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November 30, 1924 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 11-30-1924

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VOL. XXXV. Nro. ,58





_,_.._.... .... ..g .

ARMY, NOTRE fl9MElForeign Student'
W IN F IN9A1I S M ES iI or rgan years to come European
v ritlnt i1t lepe)nd to a great extent
FOOTBLL oi? ohm to gtfinacial help) to eal
9I teint gtan educationde"ae
______Pr. Arnold Wolfers, Swiss economist,
PIL~IIENTCOQIDO AN) CoW! follow ing his lecture last night in
PRESIDENT 8000, G '1pCRW Lane hall. "As I any continually tell-
BA.1TTLE ingt my people, neutrals who have not
gone through the World war will have
!ocontinue to help these young seek-
DEADLOCK BROKEN ; ers after knowledge."
______Dr. Wolfers stated that ;even today
Captafn. Garbish Stars In Last G~~m many students in Germany are living
of Career b~y iekin ,r Four I on from seven to eight doll'arsa
Field oal month, which sum covers all of their
______exlpenses. Since the large masses of
,students come from the middle classes,
Baltimore, NVov." 29.-(By A. P.)-A including the children of p~rofessional
barrage of drop kicks;, fired from the men, educators, and business men, they
magic too of Captain Edward W. Gar- are unable to get enough money from
bish, broke down the Navy's fighting ;their parents to put them through.
defense today and gave .Army, a spec- Because of el this, they are dependent on
tacular victory over tier ancient service th hep o tes

Rising to super heights in the climax
of his long and brilliant gridiron ca-
reer, xarbish kickol four field goals
that represented the entire margin of I
Army's 12-0 triumph in a thrilling,
desperately fought struggle played be-
for~e President Coolidge and a_thtrong
of 78,000 in Baltimore stadium.


rrhere, before this colorfland fl( llinois Profw:sor (laimns Gettysbunrg
able outpouring, the greatest that has ,peecli was Written out and
ever marked the annual service gamne,j Memorized
Garbish covered himself with immlortal.____
gridron glory with an exhibition of il-S E FE TSPA E
dividual skill and dyinmic leadership t
seldomn, if ever, equalled in this classic
oe gridiron classici, ,g Urbania, 'Ill., Nov. 29. (fly, A. P.)-
Garbish, by kicking four field goals,, Contrary to any general belief that
not only performed a' feat that has noLicl' Getsugadss/ s
parallel in Army-Navy- history, but Licl'Eetsug adesa
throughout the game was an outstand-either unprepared or a hastily pre-
ing figure both on attack and defense,! pared effort, it was a result of, care-
in a triumph that broke 'a two Year ful thoug ht -nd much work, accord-'
deadlock in the service; rivalry and ing to 'Prof. Daniel 'Kilham Dodge of
gave the cadets the lead in the seri-s the U'niversity of Illinois. He .is conl-
that was inangurated in 1890. As a vifnced1, after years of research, that
result Army now has 13 victories to, Lincoln's success "in writing and
her credit and the Navy 12, while two' speaking was the result of constapt
battles resulted in. ties. effort andl that standard English to
The cadets, by the decisiveness of Ith~e Civil War president was .anl ac-
their vicaory, fulfilled the prediction ouired dialect.
that made them favorites, but they, "It has often been assumed thatI
were forced to a terrific! fight to take Lncoln, like Goldsmn)ith,' was a nmaster
th~e maesure of the midshipmen, who of E nglish st~yle by the grace, of GodI
came from the depths of a previously and withjout special effort conil s part."'
disastrous campaign to puat a brillauit ;P1rofessor Dodge ue aClarf d. "Notingl
defensive battle that thwvarted everycudL ate ro h~tuh o
attemptLeof!the Armyr to scortrattoufh-
attmptoftheAriy o cor atouh-we have abundant evidonce, both in=
down, and might have produce ] an- ternal and external, that Lincoln's
other scoreless deadlock sitch as was Isucsinwtng nspanasn
waged a year ago only for the un- te craticn ofithegaw, wpasintheare-
stopable performances 'of Carbaish. h Patc fthlw a h e
sui of constant effort.

