton takes a definite form,-a hope
that the New Year will bring with it
strength and happiness for him.
Michigan now has an adequate
memorial for the late James Burrill
Angell, one of its greatest presidents.
The prompt action by the Board of
Regents, naming the recently com-
pleted building for the -literary col
lege James Burrill Angell hall, in re-
s'ponse to petitions from the faculty
and students will be welcomed by
everyone. The magnificent structure
will become more and more an in-
tegr-,l prt of the campus as students
Oe(-Uni I themselves to the new
non - r lmne so itally connected
wii ii ie reatneo A the University.
i u i>' idently it ni i " be well to
arenaming some of the other
bui -s of the campus. While one
l hardly recommend a completely
ner ystem of nomenclature, why
should we not get away from such
prosaic and uninteresting titles as
"Chemistry building," "Physics lab,"
"East Engineering building," and
"'Natural Science building." How
muck more atmosphere-that vague
and indescribable thing--would be
added if we could call them by the
name of the men principally'respon,
sible for the development of the vari-
ous departments. At any rate we
should be able to get away from such
travesties or, "atmosphere" as "nat
sci aud," "chem lab," "engine shops,'"
and "medic building."
Much has been accomplished by
the Regents' first step-it will be well
for them to proceed further on the
samie path.
The rabid attack of Senator Norris,
'Pnl,,wli nn nn 1o ,fmoa nn c


famine. There is no question about queen of diamonds and said There's ical and dull. Naturally this became odor and made to fit your head.
it, they did transport food supplieg9 your girl you lucky stiff but look out most obvious in "Coppelia," the open-
but not to the place where there was for a tall dark man. ing ballet in which Pavlowa did not FACTORY HAT STORE
famine but from the famine stricken But this S. C. A. fortune teller appear. "There is but a negligible 617 Packard St. Phone 1792
area to England. The second thing comes right back and says that-they're story to the number save a constant (Where D If. fR Stovs at State)
they say about India is this: If we scientifically. He rcite succession of echnical exercises. The
0 on t cetfcll.H eiedastigby Soudceikinle, scenic artist ________________________
,go away -fromn India the Hindus and little poem to prove that .this new aln,, hReioffrth 'av EiAENT±S SRRTE
the Mohaminedians will break each
method was the nuts: Souris, however, was so excellently Let
other's heads. Suppose they do, what It worked swell done as to shine through something CO
has Epg/ard t 0o with that? - At Cornell. (Old Song) like a dozen season's constant :use. N E
Are the English people sent by God (He didn't really. I made it up just "Snowflakes" to the Tschaikovski MICHIGAN MEN
to rule the poor Indians? Give me ow.) "Nutcracker Suite" was strikingly Play for that Party.
six months time and I will give you , But lie said we'd have to' fill out superior and ended on a climax that. For Engagements Call 284
enugh evidence o show that this thing before he'd have anything was similarly the elmax ofthe evening.
,English leople are not fit to r do with guessing our vocation. Against the leautiful Urban back If, on the other hand, you are in
England. drop, the various dances unfolded in
I n n.nSo we filled it out and boy it wasuccession, the Pas doDuexthe PasIChicago, you must not miss Julia
really3 wan wrd pect shous hard.' Take this question 'Snap or dcTrois, tothe spectacular Coda: Arthur in "Saint Joan" by George
really want world peace, they should photograph.' How would YOU an- the snow rushing to the ground, Pay- Bernard Shaw. It was one of the out-
see that eiaa-swer that one if somebody just asked lowa poised at tih- ,pliinacle of a tab- standing successes of last year's New
In. y syou it offhand? (Finally I put snap , leaux, the entire picture glistening, York season: brilliant, highly theatric
are trying their best to establish that because it was shorter.) tingling with the theme it was con- and in no sense literary or precious
peace by first driving out British Im- * * * ;uding. Other excellent attractions, listed
perialism by all 1ossible and legiti What was I studying to be at pres- The final fhird of the program in- perhaps, in their order of merit, ar
maur country Ihefitwtht&ent, they wantedI to know. Well if chlded nine (divertissemenits, like the I"Seventh Heaven'" with Helen Menc
Our country! In her fight with the that wasn't a simple one. If I was Chinese and Holland dance, mere ken, "White Cargo" (a second comn
I L.,rl~c n+ nn mn r clt ru n' htt nts !_ - . rr:.. .,,. +... ....."i c v 1cmio -l .

The Management
Christmas Greetings
and Best Wishes
for the New Year
-a NER*A


(y o

ll:... (7


English nation may she win; put our
country, win or lose.
-H. R. Pradhan.
If the University is becoming a
playground, as Mr. Angell would lead
us to believe, perhaps a few competent
playground directors ought to be
added to the staff next year.
MEET IN 1925"-Detroit News head-
line. Then there is some hope for I
athletics in the immediate future!
At least the people of Pennsylvania'
have relegated the cross word puzzle'
to its proper place-the state hospital
for the ,i,.ane at Warren, Pa.
Soleo : .Grindy loses all claim to
immerrf:iy for lmiing a speedy life
sincex; Detroit r was wooed, mar-
ried, and dese- 4 in a day.
Senator Ralston, who sees a bright
future for the Democratic party,

