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December 04, 1924 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 12-4-1924

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M~ L 5H Tiarch 28 Picked as Time of Annuali
MLeet Between T1raditional
It was announced last night by the
Athletic association that the an nual ,in-
door track meet between Michigan and
Cornell will be held March 28 at the
field house.
The meet was on the Wolverine
schedule, but the exact date had not:
been definite. The conditions at Wat-
ci man gymnasium have not been suit-
able for a meet of the size and im-
portance of the Cornell clash, with the
result that the clash this year in the
field house should result in some new
It will also, be the first time in the
history of< the traditional rivals that
the meet between them will be run on
a cinder track in Ann Arbor. In the
past, the composition track at the
yini~asiunm has been used when the
jae(t has been here.
Coach Steve Farrell announced that
he intends to try for several more in-
dloor meets with Big Ten schools at
the annual meeting of the coaches of
the Conference to arrange schedules,
which will be held tomorrow and Sat-'
urday at Chicago. The coach wants to
landI three meets, two of which he
hopes to arrange for And Arbor.
Divers Prache
In Novel Manner
At FiellDHouse

Mainspring Of Purple Tccam


fBoxeirs At Work
Under Sullivan
( :,11":11 Well a are reoTD .
oi and work Las ireadly started to
Je4 the Ahletesz in shape for the an-
:.l hboxing showv which will be held
(1urin th.e second sem ester.
Btlh2 advent- of the cold weath-
er, tbe bieres:t in the game increased.
'The rteit who are n~ow working out
are cofinfinlg their efforts to the

; C Till~

N,'tc in Vauanble
New k, Dc. (B APf-A

Anuaul ~ 1 alng of lincrcdO amnd
IIleltol", it)[lagill jTaIIIor-.
SCoaches and athletic':(lire-ct ors h'oml

art -; :n.ca ni, :-oiec1 eu IfromiipIL YCYs 'every school in the Big Ten will n]fl('Cl iIn el YeS ±'r}?' tflore.stre'nu~ous work Iketball sequal bas Icu praci ic:,t,
cetiig h ihstvtsinteN-tomnorr ow and Satrday Iat.Chica go to Brt :'. lhe rgur 'rtraining' roram three tieeks ranl is r plpily r ningn
tioual League':, MosQt Valuable Play-
make out the schedules for ne >t ear, ' :c oie'call i henics, rcopc-shifppf,;ino, sape.c''.
er ('ouhtest, shows that the Giants, hto oix;ad)a pniv.
R ;bins, and Redls Eachihave three and to conlsidler'any f1('tietsrergin)C 1Sags ' ni agpuchin. o h c Sam atrr who i
Seuer a1 new mien have rpre n. (i g ttesud t.rcltan
relpresentati\ es. Pittsburgh and Chi- :in rules. in'n g' before football eoided andl is high-
c: ,go two each', andl St. Louis one. The (directors will meet intwo7()=eC,-,ie norae1tt gliaa ly pleased with h:is charges,.lie has
