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November 30, 1924 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 11-30-1924

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Books and W riters

- -r - -- -- -" ~~ dreamy speculation of his mind, as to - shell ing who had taught the peopleE which would
be of a "moon-lit color". Lite here isi how to grow colored cotton." +effects of too
I enin' half-light, with all the varia- . Verisimilitude adds to the lure-aath.
1 dn6 aetons et affords. ,This is not to imply FayTasSuhA e a in lived "where Brail and Argen isln Ta
complete unreality. Why are things 1 tile meet;" the people in 'the valley AMONG TH
---- ----seen in moonlight or at dusk, or by.. where was the Laguna Viedma talk- 1 a Slir
the lover of subtleties, delicacy require of the reader virtues less he-j the uncertain pallid flame of candles edr in.F ge.SepYr- yuanish;acetanfatmas o oof TEFURhHidt nirayale ae Be
grace of language, scarcely any roic perhaps than many wish to pos- any ,less truly seen than by the clear Dlh bleday. Figerad. Ne .w Y >k'.1 or "youcayseredrotheindnyooks,"THoF OUerRhnsdrd'rth n iesay be nae cumy
e, now using written could have secssbut, rarer, more elusive, and in dcold, light of reason or of day . W e Mr. Fie r P e r e eagedel ih rt- au se; e d o maenuid ,ho l t de Pe red by theF r h wg ll ernt e ofm
er appealrthan the work of Wa- the end more to be desired. One who grow used it daylight; our vision is ' ae rmte nin fSuhthe tale that cost a dollar rolled a early this winter. Houghton Mifflin SCRIBNER
e la Mare. That. charm is im-I reads The Memoirs of a Midget withj adjusted to it. How if we become ac- America; fidtls and th en wroteInis them Sin ai.igaret before telling the story that announces, coincidentally, the repub- brochure on
Cate for a large audience but it is real pleasure must be sympathetic,I customred to twilght, shadow? One maner which justifie the dedication i fie children "had beard . .. as oft- lication of Curtis Hidden Page's i the subtitle"
II Is charm, and it is somewhat introspective to sone degree, and would not quarrel with Corot because to Carl S andhunrg. The illustrations-o n as you' have heard the story of Cranlations of this poet which were ro haws" vi
, q to regard him, chiefly as a subtly responsive to. chianges in at- he represented trees as blurs of gray-; woodcuts by Paul Honors (ronoun - 1inderla." A modern touch.. . ., first published in cifywr a limited edition 'n Interested
or -f verse called simply "slight", mosphere, sensitive to slight grada- green; to his myopic vision they wreed Ilonoray)--would be fascinting IThe names--Hunapu, El Anano, ttwenty years ago. u 11~iae n f rs hc stoso elnadaaeo h irsn vntems a-ihe tro o h notnt ~'or
at",akdes rosnohchcomplaintfe of, ad whrisftheeprs,,an een heIostfa-sihte varni, BalartnquertnatNataliaaa n, aFnlu, NtaTAPS,-.~-~arTe tre
nd; upon as fine-spun stuff, too shiftings of mood which si inevitably lnksn o~lit fhsrpee-ing o' unlovely yellow, green, and cilla, airu--are melodious. Bin- HAVERLOCK ELLIS propounds'of Carl Sand
our. to interest. the masculine accompany action of whMtever kind. t !ation. So, too, de la Mare, with di- lue. ger writes musical passages; his ad- the following -esthetic of morality In .B. Mofnson in
1,tevgru nelc.To sayI this makes it all seem very feeret sight, presents a world whrich1 The book is, Of Bourse, primarily jeoves 'are pictorial; occasionally he his third series of Impressions ;and,"Carl Sadbu
Is interesting to see however slight, very paltry, but in reality it is 'is not the world of most of us, but for (,-iliren; bunt: if those who eire' evidences keen perception. Wvitness: omments. (Houghton Nllfflin): ihf-ly esteen
thtamiain foh r ereflection of aspects o'ataiyw aynt jc tonta con.supposedly bcyoid adolescence can'~ "Sr,<old and firm was he .fixed, a 'Slowly, patiently, with the exercise
