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October 28, 1924 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 10-28-1924

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TED OTOBER 28li7:trnl~. ., 1924


Nqrth Sea Tu~nnel Nears Reality


....T L!
,. ttw olcaio

Tin; 5 ~~~~~~SPECIAgL POLICE CALLED) 1,.61F~' i
L A 1 E'COLMN__-_
____________________________-~the police last Saturday to insure of-
! - ' l p: re(atls n 10 t ken

WpROUT IKON 1 :fl..JIDTkr LAMPS. I PUT) gmc5,,..11 qnm of nngnt

$3.15. At Koch & Hlenne, 300 S.
FQR _SALE Old. violins. A, collection
of old Italian violins, cello, mando-
linsr and guitars. James Coon, 533
S. Alain.
'GLEE CLUB MEN Two gull d1 essl
coats with wvaistcas, sizes 37 and
40., Excellent condlition. Cajll
1560-W before 7:30 A. Al. or after'
7:00 P. M.
FOR SALE Full dres5s s'Iit. Call:

r-kj U .V U ,.JlaJJ.Sulu . ji.Lluk1 *JyJvii.Louuw
'St. Saturday following game.1
Phone _Bob Kipp. 909.
ONE CARRIER to deliver sandwich-
es in the evening's. Good pay. Call
at Barbecue Inn. 440 .5. State St.
DON'T Overlook th~e opportunity to
save on many household necessi-
ties at The Econom~y Second Hand
;Store., 209 N. Main St., Phone 783-1N.
We sell, what you do want and lauy
whiat you don't want.,r
F'OR SALE Ford roadster. Good con-
ditioni, 45>Call 25971
IS~QR SALE Maxwell touring. In won-
derful running order. G good tires.
C.. heap. -Call 475-R._

nient nanallintlIg Uof111heC1()wis gu t-i
e red for the Michigans-Wise onsi'n foot- iL.#a i
hall game. In addition to the1 entire
AnnArbr frce. pecal ateI~acc15--1-1loiur Class Lessons,
Ann ~ frce ~J, ,~I ) c ~3~0lC0$5.00. Free Dancing 8:30 to
were sent to Ann Arbor and eight of- I0 P.i.
ficers were called from Toledo. ENROLL NOW
A squad of dletectives from the DXIMndyad rdy t73
'tcaroi sueu eo ando ( )tct h fvate Lessons Daily, 10 A. M.
sclesadpick-tpocke?.: ;.Only two! to 10iP. M.
e ases of the former offenders andi;I'RC 4A E DNIG
nnof the latter were reportea how-, ST U)l
ever. ettaxoid hn 4-
Although there were numecrous 1oth rcdPon21R
small automobile collisions, traffic on
the whole was handlled more expede-j
tiously than in similar previous oc-
casions, accordlin g to Thomas O'Brien,!
chie" of police. There were no ser-
ions accidlents and no0 injuries were
IDon't delay-Pay your Subscription


