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December 07, 1924 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 12-7-1924

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f~It Inan



VOL. XXXV. No. 64





IIDNTws DOfC ThelADay lRRr l Heifetz Stresses Importance
1 Of Presenting VrPdIroagramn
Teagricultural appropriation bill, P TM A If~
AG IN FA ES sxI carying $124,69i7715, was reported to COMMUNISTS P U UUPPS A [A gin orwChruh Idar'gngaeptoefrth co-
C NFER NGE EAIIS ,The House co mpleted consideration Dovm BwDeIre Ff O OG BT :eie minieunte inalotlof re aonotonsin ovepevrain-
lthe nt or ay.iaio I_ _-reache our objective, Jasha ILAi- or 35 o1 those thr. t he considers re-
7N)AAShDLDFRFi4RDCLLAES([I CIN PSPNN~1(~ SI'iSE fet7, who was very democratically presetative. Occasionally, duing
TIMIE IN 22 YEARiS WITH'i Election figures from ten states re- ONLY POSTPON'EI; 1D NOT 1S5 UNJST TO PEOPLEI reeling (off signature after signature, this process, the young musician dis-
GAME OCT. 10 ceivedl in Washington showed Coolidge IAWAIT DEFEAT SAYS4 LEADEFR I(during the process insisting only that! covers a piece, ottimes written by a
leadng Dvisby 5,0'19,333.1
Di ' - -___-- each person present his own fountainI comparatively unknown composer, of
NAVY INCLUDliD i The Senate Naval committee urged FOREIGNERS HELD RELIEF DEMANDED penin order that no complicatonrsiI which he has never heard before.
President Coolidge not to extend the ---.--(- might arise. I1f There was n illustration of this In
Plyleave of Brig.-Gen. Buitler, Philadel- We found dfiut nitriwn his program Friday night in Ill1-
Varsity WIll Play Total of Fiv'e Home C(hantenips, 5lii tr of ~Itrior, Polozeits of World Court Prepare1 the famous violinist, as it' was so auditorium. "Stimmung in D Minor,"
Games; Three ithjf Big piia diecor of public safety. Satisfied With Supprssion To Bring Questioni Before much easier just to hold a friendly I which Heifetz played as the opening
Ten ElevenasS Of 17prising Present Session conversation, but after a few mn- number of t. third part of his po
that claims by 192,252 persons for tax- utes of personalities, he made a st -- gram, was written by Joseph Aclron,I
(Special to The Daily,) retunds were approved during th at Paris, Dec. 6. (By A. P.)--Conmplete Washington, Dec. C. (By A. P.-I met which we repeat it here: brother of his accompanist. Achron 's
Chicago, Dec. 6---Six conference fscal yar success in putting a stop) to the com-lWhile anxious to bring the world ' If one is to be a really great sue- works, though rather well known in
elevens will be met by Michigan on flhininist; agitation towards revolution cou11.1 proposal before the Senate,i ces as a musician, he must not only Europe, were entirely foreign to
the gridiron next fall, it wals decidled! Expenditures totalling $1 50,00,000I was claimed(by irte governntt to- Chairman Boah of the foreign rela- b capable of playing his music in Ameican audiences until introduced
today at the Big Ten schedule meet- I night and Minister of the Interior tons committee declared today that tatiic anebthmutls1y.Hft.
ing. Infn, Wsosn l'.ror new federal buildings was pro- Il. hedo teFenhplceu e a niligtexedscsin fa rciseictmaOnethisutrieMrst aeioety isHcarry-
IninWsosn l in iposedl in a bill by Chairman Elliott. ofs ea fth rnc oie heaxuniligtopuiisusin fdiscriminating choice in the O
Nortwt sernesteorandiOueijoa, leand Meliiileisotoat ,a w bletoaxprss etir saisfctinstatnongirpndigaisuefheacofionosiionof achproramioptatdignwo iolnsaeSrahvaras ndf
will be met during the course of the with the manner in which his menI farn relief legislation. vaiety is achieved in a fascinating Garnerius, which he played Friday
season. Indiana will be met for the Chairman Borah of the Senate for- nipedticecioshon tbcmut u e" sIne isevtifon toathmentpos way. night, and which he prefers. It has a
first time In 22 years on Oct. 10, in IRtcnei hw ycmuit udsnehseeaint h ots
Ann Arbor. Schedules for baseball,1 cigi relations committee declared lmahures hyd o cnw-ln edb h aeSntrIn order to achieve this variety , Mr. market value of $40,000.
against putting the world court ahead LodeHeifetz spends his entire summers in D. P. and J. N. P.
also arranged by the authorities of ;l)en merely postponed. The official the appropriation bills and then spend
the conference schools here today, party organ published an appeal for the remainder of this short session inI
