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January 19, 1924 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-01-19

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A I&



T ----

.. XXXIV. No. 85





Anderson, Kahn and Peterson Regis-
ter for Wolveilies; Visitors
4 Fight Uphill Battle

Win Iny Conference debate


_ - "t ....



The Day's News, At
The Capitol
Thle cabinet (liscin:sec, thne situation
in Mexico but did not make any an-
nouncemzent on what followed.
The Interstate commerce commis-
sion suspended temporarily its order
for express rates redlaction on food-
The senate foreign relations sub-
comm~hittee diecided to begin hearings
on Russian recognition ;Mon day.
Senate investigation of "diploma
mills" was begun by a committee
headed by Senator Copeland, demo-a




"3 rst s i, ihy.,A nil 1ll eiaee I Up 1101(
Neg'ative Side Of Strike

?Conference GamesIC Show Little Choice
Betweeni Teams In Rice
For Title

Pence !"'adolvianmt, To
ses's-on .July -14


a y banEtaman3~stonIiIl i. Jan.ti.-Borth- Michigan's Varsity basketball fivef crat, New York.
wor thn heyhav dsplyedit, zr~settJ'I iivertty arltiiwi ier e- is in superb) condition for the crucial
wok ha teyhae islaedinatting teset .ItfetteuI 1gdrnnii encounter with the Iowa quintet to- Representatives of organized labor scicelC
either of the first two gamnes of the M 1iichigan's Affirmtive T'eam here tonight, wirlig the tc niatctth ot il hue requestedl the house agricultural corn- F'eb. 2 w~
season, Michigan's hockeyists won the ih afrmtvetaytatCnitnc score of 3 to 0. The North. mittee to report the Nrrs Sinclair ,uence v
first game of the Wisconsin series by debate in 11i11 auditorium last night. The decision of the judges gave ! stnineative team lost to Ihe C~c di .Mther ethsfr i il ~ii
a score of 3-0 last night at the Coli-? Michigan a two to one victory. Readting from left to ight the members 1 ile'iyo hcgmaii e hog ih oku etr h
affirtte teaas of boh si ool. cay afternoon, stressing the Hawkey e house elections committee de- at theA
Meum. of the team are: Ray Alexander, '24; Norman Johnson, '25; William Shri- , itros tl fofne n oihn ptedndt eomn nivsiain~ h
The Wolverines started the game erWo'24.in attack, since the invadersI of the election of Rep. Miller, republi- 'lroring
with a rush, scoring two of their Secuing a judge's decision Of two boast or a stalwart pair of guards in + can, Illinois. Pioe
ponsi5h is eid h ~d f Dl T IP~n i n to one in their favor, Michgan's af- Captain Hicks and Funk. Goal and 1tliXOs o
gers spent the greater part of the Prn o u ILLL .:UUCU IVIE [t.O firmtative debating teamA last night de- tfoul shooting' rounded out the pra- ginning
a line on the, t'featedl the UniversityofCiaon
fense in order to get, aln nte ~*~£rn H cnethl fCiaoi tice session. ! TOSI1YMN OOSUUVwit.t
type of play of the Michigan sextet. the'cotet1hld i ill auditorium The Iowa contingent is slated to a- 1ientsbeu
ars 'men weit out after their o-1-1_ niecio it tetwnt-svntll
ponents from -tiestart and most of s anCLOLLUI[EGiE n~LU[~~ ual triangular Central league e de- ? aiveD inaAnnwirboarl thisrkornnuLLGtE D bo
te play was at the visitors' end ofi baebtenCi'g, othetr adwilodalgtwroubereil
'the rink. While not working to per- 1!ilxis Show Excavantioni Work Being Cabinet fleets with President Ini and Michigan. Debates were alsoi dinner in order to loosen up after the The p
'Undertakeni by ) Session; :Members Refuse held last night at Evanston and in jouney and to become accustomed to ! merelyi
fecton, the Wolverine combinations ' , I Chicago, the Wolverines negative Prsdn onLidI itmo adn
were inoting with a greater degree France T'o alk aantteNrh the floor.
team competingagisth Not-SuetDorrst tional In
ofl success than has been the case in!-- - western affirmative group at EvanIte t+tHeghAlSben iorderschit
ether the Notre Dame game or thei AIR VIEWS INICATE3 SIZE 'EDlERAL AND REOITOIR so. Interest in the Conference race this +lintahn
contest with the Osteopaths. AND POWER OF ANCIENT CITY TROSC1iU ~4TN heqeto hc a eae year is at fever heat at all o the Bgasca
Giet: Slow Stat concerns the enaction of a law in the ~ nshos seeytawt h COLTUTE ETi rmc
Afe etn f oaso tr, Count Bryon Khbun de Prorok arch- United States that will give to strikesi one exception of Northwestern, has DETROIT TO MHAKE DECISION' gron,
play soon livened up and, after nine aeologist and member of the Polish WsigoJn 1.Frtepe-the same legality they are given un- acac ffgtn t a hog
