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November 15, 1924 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 11-15-1924

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7MER 15, 1.92 1


_d._. _ ._._.__...

e -
V ' k ffm lolv A&


Chaperons for the Ohio State game
will be: Miss Helen. Bishop, Mi\rs.
Russell I ussey, Mrs. Arthur Aiton,
Miss Grace Manson, and Miss GraceI

ium, must sign up at Barbour gym-I Social WIorkers
nasim beoreSaturday morning.
Houses are asked to give up dinner Attend Confer,


re Queen Of
~uroean ink M ~IAUHNOR POINTS

BeItsyE 'a:rboir house holds the
chmnht. I 7trip in interhouse hockey as
,as <i result of the final in the inter-



..... ,,,3ru ___

Nlans for the trniolbaut
to be given Nov.26wr aeTu-
day at a meeting of te wrldfelow
ship ecommittee of the Y. WN. (2.,A
which together wvith thle frindly re-
lations committee of the S. C. A. anrd
f e ;I l o ol ( ,i i ; w l :- > i s r th e a ff'a ir. T h ell b a n q u e t w ill b e,. ojo n
t o all foreign 'istdete andl.the em
bers of the va rs cominAtteesr.
A( Chritn ag party to be given in
i~~prto ithhe fore.igntwOmen
Dora loge, 25, wasneleNted ef-
tarvy f th'ewrdflosi omt
,and E sther lMahtffy, '25, Nwaysputl in
Charge TCof the eCharnge 'songs which
Nvill be a mI~diin of fellow slipy be-
tween@1the foreIgn wvom.en andI the
otheiPr Mich4 ian w ome..
emeso£f'the Iworld fellowhlip
cominltt'. of the Yt W.(C. A. are as
frllows;~ Beryl Sh~affer, '25, chairmanl,
1I Ien l zel(;, '26, Beata Wagi~ner, '25,,
Eshe M~hfly,'25, SnaDavis, '25,,
C( drude Turner,'2'. Dora Dodge, '25,
i oth1 pencer26, Mar y Beeman,
'26, CeorI -in ('oklinI', '._'), Margaretl'(,
t.. will b ed t4:1 'lokWd
..dy N1bry a]

TO Ik# IBUAL UU L ouse t aurnam..ent, which was played - F LA Li e es3r) n
i12",_'_TKa}1ppa ',amma. Betsy Barbour!-
r, "I RLA1 1 i ANx} AtLT W mdethre oa 0,(,th fr:t half, but Mrs. Amy Hobart will speak on
PO:INT_ 9j,1j)- SJashwe t 'tUi"(1 Aoi'l(in',"BIocks to TBuy and Books to Borrow,"I
PAE t 'ceefl1 hlfad hei m nded. at a meeting Monday of the Fedoera-
tion of Wonmens clubs in Benton Ilar-
Athletic 1)onor points-,are to tbe On the Be~tsy; arlhour tam Olga1bo.Temtigsudrheiec
aaddto individual houses for ath-1V cclp tc~: 'aue n tkLion of the Extension division.
letics in accordance with a system leiflnsC. KatheQi'ine Wilcox, '25, andl____
orothiy Younig, '23, s';arcedl on the Al ooite ut eotthswe
which is being worked out by the de-Alsoriesmtrprthswek
partment of physical education in.! hrwal~r go~ ah akinglebyCaoln to the Y. W. C. A. office in Newberryj
connaection with the W. A. A. Thi te olwsmd yCrln hail what ever Christmas plans they
A record of the, achievements of Woostalerh c '28. I , t, have mnade for poor children in Ann
each house as a unit and of the indi-! Arbor.
vidual members of the house will be played skillfually for Kappa Kappa ____
Gamma but missed two good shots for
kep i evryeletie sor. Fr n-goal. Ronal el Lee, '25, right full-, Women who have not signed for in-
stance, in hockey, each house will ne- !laclc, by her defensive wo ?c was re- door gymnasuim work should do so
cei,..., a.,cewri . n ti niu nv±- ui. j ?tIii _ iamii7ieia~n7eiyr in narnou er ninsium.r

Washington, D. C., Nov. 14.-Ap-
pointment, of former Admiral H. I.
Cone as general manager of the Fleet'
corporation was announced today.
Senior pictures will be on 1
gale at the 'Ensian office until
IThanksgiving. After this date -
jno pictures will be sold.