The selections include a. staff of sions on b)oth of the t ,zo lays. The several veterans aroundl which to
five =Pitc(hers headled by Arthur ( Daz- work will consist 01 the ifltore vital buCJeiii;mi a ee nhnlIild a, team, but thus far nothing
zy acBrolnmun c hquestions confronting th nrivriycxrr, l aric ero.Teigt1 has been attempted but general dtrill.
zv)t VancesBrooklynlmound-acewwhoftheedewsit
it was ;c::nouneed yesterday, was vot- athletics as a whole, while the coac hes7 ' enw aogre firyrel;iledwt he freshmn .squad rlun der Rollie
valal-e, lto ina wo gvepromnise of developing Wlim scaigaogwlt~(
di tl. ,ie r °se umost vlabeperform- Iwill gather insepairate meetings intoclaer-ighers.howverSul thr apis oie sevg ellfutur
L2 . dsticton whcn ane he chdues liv1 1 ;till needs 1.en in all theI
,1r{. ;hit(shaado11 Q. Michigan w~ill be representeda at the' I stars on it. 'Williams plans to have
'conrerenceth b airectawad ofs$,00. right s, as he hopes to make this
li- we v the only pitcher named cofeenebyDieor Ot, Im1ya'shwan viltin of ig his (cbarges ready to scrimmage
'r Q )tefistti' by tle commit-?CahsLtl,'Vimn ihr ah class boxing, against the Varsity this week.
ce Qif'as, tball uvi'it ers, which decid- elr, Farreall, and P',i ke1r. 'V Mr Z\c , . last night the squad Wvas cut to
v thue contest, and his team-mate,' has been in Nashville, Tenn., and * iftee e.Telllwn unsr
l3uxrleigh Grimes, was next among the will go from there directly to Chicago ICi~uni + zg amNamed'~j~ viveil the ('tit: C'apt. .Tanse, Laude,
twirlers given recognition, for the event. The other representa-; _ ! Airmstrong, Van Dusetu, Phillips, Boy-
The rival values to a team of a tives will conivene at various time, j 25 Ohio L eC L rse',Smith, Sp aod, ii og;an, Nagle,
regular palayer and a pitherlondelpending on the schedule of their ~yes en(',Milr , aten .err,
have aroused keen discussion, but the particular meetings. Cclzlur, 0., Dec. 3.---TR,.rold Cnn- ?1M~erenneil.
con-.mittee (lecidled that Vance,'s bil- The ba sketball .coaches have not;. yet lniuamham of ?at. Vernon, Ohio, was I - - -ter__,:_,_r
liant mound, work, iwhich was chief-I named the exact time for their con-I last ifight elected calptain of the 1925.r
ly rsposibe fr litin Brokln t ference, but will meet Sat urday for a football teame, attlhe annual banquet
l a ontending position and enabling discussion on the interpretation of tenderedul the footbl~al squad. CunningD- E BE i 0 ITIES
C place ~~rules, and will witness an exhibitionIhaisavtrnotwyesoltejA
the club to finisah in second plc,ha isavtrnotw yer ntep
was more of an asset than the terrific game the same night, football teame and also a b~asketball~ lE
,A ., of Hn0 o' Ii(Wfl'l Who led is p lavar of co'nsciderable Unot(,. He,,wa., JJ[ II