M. A. C. will play Michigan in the1 communiststohl themselves inficsngtewrd outadk-ir T lIiihO iiir
openng ameof he easn, apos- 0 PTIA U I readiness for any eventuality.j dred subjects, adjourn and go home
tion whih tLhsLevribfoe oen communists point to the re-'o a year without doing anything on
Ple i th M chi an sch du e. s am oval of Jacques Sadoul from the dom estic legislation, w ould be unfair 1 I 0
result of this arrangement, with In- Paris military prison to a jail at Or- and unjust to the peole who sent us T E
the Michigan team will IhaveboneYof prison w ould be rushed and Sadoul isSenator Borah's personal judgm ent !te h r e t s h d l s E %Ths o y ei er d-h r g n l t i l, i s t a h r a e o f n l a t o fj En w s n t f B l ep n s U ) n D n s x lo e o L c u e T e d y
Wisconsin will be the first big con-1 llhi, Chicago, and Ohio Amnounce ,which the former army captain was the court at this session because of the! Senato ' n(erwood's Vew 0On Exploration li
ference game of the season and will Seheiese; lovei Agrees; convicted by default on a charge of I press of other business. Senator ! ,AedmnsOeel ~
bepaeoa aion Oc.1.T"'hree GamesI treason in 1919, took place before a Swanson of Virginia, the ranking
Illinois will be met at Urbana Oct.I Paris court martial., Democrat on the foreign relation C N L SO I EKLDPA T N12
24. Te agrementto pay atUrban HRE+ R~fr~~lV3SFULL FForeignersonewaloneld wereilhelditten anailhecommittee, f CaCLdSother EEproponents I 19t
24.i Thextfl agre mopladinortob . fJE P O R M UL tonight, the Frenchmen arrested being IAmerican adherence to the world I- -
provide the season of 1926 with a suffi-, allowed to depart after their names: court, are preparing to further de- Washington, Dec. 6. (By A. P)-Re- Dr. Lauge Koch, noted Danish ox-
cient number of large games at Ann Announcement was trade yesterday land addresses were registered. The; cisive action before this congress ex- pubican leaders in the Senate are plorer, will speak at 4:15 o'clock
Arbor, of the football schedules for three drag net thus far has failed to catch pires by limitation March 4. "hoeful that the end of the long fight Tuesday in Natural Science auditor-
The Navy eleven will be met at AnnI conference teams in the 1925 sesn a single Russian. Even these senators are convinced, ,.
Abrfrtefrttm ingridironi Chicago, Ohio State, and Illinois have _ I however, that there will be a pressure over Muscle Shoals is near. They ex- I um on "Explorations- in Northwest-
history Oct. 31. Northwestern will be completed their arrangements forI RT NIEtI of a determinedh character for domes- pet President Coolidge on Monday to ern Greenland," basing his subject
played the following week-end in the their full schedules and Iowa has tic legislation, and in view of the fact endorse the Underwood bill provided matter on personal experiences en-
Grant Park stadium,, Chicago, and booked three teams. No word ha. haLte nn al lolriation bll that Senator Underwood, Democrat I cutr~ nhsnmru xei
OiSttanMinstwilornybeen received yet from other memn- hal( JIj lIfl~lrl1ve the right of way, they are not Aaaa consnstuetanaed instoe that co ury. epdi
tho te hian isotolon ey wolbbmroofethetconference.d bos toUhaL. cuntry to tesanguine trthatldthethcourtheissueth canfmnct.s.iThe YAlabama senatornginintat ehSlidesissshowingetsviewsAlofmatheatcoun- th
successive week-ends. In all, there Illinois starts her season Oct. 3, 7U cn to a vote at this session, view of Senate leaders, will accede and try horwill biesed tecoun-II
will ben five gamen played by Michigan; with Nebraska, playing the first game he bill will pass near the end of next taehslcue hs itrsad
at Ann Arbor, three of which will be at home. October 10, she meets But- From the fraternity reot led inr i'i~ rweth aeilctrchs iu htd
against conference teams. ler at Champaign;Oct. 17, Iowa at received by the Student Christian as- JJfHr 11 flI This would send the issue back to t hscutyfrhslcue r
toti(onr o i etrsaeCntinpned on Page Six) Iowa; Oct. 24, Michigan at Illinois; Sociation, it is evident that these or- O " UYS US U[ the I-louse, which adopted t the last vr nsa n aube codn
- ____- Oct. 31, Pennsylvania at Penn; Nov , ganizitions will lend substantial (f 1II~lIITVI session a bill to lease the property to veyuuuladva ~lacrI