'sNeed Aid: JC[ ~jN Kelsey Will Return To .Romle
ces, Says Wolfcrs CNrEC['-" Following Brief Visit Here
ES' st;their, ability to make thir .'rbf. Francis W'. Kelsey of the and a notable collct ion of prapyri
wtlvnDr. Wolfers said that this is iII o ~ nMiI[ atin department returned to Ann Ar- comprii1Slf i emus.
dnext'to impossible, due to the prevail- [O!IIIJ/f U hr yesterdr~y morning after being in 'One of the (iieerl( >i~niiscrpt' 1:
Iu o unemploymentjl Asia Minor for nearly a year. His .5ri( i tC re(
throughout the whole of Europe. Al-, !1 et amhuchen~ ther is knon Us( TeIT.S~PIER RS
- thuhteuepomnwiutoni EO ) SSIN ( ETN stay here will he brief as he expet
'at its worst in E ngland, where nearly' TEIWIiv iot rtr t oeinaot ek Ldder of Sa ~in Ihn linmako." Ile' iw SCIENTS1b1'r hTS ¢uw1r"11,1
etwo million men are out of work,1)EE~l(+1 & NSor ten d(ays. cwa amonk rwho cvo;ic<ivod II(i tl V 11I N VS1FIES?
-yet i sas pratcly ipsil Professor Kelsey returneq to the ta odmnwn oa~ efc
for the student to secure employment 1 BI HOP SPEAKS University in order to consult witA ilife by m~!i ountinga ladr, ca 'li rung;; NL ~~i~~ i
Yiin :Germany, where it is thought that!E,,,"". the committee on Neatr East research,1 fwihrpesn dago Ii:i.111 I w-
gso much of his mind is upon his studies ' T E:. Fiske, '23,,at I . v. Crk, '2a, of which- President Marion L. Burton When the! virton o ul harmanedc
'at ~cno efr n te o' Represent Iriiie-sity i is chairman, and which is composedtht ecno efr n te ok rung I y iungto th', toplof ilic, Itddter IReports Add to dRnolvredg' ef
r.aheol. Now York of men interested in this field of wor. h a osdrdasit os rv xse
f, "There are still many foreign slim - It became necessary for him to con- The p apyri compri5('s letters and dslerat 61
,!dents in Berlin in spite of the fact that New York, Nov. 21.-(By A, .)- ;sult the coimnitteez because of the im-i usingi,., do.uin' n :; cf('emE'niiwasfmadeiye
1 living expenses are much higher thani Two new national Greek letter fra- ipitance of opp~ortumnities which are 'types, tinong tl m berin:' a puie l nein v icr e
yv'in, previous years," he explained.! ternities were, formed) today at the, now olpening for work about the Med- dtxcuinent of 17 2 1. C., written very 1befr e the mtnlg i of Ilhe An]
n 'It is now just as .expensive to attend second sessioni of the interfraternity, iterranean. finely. Other dcmnsand l private -Phiysical ociety of twon dlgcic
ra university in Berlin as it is in Eng-i convention at, the Fotel Pennsylvania. "European universities and scien- letter.3 are dated in tte 1firs t century, one of which piromii ,e;sIc'to adc
n land,;and mabout one third less cx- They were named IDelta Alpha and Itilic bodies are no longer able to con- and more. in the second, third and ially to thle Immowledcdgc osv haInteUie tte. t tr.aDla.Tefre a;tnu eerhi h ea at"si orh'cnuis nlter rpril ic h
chapters at Ohio Wesleyan and Pur-! Profes sor Kelsey, "and it is the duty,: This mnaterial was-u all collectl'1ed nea which noiay prove' the existlence
(lue universities, and the lattecr at of Amer'ican universities to carry on the ancient city of Antioch near the mrn ~iinmber GI. Bothi of thxe:.
FAMOUS thPHYSIrAdNSchool'of the:work in their place." Icenter of Asia 'oS fte iLsmbe f a '
I~itesandDener.Recent acqluisitions brought to the findings are being i'estore~d by ar New h e sclcntist clur inig lmr fuin
The onfrene ws atdned'by. Unveritylibrary by the expedition York architect and will u e shown at "l'onls here.
more th u :lml delegates, representing comprise an important latin manu- the American Archaeological society Prof. . N. 1t illiams of I te
!ore thlam 600,000 fraternity menmbers script of the gospel of Luke, written meeting in Chicago during the Christ dearuent is credited with bel
T I.[C V E H[f ii the Uitvlrd States,.tat' a monastery near 'Louvain in the mtas h'oliday. All will, eentuially be'- of time first n in l the worldN
twelth entrytwo large Greek: man-1 conic the possession. of than iniver-, ' heard the music of thle inflimites
Atsovtoday Isuln sessionnvia.excluisiveness in uscripts of about the same period, isity, s'nall sphere lknown as t.)e etc
;~~oee fIsli cefsIvt-fraternities was condenined, the-speak-l Dr. A. W Ilull, of the General
Society .Tan. 13 expandl as to allow as many college'fhlllI1 ,VL ,i irniBams' co- worker in the researc
!-men as possibte to join..rvv SP VU~rLIJ y 't i, y aternoon of h ow thc
SECOND TALK'OF SERIEA Bishop Robert L.. llari'is of Mar't x'urccd, A in 1k tcniui o tim Inl
quette, M~ichigan, speaking on this I a iny pal~lticle hving itlmin
i Dr. Frederick Grant Banting of sum~ect, said the college, andl especially I ( H FIIH iiA fractiolm. of a Iml
th nvriyo oot h icvr the fraternity, must enroll in the great IILoH[lII (itN o an 'inch.
ci' Unmversity of Trontogtheediscover-righteousness and____-- Iheletoswihwr-
eofInsulin, has accepted the invita- (unrihe ses.Dem' am rhi-!
tion of Alpha Omega Alpha, natiomnal tions are often mnore important than! Van Valkenburgh, Pryor, Alexander "Hopefl ns' n0wr. eSibed texeirimnt were im 0:l;o