Several local women attended
j oint meeting of the Intercity con
ence of the Michigan district of
Children's Aid society and the
'erican Hospital Association of Sc
Service which met in Grand Ra
last Saturday. .Among those who
tended were: Mrs. Eimie W. Ni
ory, (lirector of the Social serv
Miss Dorothy Ketcham, of the S4
1service, Miss Gladys Hlylton, me(:
social service worker; and Mliss
Fish, of the maternity hospital.

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} .

for participation, andl a ;proportional-
ly greater number of po(ints 'for thse

sponsible for keeping the score clear
for Kappa Kappa Gammra in the sec-
ond hMali.

All women who are planning to at-

No less anu!'ioj.'ty than Cki
Lcitehgreaistot British femidnine
gotespredict , the Mlle. Sihnone
Thie (I IaChaumre, 15-year.-old
I~rOihgir, above, will seine day
reignon E }opes links,


Mrs. Hugh Cabot }

number of gamnes tha uaVinO;. hu The referee for the game was Miss tend the athletic spread at 5:30 o'- i
the chxanionx in any sport wi r. Germnaine Cu 0t, of -the physical edu- clock Tuesday, in Barbour gy-mnas- I ._ , -.
ceive the highest number but the ran- ~' ondamrn.t
ner-up will receive a g icater nuntie ____________
than those who won only one or, two L L~itlt~II~IIJIII~IlI1III~
games. I 4 PErR
The chart will be posted next weekS BLUEbu BIRDim n te oitsE=_
won in hockey, archery and tennis fl f T1E [ I~ AIR SHOPPE
will be recorded. At the end of thel N O TIUOR I =i
year, the house having the highest kt t!I lifl 1 lfl -iE#Mf1#f
;:u ber 'of oints will be declared th:e 'Woien on the campus are takingC
best house for athletics, andl the chait. an increasing interest in attending,-Sapoig Ili Desn
as a %whole wvill be comp l;ared wit" th the out o' town football gamnes, as in- Sapoig Hir Desn,=
scholars;hip chart to dIiscover tile ( icated,( by the numxber signed in the
amount of ccnelation between, a th-i office of the dlean of women. For the Manicuring, Scalp and Facial =
1letic activities which demand a( reas- i01to State game today 200 women:= -
on ably healthy body, and general I have sgnedl, -197 to go on the special Treatments, Expert Mtircelling
hko]arship car, while the others will drive. For j=;r
___ _- 1the Illinois game Oct. 18, 11 7 women! im -I
t Intt Theta I signed, 84 going in1 the special c ar. ; Itimnmn1#Ii#11#111ilmiii### I
- Th le number attend(ing the M.A. C=
Ibids Iitiation gIme c{1n only be judged approxi- I Phone 3168 5 Nickels Arcade -
I a:ely. 1Hlowever 100 women signedj
T'j Lambda Theta announces thm nleolc.Ec oa safe I : i111#11##i#iIIiiiiiitIiI#11IiI#II# #ii --_-
initatin c th folowng embrs:of $1.0(1 to cover expenses of chaper-
. M*tHrHon o te Ru', 1- wildgarnicBeck, 1.
'5, Chanrlotte Bl1agdon, '25, Lucille
Conrad!, '25, Virginia Cronin, '25, Flor- otliy Nent e, '2:5, and P auline Weil;;On,l
t- ce Esey 25, Thelma lKnight,'25r,'2,a tixo em ranIEhr
i1)orotby M.,..'IFai1e, 25, 7Eli bth 1;A- 'Fried! richl, ('end ia II nyI , I.tI enIt ay,
;'h.roeider, '5 aion Walker, '25, lDor- Lou isaPateso, sscitmembers. WT

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expressed in the personal greeting
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or wh~li ric have done i alo
wa, adMr.H iabt ieo





