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November 21, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-11-21

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It 1 Itrt Is students convicted by that body on the
~ '"~ t3 ' charge of cheating in classes in the
University will, in ,addition to the
OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE punishment meted out by the body,
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIG4AN have their names published in the
Daily Official Bulletin. Pursuant to
Published every morning except zMonday
during the University year by the Board in this ruling the names of two students
Cmitol f Stden Pulicaion. jhave been published recently.
Alembers of Western Conference Editorial! In adopting such a policy, the Uni-
.Association. versity organ in charge of discipline.
The Associated 'Press is exclusively en- in this college has taken upon itself'
titled to the use for rep3ublication of all newsj an added responsibility. A decision'
dispatches cre-dited' to 'it or not otherwise
credited in this paper and the local news pub- relative to a student's guilt in such a1

i ' a

Editorial Foreword r

(Letter to the Editor of The New York
Henri Ford's remark that he re-

111,1111111 lim III III IS 1:1


AWonder Selection of Personal
Engraved Christmas Cards



Yesterday, we, discussed,the pieces garded history as "bunk" has sub-:i
of filler at the bottom 'of "-the" col;f jectedA him to ridicule, but has it really
we had a hunch they nliight not beI injured him in the opinion of unbias-j
there. and nrovided 'far it. _. ut the edp~ ?. Now, I, have read, John

Order early

Ftered at the pstoffice :at Ann A~
14'cftirn. as second .lass matter. Specia
of psage granted by Third A3itant
maste General.
Ot u' riptvri by carrier, $3.50; by
O eies: Ann Arbor Press Building,
ii'I Street.
Phones: Editorial, 2414 and' 176-M;
ness 96o.
Si~ned communications, not exceedin
ca0o6, wil be published in The Dai
the dir retion of the Editor. Upon re
thte ientity of communicants will b
grded as confidential.
Telephones, 2414 and 17-1
News Editor.......... ...Julian E.]
'City "Editor ........... .....Harry
Editorial Board Chairman... B. C. Mct
Night Editors
F.' 11. Ailes A. rB. Conrable
R. A. Billington 1. r. Fiske
Iiar y. C.-Clark (:G. Garlinghou
' ots lEditor.............Ralph N.1
Woni.yn' Editu~............ Winona Hi
Telegraph Editor.. ............ B.
Sunday Magazine Editor......F'. L.
Music Editor..........;Ruth A U
Assitant City Editor...Kenneth C.h
Editorial Board
Paul inlsein Rbert Ri
iAndrew Prolper
B. G. Baeke R. S. Mansfield
h N., Brkman . C. ]ack
lelei t own Verena Moran
Bernadette Cote Regina Reichmarm
G. W. Davis. r' V. I. S'onenian
i ,C Fingerle K . Styer
'N '.j"-ery N. R. 1ual
Porothy Kamin S. B. Temble.
Jobehseph Kruger W. J. Wattor
Elzaet ieernan
Telephone 960
Advertising ...........E. L. D
Advertising .................. . R
Advertisng┬░................W. K S,
Circurlation . .........Perry M. H
Publicatrn'.. .............Lawrence1
enie Caplani Edw. D. Hloeen
forn Conlin Hiarold A. Mark
Alin B. Crouc Byron Parker
Louis M. -Dexter 11 M. Rockwel
Jose ItJ.:Fiiin . B.ERose
D avid A. Fox Will Weise
Laurel} akHaigit C. . White
K. ,F4: awlirion . C. Witer i
Nght "Editor-EDGAR H. AIL
Invariably, if one attempts to
"ry out a policy in the political
that does not work' in complete
mony with those higher up, he
fers for it in one manner or a
er. It is an inevitable result
one pays for one's convictions,
pecially in the field of politics.
that is precisely what has happ
to Governor Walton of Oklahoma
Yesterday, before the state sei
court of impeachment of Oklah
the Governor was removed fromo
by'a most unusual vote of fort-
to nothing. He was convicted, ac
ing to the court, on the charge
he had abused his pardon and p

