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October 03, 1924 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 10-3-1924

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. I LI

VOl-a. XXXV. No. 10





rInrPEaston Kelsey Tells Of Wear ISthdent Council"PlansEmblem
East Discoveries Of Unversity For Rooters At Illinois Gamef
H AR C UlENS ON Easto Tjelsey a member of the with them (a Dodge sedan and a Gra- 61O F NIS [[[CTI Uon sugeston o theAlunieoa-todtherscton inewor the ther ex-I
Unieritto Mchga.epeitontoban ruk.Tposeaed, pesngivingitinth audntcnuci orcn-! osdappinearanomceparnc
the Near East, returned to Ann Ar-1to the tUniversity by Mr and lMrs sieiogpnsftheiStnt -ise dcon-Iotescini hc rgQES I N brlt atngt fe negh.Bomro eriadtetuk yR IS tno raet o niest atsn eelctd
1 otsstayonteCnintadnth Graham Brothers Truck company)roesath Iliisgm inU- Itste hope o h oni ht
-Western Asia. of Detroit. bana on October 18. Te alumni, all students and alumni both could;
SENATOR SAYS PEOPLE MIUSTI The work of the expedition was From Brussels they went to Naples, FRESHMAN ENGINEERS AND LITS through the Battle Creek club, have be armed with whatever distinctive C)
INF ORMW THEMSELVES ON started the first week in May under doing photographic work on the way. WILL CHOOSE LEAERS suggeste that some plan iilar to Iornamnent decided upon. Plans are
TAXATION- the supervision of Prof. David M. The two eft Naples May 27, arriving, WEDNESDAY the one used by . S. U. here last fall! now being formulated by both the
Robinson, of Johns Hopkins universi- in Constantinople June 7, from which be adopted. Alumni association, who have pledg-
BURTON TO SPEAK y assisted by Mr. Enoch Peterson, of point, after clearing the cars through CURRAN ELECTED Rooters from the Maroon and ed their support in the matter, andN
the Univerity of Michigan. The atu- the customs, they started for the inter- ____Gray school carried small wands the concil. ign a oeb 5 aoesfrYlvc.Temdr ono ~co aknHa uirSpr wt ae temr ftoeto I diint ieaoepatebl
interesting adVre rgai hid bdigging xwasi(lon y10and elarso- Yalovach s he amodefr m towh e mor ina sed;unFrsm olorwith aedste e nd.oThse otwo ingaddition tonitheo aboat
in Hill Auditorium, Informal tions were made uip to Sept. . ruins of ancient Antioch in Pasidia, weoeDna lses rsiin clrsawtaed tonione nd. heerooigscincnssigo-bu
DneaUin whr rfsrRoisnhdarayVtoe Soon Jwr ae nuio nt~cer 2,500 rooters will form the block'
Mr.nKlseyaccopanidbyGeor erePoesrRbnsnhdaraying section and produced anl excellent "M" during the game. All studentsI
R. Swain, a well known Ann Arbor started the work of excavating. I effect. Other plans that have been I and. clumni who are not going to I v
Se.JmsE ozn fDtotphotographer, sailed near the middle The mnot iportant discovery of te Ognzto ftecasso the suggested are that large yellow1 have ladies in their party shold ca
addressed the International Kiwanian of February, a month before Profes- expeditioni was a temple of the.Em- campus was practically completed megaphones of cardboad or other'speify such when making aplia
convention dinner in the Union -at, sor Robinson left. The pair spent peror Augustus, which was both del- yesterday with the election of officers suitable material be secured. These } tion for tickets. Only 4,000 remain an
7:30 o'clock last night. Following a somel time in Pais where Mr. Swain, icate in design and rich in decoration. for three classes in the College of would aid in the cheering in addi- Ifoir the game out of an allottment Wes
wecm otevstn iain ywith the assisance of Kelsey, (id "Our most impressive discovery," Dental Surgery. The elections were tion to identifying the rooters. of 10,000. Three special cars will be pos
we t thevisiingKf te An bysome photographic work in the Na- said Kelsey, " rsdn atrDr ftewas near the summit of held in the dental college at 5 o'clock Another suggeston made was that run by the Miichgan Central to Il- den
toalirr.a hill or which Antioch lies. Thereysedyatron the megaphones be yellow on one bana, leaving Ann Arbor Friday td
Arbr lu, ndby ayr eogeE. Leaving Paris, they went to Bun- in the solid rock of the sloping Sur-, William Curran was elected presi- ( pnoa Saa1oo.J }}V -Iaeqo at} no aulq night and returning Sunday morn-,ft
Lewis, Mr. Couzens was announced. ses, which they left April 16, taking (Continued on Page Two ) dent of the senior dental class; Her- J side, with songs printed there, and 1lu1g. Fare for the round trip Is $1.2.
