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December 14, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-12-14

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bed every morning except Monday
the University y*ear by the Board in
of Student Publications.

Members of Western Conference Editorial
The Associated Press is exclusively en.
litled to the use for republication of all news
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise
edited in this paper and the local news pub-
fished therein.
Entered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,
Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate
of potage granted by Third Assistant Post-
trater oenera.
Subscription by carrier, $3.o; by mail,
OfficestAnn Arbor Press Building, May-
nrd Street.
Phones: Editorial, 2414 and i76-M; Busi-
iness, 960.
Signed communications, not exceeding so
words, will be published in The Daily at
the discretion of the Editor. Upon request,
the identity of communicants will be re-
garded as confidential.
Telephones, 2414 and 176-M
News Editor.. ...........Julian E Mack
City Editor.................Harry il",ey
Editorial Board Chairman....R. C. Moria.ty
Night Editors
E. H. Ailes A. B. Conable
R. A. Billington 1. E. Viske
Hurry C. Clark. I. W Garlinghouse
P. M. Wagner
Spoits Editor...............Ralph N. Byers
Women's Editor.........,Winona iibbard
Telegraph Editor...............R. B. 'la rr
Sunday Magazine Editor.......F. L. TiMen
Music Editor... . . Ruth A Howell
Assistant City Editor...I..enreth C. Kellar
Editorial Board
Paul Einstein 'RioLert Ramsay
Andrew Propper
B. G. Baeteke R. S. Mansfield
. P B.trkman E. C. Mack
Helen Brown Verena Moran
Bernadette Cote Regina Reichmaa
Z. W. F'aris. W. IL Soneman
Fsrood Ehrich . R. aStone
. . Fingerle K. 4.Styer
T P. "Hfenry N. R. : al
orothy Kamin S. B Tiemble
oseph Kruger W. j. Waltiour
Elizabeth Lieberman-
Telephone 960
Advertising .............,....E. L. Dunue
Akdvei risng............Purdy
Advertising ... ... ..........V. Roesser
Advertising .. ..........W. K Scherer
Accounts......................A. S. Morton
Circulation ....... .....1erry M. Hayden
Pubhcaion ...............Lawrence Pierce
G. W. Campbellsiswant P oedemaker
' ennje ,Caplai NX. E Holland,
Chas. 'Champion M. L." Ireland
rIoan Conln Harold A. Marks
Louis M Dexter ByronParke k
Joseph J. Finn 1. M. Rockwell
avid A. Fo- H. 'E. R'se
Lauren 1Taight A. J. Seidman
H.L. Hae Wili Vese
K. E. Haw1'his nu C. F. White
R C. Winter
Trains for the east and west, the
north and the south will be crowdl
today with the students leaving Ann
Arbor for the Christmas holidays.
The student circle of friends is brok-
en up for a short time while its mem-
bers visit their families for the most
j.oy ul and happy season of the whole
year. Tomorrow Ann Arbor will be
comparatively deserted. The Daily
will cease publication with this issue
until after vacation and wishes to
take this opportunity to wish every-'
one a very merry Christmas and the
brightest and most successful of New