--matter will be carefully considered der.mkepma otarud;u: Ie JacobsY bott'6 history of Napoleon ars wanted for one hour and a half oIfDe. sf, to tak@ Visiting bops on s tour of city.
dearmakup mn gt aoun4 us heand a o SrWalter Scatts "History" alV.Nn t28
rbor, of course by its members but even the pu(i oeaanintY.e t er '-- ndlnelyThma Wa$oao8t
ost betorhmjugetwilper t inoeadntte-ohrtusndilTh asWtn on e
Yail, ties. ofA unish etof this srrt iscomp letely .confot ndlgg the text11 1same t bject. Now, two~of the three
moe uutweriuehombentnd y Y 'mustlhe,;"bunk" yet they are all "his-,..
May severe rinuitstcharacter than ex-n to appear not to o aonservative nor to. __
Al oe vr sit-haatr hne makeup man, be he alive orbe he dead. tortes'"; Did not Mr. Ford simply echo raiclin'ctnt1to"antin. 'SEP 'WI1ICF j 1BtT .PO~25
puson raeo "" o rbain He left out the most fruitful of the Napoleon, wuis recorded as saying HiaPJhsobf aiori, e-'E T E ' 5WBJOTS . .V
A specific person is designated and !fillers, aind we shall, at our earliest "History is ,a fable agreed upon"? Hreublichn isofClifonit on-! T AT ┬░ +IRI- WROLTS~l
arraigned before ,the public as one convenience, expand it into a long, Was Napoleon considered ignorant?, ator, Rpia, ioainsopon-: THE "J I BllUNCH C I W" I~
y 30at who has been a cheat. Such a pub-! ent of the League, seeking the golden; 712 Arbor Street and ORTHOPODIST
(let i h o-long story. Yes, we shall. Roosevelt was considered an educat-
euere. i accusation givesth person con * , mean between conservatism and rad-. Nur State and Packard Streets70N.Uhrst
___crned a mark of degradation compar-A Present For Mother ed man; ; he wrote "history". Accord-I icalism sand more or less Rosevelti- h
abeol oarcr safre e-igt i hmsJfe~nwsaan in domestic politics-a portrait. .
idlenytof the penitentiary.Noe inOr Grandmothferor Any Invalid or i"snuffy doctriaire" aad rThomas Paine,,r
idet f te enteniay.No neinHousekeeper 'was a "filthy little atheist"'. That is!Yr
f the field of business will, trust alARa od od"un"intitIups Munich, Nov. 20.-Dr. Von Kahr ro- S ~ T E IE
cheat. . poses a new currency for Bavaria;';
Makck that will be satisfactory to everyone. adwwranitrotocckHw ty years in the United States, and sup- ________________. PHONE 380 WE DELIVER
,41'y Astuentwho confesses his guilt, or many can you. use? Worth $1.50 to pose an Intelligent foreigner should
ws u l spoe ycmeent Iayoy happ'en to read one of thre. He would i DETROIT UIED INES AGNiER CIDER MILL
whose guilt is provedrpriedywcompetentd tanybody..
witnesses should be exposed. His -A!nteGcD b ~pisdwe era h te EAST 1B0UND IN ;Hloaf5St,,uTa North of Miahue Specialty Comprniry "
gitiunusindan hiac:one wuldnt he? But they would all Limiteds: 6 a.i., 9:10 a. i. and ' 'O c uUitil 7 P. M.-Aleo Sundays
should not be permitted to stain the It a hita ee n uha b hitr".1 every two hours to :10 P. M. 1: Z2 h. MAIN STREET
;bbard nm oftersotetuent nChistmas eve as it was, to be sure! profound qknowledge possessed by cdi- two hours to 8 p. a,:
Tisar the University. In the past the fail- Old Mr. Wimple was actually going tors iof the,history of ancient Abyssin- Locals: 7 a. i. 8:55 a. m. and
'owilluet publish the name of the pers5on to distribute the presents from the ia o j h opography of. Bussorah on every two hours to 8:55 p. in,