In view of the history making team what Grange has been to 111i-
touchidowns "Red" Grange scored nois-the sparkplug andl mainspring.
against Michigan, and the frequency H led the attack which gave Northi-

leag ue for 1tbe fifth successive year
wit ih a imark(of .42I, th;e highest in
"; .. :,. an a is, and was c haracterized
a- Przesideict I icydher 01' th-e National
I a ~geewas ithe "greatest batsman ofI
idl mii .''
Uitz al_.ng Ith'rdecision, the Nwr4i-
ers followed a precedent set in the

Two British Golf
Stars Stand Out
Tlhe two outstanding stars (,L'che
British golf firmamient of 1,924 are
Joyce Wethered and E. R. Whit-I
combe. They performted as brilliantly

While their comrades and team( with which lie has repeated his start-
mate, are enjoying themselves in the ling plays since it is interesting to
Y' M. C. A. pool, twelve amen are hard ?note in the Big Ten grid statistics
at work dlown at the field house .per- "thmat be is not in a class by himself
fecting their form in the fancy dives, as a poinit getter.
A springboard has been erected up One Ralph Baker, star halfback of
on the Lalcony in the northeast cor- thie Northwestern University team,
ncr of the enclosure and a box of is giving him a run.-speaking of
sawdust has been provided for the touchdowns-for his money.
divers to land in, in place of the cus- Up to the last ganmes, at least,
tomnary pool of water. B: aker and Grange were tied with 54
Papenguth, the only fancy diver points to their credit.
b~ack from last year's squad, is tak- Stl~oeunsasth atta
ing charge of the divers while Coach the two lads started their college
Barnes is directing the men down at careers, and collegiate grid careers,
the pool. Lloyd 11. Donnel, instructor as classmrates and teammates-at Iliii-
in Engineering mechanics, is assist- nois. After a year at the Illinois fin-
ing Papenguth with his coaching stitution, however, Baker movedl to
work. The reason for adopting this Northwestern.
novel plan of preparing the spring Whether Baker decided that there
board men for the meets is three-; would be more chance for both men
fold: In the first place, Coach Barnes to shine if they were with different
is already too crowded dlown at the teams is unknown. Probably this had
"Y" pool to" have any more candidates tohn o(Owt i hig.Ti
working out there than is absolute- much is known, however, Zuppke and
ly necessary; Then, there is not suf- his Laides decided in that one year that
ficient heighth at the pool to prac- in Grange andl Baker-they bad two
tice (dificult dives; Finally, the cringsas
springboard at the Y. M. C. A. is very, Bake-e has been to the Northwestern
weak. ___ ____ _________
At present the maen are working for
heighth and the straight jump, sucihC ass t'y
as is used in the swvan dive. They are Te .te By JJia
also practicing the forwaird somrer-e yM y
Sault, th'e backward somesault, and
the "flying dutchman" somersault.j Tests in sprinting, rope climbing,
Olipb~ant, Papengutb, andl Starett chinning' the high jump, the standing
seejii the most likely candidates for broad jiu nu:. and the shot putt have
this year's varsity squad, though been given to th, gym classes up to
somze of the men who are finding it the present time.
h ard to accustom themselves to the TIhe miarks coumpare favorably with
untusual practice methods may adjust, those of last year according to Dr.
themselves in titne to make thle team,. George A. may of the physical educa-
Some of Dr. May's tumblers are ex- tion depiartmtent. The records in the
p~ettedl to report for practice the lat- !leg exercises are slightly above par
ter part of this' week. while the arm and chest and the high-

western its first four victories of the
season and onue of the biggest years
the Purple squad has ever enjoyed.
B aker has the edge on Grange in
fone (departmtent. of tlie g'ame-hickmg'.
'Whereas G.-an go has> run mostly to
f1touchdowns in scotring Baker piles
up points for Northwestern with his
In his teamn's first five games Baker
scored five touci'downs, kicked five
S goals fromt the field and lbootedl nine
dirop kicks after touchdowns.
Mack Explains
'Wh'ile the baseball world is still

dwlOi'.id Ito crown on the head of Walt-: Walter I lagen dlid for Uncle Sane.
=.!r Jlohntson, veto ran pitching star of 'Whiteomube is thue young gentleuan
te w.or'l's cliamtthioii Washington 2.whlo led Walter H-agen imost of thle
c ctlr'ala',., in pr'eference to Eddie Col-1 way in the British open tclianupionshipa
!fro'. \t 1tc 3rsaX ((oid asernarp. lad fimislbed oney stroke behind thb
1j it ll-star !-Tati on al League team Ame(''1rican leteor'. In the moreu'ecenut
aB'tidfotw resltsof te ha- news,.of the world tournament, which
ttrt olos s the British eqfuivalent of the Amer-
1'' t Iise KelyNewlor. lan pro tourney, Wi'hitconuhe proved
Si 'oal BseI-ornsby, St. Louis1 himself easily the class of the field.
Short Stop, l2laranville, Pittsburgh ' "Mis\N'ethered, regaining the titlel
ThrdI ase. lFrischu, New York as British women's chanmpion place dl
I't Field, 'Whleat, Brooklyn i herself well above all coupettuon,_
r en cr Field, Roush, Cincinnatii S he niot only won the [ ii'i ihit' Xoitet'~
l rl;It ield, Young, New York oven tithe 1but took: the cloned event
Ialtly, 1i r 'cssleu', Cincinnati jlte ci.j

