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December 11, 1924 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 12-11-1924

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TITr R 1A , DECEMBER.Jl11 ii, 192

~ f

1 ,

,. ., ,
., .., .



Last Lansing, Mich., Do- 10.--V: .

Skipper Drives Alen in Effort to De- .

cide on Startingj
Lineup i =

Michigan's Varsity basketball squad qt(Iieste
will 'go into the M. A. C. basketballI house
game minus the services of Eddie; to be
Chambers, counted upon to fill one of I ers.
the forward positions in the opening
game of they year. Chambers was de-
clared ineligible for participation tho
first semester at a meeting of the f l
Board in Control of Athletics, Tues-
day night.
The lineup is more indefinite than n
ever as the result of the scrimmage
last night. Skipper Mather put his U
squad through two games, one withI
the Coach school five and the otlier
with a team of Re.serves. Captain H-ag- r IreKIlJ EacR
gerty, 'Doyle, aid Cherry played for
the entire period of scrimmage but the
other men who were being tested as'
possible choices, for positions Saturday M ACN
night were shifted around continually.
Kuenzel was given a try at one Ve
of the forward positions for most of
the contest and showed signs of Var- prsdn
sity calibre. Kressbach, member of: will find
the reserves last year was worked at club ow:a
one of the guard positions early in the when Ire
game but was replaced by Reason in meeting
the first contest. Reason gave a good I The me
exhibition, of basket shooting and hisj sa wLang

en who have won aMa's orj
rve numerals in football
.g the past season are re-
ed to report at the fieldf
cduring the next few dlays
mheasure~d for their sweat-
at of 13rihcr~ (ase is i'.OIIC
Contentiiion in New York
York, Dec. 10.-Ban Johnsoni,
it of the American League,
d little sympathy amkong the
ers in the junior circuit
estarts his fireworks at the
of the magnates.
ioeting, at which Judlge Kane-
ndis, head coltmiissioner of

seven veterans back from thei. :amo
that last year was 1)8 rely ibeat ( >i
Michigan, Coach Kobs of 1M. A. C. i;
confident that his tea ni this year xv ,ill
be able to Ipanel -the \Xoiveriiec (iit-t
a defeat, in their first game of t he
captain Nuttila, o mm eCithllcaste-t.
forwards to -ippear on the \'xolv : Te
court last season, hla s lbeen =ging bet-
ter ilhan ever this year ad -mould
cause the Wolverine guank;l no >>r
of worry. Hie has Pu Iprovcd b; ibaslket
shooting which coupled w.i 11i his nat -
ural speedl make himnaia uLt a a
against any team. lP cliiian, h is Va ra-
ning hate, has been a Varsity for-
\Vard for two() y a'r" 0)an(,'iranks ('1lY
a noetch below his leader.
Kitto, Blkcy, <i7.d 11:acjn arie
ibattling it out for the cenLe1r loe:;i*J08
and it is p~robable thit(Coaceli Xloo'
will give each a chalice age >,<st the
Wolverine quintet. All c f the- himnc.
have seen service onl an iM. A. C. V<#r-
sity teaml. Hultnmn amt(Rollie iP'
ards have est alihsed thiemaci re ; :s
the best auieng the guard ran'Iiat e ,
by reason of thieir" supierioragrs
siveness and close guarding abiilly
Captain fHaggerty and ( 'berr~y 01
Michigan will have to polish uplloil
their lonlg shots if they are to scoi e
frequently on this lair.
Coach Kobs has5 put . slcll (5 ifili-
sis on the guardIs this yeara11,h 1(-!s
that he has a pair of for, ardls ho
can take care of themiselves: in :ay
company if their gua..rds can st ,
opp~onent scorers. Stross hlas beet.
laid upon abi' ty to take 0,he ball I oX
the backboard on long shot~; and la la]'
free throws-. A defensle is zlisa Ins-
ing planned a g ain-stthe Ii:eI ,:1281
ceenter stall, wh.ich I'lhe, V :verne s
lut to such good zadvanta,; in the
closing minutes of the gam<Ies last
year to keel) their' ti c it~ e; :f rom)
scorinig. All the Aggmot, fle haye en
drilledl rigidlly in foul sleet a , '-'o
that they will be p rimed in evet v de-
partment of the game.
nation at the ' Mlayo hospii a] h3,ere.
He refuses to say anything rega-,-
ing the meeting or 11r. Johnson umo-
til he is onl the ground'. lBeyond (N.-
lressing satisfaction wvith thle lacti~on
of the National League mgnaeslie
has been silent on the matter, and
until he and the. American L eague
president meet in actual session, is
attitudle will not be known.
React the Want Ad s