I oiiydlvrd' nvvit e-ent the United States will not dispatch derthi~enls Idutal iste to the top of the percentage column. Albion, a.1.Tebgo hre law int
minutesstanda3afternondsiofNtplaywAn-hip to Tampico to protect the act of 906. Never before in the history of Con-s ute tAbo olg ple- The .
Pierson ashot the first Michigan goal. tureiyeterdayAfternoocinlNatralcwarhipsex-
the point was made following a fast Science auditorium upon "Excava- rights of its nationals against possible AfimaibaTtHeele en eaelh e asoyma nclo se s hPrornnfeen55ssu
4ioi'image IMM 1ately n frontof lion at Carhage." he lecure wasinfrinThentlocalheaffirmativeo teaml awasmacoe -ambattfNesmbeen engaged in5 thise eesrly uinuerefestsdOthisdmorninge whenhis550'Prsi-en resencie
thei BaSdger goal. McLean stopped one everb a e nmofvaing iprog hefrssocs fte ee leader de la L. Alexander, 24, and William Schri- State by one pint, Indiana dropped John W Laird ,from the room .will be . Endown
buctlon a shtoo- fabu t o ne's ie o r t e n fil s e iv ided intogrfour uerta. er.'24, held that the enaction of such two games to the Badgers, the first an a .1%U n w s to x t n ie frT e fl s wre dvd d it ora(oe e onday in Detroit when. the an wa
art, te frstshoingtheexcva-regrd-a law should be brought aout be- game by tw points and the second nd DuringI
the Wisconsingoalgoal detender ac.to Areacah.ypartcnutheiofirstI 'showing)tthee hocadva-a Aftercoaedaybyofe consultations earegard-ardq causeee(1) thee shouldmetwerbee1aescleartree contest bytone'ointpIlinois that the Boardde ponthemTrusteestsur of the schoolnmeet-were h4
L tan hre miute laem~ ca- tonstha hae ben adeujo th in th laesttureoftheMexcansit j easerton noAeria iorth pinnid BukeyswbitheeToinsoadorchi wih Teodree.rHndeson bihosmosod
tAid"Kahn made the feature play of site, of the Punic city and holy mod nation, President Coolidge and hs ad-. pe hc rayeiti ti at- n nosed out Illinois by one point of the Michigan area Methodist Eps- I cal sdliC
the cnetwe heto th puck emt Carthage looks; the seegnl shot'- visors have decided that no difficulty tr, (2) that the law has proven sc- orabomlaeh srngs cni
near his own end of the, ice,.carried ing the work that has and is being is likely to arise requiring the pros- cessful in England, and (3) that it is date for title honors, if any one team: copal church. arab.loe
i tho g th enie a ge settacco n ipih d y: Fath r Deltare, di- once of. American naval units. nsou dtatUio ro~ as a whole cn be designated- as such, having The trustees will have before them :iB ae
and 4ht th e goal. The Period ended rector of the work during the past o! A long cabinet discussion was fo- should be Wied liable for te action ost but one an from last years fiv A report of todays disorders which'
wiatout furthier scoring. That Michi- years for the ecclesiastical interests lowed by preparations of the issuance or 'mistakes of inividals. ,which beat Michigan 18-17, 20-18, adHge
gan wa1n heofnie oto hewihon ato hest;te hi I Wisconsin for the canlospbegan with the throwing of hymn Univers
=ginWS '' ' nsv ms o- h wih wnprto tesie;te hrd!of a statement by Secretary Denby at Cro ,hritison, Ted Rlay and tidcaPios
timre is" shown by the fact that Welt- containing pictures taken upon a trip ! the; Navy department, but' when theI Richard Demereme who represented the laurels. The Hawkeyes trounced theI books when Dr. Laird entered the Graf ton
.sel, Michigan's goal tender,. was not through Roman North Africa. now the time for the announcement came the I Univerity °of 'Chicago and upheld the stogPrutem ltwek 26I room and continued for 10 minutes Pruq o ae igeso rnh rvneo uii;an h ertr adfeCaSoanuc-!5eaiead(fte usin'rudiad udebat ffurvtrn.vrfy
until the second, period of the game, fourth giving; a :short insight into theI met to make. -+ against the enaction of such a law Iowa wl enter the fracas tonight a lessor it
prsent life of the Arabs..Stteprne ofcaslo werei because of the follwing features slight favorite but will be forced to subsiding only when the President Andre
byhen scongpald ant pa was Te mvewihwr ae rmwc hycamdi eaie:()work at tops speed the entire 40 mm- walked from the room;I eit
-byanyscoing an th ply ws Te mvie, wichwer taen romsilent. It was apparent, however, the compound 'boycott, (2) unlimited utes of play for victory as the MaizeI A copy of the resolution read at i Ap
rther slow. After 11 minutes of this hazardous positions, and some from thtavcshdbenrcie hchimnt ffndIrmcutpo and Blue team although a bit inex-I chapel in which Dr. Laird's resigna- In