7, Cicao atillnoi; No. 1, T- hep i enertanin an~ clthi'~ ~ J UuI~~fl ~j ~ IDHenry Ford, who has since withdrawn to the director of tie American Geo-
h IIILI i s fe.Iihadiitrto sp;graphical society.
1N I SUPYlane at Illinois (tentative) ; and Nov needy children this Christmas. Sew-hi fr Wt/amnitato sp
eaJasago E-arl Blaser, '27, chair-' !port behind thne measure, leaders ofi Doctor' Koch has hd many hazard-
A N A 51PL BL 1 Ohio Statefrs ati embs.wt-Oi manl of the commitee charged with Sn ntni, ex. e.G-eea the majority party believe it'will pass os exeriences during his northern
tasebfeateagiig conr ov er fhattaes.mOnoeof sahi ounadeytw
The remaindher of the schedule is as ties onl the campus, asking that they way into the Second Division, std- hsbenrgn!i oges o eryofhsenddo tavinadth
hepthe Welfare bureau in providing ' a 'itSm1lutn ilnl three years. others reachd civilization just n
follows: Oct. 10, Chicago at Chicago;helpI tioned Ifan gremettaiiStae eahedtiteoonailwtelamefae.lhi
*Washington, Dec. 6.-Accepting the Oct. 17, Colutniia at Ohio; Oct. 24, a Christmas for these poor children paying thne penalty of a month in th eItwa eenthepulcanao erityadwaonoftetm httme e-
recommendations of the budget bur- Iowa at Ohio; Oct. 31, Wooster at thiis year.! guard house for tie privilege of win- btenteRpbia aoiyadwsoeo h ie httemi
eaecp nafwies h nlcOi naie o.7 nin tjA great number ofrpis aeal- Senator Underwood, the administra- i hes of the party killed their sledge
ean, xcep on fewitem, th puhlic Oio (entaive); No. 7,Indina atrel~ies ave erinn ini exasTThexamenfrom tionforcsnnother
appropriations committee today e- " Ohio; Nov. 14, Michiganm at. Ann Ar- ready been received, with Practically Northern caps sr tero tfinfUndeo plan to vote down both the dogs for food. Men in the nrhr
ever orgniztionhead frm pom- ide a mshob eser terts , UnderwooIdmft an theNorris bills, and cuntries become firmly attached to
ported the annual supply bill for the I bo; and Nov. 21. Illinois at Ohio. evr raiainhadfrmpo-Ird shbesoIris urne
agriclturl deprtmet. I willbe fle Uiversty o Chiago shed-icin to hlp i som way.A theirat(hogsbilwhoirbear, thebarburdenren of
tagricuturaltdeparmenTuItdwilllieg epieriyorCiag c e frngt el nsmewrAfwito Army oficials at Fort Houston and' Senator Norris, chairman of the hauling sledges filled with supplies,
takn u b thshuseTusdaoliliowie:s aOfllos:Oct, KeKntukyucky ttomae cntrbuion tcthntagrculurtcomiteewhch ndites olyin irtned thatth
mediately after disposition of tie in- at Chicago; Oct. 10, Ohio at Chicago; Comunuuity fund, which will serve the are senitenced on a charge of havingI Senateagiutrcomte whhanitsolyndreedtathy
terror department's supplly measure. Oct. 17, Northwestern at Chicago; same endl indirectly, while manry moreI gone "A. W. 0. L." this means of I repoted the Norris bill is determined will think of killing their anima
The bill, framed by a sub-committee, Oct .12, Pennsylvania at Pensylvamia; ?wish to actually' provide help and etotannCataseriUor et i ofgtfThh asg o i w redsofoodogmaasncsi
of which Representtive McGee, Re- Oct. 31, Purdue at Criago; Nov. 7 tainmmt to some needy child in the1 andl eliminates the "red tape" involvedj measure. Teueo o etwsncsi
publican of New York. is chairman, Illiniois aLt Illinoi; Nobv14, Dar-(it y.I in getting a transfer through regular 1 'The Underwood bill would dedicate jtted through a snow storm which !
carries $124,637,715, of which $80,-l imoimi at Chiicago; and Nov. 21, Wis- 1___ --- channels. Muscle Shoals to national defense, lasted afrngt and which prevent-!
600,000 would be available for road I_________- provide for pepetual government ed the men fromt searching for food.)
consin. p 331ownership, and favor first privateFotnelaer hyhdetn
construction during the fiscal year be- Three of the games which Iowa has l z FAA IL PFotnteyAftrthyhd ae 0L1 oaion but in the event of failureI
operationas their Ot. 7,II 1dogs ET, a strong gale came upI
Inng,$5892y27,1mrethahe eau tl are"naea olw:Ot 7 1 ~lRL opoueasial esei al and by attaching tents to their
is $5,2329,mretante mun inois at Iowa; No. 7, Wisconsin at IV91 POFE inn I or government operation. segsa al hywr bet e
allotted the agriculture department Iowa; aund Nov. 14, Minnesota at Min-I sledges as saU~D~ A~ TAC ATfDIE~ ur o iiliztioh e fre asetarige
for the current fiscal year, but is $3.-. soi i I1.1 ' .0KM II NItoIcivilization.before.starvin.)