<s ar M a? C h es 1l'erm ission to Fredt
Sit hi Iat erillall
Al L"an';Ma vist y tennis foaine may
1117 Vt V U ('hi,aniay to practice (dtir-
hlg'1oe etire %vinteor season as a re-
;: . G(srg May's ofifer to al-
Ivalit. ~gnmctof a, practice
r II }2e floor of1 Watermlan gymi-
c it aim cvroa^of the varsity net
I em ai 'i ?owv conlsidering; plans for
I. n; ; i, ai court anld if finial ar-
.,ipieiits go through the teau will,
i o0 )I rai'lice until 2 :30
?a lok c'ery afternoon until the
,c iti',gof the outdoor courts in the
If aorao gymnasium is used
1;,, l-;' will be divided into sec-
an;fol ])ractice and every mian will
I lio eCd tolplay twice a Weeki.
Cil y thiose womelnir of the Varsity
somti~ e -dho h1ad not been cuft before
tlt, n )1 let ion of outdoor practice
will 1 e allowed privileges onl the
co t-;i" It.
2,kisv ia ngc ment bfr supporting th~e
no t~ w.Itit otdamaging the floor of
f1', lixnas:;intis lprovidling a prob-
'05 lein the laying cut of a court.
f 0 0I19 Pflj~6IC[ TILTS
Ci c ,Dec.l)-'1 e Lite5
r1 ' b.cLaolhas arranged four practice
11ued , >to takec ilk) CC lbefore the openl-
}.n o their Conference schedlule.
'The Maroons are working hard to
Ir 1their teamr oda yin t ime or
r 0 on 5] g gn? agist 11i- Mich-
,.x_ .....:, ]ACC. 2{}. t looks as
ehim7' li(_'on ech Ncrgren will lave to deC-
' wo Uis I\Ogliai's at the sanme time,
P11 t A'c:se has to kee^) out of prac-
ml";l nil;; s foot ball iijur:y r 1 ad.s.
0,111a a L rks, 'liner'Barta, NL die
. 'yabing'er and Austin Mc( 'arthy are
P r c('El o';e guardls, the latter two be-
ing onalified to fill in for tihe captain
;:1OUd it; be necessary.
,' gro'n is putting; his men through
a, J11 tscrimmage every (lay uinig
Barnte,, Sackett, and Gordon effective-
l; at tihe forwvards with Alyca far out
in front as a center.
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Workmen Prepare
Yost Field House
For Court Season
Workinen have been busy on- the
field house for the past two weeks
preparing the buildiing for the basket-
i),all season which will open Saturday
nighit in a game with M\. A. C.
TPhe seating capacity has been
brought up to its full quota by the;
erection of the bleachers on the floor,
of tihe building oil all sides of the bas-
ketball court. It is estina~ed that
more than 8,000 people can easily he
accommoda ted at'tihe ])isgoiiiies of
the season.
liii i l,tl ]Second Only flo Horrxl
zii-d Walh n 'dilly E-wis'
"Butch'' Slaughter, guard oil theO
M'ichigani Varsity football team for the
last three ye ars, has been select COI
by Billy Evans, lproziiient short crit ic,
as left guard on his second All-Amer-
icaon eleven.
!According to Evans in his choice for
the pivot position thlere were t hree
plrominent candidates, Walsh of Notre
Damne, H-orrell of California;, and
Brown of 'Michiganl. I\alsii's play
wvarranted1 a first teami herth, but his
injuries kept him out of so mnany
games that lie was necessar'ilv dis-
sua lified for that ei lven, but his bril-
liant platy assuire'dhimn that])pos ion
on the second tocm. lorrl'Cl 1ha(1ua
slight edlge o,,er Brown who rates third
among Amyerica's pivot men.
The firs;, teami is as follows: Wake-
field, Vanderbilt, aild. Lawson, Stan-
fol~d, ends; l\cGinlcv, IPenn, and F'Var.
lie~, Prins' -'ton. tackles ; Diehl, Dart-
nioiith, andl Fvrwick, Army, guards;
with HEcrreli. Caltif., at center. In the
ba,:ckfield: Stuhidreher, Notre Dle;,
is at quarter; Crowley, Notre 1)atnie,
and. Grange, II.. aree at the halves;
with Pond of Yale, at full.
On the secondl eleven : Mahoney, II olyJ
Cross, and( Luman, Vale, are the endls;
Weir, Nebraska, and Hancock, Iowa,
tackles; Slaughter, Michigan, anid
M'vahan, West Virginia, at guard(s; while
W1alsh of Notre Demoe, is chosen as
center. In '~he backfield1: Dooley.
Dart mouth, is quiarterback; Ilaker,
;northlwestern, and Koppich, Columbia,
are his hialfback selections;~ while
M Ac~ride of Syr'acuse, is chosmn full-