period, Anderson apparently scored airplane, gave an idea of the work thatIled the President to believe that the In ofth
ceeelure, (3) monopolistic features of perienced, is a fast and hard fighting ion is asked on the ground of "in-iofteI
'his second, goal from in close, but has been carried on hy'the exavators~ warning sent to de la Huerta againsti certain Unions. and (4) strikes against 'ggregation. efficiency, failure to cooperate. prop-~~a
Referee Hamilton ruled that the shot, during the past two Years, since (encroachment on American interests1 all tie people in the United States. Race In 'Tangle engy with faculty members and be- 1drn
did ntrslnatlyThlatper Count de Prorok became interested in ol eiepcedwtot h rs Prof. Reed. Presides Should Michigan succeed in winning cause' of his alleged attack upon Dr. resent/
led was marked by faster play than 'the work in 1921. ence of armed forces: to support it.? The debate which was attended i tonight. the Conference race will be Samuel Dike, president emeritus of satest
was shown in either of the other two. t is in an effort to secure fund American naval forces in some by a crowd of several hundred people thrown into a more entangled mass, the college; ta l
Thre Badgers were trying hard to ov- so that the site of the anceat cty of strength will be, nevertheless, in the l was presided over by Prof. Toas with the final winner probably emerg- A statement 'from the office of ta l
°ercome the Michigan lead, while the 'Carthage will not be covered over by i viciiity in case they are needed. Thej H. Reed or the political science de- ing to the front in the last week of PrsdnLidinwchedclesIrnh
Wleie'wreualdeemndmdrbiligbcseoit hwcruiser' Richmond is nearing Vera ; partinent. competition. Frnc
WoCruzrandshasween orderedyodtakeminThe fllowingumendatedaseMctuee oneiitsnttehiselfsreadyetoy aceoanycinquiy induirofath
to put the game on ice. In spite of value, that the Count is lecturing overuz n a enodrd.otk h olwngmnatda ugs Coach Mthrhas been ehihphedenesnt-sitvelytaneal
the hard work of both sextets, the teUie ttsadCnd Wr aboard 28 men from the stranded, in the contest: Lloyd T. ihaii fig all week in an effort to uncover eatnsdrgoytom chatr.tail a 1
only goal was made by Peterman. tine -n 92 n 9 ~h tm i-cruiser Tacoma. These men now areToePrfEesn of'h betcmiaonff ross
hd uresa122ad 93. wih h pc Delaware. Ohio. and Prof. Ralph W.I remains silent as to Lis final choice The statement further says that the ! possible
Wiolverine's defense,, on a: long hr ae hwd a l or hog ahr tIeaCu.tobepeiiae oa sntcu
shot which the Wisconsin goal tend- Iprivateshowedwast alodon tomcausesshoreateVerdCruz ofetesButdvetmn, an
telsubsciption. wohen b areg e taitebowtaethe tobepecpttdtoa snt de vngf
em muffed after he had apparently ar- Count de Prorok who also gave Washington, Jan. 18.--Severe fight-I ing on of the debate, each speker forxTe h witebosiheet assalee ntespen e-jdno
retdispors.Imore than 10 lectures on this Conti-°ighs eninporesbt eenwspgie nd 12 vminutes for siue-tIpayerwingtpkes sadpHageaty.ltonbutoto hes g isfsacfromincol lasti
Paslsing Improves nent last ear, will speak inmanyo" °Mexican federal troops and revolu- Ibve lec ndfv igute o i arryanilletake hslusale:hpce atug somn"weeks ag of a"cr tirlle
The entire Michiganr sextet showed teladn iie fte ntdS ate insts from Vera Cruz since anaz-______ ___ Ition at forward. With'Haggerty go- duct unbecoming a student."I
thryl1adan ctatemeofthi suedtelSvatt;;e-law, n
to advantage inasmuch as their team-i and Canada this winter anong .then.;m 1 saemn. 'sue' y h '; - - Ing at a fast clip there Is no telling; In the meantime several persons j matc s
work was of a hII caliber. The being New York, Washington, Boston.!Mexican embi1assy said. The rebels, PITL. fl how the game will result, as the dlim/ connected with the college have en- vesy
passing was a distint encouragemlent Montreal, Toronto, anid Montreal. the embassy added, had been driven A 4LFLIIUI B OER SLEET IU I inutive forward has an uncanny abil- teetect erv D.U eksiya
Wovrn upres h a- Prof Francis W Kelsey, of thebakwthev losses at every en-1 IIuaq.fto cage baskets from any position itryiv:
tor ptuLin backtmnwithtdheavteyDrPT onthe floor. Kipke can also be count- in Detroit attended by Dr. Laird, iInall,
unable to overcome the. lead estab- speaker yesterday afternoon. "Troops under General Uiadlejo" IIe upoto cr s ela pa
________Icniu ____ e pnt cr swl spa Bishop Henderson andl himself, "Dr. a h
lispd bythe ictos ealy i thethe statement said, cniu advanc- 1 strong defensive game. ia h