"I had expected only a male audience," bert Schwarz, vice president; G. Al-T
hsad"adhdcoeasm su-pe s III rRR t1BruetesrrJuirCasJonD I OIflPthe
hesi,"n a hsna ysb p a sfred Hall, secretary; and Barnett1111U lf te
jetthe queton of taxatin. Isee _____vvhItEyI iI 10 il I .H resrrvJno las o n iOn o V IjCoULILJIJLele~
. --,H oecko, president; Henry ShannonVIILLlULU
topiceveon wyt hou t heeae wmen I *.r..*.Mri vce president; Walter W, Heiden-T aji n1uar'o Cii
toicevnihoghthrear wme Yti< ' -I O Srech secretary; and Water J. C~ atferfirII~
present" IW liI __NriJEJIArthy treautr omoeclassILLITJVD ONW biI rUiac i
"The voters of this country must -* !V Duane Lris president; William IlfI! I os
Inform themselves on this question. . . . .* Campbell, vice president; John Van I - --- Co
of taxation that their representatives ' 3H ssnt, Rinsky - Korsakoff, to be Osdal, secretary; and Lee Fowl, An iArbor Clambe~iIr of (Commere iSee Day of Straw Ballot Cxi eq i a
may known and execute their wishes. Included in Tuesday's treasurer. rksFiaI atcuet FrMjriyo 00Vtst
Taxes have never been equally pro- PormTeeetonfrtefeheoen ae jlrn toer IenS Frrideofn4)test
portioned, and probably never will ____sjtaflasil ezed nv at o-e --imOtoer1iPeslntl
5e" he said. "Congress will ever be *" I announced in the near future. As 1
bertedforfaorig.oe;cas;or.:.:;-*- WILL REPEAT1 RHAPSODY wa announced yesterday, officers for HOOVER CO. DONATES X50 LAFOLLE"TTE SECOND # den:
another. I am intolerant of people th- efrsmnltaycasadfo------
.wh cndmnthirgoermet ndPaul Whiteman, who is to present the freshmen engineering class wi Definite arrangements bave now At the end of the second day of we
et remain in the great class of uni- . ~.** .- his orchestra next Tuesday evening be chosen next Wednesday. The fresh- been completed by the Ann Arbor; balloting in the presidential straw 'lo
:!:2 .xr<..,;:;men engineers will hold their glee- voetreietaoldgta
formed non-voters. i ilAdtruhsjs owr- uiesmnt edte'-ic~otPeietCoig a mse a
has!just forward tion at 11 o'clock in the morning atbuiesmntsnd he7-ecaasd
Breltesntrtoku h dteporam for his concert. It their regular assembly. I
federal tax problem, especially em- i we r icignlbndtotimlIlinisfotnbllofmajriy on87wotenutmfb143ts
tring his opostin o hetao-...v-. :~.'-::wl nld nieynw nmesiTie freshmen literary class, after gamre at Urbana on Oct. 18, it was an, cast. Tai
paing opsto totetx- with the ecpio fte-ia slc pecncuinofteTrdto'sD
io offederal, state, and municipleI -. xeto ftefnlslc Itecnlso fteTaiinsDy 'ounced yesterday. A committee of The literary students voting in con-
hod."tI alciu oageta tion, George Georshwin's "Rhapsody program next Wednesday afternoon, . . i nt
pod. I i alaiust age htha.skdtohv rpatdona-business men met ystrdy nd mdenection wththeir onclass elections
such bonds constitute a static invest-asskdtnverpae nc- will remain in Hill auditorium for the .e ma ~wt re
mt.Teeinoscthgaspt **,iBle"wihtelccmitteei election of their officers. The re- final arrangements for the raising of I gave Coolidge 495, LaFollette 181, or1
tigmnyit a o-rdcin I-]' (count of its unusual popularity. { suits of the three medical class eleec- te $1400 necessary to (def ray tie Davis, 125. This is about the same was
dstry," he said.I In detail, tie program will include: ions will be announced in The Daily railroad fare, aeepng accommoda- division of votes as resulted in the tiol
"Money is always going out again (a) Dixieland--One step .. La Rocca } tomorrow. tosadStra maso adC
from. a municiple investment to pay (An early discordant jazz tune.) j Results of the elections in the fresh- eniernIshoadbrnsteJden