Shuter Adds Finishing Touches
Rehearsals; Preparationi
Now Complete


"Tickled To Death," the nineteenth
annual Michigan Union Opera, will
open at 8 o'clock in the Whitney
stheatre tomorrow, night, and will be
presented every night during the
weelk cx Sept Saturday, when there
will be4 matinee performance. Fin-
fishing to ches are being put on the
Iproduction at the dress rehearsals by
E. Mortimer Shuter, the director, and
all preparations are complete for the
premier of the new Opera.
The Chinese setting of this year's
offering has given unusual opportuni-
ties for striking scenic and lighting
effects, as well as remarkable cos-
tumes, according to Mr. Shuter. The
entire scenery has been constructed
ini the Mime~s theatre, where a staff of
carpenters and scenic artists have
beemn at work since October.
Lester, Ltd., of Chicago, has de-
signed all the costumes, each of which
is 'made expressly for the member of
the company who is going to wear it,'
inchluding every chorusman. Lester
has imported many of the major cos-
tumes- direct from China, and al
though- they will not be noticeable
from the audience, many are delicate-
l.y hand-worked in elaborate. designs.
T1he score of "Tickled To Death"
contains a large variety of numbers,
-and is quite similar to comic opera
music, A trio and a quartet, as well
as incidental music, are included.
There are also an unusual number
of solos of the ballad type, namely
"What Is Love?" "In Spring," "Love
Is Yate," and others. The dance
numbers of which "Walking Home
With You," "Peaches," and "Feet Let's
Go!" are outstanding, add much go
to the show and the dancing, of a.
type distinctly new to Union Operas,
is considered as Quite original.
'Pickets oni Sale
A large majority of the tickets for
the Ann Arbor performances 'h'ave
been sold anid the few remaining are
on sale at box office of the Whitney.
Mail order applications for advance
sale of tickets for the performances at
Grand Rapids, Bay City, Saginaw,
Port Huron, and Flint will be obtain-
able at the Union beginning Tues-
(day afternoon. Applications for other
road performances will available later
in the week.
The Opera plays in Gran~d Rapids
Dec. 19, in Bay City Dec. 20, in Sagi-
naw Dec. 22, in Port Huron Dec. 23,
and in Flint on December 24.
Rivera Regime