Kellar with his offense has virtually incriin-' 11 n m.,To Ypsilanti only, 11:40'PE IAJ
i mated the whole University in the''pupJhita reta to er 1readinl tioie .editorial. Was this' . . 26 ;Sm.and4:15a. ' .
alsayeesoth ra knowledge got in college or did they]ES O D
yesof heworld. The 'action of the h ielc.wa re do as Mr. Ford said he would do-get' iies :7a n n vr w
administrative board is justifiable, but' it was! Fairly bustling with pop- Lntd:8 7a n n vr w
the reg laion mus b ac urtel an c rn all a d sri gs f can erres some mupn to look, the matter up for hours to 8:47 p m,.
utity carried out if it is to be con- cr al and t tmprans of all eis them? Of 'all the great American. Express (making hkcal stops): 9.5u,
n ad mst mpotan ofall defeius i money-makers, Mr. Ford was the on-{ a. in. and every two hours to 9 8
eiee omnalmysterious white tissue-paper objects,! ly one to increase his men's wages in' joal:P :5 a .,1210a.
tied up with glorious dull-white string recognition of their part in making ._________________
PEACE AWARDS A~ND; UTOPIA ljust like the snow after it's gotten a' his fortune. That is a fact so recent
Two hundred and forty thousand little old. A great to-do! That was and so startling that it must be re- lt :.0
-- cojded in "history", no matter who!- - As a special introductory price for two weeks, November 12th to2rd,
people have answered the call of Mr. grandinamma Wimple giving an imi NOVEMBER we will make a thorough examination of your eyes and furnish you'
Bok, and have submitted peace pro- tation of Frisco, for she had gotten ( writes it. S 1M T W T 2F ihhg'gaeselfrmsadt Slne tte pca rc
poast h omte o h dc-Ijust the least bit off-side with some,: ___________ of TIEN DOLLARS, guaranteed to be absolutely correct is very
Loast h omttefrtedc- of old Mr. Wimple's Swedish punch 4 at 7 86 1 respect
hino i h ln.Thsanuc-atrdnnr al!Agetcm- ~AF~ 1819 2013l142 23164Remember this offer lasts for two weeks only.
sion of a thrplans.thi sannedatrdinr HloIAget o- YET ERDAk(1)/Y 25 'C. S. WICI(ENS, OPH. D.
)unmotion! That was Mr.Wipehm2i 6 27 S 29 3
1et i.ae th o g h re s nipl 6 2 8 2 9 3 y s g t S p e c ia list
atthoamnimiti declared that self, his toupe ever lit right ear, tip- d}'SMYTIE ... . A.t. Arnold's' , 'Adweeiy f
Purdy the committee of judges will start I ovrthe tre in his enthusiasm. 1 I 1ASut taeStetArpborl iopi
oesrping goverSuthStat 'Sree
herer at once upon the work of deciding to reach the largest resent. A great HATiSClun
lhyistie which one is worthy of being bought] deal of cr inkling! ThistwaCthols-mn.
!Tatwstets.warssiFrCleePierce for $100,000. Thent this extremely "h a oe h sue wrappigs coming'pif the presents., h .tmeh ete warssiFrMlege n ,'
valuable plan will be p resented to theI A great shouting!, That was all the T sa o ayhngKiit~UI
aer Senate, and it is hoped by the orig-O h a;a d:r is nl .eln w x 1 7+ a k r t)h n '19 slittle W imnples who had been crowded 'alb g s hi s ealing{)he re D StPhe)92a
ou fth uhtoward the .presepts. ' U. R. Stopsat
Irtoisa questioninsm people's, In half a_ minute Astoria Wimple ,'
mnsithralincentive ainklr Vie r
mnsithrel ,,back of all' emerged froj' the' hdidaIr mee ith1,have - -been-