honorftry medical fraternity, to speak accomplishments lie said. ' WRll Represen~t Students at I ('hosen bY ;swiss EconouIlst a vcuulm tub g. Electrical n
hofl.eidvdaeltrsere *JImary 13.lHe was awarded "We are conscious of the tremend- AII('m- u 11," l~r al C n ihis sl ectr nyst oI
the Nobel prize in medicine last year ous pr'oblem in carrying the burden of
Ior hi oki h eeomn fpHri ad A TRUEBLOOD WILL SPEAK!SITUATION UNPROMISING gpocued the oie5oCh
*o i oki h eeomn fcivilization," Bishlop ars a4. Adsientlists l]iene'd. This orccure
Insulin, a drug used in the cure of ;we are not foolish eiiough to think thmat nw asteS'rtfec
;Diabetes. '!a single elctiomi Olan stop this great;PasfrteAlCmu ulc D. ro Vleso wtelL~,wa redicednthe,Torefft i
Dr. Banting has given the medical national movemennt. Tr~nmendous ln o h 1-apsPbi Dr rodIVlcs f vteln i-( i ~i~e ntcneia ;
world a method of treatment of this forces must b~e enlistedl if the tradi-p Speaking banquet, to be held December, who has for some timebweenastudying oy 1Di'. chottkys, of Perlin.
(isease by means of which the most, tions of our fathers are to be pre- 14 at the Union, have been completed.''economnic conditions in Eup, spkz I hr rhe erg~y of eah blow i
serious ca.ses can b~e controlled. Sine .erved in .America." !Among the speakers on the program tin Lane hall unde1 r tie auspicers of thre trcimely murnute, but wh en ]li
the distribution of this remned yto In thi s truggle, ishopr, i a~ Cosmopolitan club) last night. 1!isi' iu, 1 imnpalcts are 'added to
practitioners, the death rate from dia- threcollege anid e-c .ia lly the frateri-'aeCalsB arn 9L xa-sbetws"oeu in nu hi u eoe eylre
betes has been greatly reduced. yme cudh ~ uwrfiul influe nce It en( (: t bassador to Japan and Mexico, who is rope." infficient anm)ril(frto:, thle
iThis will be the second of the Alpha;'-- to be the guest of honor and principalI Although a ittn that the Euro- may prodluce a roar like that n
OmcgP 41Alpha series of ]ectures . Timer ea:r.n " )'" )rillr' 1' ~.: ker, iRteent Jurn i . Deal G1fAnn !pearl Situation is lrathernrxn ia'.1ingt, ,%l'am'r alls. "TheC SOnuld l:, vry
first will be given at 8 o'clock Thurs- John 1". Cli., ?.5, lpresidlert of ' c Arbor', whow ill introduce 1Mr. "War- iDr. Wolfers stat~ed that there are serv-like fthiat of escaping ste am," sa
;day night in Natural Science auditor- liih'i'lai°.nily coulncil on the camnnius I u'n, and Prof. T. C. Trueblood, of time eral reasons for expiecting conditionls )lull. It is found to be plropor
im 'by D~rs; George F. and Gladys H{. aid ''ii~~I.lih'2), sceayof ;:mhilic speaking (lepartment.' on the continent to imrprovec. Also t o the nnner of electrons whi
Dick of the McCormick Institute for the carne organization, are rcprlint-' Elizabeth Van Valkenburgb, '20. will Dr. Wolfer" considers the critical at- cross the tube ea~ch second.
Infectious Diseases of Chicago, They ing t(1w' niverrity at this conference, ;represent the women's activities itte tituide of most Europeans tO1 ,'(l the t'he electron is the Buit ofe
will present the results of their re- and will mnalke 1ii'('120t to the c'ounc(il fiedl of public speaking, and Millard~econiomiic situation as allimdiatien of c"l chare andIth (e deterinlat
search on scarlet fever, on thei' ret urn AMonday. Formerly -only 1-. Pryor, '25, president of the Ora-'pirogress, as well f"s the (-ouifictiuig t ;value i" of uitmiost i rp
Dr. Richard Cabot of IHarvard ui- on delegaite was senit to thie confie"- torical association w ~ill deliver the-.rt- tendencies of -;ational rind interna-,)'rofessor 'Millikran of the Ilniv
versity has been invitedl to give the: ence by the 1.niversity, hrit since dress of welcome. Ray 1L. Alexander, tional feeliiig. of 'hic ago orade fthe firstl acs
third lecture in the series. Dr. 'Wa(,deari(Oily all othZ'l'schoolSs s'nr two rep- '27JL, president of the Michigan chapter ' The National fEe;oling, although of- nieasurceinent by the. oil drop01) 1
Bruown of the Rockefeller institute will resentatives, both F~iske and Clark iof Delta Sigma Rho, national honor-.tenl narrow,"'aid llr. Wonlfers, "oh- 'ruafcssou 'Williamrs and doctor
lecture some time in March on his ex- went this y 'or, on ll;eao iutrslh'>.rec- ar y debating fraternity, will act as jests to the smothering of individual-'hesuedd in a neww ml
periinental work in the treatment of omnlendlatiouu. toastmaster. im, while iuutrnat ial feeling' piro - mont anduu have opened a field
syphilis. -- --- - - Although this is the, first public rinot'1s co-operation and works f'o "r earch wich promiises to add
in orer todefry theexpeses o ; ispeaking banquet, it is hoped that it world pieace." Dr. Wolfers" l;eligves nworld's> know4ledge of the ell
telectures, course tickets are }loina ;j~jlf ~f ~[JfJ will serve to bring together those per- that the League of.Na ionin spiite Thir w 1om k is a check, of thats (
sold for $. While the course of lee- -U sons on the campus who are interested of slow progress, isgingim'uto-fsrMiik.PofsrW