chos en by mniy sport critics as all-
. 'tanfeti nccand tllWestern endl this Thie West will see three big inter-
. tr, wlhile hast year he made all- ,ecl~io~il contests, one toi decide the
Wyestern center in basketball. national chiamplionship, within the
month. Syracuse a representative of
New York, D~ec. 3.-Manager John the far (last starts it off next Satur-
Mc~lraw, of the Now York Giants, Na- day when she clashes with the Uni-
tionial league chamnpions, who recently versity of Southern California at Los
ret urned from Europe, deoclaredl todayI Angeles.
that in his opinion Roger l'Iornsby was University of Missouri, champions
a more valuable p~layer than D~azzy: of the Missouri Valley Conference,
.anrce. and coached by Hfarry Kipke is the
next one with a game Christmas Dayt
Flint, Mich., Dec. 3.-Flint Central, againist the University of Southern
ighb, unbeaten on the gridiron this. California. The Trojans scored 233
year and claimant with Grand Rapids' Points this season against 'their op-
Southl for fte state title, hprobably will ) ponernt 37, and drop~ped two games.
viay in Florida or California on The iyiissouri Tigers rolled uip 89
liristmas cr New Year's day. t o:ints, while their oppuonents gainedl
21, and they. have lost but one game.
City Colhege'of Newv York swimmingj The really tig gamne of the three is
tea i will inaugurate its competitive the Notre IDana-Staniford affair, the
season ag;ainst Princeton in the hat- outcome of which will decidle the nta-
ter's'ank,* Jan. 9, 1925. tlinal championship.


trying to figure out whether or mnot
IConnie Mack really did pay' $100,600
for Lefty Groves, star pitcher of the
Inter mational league and a striheo'at
Swonder, the Athletic leadher in ects
new interest into [lhe discussion by
sta ink; the reasons which priomuptedt
him: to pay [hue aforesaid sum.
Mack points out that the puopularity
of luome run hitting is on the wrane.
'c (alls attention to th"-_ drawing
' ow e's OC Dezzy Vance last season
dtue to his wonderful strikeoutpe'
pe-forinances. This is an indication of

Hh le.1iar'tnett, Chicago
Si: ct', Vance, Brooklyn
PItc (houl'Grimes, Brooklyn
hit e her, HRix(-y, Cincinnati
't i,. [te l'Xe. lPittsburgh

Wieman Speaker
At Battle Creek

A Ie'('' Ptxaili(IC!, Cnic
j Practice sessions fo
j enter'ed in the fraternit
j rinug meet, will be h
4 :4,- to 5:45 o'clock on
aundI3:30 to 4: 30 on
of this week.


-- ~Coach Elton E.. Wieman was the;
piuncipal speaker yesterday noon at
[MIN T a banquet tendered the Battle ('reek I
high school football teaiu by the Ex-
r" teams change club, of that city. Coach it m-
ty swvimn- utan's topic was "Spyo,i zutlshin) andi
Ald from j ! Democracy." In the afternoon lie
Tuesday, I ! spoke to the 'boys of [hue high school
Thursday I at a general assembly.
I Battle Creek had a very successful
se'.son, m~eeting with onuly one dlefeatf
-------- duing the whole season, when Ann
Arbor' high defeated theum 7 to 0. Th e
YOTICE 1 Food ('ity lads scored over 200 p)oints
to their opponents 13 in the playing
men arej season just past.

.1yo, -a
t19:, _
r gb3. .:

You Don't Want to
pay $9 and $10 for
Black and 'Tan

the trend lof the~ baseball timues hue
011 t-imavers.
'"1'The fanls being" tiredl of t his teu'uific
shanutuing, whuat is uuuore nat ural [luau
tl~sit Ue ljo-uduluuushuould switig to
I i ns. And to thte avera go fah1} the
p)itelue?' whuo str ikes I Betf.1out. is; t B
fil;}St litere s3tin 111n.11 to0~ i,'sy


All freslhman track
asked to report at 'V
gymtnasitin any aftern

noon this


' .

The Arnmy-Navy gameu will ha play-
ed at New York next year.

Charles Hoyt,
________- Coach.

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Los Atugeles, Dec. 3--Jack Dempsey
returnedl home yesterday from the
East. Kearns, Dempsey's" manager,
was quoted as saying that hie and
Dempsey would welcome a California
tout with Trommy Gibbons provided
such a match carried a good purse
tbncl was completely promoted.

ly co-ordinative exercises are sonice-
wvhat below thtose of last year.
Sevoui , other tests will I-e giveni
am; r [lag to Dr. MAay while those
w .,ch have already occurred will be
relue tel towards the end of the se-j
mester in rttder to find out if the
marks implrove after constant cxer'-


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