114,285 less thani budget estim;
For roads $61,000,000 more tI
total In last year's bill is
This is $3,750,000 less than tl,
ment recommended by the bum
Washington, Dec. 6.-With
tionately the greatest over-si
tion ever accorded a federal
indicated for the recently ant
20 to 30 year bond offering, th
ury decided tonight to declin(
cept all subscriptions in ex
Thme decision means that the
distribution possible has been
ed for the new issue, of wh
treasur'y desired to receive onl
$200,000,000 in cash. It willc
until further notice to accept
scmiptions in which third Liber

lites. ____
han the ( Prof,
legallot- I NOTRE ii. Ufl1LLC 'tJUIoLUUL
d~i etinra
TD Chica go, Dec.6.- Coach Knutee "Foe
SU Rockne of Notre Dame tonight an- of the
ISU nouncedl his 1925 football schedule at ar't-it;
the meeting of the western conference Iitioobl oahslweele rvd omd
propor- be about the most-sought -after coach : of a c
ubscrip-j of the gathering. change
security Only previous schedmule (difficulties old I'l
motunced ? prevented Rockne from coumpleting I odec
ie treas- negotiations for games with Ohio imp~ly
e to ac- State and Illinois, but he signed upI tic or
:cess of E two Big Ten elevens, Minnesota and lectior
INorthwestern. out, a'
e widest The Army, Georgia Tech, and Ne- older
iobtain- i braska, traditional intersectional op-
hich thet ponents, appear again on next year'srn
dy about i schedule, which is as followxs:0(Oct. V
continue j 3, Lombard at Notre Damne; Oct. 10, LUt
all sub- iEeloit at Notre Dame; Oct. 17, Notre I
rty loan. Dame at Army; Oct. 24, Norte Dame Pi

fEarl V. Moore of the School
isic after' his lecture last night.I
ne hall, said he believed that
ican nmusic would emerge from
!ra of jazz highly individual and
St ing.
)dcii music fulfills at least oneI
e reqluireiments of all sincce
t; is a true reflection of the age.
ie same way that the modernI
of life has changed from that
cuntury a go, modern music h-as 's
-ed, has broken away fromthme
ules and limits, and set up )a
of its own. But this does niot
that, modemrin music is inartis- I
artificial ; for sonic of the se-
35s of otur age will refuse to (lie
nd will live with the works ofI