Pi ttsburg h, Nov. 29.-(B3y A. P.)--
The p~owerful Notre Danne football)
t-eamli battled the Tartans of Carnegie,
Tech on P~orbes field gridiron today,
wvinning in a wall-a way, 40-19. A per-
feet aerial assauilt and abhility to gainl
at will through the line gave Notre:
Damne the victory, but C ugcTechi
fought every inchi of thle 'way(and etu'ly
in the gamne threatened to up:>ct ' lie
opinion of experts that tllh istr
would Winl.
Coach Ionckne sn in his entire se
onl string', teamil to opien the ganme, bht
C'arnegie wa;s too s;trong; for this o(:t--
se t, blockding kicks and rtunnling the
ends tfime and l ime ag ain. A'tr
Kristoff loced a khic,recovered the
Balg n wl 1 y ri;fr(l ie first score, Roc',Ilc e hcidedI it \1ast
tune to send in hi,, regulars.tWheui
thley started the homue team f'oundl itself1
s1'arrped at0 every tin.
Londjon, Nov. 29.--Add it ionalI inew s
of the L~hmartum multiny tra'om flicial
reports shows that it was much 'iore,
Serious than at first appesare n
entailed nmneroums catsaht ies Ainfthe
confu'l:edl fighting which follow;ing act-
mug Sidar II uddleston's cuaeub
ineffectumal, facing ;of Ithe armed nliut-
ineer.s and his ittteil lo tr cas:on wim
thei Jfore givingf the ordfer to over-
power themn.
there are still no precise dletals: of
the inotive for the mutiny, hutt ihei"r
appears to have been no repetition or
extension of it. According to the lat-
e,8i advices, both Egypt and the ,Sudan
,remain tranquil. The students, how-
ever, still threaten, and all efforts by
the authorities to pacify them arei
Official quarters profess no anxiety,
that anything serious may'arise in the'
Sudan despite the comparative small-
ness of the British garrison, because
the Sudanese troops are allowed onlyI
small supplies of ammunition and
could not carry out a serious revolt
unless they obtain supplies elsewhere.