members who are convinced that the And maybe you think Ann Arbor
present plan of delegating the power F is a hot town while these buddies are
of making schedules has not beeii sat- ED L V gone. Well, it aint. Nope.
isfactory especially in their own uni- (That's right, Jasey, we know.-Op)
varsities. YEA But wot tle hell, Bill, wot the hell?
The plan would be an innovation in SANTIE We join in with the Daily-yes, with
athletic management. It would, in a CLAUS! Chimes. And ours looks just as good
sense, give every university in the To prove what a multifarious gen- print as theirs-- Here goes-
Conference an opportunity to play lus is his, the old gent,-this SantieM MERRY CHRISTMAS!
every other university over a given Claus,.sends us' yesterday two things: _r. Jason Cowles.
period o it Te-usinte
of time. The question then 1. Our salary as conductor of these
will arise, do the Conference Univer-
sities want this opportunity or is not 2 A warning in Poly S.CUN
the present plan more satisfactory to o hich mae uscomCAMPUS OPINION
the majority ly happy..
The headofe afootball organization yh* *I THE PROBLEM OF THE PACIFIST
vrsity to make the schedule for his We are reliably informed that it is To the ditor:
team. This would be impossible un-I the custom of a certain Bim's club on Since the controversy on pacifism
tea. Tis oul beimpssile n-this campus, to sing the following
der the round robin plan. Also there seems no longer to be a "private
are traditional rivalries in the Con- song when one of the members is i
ferente which the su r te on- honored in the public life of the Uni- fight but one that "anyone can join
respective teams wish. to seeworked versity. This song is sung on such in" I accept the implied invitation.
off" each year. occasions as the appointment of one This letter may turn out to be "pac-
The round robin plan might tend of the bims to a committee (the ar- ifist propoganda", but at any rate it
to produce more positively a Western chery committee of the Women's isn't "insidious" for the label is
Conference champion each year, but League, for instance) or the publica- i
l ion of some of her work in Chimes.{ plainly on the bottle.
it would deprive the universities of
their individual rights in the selec- The lines in bold face are composed Professor Hobbs is certainly justi-
tion of their opponents on the grid- to suit the occasion: fled In protesting against the non-re-
iron.ppg HERE'S to Betty PEters, Betty sistance type of pacifism. Indeed, the
PEters, Betty PEters! only question that might be raised is
HERE'S to Betty PEters! whether it is needful to protest against
HNT TO N OOrk Ciety rt She's WTH us toNIGHT! doctrines so self-evidently absurd that
When the New York Society for the I She got ON a coniMITtee, ninety-nine pacifists out of a hundred
Suppressio of Vice protested against And beSIDES she's quite PRETty, repudiate them at once. Non-resist-
Theodore Dreiser's book, "The Gen- So HERE'S to Betty PEters! ance to aggression is positively im-
ius", a howl arose from lovers of good She's WITH us toNIGHT! - oral,,besitispvitalyain-
* . mo albecause it is virtually an in -
literature in this country. Since that th
-vitaion t the aggressor to "go as far
time, two interesting developments, After the song they all clap their as you like, nobody will stop you".
have presented themselves. On the hands.i.....Ch...........
one hand there has been an increas- Jolly Tradition Hey? If this be Christianity (not that I
ing demand for more and more cen- * * * ' think it is!) then so much the worse
ponthepfor Christianity.
p t' part of some people; We have just been down to the Nor is much to "be said for Mr.
and on the other hand, there has al-
sstore that made Woolworth famous, Bryan's type of pacifism, "fight if you
agistcmeobe of nyeasind pote buying of a Christmas present. The must, but don't prepare in advance".
fromtheceilng o beudde thse omakngnveryprearaton otwae i
part of others. Observers can note a swell old Xmas spirit is there as else- A government is criminally negligent
few things .abot its inconsistency. where. Green and red bells hanging if it invites or accepts war without
fewthigs bou it inonsstecy. from the ceiling to befuddle those making every preparation to wage it
Writing some time ago, The New ho are color blind-Fratters down successfully.
York Commercial suggested to Jus- buying dolls and balloons for other Must we therefore agree to Profes-
tice Ford, of "clean-book" fame, that frattem-People buying golf stockings! sor Hobbs' conclusion that we must
"he might do the country a real serv- at ten cents' the each, twenty the pair accept war as an institution "recog
ice if he would get the Legislature_
-People buying malodorous perfume nizing its con'tinued existence in the
ton ofss w pohibiting h b -People buying books by Horatio Al- world for a long time to come"? Not
cation of business books written by ger, all dogged out in holiday edi- necessarily. The whole trouble
men who knew nothing about busi- tions-People just looking around-Al comes from treating "peace" and
ness; also the publication of books sign, "Salesladies Wanted-" ,"war" as abstractions to be liked or
purporting to settle the differences * * * disliked. Peace and war are conse-
between capital and labor and written byislueceacbyprdt ofaes-
by collegeprofessrs; the publication J This business of holiday editions, by quences, by-products of statesman-
of alleged poems by folks who' only 1the way, is a rakeoffish one. Every ship. Where there is law there is
th~i k they are poets and the dissem-iyear the eternal Rubayat of Omar peace; where there is lawlessness
lination f literature relating to lit- Khayyam is turned out In a million there is the permaent possibility of
eture ad codifferent forms; they range in, size armed agression by etthe unscrupu
who have ;never, worked 'nor earned af
ther library edition a half inch thick There is only 'fe 'way in which
a penny( to a ponderous volume at five bucks pea s been established in any
Isa and istes'efr b --filled out with thick paper, "large, la e mplax soca;l group; and
sconvenient type", and "profuse illus
There is, however, ' worth while idea trton" ott etinltsadlti la , ~'b sdon force. By
trations", not to menrtion lts and lots inyo t"'o ce tiiwer we- reuce
behind the attack. tA few nasty stor- of fly-leaves. And there's Kipling's cria o i rnwim and render the
ies written by perverts cannot pos- ,,, which is gotten out both in boo life " idivcido"n safe.nPrivate
sibly be as harmful as is the liter- form and on a decorated card "suit- wa Warss, n sa, Private,
ature put out by people who calmly ab1e for hanging". And volumes of state and civil wars, all common at
set themselves up as authorities on Robert W' Service bound in limp ariou priods of history, have dis-
subjects they know nothing about. In, leather. Very vil?--pard whve r a Central national
general there is no thought as to the: V *apeer evertang e ntalntol
soundness of text books. It is doubht- authority strong enough to control
ful if any censor ever read a text . Vie Pacifism them has been established.
book, anyhow. Works on political If there is anyone on the campus International. war remains because
science, economics, American history, that hasn't already contributed some- anarchy preils in international af-
the theory of Evolution, and other sub- thing to this silliest of all controver- fairs. Nations are still at the fron-
jects, appear dsaily which are full of ses, and still wants to say some- tier stage and must carry weapons or
old fallacies, legends, and bunk. .It thing about it after Christmas, we submit to the rule of gangsters and
matters not that there are also good shall be glad to print any and all gunmen (such as the 1914 Germany).
works,'and many of them, on these junk received on the subject as far! A first ad very timid attempt has
wsjs andr many ofw be on the as our 19 1-2 inches go. Swelp us- been made to establish law and order
subjects; there will always be a large * * * in international affairs by means of
manage to procure this "bunk" andi Mr. Lindsay is, we believe, the only the League of Nations, the Interna-
marry age to procretisd "bnk" nd man now living who whistles his pO- tional Court, and such devices.
carry the ideas contained in it with i
them to the grave. Surely this is more etry. Night before last we had the These particular organizations may
harmful than most of the "problem' pleasure of hearing him whistle the' fail of their purpose. Nevertheless,
novels that started all this "clean- ione about the red-headed blacksmith they point out the only line in which
book" business,- and his girl-Folly Ann, Polly Ann, progress is possible. Until world-
POLLY ANNNNNNNN! - wide law and order, world-wide po-
sors. Political science, history or ec- Mr. Lindsay also discoursed on the lice power, is established there is not
Ionomics does not thrill them; but i bother of traveling with a dress suit. and cannot conceivably be any chance

