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November 15, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-11-15

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~,,n m~mnrnftnrnfrnn~lfl a


The recent one-sided loss of the
OFFICIAL ?{EIVSJAPER OF THE Purdue football team to Ohio State
UNIVERSITY OF 41H1GAN meant more than the mere loss of an{
Pubishd eer' mrnir~gexeptMonayathletic contest. It raised an unlimit-
during the University year* by the Poard in! ed amount of criticism from the of-
Conrlmtrol of Student Publications.- fic ial organ of Purdue university, The
)feabers of Western Conference Editorial Purdue Exponent. The Sunday issue
t'"ociat i _______________ of the paper following the game was
The Associat~ed Presi is exclusively en- 'delivered to its readers with a great
titled to the use for republication of all news b tank space spread, over' the fronti
dispatches ert ited to it or not otnerw ie
etedilcd in this paper acrd the local Mews pub- page- the editors, .had deliberately
______ Iwithheld all the stories concerning
Entered at the poitofflcc at Ann Arbor, the, game. It was 'a forceful act in thej
Michigan, as second clas; natter. Special rate
of post e grtntcd by Ihi-4 A,,;;stant Post-,,face.,of all -circumstances.
rzsr 'Jeneral. I r'h niewe rcdn h
Subscription by carrier, $3.s6; by naib o heetrewe peeinih
$4.00. aeteEpnn hdwt l t
Uiiices: Ano Arbor Press Building, I'day- gm h xoethdwt l t
nai d wtreet. sincerity attemnpted to instill into the
Phonecs; Editorial, 2414 and 176-Ml; B'I1stuetbd atu n ra Ba
fless, 60. suetbd readra Ba
°__- - - ___ ___- Ohio" spirit, a "fifty-fifty, spirit with
Signed communications, not exceeding 3oo00
wuda, will be T.,ub~ished in The Daily at ! he team as ithey called it," and then
the drrtion of the Editor. Upon recitutst,! on the day of the contest to have the'
the identity of communicants will be re-
garded as confidential.I team suddenly lose about forty per
"°"""" -'" 1Lnn ULof Ithat c iri IL 0' mnJ i fnLU i UUUltr


It has been a long time since the
insufferable state of affairs has ex-
isted on the campus that did exist
yesterday. When the 'Ensian starts
a drive AND a bunch of, brutal boo-
nies get hot about sending the band
some place or other, all the same day,
it just gets under the cutaneous mend-
rites, ii you've had psych 7.
The Ballad of tie .Bulldog. (D)oggerel)
The olds family bulldog
Stands mnute by the door,
A silent solmen warnin~,
"Don't come here any more."



a r nr , th ?t... ~r.' ., "' " ,tS ..,<i . . : t' " '+ i Jn. 4 .t',~ }.

AWonder Selection of Personal
Engraved Christmas Cards

To the Editor:
Two communications appeared in
yesterday's Daily, to the spirit ofj
1which I object strongly., Both of them{
referred to the Marine team in a mzan-
I ner which, if not abusive, was at leas-t
insulting. Furthermore the Univer-
sity, or more directly, f suppose, the
athletic department, was criticized for
including such a game on our sched-
ule. The general tenor of the two.
communications can be sumfmed tip in
a .quotation from the first:. "'The
I victory, of course, as is the result of
all such contests, means nothcing out-
side of Ferry field, and it is to protest
against such unworthy games"' that this
communication is' written."
fJust what does the writer of that
imply when he says the victory
"means nothing outside of Ferry
field"? Just wi~at does any game
mean? Evidently he is laboring un-
der the impression that a football
victory over our, natural rivals has
some deep, some significant import
Iwhich profoundly affects the status
of our Alma Mater. M+'ay I ask whcat
maOI.> teral gooda vicory evn ove

Order Early

-, ,cad the Want Ads I -v "Class'fied" Columns
Jkead 'he Da*l-


EDITORIAL STAFF 1results on the part of the editors of
'Telephones, 2414 and 176-M the publication that literally threw as
____ bomb into the camp of the university.
MANAGING EDITOR What happened has already been
HOWARD A. DONAH{UE stated *above.
M~ews IEditor.......... ..-..]alien E. M4ack Tie Exponent, from a journalistic{
City Editor.............. ..Hlarry liey point of view, is to be severely criti-
Editorial Board Clai-man. ,..R. C. Moriarty cited for its action. The disgust andi
Night Editrs ~humility of the individual staff mom-


A uadder warning stilt 1 have
Out of my left leg*.
Before I'd try to sell stuff now
I'd walk the streets and beg.