for labor and materials, thus is everI (b) Limlehouse Blues...... Braham man class of the new School of Bus- i boys. grand totals to Coolidg, 837; La- IY en
in circulation. For the government . (Composition with modern score) ness administration were also an- A $50 start toward the necssary Follette 11; Davis, 12. 'hat
to remoqve the exemption from such Thre e American Musical .Pieces, nounced. D. M. Phelps was elected !anount was made yesterday by the 'his completes the voting by Classes the
bonds I believe would be a serious I .. .coposed by co astwood ane'; sored.pre ideht; R. P. rlgga, 1ce-pre~i- hoover Steel Pall conipany,. and with excet for thefrshmien who' will ex- dn
mistae. Iadvocte hme rue inits y Ferdie Grofe: dent; B. A. Nagalwoort, secretary andh the fine spirit shown by the businessi press their preference nxt Wednes-f nom
millstke.tn I adoatboe l e iitsec ()" "rtii ukr (An Afro- F. B. Cse treasurer.I men the project seem to be an ac- day. However, for the benefit of those
,fcoleltsextentt.andeIt believenthatudeats (a)haPersotmon hPucker C
community should. Issue it own tax Sen. James E.-Couzens American elaboration of the Major Icupihdfc.Iu oCneec tdnswohv o e a h
exemt bnds" Sn. Jame E.Couens th Repb- ria) n rnrr ~regulations it is impossible for te opportunity to vote, a ballot box will Dix
Mr. Couzens closed his remarks by lican candidate for senator from this (b) "A Minuet for Betty Schuyler" r1f I YO1N be I Ahltcasoitint staid i miy aintainedl on tie campus all next ee. ai
pointing out that the psychological state, who spoke before the seventh' (A Colonial Cameo) i for sending the lbandl away from home, week. li
discontent of the people was due to: annual Michigan district convention (0) "Sea Burial" (A Marine Tone n ll~~I*fff although about 800 is provided yearly ( Th test vote in the downtown sec in
the fact that the dollar was tryng to of the Kiwanians last night. Painting) 1 V DE fRIISfl LBORVV by the association for the; purchasing j ion will begin the latter part of this DIIn
rule our country, and that the only Eaerala.......Phil Boutje I of mmusic, heavy disve nts and suits. I week, probably tomorrow. Stations for
1o~rpeetda h ol. Wi nPplrCmoii nwtoe rn)LndoeOt.c.aIterstn ildrat ieia telne1illbyteetrolithedTiymest out Cunt
remedy was for the people to be I I~ (Soloist: Morton Do wny)nitsstages2unam ne etin theouseTcampaigndivefrttoely y wilhe estabishe bme n s tentCourt int
10uurlrersntdattepol. i nrroplrCopsiin wt Mdr Irish bill, which passed through all IThe~ suggestion has been made that, -os n te rmnn lcs
.Following Sen. Couzens address the Scre dusVadLthr roinntplce.l
covetinLdjuredt IILLUadto- t sSescore:dinth los as the band wil be sant by the citizens An attemipt to canvass the Kiwanian sta
conenio adoune to1-il auitr ~() "Somebody Loves Me"........... Iof Coinmons tonight, is being dwarf- and will be their guests, tie musicians convention wiii also begin as oon d es
umm where asecaArorm fm- shaDm JGDP( ...".''. eog ones s
spcil rora ude v~~~aui blU ri~ in Gore erhwned by the buzz of political gossip should ride to Urbana in the ecit',en's as possible. All the figres, b ah to n
thicmangstuntofwas caRiomit c) IC"itHad to be You". ... ...predicting an early defeat of the gov- train instead of in the regular student I from the campus, the downtown Sec- l~a
Original stunts were put on by the i............Isham Jones emnnt in the general election. train. l ion, and the convention, will be to- den
rbpains Prof. Thomas H. Reed of the po- .."" ""-I Everything still remains in the Alfred B. Connable, '25, president of taled in The Michigan Daily, Sill
from Mt. Clemens and the singingI litic-al science department addressed I () Wmdru n ~ mea realm of speculation, but opinion the Student council, in commemting on ; iau