~Just as hue madie torough prepara-
tion of his law c'ases, studying his
ol~ponenat'.,3 side as c'arefully as his
own, ne'ver ('ependling upon the in-
,spiration of le moment, so lie be-
Unowed infinite pains upon the prep-
aration of his speeches, generally
writing them out in full and commit-
ting them to memory. Flee summed up
Is l)ma(ti('e as a lawyer in these
words of adviee to a law student:
'Work, wvory, workc, that is the main
*-Wheni he didl s, ),-k withotut prep-
arat ion, os w~th 1 ieo slort speeches
oil the( jour'ney to Wasihing toll in 1861
or. thle u-espfote to a serenade the
evecnin'e rfore t ho delivery of the,
(2et ysburg addcress , the result was
anything'buit sae'cestual. Unlike Sew-
i : rit lie hadl not thle toigue of a ready

turns is pr imarily for uind]ergradunatq
medical ,tudents, a limited numbelr of
ricekets ; are available to the p~ublic. The I
ticket s.ale is in tlmech 'arge of Iw us
D. Becker, '25M.

in oratory and- pulhic speaking, and
ASKS FOR TRANSLATOR -bcm nanulafi. Ivttos"have been extended- to
all rgaizatonsandstudents inter-
Plyvniunlih emnmt Nov. M.~-- f',l. es'tedl in public §peakcing and repre-
-1(111 C'. Coolidg,-, t at lici of the lt 1esi- isentatives from nearby schools iare'
dent, is lookinigtor' some one familiar;also expectedl to lie present.