h which are ttoo ofttenhic ar t passedassd ove.Th. ThThe 'n)'hossery fainthch ttransitory moytod.sTe w~hichhin gnottn aerytaoyakit, mIh kpitye tnhdm.n bTheyinad- t~i
of hs caft Huh W poi.s Midget and The Return are sonetmes lie catches so perfectly are quite as ness of losing the ilision3 of e-ild- the voices of children and the inter- life, one can reveal beauty, one can man five-foot
ispoei h ertCt, looked upon as melancholy vapour- l utea ogani pteo u dlsiimte ypoitHwreacing echoes," "his chest heaving .ansmuute life into :>eauty, one can literature wl
Leen- reading that story ofde la lns ared yncnetinwt oversight, as the more obvious ones; it "; tagic to u., ut ter ly unimoaginahv ik ae e hnth tr a vnceaebat.Tenmero es iie,
c s The Return-one of the most tesbtnil-olmr fniswe find everyday in the routine of and .hn,-alblof b.1gc1laiedrnby ,rrep." oints at which one has been able t osmr bynooneto wt nd . eer.tulnee hneditsom'hsee cet bat. h ubeofn r ille,
thefor itskspiiits ose, orgitsspun by a fanciful brain; 'Toe o'Bed- 1 tneiia efi t icr ~oiso oril ge n mi- Ihave often wondered wiry chi..d hs sth sasr o. e'ss-
nrfr tsprt t rsr t a sutd ncrrbrtnheecome aware of them for our- i m en n, uie, , tr are not more brutal than they cess in living." ,s01IETINt
,ry-and something of the moon- lamvisqusteroin coryoborauion:nhpmobein ta:lorIre' fordthe Silver lands ie osdrn ta he rwu dfrves
~~~~~oulsor ftsha esmadteralwod W hofhIartcommurouandivision and gives us a small kinship venefuel s in h trso h in the atmosphere of the lore of "THERE ARE those who cn take dial'""T r N
solsotht h mteia wrd heeo Iamcmmndr ..vita bats, moles, and other dwellers .eu i° , th e cd too]--the cruel enchantmnent and ghastly won- their F. P. A. or leave it alone," re- Joseph Collin
spun into threads of the finest and de la Mare beecores merely a is akis.Adnta w id o mrea ya "w-hae od-h e.I seems that to read of the sharks Doubleday, Page's publcty er.Col
beid-ih te old ee2ife ihwoda .cdn sation, no movement in such books k t'; aaahmai u det-rowning of the hungry old witb, -man rgarding the S. Aams' new the blt pass
al ka moepany si .1ta notuaef a LseL jtt as> these is proof again that we re- binding of the bird forever, the melt- look "Too Much V ;t;hett~ f d n <nti
apoeasaught .as exactly as anlan;Mres oTerMjs ure' the greatest upheaval to srrtda LM m oUa a g as sugar of the enchantress; to ytfn
js~~~ ia oi h hrceitcte",wo aigsa~e h u s seven slightly and will be mo1dcould not be Id~ell ,,! Thr cie l diCbrknth athsae think fanciful tales ar t..llegores,. go straigt f
ity of thla prose, for it is the mar- of thea world for the rich and b)ati- ;from our path only by cataclysm); for, A-,..,h walwe e ht 'ls and master of men, who was covered dwell on the fact that "in that vanity 'aving to rea
>usly teautiful texture, filmy and fltig they sold, were reduced to! in fact, the books are filled with dr°ank d es :nof ON' lit~le river, and thenI with lava, ipacna who was turned lay his weakness," and emphasze o the origin
y caotoed'; which first makes its the' manufacture of "a kind of ludic- mnovemnet, with change, and valor, by force of 010 steam exploded into a to stone, the wild man of Roraima stories, like that of the Lazy People. 1
34 oterae. The words rous doll's merchandise--utterly beau- ,ny sta ude oeet huadpee;Ckx h it who sank in the Shaking Mud wouldI Fantasies are used even as a reward " SUPO
islvs av cmpllngcar, ifl itl ifiesmlsinfariswhich is an undercurrent of all life, whose armas lonthenad like elatic, gmye a child a t t o lod u, .or prompt retiring. Te knd, god, der ng Cud's
ubtle music one cannot easily worth a hundred times their weight runn o ubiqutously along with whose f:ngez";r : iaced over the :1 s uppo~se all this is explained as f ecntle, lving folk always cinquer ol-digging,
.p.Ltri h aebokTei uis"-it that the rhythm lulls us into for- rr- -.and went feling like five bulnd divine retribution- the evil, wicked, vengeful monsters. Andes, seals