___this avalanche of contributions is -an her present gripped tightly in b oth direc ed tTthe asrte the ultimate ADRIAN-ANN ARBORt BUS1 LINE A' ;1A ';I
altruistic hope of settling the prob-; ada itedhevelled, but sta pii p !Of 3( s;otumn. Frankly, Central Time (Slory ime) .''3
leaveshaof'rotheCwoerld, or an 'qy I fugbroadly. A great hush! That #ves Sinye-admits that Jeal oes not know.1 Week Days s0 m aya s"" ' Will Show;
-.- 6:45 a. m, .,45 a m
- what te had dawn withtheandrJAS.H.ELLIOTT, Proprietor Cloh's (forr ( rMian*
E~S question, and one much more to the!wa te addawaihnhdmr the ephemeral occupy these few, ;hn 2- Adrian. Mdich. uloeiesV'loige j
- point if any real good will come of rycrlGetnsfo at" An inches; at times, the heavy, ponder- i , "
PAID this movement. 'Statesmen, trained in! this swell"l yodled Miss Belinda'. ous, and puzzling are touched upon., _ ' *-at---111t[;il[It19f1Hl' ' :1 '4,
dpoayand oiishv ld Wimple , the invalid of the family, her Smythe flits'from event to event, and RA E.IHOE
gieously inoantattmptato setlede face all wrinkled up with Christmas skims the, deep current of grveha-atUT'rALE E
car-i same problem, and it would seem a i pleasure. "A HOT WATER BOTTLE!"_ Ipnigs,1butPheCleave to other andL
field) vain hope that any obscure person,!I cried little Cissie Wimple, hoarse better pens the work of instructing PRICES.",
har-'not nownto th word aleady ill A t and admonishing the world. SeldomITO A
Ia-ntkont hewrdaraywl with joy, " real good one, too.!" Soles;es, and alTODAY
suf- come forward with a workable plan. I "Just see," shouted Bob Wimple, does he try to appear didactical. From
o Th-I'ho solution of the peace of thef"It's warne~ott rc. politics to peanuts, science to sin= kinds of Shoe Repairing for 2I
notha Natne ntt rck -!1 Luxenberg & Br . I *
that world would seem to lie in doing away j And Davey, the hired hand cooed, college to kindergarten, medicine to towek.Frsalt wr
matftesmwitra ihwihlesi s hsi ot olrft n uhlk ua-h em"e oneekall irNEWlssYORK
with war, but as long as God makesi "It's beautiful, soft and how seam-1 movies, bluelaws, atoms, flappers-on rpi bs
iened Hle now constructs him, there is lit- to me!" and he hit Miss Beinda a, terday" is safely comprehensive. It If'
tie hope that such a condition willj merry crack on the back, and sprain- .+
mate ever exist. Dreamers and idealists) ed his fingers. The Presidential Horizon THlE STATE STREET SHIOE a about LUXENBERG clothes and values.
look forward to 'a time when all the After it was all over, and the hap-, (Note: This is the first of a series 2RPI HP-
world be one state,. and we will live: pest and tiredest of the Wimples hadl of discussions of presidential can-
ofiein happiness and prosperity in a uni- trudged gleefully off to bed, Mr iae n possibilities which will 2o 301 South State Street to,
:od eslUoi.Utopias however are Wimple swore that, if you ase -hm ppesarnrmd ie otieinti Next to Wagner & Co.
ap-one fromtimeto'ime-n
not made in a generation, or in a con-.] there never had beenh such a Christ-' column.-Written with as much in-
,that--------- patalt ashma imttin-vl -dI-!IllIhIilI-lIIiIIII-l-ii
tury. Perhaps if soe fpan is dis-;omas. Oh, how he swore.: iul permiait) shmnlmtto il tR!!illl[I~~lllill11lfi1
r o verdthlftue-aeswil-ivpt