uIIfIu u tInL n 11Ku tiniL T ue lo d egns 'rtOorofthe menciilost their lives 1 VVit ivot Lnaure,
1 ~ ~~~~I through this trip, however. IS y .
Des Moines, Ia., Dec. 6.---Iowa is Forty-First Year I Doctor Koch fiirst visited Green- jSays, lb la ej
"wet" insofar as the state' laws are (] UI land as a subordinate in the' party
concer-ned. Through an error, just '" 'c ty&ee headed by Rasmussen in 1913. In 1920 1Pltclstain ste o x
discovered, ini the new Iowa code a I the Danish government partially fi- ist in Spain cannot long endure, as-
section plertaimiig to time pos5ssioni That this week marks the fortieth ianced another expedition which Doe-t serted Prof. Jose 'M. Albaladejo of the
of intoxicatinig liquors has beeni omit- year- of Prof. T. C. Trueblood's eon- I tor Koch headed. On this trip he was Spanish department in a statement to
ted, accor'ding to Bein Gibson, attor- nection with the Michigan faculty able to map for the first time the The Daily yesterday. The dictatorship
uey-general. Hie will ask the next was disclosed at the recent All-Cam- II(pas line of northwestern Qreen-1 under Primo, de Rivera will soon fail,
legislatiure to rep~lace thme missing pums Public Speaking banquet , at h and. anid it cannot go on successfully with-
section.I which Professor Trueblood spoke on Doctor Koch has written a number7 out two legislative bodies he added.
The omission shifts the burden of "Thme History of Public Speaking at of accounts of his findings, one of The present situation was brought
proof in liquor law violations fronm ; 1Michigani." - which was published in the American about by time necessity of disposing of
time defenidant to the prosecution in "In 1892 the interest in public iJournal of Geology. He has also given, political bosses, believes Professor
all cases except those in which search speaking required the establishment. lectur-es 1mm most of the important Albaladejo, and it will probably be
ammalshave beeni obtained. of a iubbie speaking depar'tment, the cities of the world. In March of thisI relieved by a general election.
warrants___ irti teUitdSats ponehyaaeveierdaletr i o- The real problem mn Spain is that
R frstintheUntedSttes"pintd earhedelveed lctue n Ln-of economic development. "What
ramtnIe a out Professor Trueblood in tracing f don which is considered to have given
th gowh f mm dpaten a'DegeaadalodfcttothikowedeSpain needs is many Henry Fords,"
L th grwthof te dparmentat grat eal f fct o th knwleg lie said. Spain needs first a develop-
71 o Michigan. Before it was (deemied ad-, of the arctic region. Immto t eore n hnI
NVew Vote O . un B lrsetftsreorcsndthnt
visable to establish such a depart, I-Inesacmlt ytmo opl
I nient Professor Trueblood instructed Ineeds at nompleteaIsystem, sooy eucation
W ashington,De.6-oscni- part tinie classes for three. succes- KiIH IIv "hrei odutthtSanwl
emation of the interior departmsent's -sive years before he was able to pr1-MiOf UIILI1U IT "hr sn ob htSanwl
p y p come to the front sooner or later,"
appropriation bill was completed late I vail upon University officials that TMliirtiw lIfrIr went on Professor Albaladejo "How-
today with only a handful of members thmere was a definite need for such a fT I 1111 H1MI~I~~U Ievr tmstsoIain omn
on time floor and a final vote was post- departnment a~t Michigan. I . iiL IL IU II evertit mtstalopwavsinglesovmany
p~oned until Tuesday. Since thme inauguration of the pub- I menit to settle down to accomplish
Representative Cranmton, Republ,i- lic speaking department at Michigan Committees to interview studentssoehnhead,
can, Michigain, in charge of the bill, ; with Professor Trueblood at its head, enrolled with the bureau of appoint- soething,"lheladed.tenpine
announced lie would deumand another ifrom a comparatively insignificant, ments will consist of niembers of both ofethtSa or lalwjo heone
vote on thme senate amendnment by Inumiber of students there are at pres- !the education faculty and time Umiver-I drawback, its physical structure. Its
which he elimimnmated a provision for- emitmore than 850 participating in the' sity high school staff, according to topography is mountainous and oiino 9ln fiesJl 3 eatet ~lgl a ieieMs agrtCmrn ertr fcon-
aboliion o 39 and oficer Jul 13. epam'memm. Miciganwas lkewis Mis Margret CmeqonsecetarhofItrauenpyotettrasporttionfacilties
j ~the first institution. to give hour forI the bureau. Coummitteemen have been I espec ially the railroads, are very poor.
hour credit in its public speakiung arranged in groups of two. _____________
Advertising ClassUnethne plnrctyfom
classes. Iuntderythe newclancieon t For- ootball Staff
eesDetroitFirm i uatd y hWfcutycomtte nohen
Se s etoi F rmrecommendation of teachers, both
I Changei Location I nmmbers of each commrittee will give I W rsO Repor/


treasury notes, and treasury certific- at Minnesota; Oct. 31, Notre Damie vs.
mtEs are tendered in paymnent. Geomrgia Techi at Atlanta; Nov. 7, Gam'
negie Tech at Notre Dame; Nov. 14,
.JIop om m'ittees } Notre Damce at Penn State; Nov. 21,
//r Northwesterni at Notre Dame;
To A M eet L AtVUnion Thanksgiving Day, Notre Dame at Ne-

cuss in
of hod
t eache
the pi

~sf. Thomas H. Reedl of the po-
l sienlce department yesterday
sed time regular bi-weeklyI
aeon of Phi Delta Kappa,, national 1
ary educational fraternity, dis-
ng problems of ptublic edlucationi
stressed time point that the
er needs a better attitude fr'onm
ubhic, expressed in the form of
:sed salar'ies. T1hiis will bring a !

Reports from time decorations and
progranm comimittees on the two con-
tests, both of which closed hast night.
will be made at tihe meeting of time
entire -HoTn committee at1 7:30

Union Heads Halt
Impending Strike l


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