fl ~ ~ f~ M mn capable of doing 11 feet 10 inches
T0 C T I ! rlte in tile pole vault and three
mmi i the high jump who have clear-
edl the bar at 5 feet 11 inches.
~ D IIWith all ,f the good men from time
SDScross country teanin reporting, the (lis',-
175 Yearlin-'s Rlott .wryn the coach. Very few have ro-
ll1oyl After Firs'. portced for the shot put or discus , andi
Cualt as weight mTen have been very scarce
on the Varsity the last two yearn P",
V WEIGIH'I, MEN coaches are anxious to see more m(c'i
out for thmis event.

More than '175 freslhmen~ have re-j
portedl to tCoacrh Hoyt, y: arinm:; iracoc
net en,, for indoor I rack practice,
foirming the lar ge st freshman trackc
sqtlmlii Mi chigan track Ihistory. 1"or-
tified ini all denartients exceplt the
wveights amid withl a host o(f lprel)schlool
stars onltile squad, prospects are
bright for anothier yearling t eamn that
will be able to (in icate tile recorol
of lacst year's team wv.hen Coach Hoyt's I
{iie-i took the mneasure of Illinois, Ohio
State, and Iowa freslmian teams in
telegraphic illeetS.

M i n a o i , M n . e . 1 . .th o u g h t h e G o p h e r c ro s s c o i u i t' r i'y te a r.
did not winl the confere'nce meet
Coach Ices has announced thatthe
pbysical education department is very
satisfiedl with the season's results,.
In addition to the men whm oml~rnosedl
the Varsity over 80 nien were (develop)-
ed who cold cover the requiredl five
miles in less than thirty minutes.


Although the first offitial1 pi~adice>
was hleld on the cinders ilt the Yost
field house yesterday a ntmiber of tile
men have been wor king out for sev-.
eral weeks, and are already shlowing
goodl form. Especially in the pole
vault amid high jumIY is Coach H-oyt',
team well fortified. There are four


Practice sessions for teamns en-
tered in time interfraternity
swimming mneet, will be hield
Thursday, 3:34-4:30 at time Y. Al.
C. A. 1p0ol.