farmers from Chelsea headed the list the opening gathering of the Student I ...........Paul .aWhite ff seems to le hardening that either on this stepi which i being taken by the'rnrnrn 0t!11ter
finest music were divided between ' cussion groups last night at Lane I Slit icalFin or on the question of the Russian inesthemratsreswn6. ULJIIIifIIJ
DeriBtl reand Ypsilanrti. hall. HeIcexpressed himef strongly( (Sl it ielsinon ratwhc i ocoeuperl nsending the band is greatly appreciatI r-a m' "
The program was concluded by the in favor of the groups a nd urged all 1 November, that MacDonad's govern- the capus.the council belal ie es 1 i I I
showing of a Special motion picture first year mlen to avail themselves of 1 lvIig eetonwt o row emnt will be overthrown. e ytecucladaltesuet l l
ThmsFriprfe'tarh adisa raiainIaswstl duced by the Kalamazoo club. The 1this opportunity to 'gather in small iAmate mefS----------FecdiensGrofev Thre ewasfal otonihthatinte ha tebnd sanogiain ab
presentAdaptionyoffStaddardiSelectionsf toveneeemitrofmthesdownfallagofnthetpresent a worthyrofeapdefinitee sorrsefofhrevenueiesArgumentussforeandoagainst thechaz-yas
pitue xpaiedth wrbofth bdis nddicus uetinsupn Dnc Rytmlabor government, King George I to cover traveling expenses to all liwns of freshmen by upperclassmen sec
Kalamazoo camp for undernourished which they desire to hear the opin- (a) "Thais, Meditation" ..- Masenet aol umn fre rme outside games, which it positivelywee onierdnadbte efeer
and abnormal children. Victor M. i ions of others. wold smmn ome Pe irelsdr iadbte foe ra
JhsnInentoa p-oen Lionel Ger. Crocker of the publicI(b "llymrn to the Sun"............ IBaldwin to form a new government i should attendi. In spite of mouch effort i the Alpha Nu debating society lstG.iRmk-osofthsdint}poehaotytbn
was presented to the convention, 11speaking department also addressed) .......i'y-'skf I and that Mir. Baldwin would declineIti ei't noehsntytbe night in the society rooms in ~nve- I C
wh.ich adjourned to the Michigan Un- the gathering. I(") "By thec Waters of Miinnetona"i the task and that then the monarchj realized and ~nless this is accom- sity hall. Luis Gibson, '2, and Elmer M."
inwhere a dance and reception was IoiSix men have nubeen addedh to tie list-----------Cavaness Liewance would invite former Premier Asquith pished by such contriutions as the Sazman, '26L, who spoke in favor ag
held in his honor. I o h tdn Rhapsody in Blue-------------otae.p.hbude.merchants are maing, te band will of hlazing, won the contest because dn
orgnlyanuc~ -------George Gershwin be____unabl___ e to take thetrp it d- ei
At 1:0_ocockCdaarandhade_ unable" trips"" "I"of the merits of their speeches, l-cx
Atn1w0hchalocksitodaycaugrandlarad edeso teegomp.rI-ee r:i (Soloist: Harry Parella) sres"thouh members of the club and vis-
inewiall levistngcubHill pait rii- d fghen sel 2b oadlm I A special feature of the prograni e an er s-r i itors had much to say against the.;'o"
Raewl ev iladtru n man, student secretrinry of the Mth- 1aill e the three newv American co-
west o Sta~o dow Willams7t practice when tie formal debate ast the
go ws nSae onWlim oodist churchli , ene Power, '27, IIN ot T il Lights tR e isu ss1
Fourth, past the Masonic 'Temple and Thomas Pryor, '2 , Ar char- Thomas, I positions by Eastwood Lane. In these I- al concluded. Theodore Hornberger, 7'27,.1
thence to 'Main street. The 72 piece .'25M, and Victor Gomdas, grad. pieces will be found three frank at- City ]MJanagers and Mark Harringon, "27E, uheld I sr
R; r.-.ionA nifn m llla I tempt:, at pogram music, not intend- ( niversity students who own old the affirmative as oposed to hazing. I lt.