Limiteds: 6 a. M., 9:10 a. in. and
every two hours to 9:10 p. Inl.
Expre. s: 7 a. in.. 8 a mn. and every
two hours to 8 p. im.
Locials: 7 a. mn., 8:55 a. m. and
ev"ery two hours to 8:55 p. mn.,
1Y p. mn. To Ypsilauti only, 11:40
m i., 12:25 a. m. and 1:15 a. tn.
Iaiteis : 8:47 a. mn. and every two
hours to 8:47; . in.
Express; (mainrg loeml stops)_:. 9:50

When doggie tried to spoil my trade,
I kicked him in the face,
Although I'm always out for track

R. A. Bilington 7. E. Fiske
Ei-ar ~y C. Clar k j .Grigo
1'P. M. 'Jbr arinhu
Sfity fEditor..........Ralph1N. B jers
Womitn's Edittor.:........Winona Hibbard
Telegrah ditor....... ..... B. Tarr1
Sunday Magazine" Editor.... .F. L. Tiblen;1
Music Editor......:....... Ruth A Ilowell
Assist-ant City Editor ...Kenneth C. Kellar
Editorial Board
Paul Einstein Robert Rae.;sy
Andrew rropper,

bers was no doubt Immense yet they
had no right to withhold a story of
such a nature from their readers.
The business of the publication pi-



The doggie won the race.
Mr. Jason Cowles,

L 3xxa11 la.

B. G. Baecke
j]].N. Berkman
Helen Brown
Bernadette Cote
G. W. Davis
Ifarold Ehrlich
g ic'. Iery
)jorotlly Ka-min
Joseph Kruger
Elizabeth Lieberman

R. S. Mansfield
E. C. Mlack
Verena Moran
Regina Rei.:hmac.n
W. U. S'-oueian
IH. R. 'Sto.lt
K. I. Styer
N. !i. Ttal
S. B3. Tremnble
W. J. Waathoir

r I

mnarily was to give to the students and
faculty of the university, and to any
other persons who might be interested
in. the reading of the paper, an accur-
ate account of the game as is the usual
prtocess. Then, if they desired to ex-
press their disgust, they had at their
disposal the only and correct medium,
the editorial column. In a calm analy-
sis, however, the Exponent has prob-
ably accomplished more toward put-
ting the courage of madness into the
team than all of the pep meetings,
rallys and coaches' talks-of the season.



I submit herewith a bill for expens-
es incurred from the time of inception
of a meagre poetic jest, Joke or quip
to date, fozr which I '.old you responsi- '

Telepholne 960

LAURENCE H. FAVR'T After 24 hours of conflicting news
Advertising ....... ......E. L. Dunne dispatches which were swallowed and?
Advertising... ....... ....C. Purdy then vomited upon the public in a
Advertising ... ,.........w. Roesser
Advertising ..........W. K Schererer half-digested mass with characteristic
Accounts ............C. W. Christie "bgnwppe"suiiyteKie
Circulation............biPerrype stpiityHaydensr
Pultation............Lawrence Pierce is still occupied in harvesting his po-
Assistants ,tato crop in the back yard garden in
Bennie Caplan Eelw. D. Hloeftniakeri Doorn.
Joltn Conlin Harold A. Marks
Alain 1D. Crouch Byron Parker; The world and especially M. Poin-
Louis M. Dexter H-. M. Rockwell crha fteFec ainls
Joseph J. Finn 11. E. Rose ;crha fteFec ainls
Lauren.Fo wighlClF Wie3 world, has reason to be concerned~
LueHagt V.R. . Hawkinsoni R. C. Winter over the status of Germany. It is na-
-- tural that the Germany of the Great'
Cwar be considered a nation of 'a dead
-______ -~" --~ age. The people of two continents
THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, f923 prefer to let "by-gonses be by-gones."
____________- --The study of the German language
Night Editor-J. G._ GARLINGHOUSE and the appreciation of Nietzsche,
I Kant, Schopenhauer and Goethe was
IQ11AESCAT IN PACE I resumed' without hesitation. But this
The amount of opinion which has' is intellectual Germany, and intellect-x
been expressed pro and con concern- nal Germany flourished in an * era of
ing the Michigan-Marine game on humility before Kaiserism Inflamed
Ferry field last Saturday seems to in-thnai.
dicae vey srongy tht tat gme;The supporters of imperialism have
dicae vry sronly hat hatgam not disappeared in Germany and if
has assumed a position of; some criti- they choose to place a scion of the
cisni on the policy of the athletic of- I-Hohenzollern family upon a recon-
ficials. It is out of the question that structed German throne the coup will
games of that sort will be placed on probably be accomplished shortly after
the ichgan cheule eguarlyanda deposition of the existing govern-
it seems that the best thing would bemetacopndby ororlsi
to let this incident pass without com-anecngofor
ment Thegame was unlike those eign notes. The change might check
Miciga ha ben ccutoed o paythe plunge toward disaster which!
ichinhe asbeendacustomeydatoaplayseems to lbe imminent. An emperor
in he astandmigt vry dvatane-would necessarily come as a saviour
ously have been omitted but. at least 4rte hnarlr iuaieya
it gave the spectators a view of two least.
different brands of football, two dif-,
created Germany under an emnperor, casting
ferent kinds of spirit, and cetd asd Pa-rmnm nd dotg
comparison upon which they can base sieIa-er nsm nd dotg
IBismarckism, which is contained in
their 'judgmlenlt of the college game, tti-nf~'anu taana