iiuur VUI'iiwas goo. L-ater Line was:' baseball, is supposed to be present,
put in at tile guard post. The big m iay still be moved to Chicago dueEc
;ophiomore has shown catpability all; to time iillness of Mr. Landis, which
season but lhe has slowed up in t ;makes it impos~sible for the grand t
last few practices. He is an almostI mogul to comle here. The actual tiro-I
sure bet to get into the Aggie gamze, cedure in the matter had not been't
however. Gregory was another man ,decide(d tonight.t
who was worked at a forward posi- Joihnson has expressed in forcible
tion later in the game. . trm his desire to meet with thate
t The Coaching schxdol five showed;
up nmerus law in he ar~ty e-Fudge in order to' tell himl of a num-1
up nmerus law intheVarityde-ber of things which lhe thinks are c
fense but the regular shooting outae.Aogthsfr h a
G eor e I agg rty and Red C he rytept w ich Judge L andis handled the ;
the Varsity ahead. Inthe seodtm rbrycs f.imn 'onl n
the Varsity showed signs of weaken- ;Cozby Doaneof in hichtileynere ax-
ing and the shots of Landre and Rea- pezyeDofron baseball foryattempting
son, who had been transferred to the petdfonbsbllfratmtn
to bribe Heinie Sands, of the Phillies;"
Reserve lineup, kept the score fairly theso gambling se ituation wvhich lhe says
even. The regular five showed a lack
of accuracy, under the basket in both exsso;tePcfi os;Ih ad
ganis ad mst f teirscoes ereling of the World's Series; and num-
made from near the foul line. Reason =erous other matters which have conict
trotl Landre scored consistently under to his attention.
the net.! The owners of. a. the clubs in the
With Chamnbers out of the lineup for ;American league are not in sympathyl
the first few games at least the for-'" with their head in his intentions.
ward post opposite George Haggerty Most of tlieni have expressed them-
is in the air. In Saturday's game it, selves as being heartily in support ofI
is likely that Kdlenzel, Reason, Greg- Judge Landis in his actions. Furth-
ory, and 'probably Hutzol will be giv-! ermuore they will probably tell John-
en a chance to show their wares, son of their opinions and ask that hie
One of the interested spectators at lbe a little more careful in the future
last night's scrimmage was Harry as to his rash statements With me-
Kipke, All-American football player Bard to the corruption existing. They
and star on both the basketball and! feel that such statements as his are
baseball teams for his three years of damaging to thle general reputation
competition, enroute to L.ansing where4 of the game, and that hie should be
his wedding bells will tinkle Saturday.; more guarded in what lie says until
]Following the wedding lhe and his 'lhe has p~roof positive that lie is night.I
brhide will traivel 4to the Coast where The unqualified backing given to
the Missouri teani, of which Kipke is Judge Landis by the National League
one of the coaches, will play New magnates yesterday will fiecessarily
Year's day.I rob the American League leader of
- --- ----- ' some of his power. Without the sup-
Prof. J. C. Brier' of the chemical port of the senior' loop or the club;
cngineering departument gave a short owners in his own circuit, Ban is
talk on the mentor system at tile reg- without m-uch help. The National.
ular freshm'an engineering assembly j Leaguers were expected to pass a
yesterday, resolution denouncing th'e actions of'
Johnson, but this failed to materialize
amid the session's resolutions Were
1.A. ('. AM) ('%)LUATE , limiited to one conimending Judge
FOtl' (dli) GAME 'IN192) Landis on his entire conduct through-
out is career to date, and backed
I Another game was adIded to himi up strongly on the very points
Stihe list of intersectional con- I that Johnson emphasizes in his' ar-j
Itests slated for the 192'0 football I raignnient of the commissioner.
season when it was announced] Nothing in the way of a statement
yesterdlay afternoon at Hamilton,I has been obtained from Judge Lan-
IN. Y., that the Colgate team dis in c~tnnection with any feature
wouhlnmeet M. A. C. Oct. 31I at ! ot' the situation. He has been held up j
East Lansing.' in Rochester, Minn., for several days
_________________________________ Iwhile his wife has been under exani-

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sheim Shoes: speaks -
more for the shoes than
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good taste.
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