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December 02, 1924 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 12-2-1924

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Board VClaiis Recent Von soiidatic ins
of Ocean Trade Routes C'Ot
Wa shington, Dec..--Strong reaf-
firiation by Congress that the United
,.itates is (determinfed to maintain per-'
mhanently a merchant njarine "comn-
mzensuratc with the needs of the coun-
try from the standpoint of commerce
and national defense" was recoim-
mended today in the annual report of
the Shipping hoard.
Such a declaration of policy was
statedl by the Board to be desirable.j.
dlespite improvements in the Americanj
shipping situation brought about dur-I

Ofeu ties -rent Dscribed New Post Looms 1 Work On Pendleton
In Lttc~' Fom rof.ILP Scott For Secretary To Memorial Delayed'
Calvin Coolidge
Completion of the new Pendleton'
I)ciI105(1 1moeI, Yh.- ni s1d. and? of hearing strange noises, library on the second floor of the Un-
hi~a n Shnghai, 1=ng111g , anal of 11um"11 c1and other wise. ion is being held up by the failureI
tlih auf ,~tiis aid i er7Ei1, s 10115( J 50 i more specialization tha n! of the lighting fuxtures to arrive.
pla (c'5a 1s . (:lUl in ile I r eom as . hm>iria, for they have separate ":I; hey have been ordered and wer due
1. .,inri l . S-hV e1~ icos tom osslper, caes ittle..:.:...:early in October, but as yet have not~
1, -aoj-(~~ r et ''e x . lO(',ti~iiiire lla s. China also hias made their appearance.
a,?f I . So>leri1ri )loju; W1,i" ' , .:,Iismrethn oThe remainder of the reading room'1
dcpa 1, 101t, "s -d >e~'i:: cAi 'nw,ican 1slop; . One shop sells .. has ibeen complet dland rugs anfu-
Scott, who 1iis on llI jX$ 0 of 1>- ~'OI, rti 01 ao'i, ;a in her miutton, and iture have been installed. The ar-
onen cfrom h> o.eriyis t-~ s ,--still 'onr 01 ]r 1:_ck on. Even the work Irangement of the room.,is. somewhat
i: .'~ zi~iha teImrr IY( la 11a cl on 1y pie cemxeal jobs. similar to the lower reading room,
1ia :<: Ia asrmakby ue large davenports and easy chairs be-j
"r'11"cnchl is a beant iiol cicv, -W- for a city within e'ars;ho3t of cannon- ,::.: . >",...:" :,i :;:< ng placed about the hall. There is

" tX.,.m.-19 p)D

mountains, and
they s'ay it is,"
Fo amds that "t
well I chawveil, in,
b)oyond th'e cora.l
is pieni;- of tn
"'.fh c:ivin;, c~'
prai-od 1 alin

)reaae.i~ r ,all'! .reen1um ling1,'' lie(cotinlue:;.Professor Scott
Wa ilcili 1ea<h isall .,ai(d that the onparty with h i migot as
sai"' I'a ve so oo . as I Ii" ha< ed-w ire barricades, and
h'e s'ar.;'?::" {a are asif, wasr''i.',, mtythe soldiers Io (Cd 711'':# r
.ed dovin ~ ~s ~ii i.E' their umlbrel-
Iroofei a :hnugi t112m eare~ks. Io.,t of U;is a l v entumre's in Shang-
t1- stic: fte caz1.'" 1 a i aFre (-ta monIetary nature as
E, .k a zza l'oy-;is 'ped in:; on y there is a oompli-
1( f11 , 11 1 I hc1m e',ned prr z ca Iratlt with peril.''
I -aside ho hbetat, and I Iongko= ng Isdeseri bed as bcin g
3di :Jin fril <:a height I ma'de up of I;u ge buildlings hung 0n0
:m,. then ;''. , ri t 1 ?ln'7 , l,iTn hrrl rno~fc;