contest, in spite oft the efforts of Mor-!rn ililg to join the forces under General: New York, Jan. 18.---The advance i Doyle May Start heairdave shi ordsofahonotht:
an, Rici, and Captain Johnson, who E~ I1T Marinez, and although a detailed re guard of the Democratic national The other three players will be h ol ev lins sntt
playd wel fo ther tem.rOnREn CE1IY1 port of this haoeuver has not been 'committee came to New York fromI chosen from Captain Birks. Doyle be; preent whenthe tudetsrturn
Between periods, the large crowv.rnv~IDI. receivedi it is believed these two hod-{Washington and surveyed the field1 Cherry, Henderson, Morgaidge and .- nIha ewul ed r A~
of spectators was. entertained by IAFIF FROM iez f rop leayma av f where th loiicl atefr the Deng. Cherry and Deng are capable; his resignation to take effect Jan. 15."
Misses Reed and.Bercola of Detroit ! 1~U 0. ~Jifected the movement which would in- lparty 'presidential nomination will be nhnln ihe iefrad o thbistedr.mLyrreplnaied:no oilhave
who gave a remarkable exhibition of i. sure complete success for the govern- waged next June. ;gadgoodshots, Doylspedmygette n yoetgt olrsg.
fancy skating. Their difficult maneu- New Orleans, ,ran. I .-Albert 1B. ;nent forces operating against the TheyT established liason with the all fordcenter s. ol a o the Hakysa n ht ol rsg'
veins drew repeated rounds of ap- S Fall, former secretary of the intlerior Vera Cruz rebels." non-paritian citizens committee which r _____ --grave
pas.Atrtegman eight-lapI statedl-here today he wa through'C hirdte hrepikdheWlof all big men, holding a distinct advan -CA nSUI ; ep
race for students w as held. T he event 'with politi s. n i r s or a f r n t o al c m it e h a- sIo war ihe po blyineu ithIIsize. j };M I S FIR S T .i L eaj praY e
who traversed the distance in the fast "I'nm going to spend the rest or my 6 !LI'~IMadison Square Garden as an ideal center, and Captain Hicks and Funk, H IiIiIP1 iLH11H clash o
time of one minute and 56 seconds life travelinig around anti"-with a 1nf~IIA political arena; and began tie map- guards. Funk was the leading scorer TRUII 111IPI LT 1UVI men-it
For his victory, Babcock will receive twinkle-"iing out, just as I have r POFLITICbK FOrR IUl ! ped work of organization necessary in tie Conference last season as well Ithe a
been iding out. I hope to take that 1
a& pair of skates donated y the Moe ocean vyg soon." to the entertainment of at least: as one of the best defensive players, Marquette. Ail., Jan. 18.-The.l For s
.sh AC second raneSopen ;tton D 1 200000 expected visitors. Rep. Cor-I while his running mate Hicks is rat-j chief Wawatam, car ferry operating is a ros
Sort: p shp( eodmae pnt Malicious and tuntrue," Mr. Fall Ceead a.1.Nwo .I.egadi h ibtenS.Inc n aknwefr
the public, was called' of[ because of dell I-ull, chairman of the Democratic d as the best gur nteBg Ten btwenSt gaean Mckawesfo
insufficient number of entriesI erml euntaementeregaringthi es-alaugkerdtwhe he eaditchr of A national committee, lheaded the dole- this season. 1Ciyhas reached the frmr port one ca
ing of navy oil lands to the SinclairI St. Petersburg, Fla., that he will be aton which included Norman E. l after a 10 hour battle with havy onyi
interests. Mr. Fall, who arrived here I a candidate for tie Democratic non1m=Iback, chairman of the committee on e 1oTea-'D rZinkerYsfiels of ice in the straits: of Mack- + rra
yesterday from Florida expected to fi iation for President. arrangements and 11 others among -ivl eric w.t elords.g
remain in the city until the first of " Nothing is farther from my them Mrs. Emily 'Newell Blair of Mis-Fo Z Se vcThsitefrtrun tiphew d,:
HoPnext week. thoughts than a candidacy for any I souri and Mrs. D. A. McDougal of Tssthoetefirst 6 ou rip license
Deort Caraway of Arkansas. i poiticl office" he said. Oklahoma. IWashington Jana 18.-"'White spats i On Thursday the boat was caught I nenal
Dmca;who, is leading in these' The St. Petersburg dispatch gave Tonight the visitors-with the ex- tea-drinkers amd cookiepushers" { in the fields of ice blowing through4 as issu
The geatet socal 'senseless attacks, has shot his shaft Milton Young, secretary to Mr. Baker I ception of the women-attended the should be eliminated from the diplo- the straits from Lake Michigan and license.
seasonwill son behere. Are you before the oil mattter came up," said authority for the story.i Garden as guests of Tex Richards, I to Poland, told the house ForeignI held for some time. After battling all houset