"authority. These constituted the takM.Bk n oejytefut
m ore im portant charges, w hile there o i e er s t . H w e e , a l th 'ermpe e t r,'N . 1 i rato-s no)al f r i
were numerous other charges of con-opnLteN.I.HrmJhsno afria
fitn naue Itsestaths.nations today should look to Bok as~ Attention Mr. Cowles: The candidacy of. Hiram Johnson,'
who were bent on removing him fromIonoftelarsith peace m'ove- You have doubtless noticed that hu- now formally announced, can causej
offie thughtof eerypossblemenit, and can sincerely join in praise! mor is loot infrequently encounteredF no surprise. The Californian has been
offieithogr htaof teery poible be of the man, who at least has center-,! in funny places. looked on as an inevitable aspirant for
is sured of catching the Governor ed the eyes of the nation on the The following was culled from yourI the presidency, and it was only a
fro soe agle.In act the wee paceprobem.worhy cnteporry;the Press, offi- qestion of time when they announce-
po sitive of their plans from the very ~- - cial scandal organ of Ypsilanti: m ent would be forthcoming.
beginning. In their minds there was'_____ Sunday, evening the officials of the What does tihe Johnson announce-
lyoe asil utoe fth m Wesleyan Guild Epworth League had ment mean? It means that the easy
;~achment proceedings, and that was 'wently- FIVC e ars secured three speakers of the student sailing of the Coolidge administration
tioutcome that they themselves A o A - voluinteers of the University of Ann is over. It is the 'first formal chal-
wereplanin. Ad nw tat tAi ilc alan I Arbor and extended an. invitation to; lenge of the Coolidge administrationr
'all over, they sit back and smile I --'--.'''--._____________time other local societies. that conmes from, within the president's,
w~ethe tel te wrldandGovr- romthefils o th 11 ofM. ull, 1Perhaps, however this designation own party. In many respects, John- i
fWl nthy tlthedwotrl an toey Noemter fie21fte 8,98.Daiyis the result of Ypsilanti's acquaint- son is well fitted to serve as a rally-'
wihi, that to in any way interfere ance with her sister-city's male po- ing point for Republican discontent
'with their plans once theyy are form- Probably no building on the campus I pulation's week-endings. r, , with the present administration. Sern- j
ed, is not by any means what a wise is less known than the Observatory, And then, again, ,what a riot this.; ator Johnson is a bitter opponent of'
.politician should do. Do as you are and yet few 'are as interesting. The would cause in the G C D! I submit the League; -f Nat iQps-and the world:
+ tolhi when in office and do not concern building was built in 1854 and since it to Rolls as a :scoop.;j court. He is an out ;anidout, Isola-
yourself about a certain class is their~ then there have been few changes FL AAE ins n reoclbe
appret atiude I yo hve on {made. Time main object of interest is FIMELD HOUSE TODAY } To the: popular mrind Hiram Jolhn-
victions use them outside of politics. the large refracting telescope which,- sonistlla progressive. His polit-
Any person with conmnmon sense swings on a cone of solid masonry. Time fire department was' called ical label bears the term "progress-j
knos te ral easn fr te ipeah-The instrument is about 10 feet long to 409 W. Cross Street this n~oon I ive republican". This is -a fallacy.
monit of Governor Walton. Ile knows and has "a 13 inch object glass. It is! when the Field' house caught ;fire. aeu netgtinwl eelte
tht t asbeaue f heGoerorsrather old fashioned but fine work What would"'Fielding say? 'fact that Johnson has ceased to be
tOtitwsbjecauoso the Governor 5 a progressive. His enemies have term-'
Strenuous Ojcinstthermlxca-ednewt t.I ot 600
KlnMvmntta atn otlsIThere is also a smaller meridian circle Trustingly yourJ ed him "retrogressive"' or at bes '"
popularity. He knows that it was be- j' which resembles a cannon hung in' Syzygy, static progressive". Whatever ternm'
cause Walton was man enough to; the middle. This cost $3,500. There' sapidb red reeis h
stand by his mconvicti1ons th-at he fre.- are a few astronomical clocks which! To Mr. Webster- fact remains that the Senator seems '

' I



t 0.

haps leans toward the more English
styles will favor the Northridge. qA
two-button double-breasted coat,
skillfully tailorcd by Scheyer, with
peak collar and lap e; and wide Eng-
lish shoulders. Thie coat, has no vent
in the back. q18trikingly English, the'
Northridge is a popualar gatrnt .
amon g well-dressed meen evvrywhere
Your early inspection i's invited.

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