lity and priestige t' i carrying onl the work in
,after thue lecture, Dr. Wolfr-s an- ph'ysics laboratorie~s here.
sweered questions concserning l Fi -I "A s~mc for elenmenit 1n
-pean economic contit ions whlich weIwa (thebitle ofa paer oft
.not torchled u pwa in the l ecture. Prof,. C. J1. Lapp of1'ht'l niv(
The speaker, who was a nuemiber of ,' 1ii~ni


withi time(, (;,-rman language and with
('ermua mm so'il IA. hen lihe received in
the' r:wi todany a letter fr'om some-
whIer-e iinC ;'nauy, lit'souugh t iatrans-
lator, but could find none either in

William C. Dixon, '25, is in charge ofI
the sale of tielrets, which may be ob-
tained between 2:00 and 5:30 o'clIockI
t at the Oratorical association office in7
Room 3211 of the Literary bulldIng.

Sherwood Ed(Ys ietwsuptor, i- at
pre seut travellintg iniimeica t h t o
study economfic condlitio.ns i ore amito
deliver- led tires cn th(' situaticn int

Unive rsity of Illiniois. In Hte
In th ar;"iw'tra whiich v r
aiea mnw inde was fouund~
sI owe a ave'-length very
t at of the estimnation of Coern

snvaiaer and witih characteristic self-__:_____thmis v~e'erinug 0' ilLdlowx, th imrest'i he chairge per plate wllI be 1.50 1 g' £amVr onent nunmber 7. It isest
c'i. T L e aie c a'c rsi a rlttiiicishi he realized this defect him Ypsilanti, Nov. 29-Fire of unde-i town. 'fw s o lni 'm-ed tat Uib fJun the intetnsity that if sl.T i thiv C a at rsi a e mi e rgn t ri v in t e na rs
umadcmbtedlv (duie in pmrtrto the fact of tie lodge romdestroyed the Mat- it was impsible to t elI fron u 'at. ("Y ESrT 900 ISS ji atprcontiness.em st num
that standlard English was an acqutit'-sonic temple here tonuightwith an-ies- city the ele c'aniodned1oe couild L1I L Gt-U I R L[91dI }Lo'patin2009r]es
led ie nowitliy ntsefr m isc te dis overed4 t00'cloc iphrte aeo. tect, swi- nin ir nr 'IIItEffots were male to bringo
Ia~~ h ,otne~ nisueo.The fire, dsoee t 'lc, teni, sript inside. h U Ciir IIICl a1 t c, o 2. linemore stronigly, but only °
atue tol the manner born, spread quickly to other parts of' the'' IURJnUelse 'mI d beIobtainedt, i al' iuI Iii
"ut 1this defect talso hathits ad- building and despite eftorts of u lie n nVn E. T Ws( Ie Sih Is i,O 1i cale ii) on I eea pae. tIo.'
xanlrgestandlitisatoa great extent lclfr eatensaddiyrsrv IO l~ i iI~l~l!I j . i.Kelsey of Toledo, president of tie senae al('idi' \edneaKy iit j esevea lnI s orf a sad
responsible for his later complete firemen, caused' the almost complete IIUIUIInhI AfUIflUI91, the International socety for (,rippled :probably will be rm'efermel ack to the hsr-esaeo scn v
riastem'y of the spoken word. It con- destruction of the building A call' ~ m .~.ma£fn Children, wll speak at the mass meeot-t Senate Agri'icmmuri (otfnlittee, it was rdner of, somte ftth ateleue
tributes to inaking Linc~on a progres- was sent to the Ann Arbor department. !f mI~l jbg of clinic advocats which is to le; said last night.. Adunstration lead
live artist, advancinig step by step whichm responded, lbmt reached the' L I II IUI !hld at the Union on lDeceuuber 8.1 ors are kniown to favor suc(h dr ourise new{ly tie etimated wave-en
from the c'rude 'Comnmunicaton' of scene too late to be of any great assist-- - Followinig a dinmner in the Union, tie rud ame'ewlling; to act ode to enandstuieemnsmasItpsb