Jesse S. Reeves or the politicm
department will sail for Par
here he will immediately comm
work on a series of 12 lectur
lie has been invited to dev
Academy of international La
l'lague at its second sessi
the approaching summer.
ssor 'Reeves will "give 12 Iw
ver' a period of five weeks bi
July 14,, his subject deain
e philosophical principlesc
tonal law. The lectures wi
gently be incorporated "ta
rm for publication.
Internationalize Teachings
)urpose of the Academy itarmn
to disseminate information -r
the fundamentals of interne
aw, but to internationalize t
gs of such aw through ti
ion of students and lecturei
ifferent countries on neutrm
and through discussion of t
and practice of internatioa
their respective countries.
A.cademny; which has honor;
or Reeves by requesting hl'
e as a lecturer, was foundE
e cooperation of the Carneg:
vent for °'International Pea
fornmally opened July 14, 12
the ensuing session addresse
ard by °sonic of the world
stinguished jurists aand poit
ctists including the rigt lhom
Lord Phillimore 'of Englan(
r, president of the Perniaet
f 'international" Justice at'l
NI. Basdevant. profesisor in tl
ity of Paris, Prof. Gerg
Wvilson of Harvard universi t;
or K. Neumeyer of the -n
of Munich, Albeic Rolin, pri
n the Univrsity of Ghent an
«Weiss, professor in tie Un
of Paris.
lies for Leave of Asece
letter to Dean John R. Effing
iterary college, through wbo
applied for a eave of absen
the second semester of t
/school year, Professor Reev
that the Academy stipulate
lecturers must have their a
prepared and printed
prior to the opening sessic
924 gatheing. This will e
large amount of work whk
or Reeves feels it would be in
for him to accomplish pr
e is not relieved of the bu
year, of the 350 students e
in the Academy, about, on
ere lawyers and doctors 'c
:e-fifth members of 'the dipli
zervice and another fifth un
students. A large number
Lnd navy officers and admit
eofficials were also preset
25 nations were represents
ase City, Mich., Jan. 18-Tpi
ear opened with a bang for I
e Pratt, county clerk of Gn
e County, but it was not ti
wn arms as maids advanced 0
twas the bottom falling outt
rriage market here.x
>ince Leap Year's advent Cup
e in misery. Marriage lcen
several years, have average
ch day, but since Jan. 1 ti
~rson inquiring the way to1t.
ge license bureau was' a mn
for 'the Janitor. In, oth
so far this year, not a marriaj
has been issued.
Pratt is considered some h
-merchandising scheme, SW
ing tradng stamps wth ea
a little way from the col
he. Rev Demas Cochlin for

going? Have you nil the neces- 1 Mr. Fall. "I do not care to dignify it j Mr. Baker issued the following I manager. "Just how to see how the I Affairs Committee in urging passage f last night against the ice the boat1 years"
,'ni'11k nijby a discussion. But in general terns stateet: I placelok with a full hos, as M.. of the Rogers bill, for reorganizationI gradually crushed its way through to city. si
sIr 1a a418n li. o a - T wi-l on..- la n fl- a r n,rnc b1y,.,:afn~a , H-n", Vn,,n c. a f T a . sru, T Y111 - -.. woI looks le c._ >,. ....n....Mr ,,

'the marrying pastor" of t
ts and waits-and waits, men

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