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September 28, 1924 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 9-28-1924

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rsity Scholarship Chart




The scholarship average in the Uni-
versity for the past year shows a net
gain of more than t wo points over the
the average of 1922-23. The average
this year was 74.5 per cent as com-
pared to 72.4 per cent last year. Pro-
fessional sororities led the entire group
average of the University with the
mark of 79.3 per cent, while general
sororities were first last year wth.
7819 per cent.
All sororities had an average this
year of 79.1 per cent showing a gain
of four tenths per cent over the mark
of last year. The general sorority av-I
erage was practically the same this
year as last, but the professional aver-
a)ige was much higher, climbing from
74.6 per cent to the lead this year at
79.3 per cent.
The all-woman average was better
by nine tenths this year, climbing:

above; Phi Sigma Delta, formely
twenty-fourth; Phi Delta Theta, last
year next to the cellar position; Zeta
Beta Tan, dropped from thirteenth;
Alpha Sigma Phi, thirty-fifth last t
year; Tau Delta Phi, risen from thir-
ty-first; Delta Sigma Phi, dropped ,
from sevententh; ,and . Theta Chi, j
which took one of the most spectacu-
lar drops, from eight position.
Starting with the thirty-first notchi
the following, ten rank: in order: Beta1
Phi Delta, dropped from twehty-third;
Alpha Tau Omega, which ,also tookt
a header by falling from twelfth; Phi
Lambda Phi, not in , .competion ;last)
year; Sigma Phi Epsilon, fallen froml
twenty-first.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1
fallen one notch; Phi Mu Delta; Del-" I
ta Upsilon, fallen all the way from
ninth; Sigma Phi, which has risen
three notches in the year; Phi Epsi-

from 77.8 to 78.7 per cent. The in- lon Pi, dropped from fifteenth; and,
dependent women average was 78.3 Delta Tau Delta, fortieth dropped ,
per cent this year as compared with from eleventh.-
77.2 per cent last year waiile the pro- The remaining eleven fraternities
fessional fraternity average was 77.8 are Omega Psi Phi, risen three notch-:
per cent as compared with 76.2 per es; Psi Upsilon, dropped from thirty-
cent last year. Fraternities were on- second; Hermitage, thirty-seventh last;
ly 72.8 per cent last year while this year; Kappa Sigma, dropped from
year the average was 74.6 per cent. twenty-ninth; Alpha Phi Alpha, twen-]
The entire University average this ty-fifth last year; Sigma Chi, dropped#
year practically coincided with the from twentieth; Alpha Delta Phi,
fraternity average while combined thirty-sixth last year; Theta Delta,
fratbrnity and sorority average was I Chi, formerly twenty-sixth; Chi Psi,j
close behind. Last year it was two last year forty-second; Sigma Nu,
tenths of a point lower. dropped from fourteenth; and Alphat
Independents raised their average Chi Rho, in the last position, dropped
from 71.6 per cent to 73.8 per cent from thirty-ninth.
this year, while all men jumped from In. all, fifty-one fraternities were re-
71.1 per cent to 73.4 per cent. Gener- presented on the Michigan campus
al fraternities held the average of this year, an increase of five overf
73.2 per cent this year as compared ! last year. The averages in grades
with 70.9 per cent last year. All in- for those grouped ranged from 79 perl
dependent men were a jump ahead of cent to 68 per cent this year, as com- .
local friaternities this year with an pared with 77.2 per .cent last year.,i
average of 72.7 per cent, while last Alpha Phi again topped the sorori-'
year this same group held 71.6 per ty field, as well as leading all campusj
cent.- a groups with the high avernage of 84.51
Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity is this per cent, the same as last year. Col-
years winner of the Cecil lambert legiate crosis was again second
Meniorial cup, the trophy which has while Delta Delta Delta again took the
been given by tlhc Acacia Alumni as, third notch; Kappa Kappa Gamma
sociation for awird by the Interfra- climbed. two notches to fourth, while
ternity conference to the fraternity Delta Zeta rose from twelfth to fifth'.
which leads in scholarship each year.
The cup was won last year by Phi Alpha Chi Omega dropped from
Mu Alpha, this year in tenth position fourth to six, while Phi Sigmna Sigi r
Thecup, first awardedt last year, i rose from fouirteenth to seventh Kap-
to go each fall to the fraternity which pa Alpha Theta retained the eighth
leads in scholarship for the past two post while Gamma Phi Beta also kept
semesterst At the end" of ten yea number nine. Pi Beta Phi slipped up
the fraternity having the highest aver five notches and took tenth position
Sthis year. Zeta Tau Alpha, in a finial
age for all of that time gains pernian- ibrto pecibdfo ett
ent possession of the trophy. It is burst of speed, climbed from next to
hoped that a formal presentation of the cellar to eleventh. While Theta
the cup can be made this fall to this Phi rose.from eighteenth to twelfth;
Kapa Delta dropped five positions;
year's winners. Alpha Omicron Pi found the going
The leaders this year are also in the hard and lost some valuable ground,
lead for the permanent possession of falling froi eleventh to fourteenth;
the cup as they placed second last Delta Gaima failed to win as man'y
year. Kappa Nu is in the runner-uip iA's as formerly for the house fell
post this fall. Others in the first ten from tenth to five below that enviable
ar-Dolt;' Alpha Epsilon, which haspost; Alpha Gamma Delta's effort
claimed sixteenth position; Pi Kappa
Alpha.. tenth last year; Alpha Kappa
Lambda; Sigma Alpha Nn, both now
in the competition; Acacia, dropped
from third; Beta Theta Pi, which
climed from fortieth position; Phi
Kappa Sigma risen from twenty- i
In the second ten are found: Phi
Gamma Delta, risen to eleventh fromI
the eighteenth post; Delta Ph. a new Dining Room Is Open to You.
comer; Delta Chi, twenty-eighth last 50c Noon Luncheon, 11:30 A. M.
year; Phi Beta Delta, risen from
twenty-first; Chi Phi dropped from to 2 P. M.
seventh; Phi Kappa Tau, droppedj
from sixth; Lambda Chi Alpha, risen"
from thirty thind; Delta Kapp-.. Salads, Sandwiches and Light
Epsilon, risen from the last . position Lunches.
in 1922-23; Tan Epsilon Phi, dropped Lnhs
from fourth; and Delta Tau Epsilon,
risen from forty-third, or four from
the bottom. 75e Dinner, 5 to 7'P. M.j
Phi Kappa Psi, which group was
thirty-eighth last year, is now twenty- $1.00 Special Dinner, choice of I
first on the list, while next nine in
order: are Phi Kappa, a new group; Steak or Chicken, 11:30 A. M.
Zeta Psi, dropped from four notches
t0 2 P. M.;. 5 to 7 P. M.