London, Oct. 27.-- Pans fr con
, strnictior of a1 railway tunnel under
the E ngish channel linking EP.ngland
Ao.to rance lPgvy been revi ved and
there is a Letter chace,~ than ever be-
fore that the work atually will be
Great B ~i' uneruldoy len prob-
J ;leit2, a c stantt sourcef of irittion to
ti ~e i and aI]the pope at
,,large since ithO N ord war ended, is
,one oif the lrncila rea ons for the
,.evival of the old projet at tiis par-
ticular time.,
The work, if undertaken, would give
,,employment to mny ablehodied men
now without means of earning a liv-I
ing. It would roquire years of labor
and a great outlay of money, but its
advocates, believe Oht the money
would be well invested and that the
'tunnel would _Pay for itself within a
Scomparatively 'hot time.
The coct of the ,)roposed tunnel has
4 been estimated as approximately p30,-
0O00,000. In comparison to the money
invested in railroads throughout E1n-
jfand and Europe, and in consieration
,of the value of the tunnel to all the
~continental lines for both f iebt and
~passenger traffic, tbi Sr-;flri. consder-
'ida dsroporJisnate sumP_.
pv All the countries o2 Euirope, exeeptf-
flng Russia, Spain gild Portugal have
a track gauge which is the same as
Othat of England's tra ins and trogh
tccoache , could be oerated between
a sondon and the other e c a.~ls of the
The use of e;lect ne mower would
t aeajt sp fl without ventilatio prob-
lems, for the movement of fa t: trains
"wv4ld effo tively koe., the air in cir-
cuilation, and there wold b,, no gases
n r-moke fromh fuel combustion to con-
S edwitb. Danger from fire would
eeliminated by the use of steel car-
'A drainage tunnel ol si t'blo fro-
f ortions could be built to make as-
t uran e doubly szure in te imat(. of
i Should it ever become advisable to
t ut the tunnel out of ('omalli~ol in
tulle event of hstilis between Eng-
i Land and the continental countries a
little water here and there--and very
4lttle, when electricity is the m-
, flg power-could mae it of no value j
bps a highway for the transportation
4b rtroops
lEa t.Stand Sees
~ Firt Use In Game
Without the formality of a dedica-
4hf n. the new cast stands at erry
tleld were pressed into service for
,rhe first time ye~trday.. These wood-
~n stands give an aditional seating
;tpacity to the stadinin of more than
,000. They consist of five sections,
~R to XX, and close the "U" of the
%t~diunl. The scoreboard is now loca-
"" ed at the top of the new stands.
Re;. the Want Ads
Oratorical Assn. Program
t. ,Subject: "Drama as a Social
Force in a. emocracy."
Oct. 30. o'clok, Hill Ad.

(Continued from Page Six)
I ma Delta team conquered the Kapp
Nu eleven, 18-9. Wilkoff, Mayer an
Kruger for the winners and Fein
singer and .13. Segall for the losers
were the outstanding performers
The teams follow: Phi Sigma Delt,:
Mayer, Shure, Godhiener, Zev, Weiss
Paley, Wilkoff, Olian, Codel, Kruger
Koplin, and Sheris. Kappa Nu: A
Segall, B. Segall, Feinsinger, Blaun-
er, Holzman, Seidman, Rappaporte,
Kirchner, Marx.
Beta Theta Pi won over Phi Lamb-
da Kappa in the final_ contest, 11-3.
The victors were sure in their kick-
ing and their passing proved superior
to that of the losers. The teams fol-
low: Beta Theta 'Pi: ;R Roth, Travis,
Moore, Arndt, L. Roth, Lawrence,
Reinke, Warrick, Lutes, Gable, and
Rice. Phi Lambda Kappa:- Friedman,
Hlardfck, Eisenberg, Sklover, Silver-
stein, Teversky, Brand, Chatlin, El-
conin, Booky.
IFirst games of theInter-class Speed-!
1lball tournament starts this afternoon
at 3:30. The number of classes par-'
ticipating in this tournament exeeds
the number entered in former years.
The~ race should be intersting this
year as the Seedal tournaments of
the past four years have been domi-
nated by the Senior Literary class
of 1924.
The Medics, runners up last year,f
have entered a strong team and should
be a contenider in the race.
The schedule for this afterngo is
as follows:
3:30 Court 1, Senior Laws vs. Soph.
bits; 2. Junior Engineers vs. Fresh I
ILi ts.
4:30. Court 1, Senior Lits, vs. Soph
Engineers; 2. Senior Ringineers vs.
Fresh Laws; 3. Junior Laws vs.
Fresh Engineers.
Handball players are already flock-
ing to the handball courts in Water-
msn gymnasium in anticipation of the
inter-fraternity handbal competition,
which is scheduled to start Thurs-
(lay, October 30th. The entries closel
todlay at 5 P. M.
At the prese't time fifty houses
have entered which is tfxe largest en-!
try list in, the history of, th Intra-
mural department. With such a large
entry list, this event promises to be
We Strive to
Improve Today
On Everything
We Served or Sold
You Trill Enjoy the
Fountain Room Beautiful