rn -is mentioned again: "I read But it is not that de la Mare fails1 getfulness and we are incredulous ofi snakes," and who starved to death, it is *shamefuli that fairy, stories Someday I shall write about hor'- anything and
with absorbed attention. I did to see the -sordidness of life or that Its existence linteruhrfT e binase, "with the hick o sspiclor e morals. To feed unsuispcting le ogres and merciless giants who es J. hj nger
hear the 'tdripping on the roof he, wilfully shuts squalor out; ti Memoirs of a Midget presents it. WeI of all giantls." he hd allowedtehirnsgrcaed pills is coward- neveryedt h oe fgobtbfr il
the patter-patter of the drops rather that he sees rno much more reject it with the contempt we have liero twins to pull his teeth and re - Well-meaning parents, no doubt eirist in foul black magic. him that he
a the ceiling, nor the beating of :clearly those ethrer aspects which for the familiar; we refuse to see the( plac dthem with co n gains; the
storm against" the glass.' My people have come to look rgors often kcharn- which the moment, no matter Gentle Folk, who could turn C ower~~~~~~-~ ~~ ~-~- P H N E"***** "''"' *******
ies blew in the draught, and as counterfeits of actualities, mere how brief and usual, surely may hold. into bright-colored bird,;; CabrakanH IE
lows crossed and recrossed the pleasant, and untruthful, representa We will have earthquakes and ty- th o aot, as acialow f) s, D elicio s tender-
Det. 4 Do you remember' the books Lions of reality. Dah diseaso, cruel- phioons, shocks and hurricanes, and {bris "h ~rgre 'hSa 19
ing words? *K * ty, horror,-all these are to be found scorn a sound as trivial and customi- . otf steaks for
)ace, likre Lawford in the dark- in' his books but so touched l Y hisl ary as that of the "multitudinous nificance for the old roan in The Re-
a a t Widderstone, he glanced up 'essentially conteplative attitude, the ran-drops" which had so sharp a sig- turn noddin~ quetly in his chair. y o u r S u n d a y3
reply across the lamplight at his Poojih s pp r t tnUky to rSp1sa
hUtsma drical 'shadowy comrpnpng t u p r e
heard the steady surge of multi v
tnous -randrop ," like the roar ;of =4 ¢IALITYr, the habit of comn
e's winged chariot hurrying near,-
a he too, with specta}es awry, 4fn' I n ere and
bed on in his chair, a weiary old v'1 i '""1a f
tinel on the outskirts of his friend's a jS d ST will al1ways beD O3NLY BENZOL CL
uded battlefield. ibEAVES NO STIC
'Shadowy compaion,' 'multitudin- stsi d ~. A E
rain-drops,' 'a weary bid sentinel', TO ATTRACT NEW I
friend's denuded battlefield,'***-
words echoed like little muffled
s in my brain, and it was, I sup- d0at
, to their chimiing that I fell into f
ranless sleep."~(f
his moon-.it immateriality is a-T DRY CLEANING - I
lity not merely superficial, a trick-'.y amei ite n
manner, but one which is basedyougmet eih,.Ii
ntially upon an attitude of th'e Do You>XGaaShopinnEar
A pecuiarly the possession of",
lei'sattitude toward hiscusrldths The many items to select from-Electric Irons, Cuding Irons, j M
iuently anything but an illuminat-; Toasters, Percolators Armstrong stoves, l liU
process and it seldom, as courses Wafflle Irons, Grills, Heaters
iterature amply testify, increases, u oln nscndfori ed o Iseto.C F TE I
reader' appreciation, but with de-
fare appreciation seems to stand Cu Tylado eod lo sray fr ipet
fall with an understanding of his
t of view. Any reader will agree, JI.. . F SvH'E VCf. 08 E a t W il am '
repose, that he does not see things i O UALITY- O. U# r.\58Es ila t
-euulfashion. Daareetmain i:ar Wat h ngton Washeng-on near MtainI 8 e6b ]~4
as wlftr dn atterit if made to I v!4 Where the Best Food Is W s ezlEe
to reconrcile the interpretations S y e+served
iften difficult. a A y arsu
o see the world as de la Mare does--.-.-- -

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The Nineteenth Annual Product'Ion of
--- --Mimes of the Mis igan Union
For UniversityWhich Plays in Ann Arbor the Week of December 8thFrGee
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