studying to be anything I'd go ahead 1 assing gi-otesqueI esad some ire pany), Jane Cowl in "Romeo'and
and be it, wouldn't I? Any sensible the "Gavotte," which Pavlowa substi- Juliet" (special matinees), "The Goose
it, Any tuted for the "Serenade" announced HaegspHial"mayiews)BeGse
fella would. So I put chemical en- on the program, and the famous Hangs 1-gh" by Lewis Beach, "Sit.
gineer but I've decided not to be one.' "Swan" dance, perfect miniatures of ting Pretty" with the Dolly Sisters
The work doesn't interest me very perfect artificiality. It is rather in- and Frank Maclntyre, and the in
vitally, I said next. teresting and discouraging to note that evitable "No, No, Nanette."
I was too modest to answer the the audience ruined the "Swan" by * * *
next one. applauding before the number was If, however, you really must stay
And the one after that. completed. The actual choreography in Detroit over Christmas there is the
The next two just about stumped indicates a final, sudden rise of the f San Carlo opera company playing the
me. They seemed sort of connected, dancer to her full height and as sud- rest of the week in the following
both having the syllable succ in them den a collapse to the ground. Ann A- repertory: tonight, "Cavalleria Rus-
you know, but I didn't know what the bor, evidently nicely ignorant of such ticana" with Axman, Kent, Salazar,
price of success was, to tell the a tradition, robbed it of its final cli- and Chehanovsky, and "Pagliacci" with
truth, and what with the holidays max: and everyone seemed blissfully Saroya, Tommasini, and Baslola; Sat-
. ~satisfied, blissful and very satisfied. ,,
coming on and everything you had to s , brday afternoon, Martha with Lu-
'The final number was the dashing,u
be pretty close with your money but violent Russian Dance with M. Alger- chesse, DeMette, Onofrel, and Valle;
if I could get one cheap I might. anoff's whir-wind Cossack steps. The and Saturday evening, "Il Trovatore"
* * * costumes were vivid, the dancing, the with Saroya, Kent, Tommasini, and
We said we had never been hindered whole ensemble effect was electric: Baslolo. This company, year by year,
by health, concentration, lack of it was the end of a l eautiful example has consistently raised its standards,
preparation, or lack of purpose, but of a great technique that, in-its prime, 9nd today stands as the only significant
that moral habits and initiative had is passing. today stands as the only significant
slowed us up a good deal. I felt more ** * touring organization presenting opera
encouraged when they asked this one. OVER THE VACATION in an adequate manner.
It showed they were really going to If you live within miles of Cleve- The following week, perhaps for
the Root of the Matter. land you must beg or borrow your two or three weeks, Al Jolson will be
Nobody can stand criticism better way to Max Reihardt's production of at the Shubert-Detroit in his new I
than me, I said a little boastfully after "The Miracle" opening in the Cleve- revue, "Big Boy." If you like Al
the next ouestion. You run a land Auditorium Christmas n'ght. Jolson, according to the reports, you
column in the Daily for a year or so Very flatly and without exception it will like "Big Boy," but you may not
sometime and see if you don't find is the most artistic, most extravagant I like his ton-price of four dollars and
that you can stand criticism a little play ever presented in America. Its forty cents. . . . or, you may not like
better every day. It practically slides scenic conception by Norman-Eel Jolson.
off my back, I added in a footnote Geddes is superb and gigantic, the * * *
which I marked figure -one. j most complete sween of imagination AFTER VACATION:
The next three questions I put no ever brought to prastical fruit on one Tuesday, January 13-The Ann Ar
after. I put the first two no's down stage, while Reinhardt's own direc- bor branch of the American Associa-
quite fast and then thought a minute tion is the work of the genius riges- tIon of University Women presents
and remembered that I never could sear of the world. Thomas Wilfred in a recital on his
stand compromise and wrote no again Very sincerely, this is in no way Clavilux, or Color Organ in Hill aud-
* * * an exaggeration: it is based upon an itorium.
For the next one I put yes and then actual pelformance seen when thb Thursday, January 15 - Comedy
scratched it out and put I don't know. production opened in New York last Club presents the first authorized pro-
Pretty modest, hey? February. "The Miracle" is so fai duction in America of George Bernard
Your hobies and recreations? Well, in advance of anything ever seen be- Shaw's "The Admirable Bashville" in
I collected stamps for a while and had fore in the American theater that Sarah Caswell Angell hall.
a lot of U. S. ones and twos (used, comparisons are inadequate. The act- Monday,. January 19-The Russian
and had all the man stamns from ig. esnecially by Lady Diana lan- Symphonic Choir under the direction

pieces candle


j G,
J r '

ments ... or holly - red





unusual individually.
We invite you t o
inspect o u r wonderful


of Christmas


be accorded the

title of "su-

The clock has struck; for books I
That lie upon the floor,
But ere I gain a single yard,
My exit through the door is barred,:
For professorial words retard,
Announcing, "One thing mo're!"f
What thought will he re-iterate
In hopes that there may penetrate
A germ of wisdom lie would fain
Inculcate in our minds inane?
Or mus n rtnrimnnd h nno

plants and cut-flowers ...
we consider it far superior
to any showing we have
ever had. 09 4
i a (

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