P L 1___ dIN
ALITION OF' 'IVO va - &t:,-0
lo(ratie, I nil j, ient 't jnagers
Refute' Republ icanm Cli i's
VVashington, Oct., 2. (By A. P.)-A
litien between tim em~oecxratic
ILaFolette forces, particularly in
tern states with the evident pur-~
;e of forcing the elect ion of a presi-
t into Congress was charged -here
ay by William M. Butler, chairmman
the Republican national conmmi ttee.
'lie logical outcome in the event
election were thrown into Con-
!ss, Mir. Butler added, would be the
tion of <a president by tie senate,
r this reason, he said le considered
ies W. Bryan, Democratic candi-
e loin vice presidemt perhaps the
t important opponent of President
Midge. At the same time the chair-
n predicted the decisive election
lie Republican t-ket on November
I. Butler, 'ith Senator MCorm-
,of Illinois, conferred with Presi-.
t# Coolidge at lunchieon today at
White Hoise. Mr. 13utler said he
it over the genieal poiical sita-
Swithl the president and reiterated
t hie did rnot believe IV:v. Coolidge
(-hanged his plans to remain at
Whit e iHouse thmou~11ht the cam-
'he chairman did not go specifically
the evidence whihhle said he had
Aei of a eoaliion. It was more
less on tie surte~£ce lie said, and
-evident iniieh'cast il some sec-
s as well as iii 1tie we,,t.
'haracterizing Mr. Bryanm as a presi-
iial candidate, Mr. Butler ranked
iatom- LalFollette next to the Demo-
ie vice-presideimal nominee as
strongest opponent oif the presi-
it and John .W. D~avis, Democratic
ince, las-.
lhicago, Oct., 2. (Bly A. P.)-Lincoln
:on, western Democratic manager,
fared c-arges Of William Al. Butler,
ional Republican c-hairmnan, made
Was ington today thiat there is a
nocratic and Lal~ollette coalition to
cc time presidential lction into
gressa were not only "absurd but
There is no foundation for such a
emnent," said Mr. Dixon. "l~e is in
per~te circlmlust~flCCK and is trying
iakce the business roi^n be;lieve that
FoletteC Ii s a chance Vein the presi-
icy in order to scare them to the
)port of Coolidge.' As a matter nfi
, ay.. i s ? ~a":,rer i PXh r
.12 K - - I' V 121.1
time Democrath ia iit will
mre tihe solid c nppurt of the eao-
itic vote."
hicago, Oct;., 2. (By A. P.)--John
Nelson, national campjaign man-
,r foin-time 1aF~Ollette.-Wheeler ticket
nied today that any combination
fsted btwveen the Independent
ices and tie Denmtocratic party to
'o the presidential election into
,it is news, indeed," said Mr. N-
, um"n n eng infomined1 that William
Blutler', chairman of the Republican

the parade and banns from Paw Paw, i ed to be literally descriptive, but1 flivvers bearing a red lantern in lieu Announcement was made that ty
Kalamazoo, and Jackson xiii also Itakefil iather evoking moods connoted Iy of a tail light must install an elee-ecepartm.e, js euof rmr usfr h itherltry-sao
,pr.It is estimated that at least5W LVM L OCK ! the titles. Tlhe first is a brisk dance tioc rear light if they are to avoid ;Itenceiatymaaentrsteurerotforlthe soivetwheeprtpedsit
mxen mounted will be in the parade. j rhythnm, the second a. quaint, state- paying a fine. One University stu Mnteallate ionedintsa avo t1 4:15 Tuesday afternoon, to speak
The evening session tonight in pp 1(9 I( ly dance, and the last a short, even dent paid $.45 for this offense yes- Montregi j ablcliation ftrepont aveor-P or h ieisipcmite nhis
W a e m a ym a iu vii be o enILLIN OtIS ii t EL Liprayer.n t on ofth on enlight.e o e Ae m mb rs ip c mmlanterner a does notil e pe e Itr gi ra er lfulfiller oe n t ufil the11
_____ IThe oncrt i beng peseted n- erda an thepolce pomie toar-states that this .yeamr's gatherig aas a subject of their own choosing. The ; e
by an address by Victor l\i. Johnson ___ mostoncrinterengpretindgu-intrthatd it olishowede a ar tyouts will be held in the Alpha Nul! ,c