~Ing tnheipastyear
Lions, stabilization
measures. {

by route consolidia- 1 air :z~n;.Nl,
of rates, and other he sapeak~ls of then1
of 2-)' feet or wco;

a large fireplace at one end and book-
1 41, WiIves around the walls.
".::,. ,.::">:: ".""- !It is intended that the room be made
* g 1:':::'-'"' a ~li~tstudly hail and reading room
t ....... . n chrge of a supervisor. There will
;: ........probably be no smoking permitted
-...::.;.::-~C ross W ord Craze
jJ 'X n~iNo,. J., lice .---Time cro..ss
xor"l lpuzzle wave has swvept across
hdmlard c-.i !both faculty and students of Prince- {
P'idwn~rd 7 ~P ~~t,:n university to the department ofi
]1-; :oso-shy, where Professor Warner
td.,y of President (: 001 1"e 1or a inuni- f .ie has offered a. prize to the student
berrifyears', iS c'al~dQc1±._oIt-ho can devise a puzzle capable of
nen1t as assis",tant t I o ,18 11 <depi.t o senarate solutions. Sauch a prob-

The Board also recommended that "'Yokahamna is still a dr aful pla'e, are so stee ) tha" it is necessary to
41 joint committee 7.e created, compos- show",ing the remhain;; Otthe110earth-- 1),,.ca r- Knim a'1a sedian (-hair "')3y
ed of representatives of the Board and t q12i1wke, 4at ulenty epo peftilinIoi i falied in sweat," '' e sa id.
the Interstate Commerce commission, hab;it the place," le:said. Professor; Profees,(-,o Scott rea.heJ Aanila1
to co-ordinate rail and water trans- Scott s'peaks of Japan as "i:,soirl or, during the i mommly seasen and "the town
portation, prohibition by law of pref-'toy-land where you ex1pe.t tic , Wl.arda was a Ireg pond(, inlhibli 0(1 by all the
erential arrangements between Amer- of Oz to come1 around a ea)rne*, at any: frogs inl creation--at least by as many'-
ican railroads and foreign shipping' time. The streets aI1eOnar.row, p1),p0 1e0i frog-s as reaitio~n needs." Th le frogs 11
lines, and exempltion from taxation ofE tiny, an(1 shops smnall." H e t(, ls of grid c ar abos enjoyed th e deluge that z
all earnings from American shipping going through the narrowi bloclk pas-- got worse anal worse as days grog-'c
in foreign trade. sages behind time ho :ss in ho!)e at res sedl.
Discussing the accomplishments of______
the year, the report declared that re-
cenztly effected consolidations of gene- Crlos ua s tsa ne
cral ocean trade routes had reduced jm« Ci e
overlapping andl duplicate services ° / y77(,fjlfY
a811(1 hadt cut expenses, making it po"7- ' n g1
;ible at the same time 10 obtain a__________
greater flexibility with theto mg
inl service. (Aaract'erzi ig the new x-; 1, ill t"cbi- E loherof t.1I: eSomqai.Mlil
An examination of 1,021l freight and i(-t as at'"rather side, caut~iu>a Ceb(lainbem lin, birother of .'usti, war
Passenger tariffs fixed (inring the year - catiomit of." umei,' '; Oo.l. rt i~LO L. Y3o lle)re d time l)051t1011of the keqe,
ant (i(' (1 Ii s ~teies.i llifiers
ledt to the conclusion that there ha ite itr oltan.s -[ ) t: -c~d ledthe l i tres.il o caitffain
been a "general stabilization in the oftehsoy£ -x ~?t l~ h jzhryo 1at n
rates, fa res, and charges of cornmno" jttrday that it 'was coalMosed (K i(Sf 5OaK.
carriers by water in interstate coal-! who were of the~ progressive ty,, o of ll e appairmt-oc ?t tchuE~llrchiill, ac-
merce.'' (onservativism. '"Winston Jhiiacill'' c(-oring 14,) 1 Pt ot:,or Cross, was cri ti-
Inauguration last June ofca system Professor Cross went on to ay, "is(-2Kbcueleiama wtot
ffor' training inexperienced American-: the one real excepition,. for 1- (exineic.->i the ofi. f.oog