mu ounaveto;hang it up neatly when of secure peace. If the present
ful, and the least bit thr lling, the you're tired, and you have to take it League of Nations fails the same pro-
'enr . off neatly when're in a Pullman berth. blem will confront the world that con-:
n or unmoral, o bad for theat *tthat*w*s*fronted it at the close of the Great'
wrong, , This .iunk above is stuff that was War and some new league, associa-
children, or something. This shows held over from the day before. We tion, confederacy or political union
the inconsistency of the whole idea
haven't time to go down and. she will have to be established, which will'
of censorship. Why is it that some what it is, so it's very likely some- be like the present League or else
men have such diminutive capability thing having no bearing whatever on, even stronger and more closely knit.
in judging values? the events of the day. Therefore all who oppose the pres-
*ent League, and instead of strength-
When a student is kicked out of this ening it are complaining that it is
T university, o suspended from it, his already too great an invasion of na-
- name is run in the Daily Official Bul- tional soverignty, are willing the con-
~ Ago A t ]llichigletin; the Ann Arbor Times News tinuance of international war. The
snitches it from there and runs it at 'conclusion may be unpalatable. No
night. The Detroit Free Press copies one has yet shown it to be escap-
Front the files of the U. of M. Daily, Iit the next morning. able.
Dec. 14, 1898. It has been suggested to us that we Preston Slosson