Staying away from raffle to
Wisconsin, (value $25) in
order to hold brainstorm
leading to inception of above
noted poetic j, j, or q........ $
Being late for dinner when
Brain Storm was in progress,
with resulting dinner at
Campus Lunch ............
Destruction of /2 bbl. of pris-
tine white paper...........
Throwing ink-well across room
ink and ink-well total cas-
ualty ....................r
New Wall Paper (resulting
from ink spot)'...... ...
Betting that my> opus appears
the following a. m... ...
Night of' worry, resulting in
n eurestehnia, hypochondria,
and doctors' bills........
Flunking three blue books next
day "resulting In '12 hours =of
credit shot. to the deuce@
$62.50 per hour....... ...


Ohio State, that most hated ofrias( aInane-rytobuato96'
fhas ever done anybody? rKoc als: 7::50 a. in., 12:1]0 a. .m. I'
The writer of that communication - _______
has failed to recall that football as an ___________________________
institution arose originally as a result -_______________
of the average student's appreciation X0{ E I ,ER
of .a good battle-that football is in S M t I T F T
its essence nothing hut a form of b1;2 72l:.Dm mllwtDl
amusement. ILKtAus talk of "loyalty to Ru i? 1 , t 1-5 11)1, y
one's Alma Mater," and "turn out .i 19' '0 l~!t 2 23 2- o te S
and cheer the team to victory" be 20 2 "27 ' 29 f
relegated to its proper place-the pep ..* . . . . h .J
Imeeting! Every one of the 50,000 per-. h "
sons who attended last week's game H '
(must admit deep in his heart that hie FrCleeJ Won't you please
went, riot primarily to "support" the hoaoleevee such cast-off clot:
team, not primarily to "back the boys" FACTORY HAT STORE Lv
in their noble effort to keep untarn-' 0I17 Packard St. Phone 1792 so it ;~an be forwarded
(Where D. IU. I. Stops at State'l
!shed the golden glory of old Michigan, j is bre .° them. We vv
but went because he wanted to see _________
two groups engage in a good fight. if._y___willcall_______
Now what can it matter whether the A.DIlA N-ANN ARBOR BUS LINE, !
Central Time (Slow Time)- Please accept thar
team we play is composed of Marines Ltave Chamber of Commerce
fron iQuantico, engineers from Cornell, Week Days un .y 6:5Ai
6:,15 ".m. 6:45 a. M. Th
or, for that matter, head-hunters ; I p .M.6:5p r. .
from Chihuahua, so. long as it is a4:45 P- 711,r.Prorito
good amevell fought. The writer Lrof e26'Aj Ad3',at~S h !:" lKZl:lllitlliIl3Rllt
intimaters that thefNMarones were un-I - Y
sportsmanlike. Except for one in- t --------- -- '-------! -~rnz
stance I recall no uinsportsmanlikeUTIO ER
1,team iA not entirely' innocent of suchI
behavior. In fact, I learned the bestfrI.L
way to dislocate an opponent's knee
from a Michigan coachI Y UR B S
The game Saturday was a real I
I battle, -a exciting as any I have ever [is i S.1 tse
see on Ferry field, and devoid of any, 'y beneffiC
great amount of unfair play. Whatj
more can these rabid sons of Michi- DJ~T 1
gan desire in the way of_ a football
game? W. P.j --I ...

rities wand Fraternities of
iversity of Michigan
let the Relief Committee for Central Europe
:ping that you do not expect to wear anymore,
fto the suffering, ones abroad? A cold *Inter
will gladly send for whatever you citn spare,
one 148. S~
inks in advance, from.
- eifCm ite

Total ................$877.55
Mf guel the 'Mad Hatter.
Well, Miguel,, here, are your jolly
contributions. Awfully sorry to have
caused all the bother.
A Collitch Garden of Verses