c) the eomcercy flak eocrhn

T'his wow( linkl the Whljite Hous:=e
closely With oi'erat ion of the UI. S.
nerchant iuiar:1ie.
Mrs. Eizabetlm -..Jonecs. 823 years of
age, of Phila'delphtia,, is the 0l(0it nor-
son qualified to drivwe ana t ;omlobiie
A shor'. mecal log of ;- I :a.
tive, ommm11mttencim w11-vill be imehi
at 7 O'clock oio-gt Iiltile Union.!
at is inmiortalit to 1-v" there. I
j William 1, .icener. . I

1. !, I-rofessor Fite asserts, would have
a great psychological value.
' Professor Robert Root of the Eng-
lIck d(?partment recently announced
js ., willingness to adopt the puzzle as
In :t of th~e term( work in some of his
couse;,provided someone could be
Elmma to construct puzzles sufficiently
idijimeult for the test at the end of the
c rio.
Tour ist:s have enjoyed Cleveland
hospitality to the extent of. spending
$4,G00),000 theres in the last five months.
(Iiinis04) and His
T'i'S., WHeed. Eves., Wed. Mat.


born boys who seek employment onl
ships has "assisted tremendously inC
time board's policy of -~Mnericanization"
cfcrews on government vessels, the
1 eport declared. During the year 1083
"o~fficers and 84,227 unlicensed mien
were placed on American vessels, andl
-'of these totals, 77.5 per cent were
American citizens, the report declared.
This, however, was a decrease in total
-placements of 17,290 men from. the
;year 1923, and also a decrease of 3.1
'p~er cent in the percentage of Amleri-
Yans employed.
S"The door has been opened to
,American boys who have no sea train-
ing by, substituting two American--
d'eck boys for one ordinary seaman
,pa nomlinal wage and without mna-?
t~erial increase in operating (cos ~ No-
r,-mort. of actual regnlit;, is available(,flr
t',:e fiscal ycar, but it can be said that
will assist tremendously in the
)ard's policy of Americanization."
Display Chicago
Architect's Work
In Alumni, Hall,
Examples of intricate design work
by 'Louis 1-. Sullican, noted Chicago
irchitect who (ied April 14, 1924, are
he(ing displayed this -week in thle West;
'A lle ry of Alumni Memorial hall.
The design.s, which forinedl the basisatx oo yM.Sllv~l r
a"tnged in a series illustra*tin1g the
- prin;Ciples of ornamnental wor!k, pn
rl~c lkde explanatory conm'ent.
Among sonic of the building s da
:signed by -1r. ..mihl [von are the St ock
iXc hange in Chiengfo, time Transimort a-
{ ion building for the Chicagol expost:i-
l if-n of 1893, the termiinal station of
a ow 01 leans, and imany c0 fc lC.fo '0
f i ved the gold mledal of thia 111
Conatra h fe s Art es Decorat ifs (;f
ris in 1894, and was a f' llov? of tOl'
.P.merican institulte of Arcllitect",.
lie was known particularly for his
or-namental design work, and~ is the
-riginator of special work on mlany;
huildlings in Chicago andl other Oities.
?r. Sullivan was also a frequent con-E
-fributor to architectural periodicals
lin this branch of work,
Mackinaw City, Mich.,; L ~.1.
-Lake steamers are seeking co-vern to-
d ay in Northern Michigan harbors as
ii result of a blizzard that has Ileon
raging since Saturday afternoon.
Singscribe for The 3Iwi imn:ut aily
S There will be a meeting of the
editorial and art staffs of the
IGargoyle this afternoon at 5
'o'clock- in the Press buildinig.,
I ~ 't