showed some result as the house pull- it could not get away from it but
ed out of the mire of the cellar to Theta Xi had no such good fortune
sixteenth, but Chi Omega could not do with the tenth notch as they found
so well, falling from the unlucky number fourteen was assigned to them
thirtenth notch to something even for the year. Sigma Delta Kappa
worse, seventeenth; Alpha Epsilon 1 dropped from twelfth to fifteenth. Phi
Phi almost held its own but lost to Alpha Delta jumped three from the
overwhliming odds in dropping one nineteenth berth, while Delta Theta
notch to eighteenth; Alpha Xi Delta's Phi escaped the cellar this year by
game struggle kept the house fron taking seventeenth. Alpha Rho Chi
the cellar position, but Sigma Kappa lost some ground, falling from seven-
was last. teenth last year to one below that.j
The soiority grades ranged from 1Phi Delta Cli also dropped a notch tol
the top-notchers' 81.5 per cent-to the nineteenth, while Delta Sigma Pi fell'
cellarities' 74.4 p cent. The won l from sixteenth to the. next to the
excelled the leri In that no sorori- bottom berth. Gamma Eta Gamma
ties had failing averages, while four I outdistanced all comers for last place.
fraternities are on the taboo list. succeding where it had failed last
The professional sorority, Alpha year year by one place.
Epsilon Iota, was only two tentihs of Local fraternities failed to keep th,
a percent above the general sorority pace, falling below even the averageI
average, which led all other general for men. Chyron was first with an!
groups on the campus at 79 per cent, average of 77 per cent, while Peers
exactly what the best of the fraterni- was outdistanced in the race, running
ties could reach. The last sorority a poor second. Gamma Sigma, Tri-;
was above the fraternity average, by gon, Wayfarers, Vhi Pi, Sigma, and
nearly a whole point. Fletcher hall finished in order. The
The professional fraternities, which hall was a distinct disaipoinutent in
as a whole placed second to the aver- its first year of existance as the gen-
age maintained by the women, were eral average was a notch below the
led by Phi Delta Phi, closely pressed 70 per cent, or iassing line.
by Phi Rho Sigma. These two were The women's dormitories, on thej
fourth and fifth last year, separated whole were slightly below the wo-
there by only a shade. Nu Sigma Nu, men's average, but still above the best
held the third position gained last the men had to offer, the professional
year, but Delta Sigma Delta slipped fraternity average. Ball house and
from second to. fourth. Phi Delta Martha Cook waged a game race for
Epsilon rose from seventh to fifth, the lead, with Hiall winning by a close
but Alpha Chi Sigma, well out in front margin. The average was 83, taking
last year found the seas too rough and second place in the entire group com-
fell to sixth. Phi Lambda Kappa was petition, while Martha Cook was third
next. in this. The first general fraternity to
Phi Chi held closely onto the eighth show in the cam pus house lattle was
position, while Xi Psi Phi rose from
fourteenth -to ninth with a final burst t
speed. Alpha Kappa Kappa also was
unlucky and fell from sixth to tenth.
Phi Beta Pi maintained its post at the
eleventh pole, but Psi Omega fell - __-Salads
from ninth to twelfth. Alpha Sigma
found number thirten so unlucky that H E

Phi Kappa Sigma, which placed twen-
ty-ninth, being out-ranked by ten so-
rorities, eleven league houses, and
eight professional fraternities and so-
In the first ten on the campus are
found three sororities, four dormitories
and three professional fraternities. In
the first twenty there are o-ight so-
rorities, six professional; iraternities,
and nine league houses.





The first twenty "ornen residence
houses were: Hill, Martha Cook For-
sythe, Ritze, Rock, Frink, Betsy Bar-
bour, Shauman, Jeffrey, Mi~1chell,
Helen Newberry, Dauner, Auspur-
ger, Adelia Cheever, Ash, Adams,
Reagh, Jordan, Shaw, and McEachran.
The others finished in the following
order: Goodrich, Alumnac, Morice
Swezey, Brown, Waite, McClinton,
Thornton, Wood, Caugy, Westminis-
ter, Huebler, Henry, Hoag, Spaulding,

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A. C. BARTH - 619 E. WilliamI


McKiell, Formhais, Flox, vogt an -
Waterman. The house averages range
from 83 per cent to 70.3 per cent. _
A copy of the scholarship chart E
which is issued yearly by the regis- L
tarar's office has been mailed to each 2 F aloa
house on the campus with an explana- otw ear
tory letter. In this letter the grading
system is explained, which is as fol- 'r
lows: A-100, B-85, C-70, D-50, Fj20-
This differs from last year's system Oflcivies7n
in that both D's land E's counted 401w
per cent, the other counting the name.
This change is not thought to have Pten to Suit Ery
materially effected the result however.
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