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ic~ke's Ar#cade


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>. 1

. 'I


STATE at JACKSON-on the Northeast Corner-CHICAGO

Embarking upon its annual tour to-
day, the 1924 Michigan Union Opera
leaves on a trip which promises to
heap added laurels upon the name
and fame of Michigan. As the ini-
tial venture of Mimes productions in
the blase East, "Cotton Stockings"
carries the s'pirit of undergraduate
activities at the University in'to foreign
territory with the duty of establish-
ing Michigan as Queen of th'e "effete"
East as well as undisputed Ruler of
the West. We may not be of the East,
but can rule there nevertheless.
Already having demonstrated its
merits by unprecedented success in
the local performances, the company
can feel well assured of a hearty re-
ception in the East, as well as in the
many other cities nearer home which
always accord Mimes productions the
warmest of welcomes and are an-
nually responsible for numerous cour-
tesies which doubly insure the plea-
sure of the trip. The Opera is one
of the University's most efficient pub-
licity factors, and as such serves a
worthy purpose.
That the calibre of acting, of the
music, and of the dancing in "Cot-
ton Stockings" is better than ever be-
fore is acknowledged. Costuming and
setting surpass not only Michigan's
best but the finest of any previous
college production in East or West.
As the standard of perfection in ama-
teur dramatics, we wish "Cotton


form a 4000 club for the erection of
a ,Bulletin Board on the facade of the
The Michigan Central Railroad Will
sell to professors, teachers and stu- Library, so that this businees can get
dents on presentation of certificate of some real publicity. It's the sort of
membership signed by Secretary Wade. thing that really ought to be dissemin-
round trip holiday tickets at one and ated, you know.
one-third limited fare for the round**
trip. The rates extend in the East Today everyone will be tearing down
to New fork, Washington, and Bos- to the M C station with their suit-
ton; in the West to the Missouri riv- cases in their hands, and their shoes
er, Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis shined, and their new hats on, and
i territory. their pants pressed. And tomorrow
and Cairo and rthey'll be home where a college man

To the Editor:
There is little to which I can ob-
ject in the excellent communication
of Mr. Slosson. Our points of differ-
ence have, I think, been covered in
my communication published yester-I
day morning.
William Herbert Hobbs
The Mongrel, which made its ap-1
pearance yesterday morning, has metl
with severe criticism in some quar-
ters in spite of the effort made by
its publishers to delete all harmful
material. Which goes to show the

Visit the LyttonCollege Shop
When You Pass Through Chicago

N a comparatively short time, the Lytton
College Shop has convinced College Men of
its ability to lead in individuality and economny.
Burchfield has met the majority of you. He is
holding open house during Christmas vacation

The addition to the library build-I
ing is 54 feet long, forty feet wide andI
four stories high. It is estimated that
tb three lower floors, comprisingj

is just about the swellest thing that
Santie Claus brings to town. And the
hometown bims will be at the sta-
tion, all ready to admire these geez-




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