" E
. ;

one filled with plenty of action.
The rules which will govern this
tournament are :
1. Each house must enter four
I men consisting of two singles and a
doubles team.
2.. Tournaments. will: be run by
strtaighit. elimiation. Each round Nil
be published in the Daily and a time
limit will be esta~blished. by which all
matches in 'a particular round must I
be played.
The pairing, for the first round will
be published in the Thursday's Daily.,.
(Continued from Page Six)
Crimson 'supp orters who were making
advance statements of what their team j
would do to the Big Green eleven. La-j
fayette tumbled W. and 3. out of thle
class of undefeated teams by winning
decisively, 20-6.. The brilliant work
of Walter Koppisch enabled Colum-
bia to do the same to Williams, the,
conqueror of Cornell, early in the.
season. The score, was 27-3. Lehigh
and Rutgers, tied, 13-13, and both_
teams stayed.in. the charmed -circjle.

LOST a pair, of black shell rinimed'
glasses :soinewhere between Forestj
and Oakland and State andl I-iLIPO.'
Cull 2431..,
GIR~LS 'ran plaid sport clgat, in West
stand at 'Wisconsi.n gam17e. Please,
call 1029-.J. Reward.
PEARlL BRACELET Four, strands .in-*
!tcrmn ogled wvith. silver clasps. O0ne
sm' all strand wa3 broken. Reward.
Call 3112-M for L. J. Croll.
fraternityr lin. Initials ; H. B. M.
Return to 300 N. Ingalls St. Reward.
H. 1B. ettel.

WEAV, "P. thre new , .Corona F our,
With sta~ndard -keyboard, at $60, or
Corona Three, Witji three-bank key-E
board, at $50. Also a. full line of
typewriters of all makes and sup-
piits. Terms if desired. Renting

I and repairing a specuialty.
LOST Gold Eversharp pencil at Wis- 0. D. MORRILL,
consin game. Thiel, 317 South Di- 17 Nickels' A-rcade w
vision.. 3526-J. ! .-Tie. Typewuriter-& Stationery' Store
LOST Kindly return gray leather 1 CORRESPONDENCE STATIONERY
jacket taken by mistake from coat CLEARANCE SALE9 until November'
rack near -prescription, laboratory 1st ins order to make room for our,
in the Chemistry bldg., Calll large Christmas stock.
89 9-IR. 0. D. TVIORRILLA,
I 14rk Nickels' Arcade.
GREY SQURREL choker lost between Th;e SainrySoe
Reward. Return to Betsy B~arbour! RUGS, SHAMPOOED. qr (dust cleanedi.
.house. i Artn Arbor Carpet Cleaning Works,
BOY'S WHIT' SWEATER red, an~d .______ _ __-
-blu~e .trinmmecd on the triangle, MIUSIC
Washtenaw andi Cambridge, Rd. Sun -I'ELL OGILLESPIE, Soloist and teach-
day. Reward., Telephone 3313-M- er,: thirty, year's experience. MJan-
dloliin guitar, banjo, and ,chord
IfAVE YOU SUMI URP_) ET? I construction.- Telephone _1791-MW.

Syracuse added to her string by win-
ning from Fenn State, 10-6. Down - 1cS~wce-O ~ EIEi
1 South, Vanderbilt lost a close one to - From 9-I-tiC1tl:D.rLV. 2Y
iGeorgia,. 3-0.. The game was further, 1a Dog, Corn Pouf?, 1Hart] c~r - nlt) s Cold DIrinks
marred for Vandy fans by the serious
njury of ILynn Bomar,Al-mrcn St ilm.lordwis
se.ihausecied ablw n he ~ 1ecse~, ikmetc Cheese', KOSHER DELICATESSEN
spn hch cue aralysis of his - .. .. .,
left side. He Is in ,arcritical condition. Tongue, Bologa Pastroia 340 HAVEN PHE O-
Georgia Tech_ fell before Alabama, 14-
9, in the other big southern-contest. ,
'-- -
aMy fo
All subscriptions of $3.50 not~
= = paid by November 1st advance
to $4.00. After the 15th1 of N o- s
_ r vember all unpaid subscriptions
will be stopped andl billed at the
rate of five cents a copy for the -r
- papers delivered
Please Send Check for Each Subscription orb
- - Pay t the Daily office in the Press But'dine
-- 8

Flowers will

give life

to our



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