only daring minmbcr.llirkonhead is'-tals
I also different." E "'Lord Cecil has been nade (Chan-
'I ' J502so ( 'c ° 'ros ^ a t'd 'hat< ho} )2i i orof th e )luci:y o01I an(aster,'"
the new cabint f, whioi cens1n-1 : ' of 2 I.;'ofe ssnr ('m-o33.continuied, "in Ordler
m 2eilbers, as co:nposeil to acl).,To- to utilize him in ;onnic(tioni with the
alId's cabinet and 14 in B aldw*-E in fr- 'lge of Ntations. Thme Marquis of
mom' cabinet, many halt emxpr es(i (h- icatIb,n3 in12 his appointment, was
app~ointmnent because promlising; yosnr.e;=- \tully r legacted to the side-lumenz."
or mlen ienot ;given opporto nit.
"Lord CI'Zanwas iroh biy <fie 44 s3?r; IL
the unimportant but Ihonora r ce t"Al.
of presdoimt of the Coanmcil ) e.ii 50
his over eaingma onT :,.ez, u2h 1,, . .ta.nSO
imail ilOl;O12, 3a " FiL'r in A cr'll h ie s SAE UR YO EX M
5 11a an of in 1iu'--iry 101mhiiy ttIP';
critical time Of lEuropeflian alpairs a
man suich as Austin (Umamznhorin was A.! ilinici:neiit has bee Tmamdme by
chosen !becam'se the latter will pr ib- the !I iohm1-;a State Board of Examin-
aily do 'a.grea t (loai of I? att 'a' sl c ''hi,:strat.i;so (f arch'it~ctson-
thatls I_.mto.-,
"P aldv(:] w '!_1:Lshave I hezrainsi . -casa""d~"a'or.tatexa~mina-+
/i+afars ha 7rin,1 w i S 1 I' 2Ntf! l.eSand 'sure y
lu lows Fran e w(ell and willi Is ee nill? %vill ha gix en Dec. 29, 30, vand(I
time good underytandmig breught mih'J£i i thr lo;;- iei:;'.ty. Ex amlninatiomis lsoi
by MacDonald. I-Ta] so 1had re 1 1i tmetdimma Aic-
cation in Germnany. >OSi '(:
(h mbri is ot;m h in i i'} s i tI fl ( i! .''g, i:.ast I1usiiig, on th1V
Chi m b o ern 'i t an2 ntToahut In d.
lh jo ea w 2 ~lft a t;lder. hut. Ilailix-ilis f ' i1 mgr[ 0 1st( l, Ilf. l1 ad applicittioflblamiks
aas i odoar £'f the 01! tiso )1. (,'f:'.i y l ait {oh! a mtled hby iv -rfih^gto thIe of-
and t3lvliii nrobabl y ee;s : ci i"'' thy i io-nrd, 20,33 Park ave-o(.",
fluence im foreign aitnair:.." mtort
P'rofesor Cross then oplae
Sair R oibert homre, ho ;t,.:cr i______________--__________-__
the Ministry of,Latbor, me i V' 'AO- r ~~N I ._tOttliTE
Si'e l.-ref erred his ft~'or inler I}l: t 'i:;-O-r. . et ...


Stop at. the Barbecue Inn and tr-y one of.
f ~thehir delicious barbecued meat sand-
wiches. They're good-Aspecially on
thcsc cold days.

410 south State sirect

PJ oiw 2948-IV

- -_ . _- ---._ _ .__ _ . - -_--- .--n

13,, y r Cl1 s

a Definite Preference

foDr Pvyrafin rfilt Xare
iDubarry Ivory
for CriSt as
Its a Gift of Beauty and Utility
400 "0.4 East Liberty St.

'w dthe


., ..A .a,
- I

,r N IEt
1'~~~fla 284TJ N E

s: nmc ,zt -rfl.Ssn.-au l.ems-m2,a . , .a-fC a lf~lA .-:c.wW4,.:lI *,n.ratwx .'c rs lI


Q .:. ._- -a. . -,

An astounding i turiz i i of life' rea1
est 'riddle --W AT Of THEPERAFTER?
- - ' A\i3

The Land aof Delightful Entertainment

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f All Occasions



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Q'tl' -F11-H 7wA I> r1 9~i~

Ii m lMack Sennett collledy
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