on "The Practical Side of Kiwanis." The Student council hopes to. have dcir the auspices of the Ann Arbor res al lvesaihu rprtidcedcag inIetoefmn roonms on the fourth floor of TUiver- IP
Community singing lead by lred GageI a block :h7" for the Illinois game if branch of the American Association 1 requirement of the state law in this sent by tie several chits. ity Hlall. th
of Detroit will be followed by tie pre-I - of University Wommen, and the entiej regrd according to the police._____U
they are sure of enough mmmcm to make "The quality of city managers," n
it successful. Because of tie con- PrroceedsoodLeclar;,,e":Of llroales;
.focal secretary. President Marion L. ! oe1oe' ulig iktefre i hto epn erjIY ~ ae
Burton df the University will eliver jtrasting colors; of women's clothes, .hing noWmen'seuildig.iTicetscnfom-udgis hatrokeepig a rarcar
th lsn dms ftecneto.I iegnrlefc ol esoldIwhich are priced at $1 and $1.50 are light burning on cars that stand in I in nticabyifDeeanrudeioin-is
,the closng ddre s o the con entin. tnowen ron fsalewo late spaler's,, raGraham's, t f hfrontll ofh . housesectyallsunight. a wMondayen
____________________if they were admitted to the block nowand sale' botoars h nvr ih h oieruddu 5 asat the convention. A btter grade of th___
_________-IM"section, it is thought, men attended the convention this year,I Ottawa, Oct. 2.- The Prince of mnt
ASN EVOESIWhen ai~lplications am-c made out sty Mumsic Hlouse, and Schaible's andt parked witIh o ut proper lights afc hc em oidct e-1al
ABSENTtmeIllnosEaneOfTimEetr Grinnellsnusic stores. ? throughout the night. Stricter en-ealipomnt-heteofnn Wales will spend October 13 in Ci- a
___forI the___Illinois__ gamrcemntio thelaweimitng{ter 1ipovmetinth ypIo e ago amd on October 15 wil visit D-
Students who are going to be aticdfokreer e gets Rjni numberm of persons riding in tie erg thispofsin.Asghr troit it was announced today.I
hoeorietondy t vme "cheering section" on it. Choice !A l oo s sem.t be gratr rofessionalsprI The Prince will arriv in Chicago
and want to vote by m ail are seats are to be given over for the use i v o hsi m n h r s n ct u mae.o h o n n f t ethre n h a i
oft setheanoucemntolck"M. i teAcunilisif LI:theBuldcgouonnsatiolumiss rornenth semnt gatrit Buwlileesorednhrug smeofth
of the rlepublican club of the Isred that t least a thousand nmen - - L/ jUMMY Policeman 1 large packing plants. Ile will remain
University. It makes no differ- 1il sign up. With tie exception of the public Gun And Blade ciyoenihno
whtsaeyuaefo.IApplications should Ile sent in as speaingit on the morning of the four- qu
the club's information bureau fisonfsposiletolhoAtleicas all class rooms in the holds Hc e xiii visit Detroit's motor dl
soi~e.will be able to tell you { oiain new literary college building are now - I When Mr. McLean, tie Stae street lan facories on the fifteenth and on ;aft
ihn. - I---non, - 41 I AF+iifl ,- o t n e la n n f the , a- . - - _.- W enit e i enth he will be in Oltawa. i

coali' ion existed between the La-
liete and DPavis people.
I t'iksommelbody is consultinig
fear mc-e t han time facts," hie
niuied. "'Perhaps, time Republican
mdc iaters is geltting time sane re-
rts f'rm.,nmthe wvest tihatIwe are me-
ving ,.-e 0see imo (-ombination on
e p rt (of thleam. We see the
evitable res:ult W'fltee gnct tlaR~
mll street iI5name mothRpubli-
ni amid 1innmcrti anio..es'What
timh itmlcnlneie othm~r thy,
at time lr~i'si of bot parties
cost geoto<?tmer_ behind LaFollette
Tn ion TO Start
Matinee Danccs
Comnply iia ithi a numiber of me-
ests fromm patrons of' the Michliganm
ioi (lancces, ftvme-rmagetuent lhas
cioled to hold negu',tlar Saturday
teornoon dauno-es throl; 1ughut the win-

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