1832, thurough themather sophomoric ance. Insufficient water pressur'e added ,New Y ou-,Nv. 2.---JlsJse' oa 011ccnylnhonov~ ilIo ouicrmdhtr atatm hii ewed lement-ha ralm-ber 1
-efforts of thelate Cthrties and early wo the difficulties of the firemen. amnd, 1henchu ambiassador to the Unied (begin the free clinic for all cr1 pled' Ue filed for 1lie ciamil tee In epocrtcx'rc . .en-nmbr6
forties and the mnore restrained The new plant of the Detroit Edison States, who will reliaqumrisim his WVasht- children in Washtenaw county. Thel since the adlioum-ument of Cogrssdiscosvred will be one of he'
-" iai oay l Ecag lb atJum h uce~w~~~elements on this- panet, it is
spechs f hefifties, to the mamkcompany, an adjoininug buildinug, wasi - nglon post early iin thenew year af- iKians Rtay-ad YesterdaylstJueth comeShal ita-#pltd a w
oif huigh literary 'distincetioni of the for a time serioumsly threatened. The ter' 22 yar's as chtief of th:e Frenchu dip- of tie city as wvel as nurses and doct- I tion has becoummc conupicat ed by th estra oee
iCooprer Instfituition Address, the two Masonic temple was erected in 1909, lounatic mission, was tonight the guest j ors will contribute to the clinic.{ withldiaal o' Henry la'rd's ofer'. session held lure to comme
inigrals and the Gettysburg Ad- amid was insured. " 01' homor' t a haiiquet given biy thureeI Mr. Kelsey huas been interested in the prepai'ali of Ii new irooals, 'atoping.oBetwee w physics
drs - W cn('lm- Anmer'icanm organizationms, the crippled chlildren and ifn obtaining re- and revision of dome oth'em'Uis.
__________________________ ~hrsnt-hm-Amuerica society, the Fedeu'a-i,:ef for them throuighi the variotus civic, Senator iUnderwod, lDeuoct, Ala-;'i~ h e bidn a e
CD lion f French alliances and the Amer- clubs for some tne andl it is thoght baua, who led the fight for' thea- for the inspection of the m
0 9TOR W~~ll KNOWN C[IPO III ui ocity of the French Legion ot' that his talk will br'ing out tie need cptance cif Ford's bi, will introduce ,-tno he-nvrit tf
flhllflhfCURT(lfhiIIII (om.,fr on such clinic here. Mor e than hi ne hll wlidi h as ,Spor tu in mmther roonms todeonstr;
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_ Brussls, Nov. 29.-It~y's lpremier; bs exper'ience in the United States in rff ~UH f~J -olernt~iom othIle prope ty for the po- b hy the Amercan Physual soc.
.i Washington, Nov. 29.--Republican. operatic composer, Giacomo Tucctn, during live presidential adniumstra I. p WILL ( ductioum of nt~ogenfor fetiizer and1: the purpose of promoting r
organisation of thme Senate in prepara -,died here today. He came to Bruussels Lions to illut lue Ithe undanmental rea iUIIIIN WI L hl xplosives. 'ad of giviuug a general kinowl
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1 day, was comipleted today by the unan- treatment fou' a malignant gurowth in canun 'nity iU TO ISflf1flhI IVI OL901 ists i all parts of' the county
:1 imotus election of Senator Curtis of the throat, but his strengthm gratdually j 3UIIUIIM ~IL CU t d.ixlkeiurn, 'next n:eetimug of the society
,.Knaathme partyledr and of gave out and his heart was unable to - helf Dnrds'of~ ~lcd inW'ashington, .'C, dum
.1sen-ator W atson of Indiana, as assist- bear the burden put upon it by the [atIN[re .Dun roesr f n a r n'CIrsta eao.
- ~4, ,, . ~.dinfectionffi B I1 TI R LM 9S IT1 mihitary science, wth speak 1t the 0 A total of forty-six papers w

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