' y. yr . Dean _...ugh.Caboof t he medical
1co",i ometn upon the fu-
. Is' s+ ture of m :rhoen in tMy field of meai-
1 1wl c :1ll no hesoroities, are askod to takeb a t t ~ I a ' ts ul
He inehuebsebl orne "tis interest("!ing Cto 'Ot o :thati h
forwhc atie vistr hsIate pracL(tice f mcine the actulalI
AMondaty, , a.Crdin toNii) nElstie ErJ_- number iof wome1n egaedh vnt1
ley. _ (i cased 11 in 5 ., atltugh1the
evnen hue hae ireu v number of ,p1qsi .iahs has ~{Iceased
Sigine( liup onl theblltnbor i nrnos aid Ms. Cbt Ti
Bilrbou1'r gymnasiunliY:, tan i is hoped is but )_t:(?i.1@ 1tie ay ofd pOinlting ouCt
that the same number (ofeaditional t50thin .On1cmpeilive practice women
,. al ~ilsig'n u c~othe Opli-ave)ot held their on"
-1nIJ o11e0Cra.Alwoe''w "hi os 11ot mean tha :t Cthe num-
do I1Ot1~lxgt n aie lioa-'e ben of women(10111,,wrk r('l1ed to
tein wll avean ppu I sit toala imediill ha nt incr1esed(, for the
(;it th e' u hwtem, 01 ; cb11 s ile tlmerwIiso. The do-
;;;1n ;1..hAvet. re ~."d Ihee-u nm i tihe iFc(ltCi an.md State




1V ew

York s



Jxra ssicre



re it(d hiphrai _[;14;'nand the jniaileM Wf''I dte, 'xt ia ongand
1~lf ve Kraft; 1in41 Ite' all IflCQ, ,J a, pojfll q ied --"Clo ('F-cim


.:11#l.v ie o I tm yo'. t a eli omiaoofIi' If" )a ," - .. q go ~1 , a thl e ,no elt v a s n -(lli. A hh:
H ie eo ant 1. aidc ey baceso e;bn asoee ai ol i ie i d 0 t ir.#i { :.
u:l I o' -m p er V l icdi O t e n t ony w l u te u n w ich wi) llIT )9lO)Rk I'is -
[+1 ari ain it I i tmcait 1e g iet,!- ld :iwi:ch wom) en :'1ne
V ~ ' ,I rpy i ntttos(ealing wx 'h 'women101
- n hldrnmust have women fphy-A10"S11
Ariicles IMad e d©siias.anbicscothiserion LIII SHOP 303S.Man t
Hospital Children i r 11hs <of hea:lth work. This field I______________________
absorbs a <(l1 roc numbe r and o) "'.'
- V Ii v , . F rytni~m~,.that ,you .couldr t semrler hthi oitste-
wa.~ ~~~~~~iCU t ad l .lC~ hu ffture developntunder our
ntyou Can CIn lto
si e-ln ftelneIIAi' a i iiiain e omen just as a'=.Ofi
to~~~~( 's sr c a~gvny e-twmo ilrs to great heights
ecotnetoaithAnAro "inl ile competitive private prac-
1.igh_ school. 'ac'he1proceeds of thihltlsf m.)cim, onl"ed Mr
zaar a.rc to be used to hl pyth.e ao.,"me will form but a smfalT111E. . N AJ.OR
salaries of thle part-timle teachers for propor")tion and probably a diminih
ickc and crippled childiren at the Uni- --g010
versity hospital. WThTl
Among ; the bot. at the bazaar, 6 .Jtll)TH [ 1. AF.I r>! 12
one o_ thle most inerstigvas the
Children7's hospltiital boo,twhre nti-215 South Main
cdes madeQ0 by th'ie dr11eICn of the 'hos- -
pit'al wrsodAtteseboh J-dwood Standard - -r
1-e (l1blraiTe or}s( - (1.-! _RAn time uunno tue d T'2w1 untl
Potal ewrit - flers
pit al. The tarom s in charge of
rsJ.\.Brmnadt dy- One ,o clock a ight, and still receive =-
boothl in car -. 'of r s. . 1.1en-
1o.Cnle eesld at1the bJoohi Te Ma in you will Even- '°
Dag t -. te.boW icued tet ut eey su e ts= C the pr om pf t, cou rteou s attentio n fyl and Ifi ' ,'tll i' tosi vry su ets .. ..
TheAn Abohghscoo;orhe- hehih uait fodstht.e.ffr...
tirt 1- yted from 7 to 8 o' -oel s-
torda an .d the P:erry school-ochs A. C. STIMSON
tia il urih hemsic thlis aifter-4 .w
imn Temainet1so1wl'as Second (Floor "e"" t
1epeetdti feno.Crsn 30s8 SO)UTH STATE ST. 2."vFL~1I~
t ns fr the baaar."hese ill 1w0 Phon1e 3bo0
,. .t i t te childr'ti h'1ospitl; af ter l' 3@1 iti16161 1 1iI 0lI I 111II 111111,II111______________________________1111__________________________11111111U -
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