Michigan's game.
The. criticism that the game "meant'
nothing outside of Ferry field," is not'
a 'very logical one. It meant prob
-1Ay more to the Marines than any'
(-thler game they have ever played and
it certainly was not without signifi-I
cance for Michigan. It drew- to

"-even victorious wars can
only be justified when they are
forced upon a nation,' for we can-
not forsee the cards held by Prov-
idence so nearly as to anticipate
the historical development by per-
sonal calculation."
Germany with tiit3 policy for the fu-j

I-Our Furry Friens 1! . ( a4 nZ S j~~~ ' 3 I !lu'L-f~fTT (
Observe, my child, the friendly sqluir- itn ruLiJ-uru d..
U ?3(mT Y AY I,.I+ i)L dI.J JI I p
Whose claws help him to climb: I"eT ; 0-0 .LIE T T
But they're not in the grey squirrel By SMYTTIE I (l .IMEST VI IEI* 20 04E LB RT ST
coat I -o -....- r:. . .,r~rr u rr _u a nsaa. unan~ra~ .ra..ra
That sister buys on time. Trjgt os alCr
How doth the little co-ed sit Faced by a fatal break between its
Throughout the hot class day! management and the greatest diva of!-.
H1er fuzzy coat is always on- the dlay, the Chicago Civic Opera con- ^=S
She's probably built that way. pany stands prepared for a severing-
Miguel the Mad Hatter. i of relations with the renowned color- ' .
I atura soprano, Amelita Galli-Curdi-
Adv: 4 The temperamental song bird re
TO THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS THEE quested the management of the con _
SINOF THE pany- to arrange for ier appear anc I=
C R 0 C 0 D I L E in Dinor ah at he: opening Cilcao I -s .
WAS THE EMBLEM perforinarnce,' but was infeti edi im- ;-
OF GOOD FORTUNE mediately on rnoce:pt of Ic equest
TO THE AMERICANS THE i tat she t-as to sing i,. Ixlemre.w
CR-OC0I)ILE s wrr-t-.r rrrsir l .S-
MEANS THE PERFECT In keeping with the insistent de ,t T t.'0 I~ 1 ~-~L . Aj .~()J~ A~
EGYPTIAN CIGARETTE wiands which artists of her calibrit are-
Manufactured By accustomed to make and have accept-.~ Sneri.1"lCtGd
The Original ed without question, she never con" w
MiILTIADES MELACIIINo sidered that other arrangements mInigt ANUNw TA
___ preclude her desired appearance. Now
This little notice, printed on lush it is evident that Herbert MA. Johnson N (
M . C A J.V
blue paper, came onto our hook we; the company's manager, has no in- -'--*o''
know not whence. But just imagine tention of granting the diva's r'equest. a
putting a crocodile in one's mouth!j She had openly announced that while 12BeSftn-senit de CxStor3T aic0lring Dl.1rtmeCT, and
Just imagine it., bound to appear this season through ~h
* *verbal contract, she has no intentionIU 'f UK
Dra ma( of returning to the company for the .~Rprs t ho Czistcm Shirt and FrihnsD~rmit
An old, old lady came tottering following season in the light of in- I
across the campus. Her legs were considerate treatment which ha.s been II-=WI11, Bf AT TimE CAMPUS BOOTERY
dy strong enough to hold her,!~ frequently accorded her there. 1
weight. A strong puff of wind would
ir'.voi blown her over. As she walked I-ad Mary Garden retained her poi-,
slowly along, she was accosted by a ion at the bead of the Cicago Opera ifu7TsC y, N v m e 15th'
young man, a good looking young association, we would not have been! '
man he was, too. "Help send the band surprised to see Amelita fly up in a WITHl A SN[.ENDID SHOWING OF
to~ Wisconsin, "he cried pleadingly. I defiant rage, but it is hardly conceiv-
31urchi. able that any man could lose sight of Fore'gn nd DomI~e fic Sitings And Coating
***the infinite amount o rsoe awl
It seems strange to us that Masons, glory which allilCurci's affiliationT e~ o. atr ..
who were at one period in history ! with the company contributes to it' R dyt 'W rSisadOv cot
supposed to be the sole and jealous success. The consideration for a great R '-.Cote
guardians of the seven lamps of arch- artist must be measured in terms of inner Suits and EveningCltea
Itecture, and were also supposed to his or her value to the organizationSit,~so
have absolutely all the dope on how and not entirely in units of disutility RoeSits ek erand C so hrig
to put up a nifty edifice, should erect to others.1

Michigan the attention of many of
old alumni and friends and laid
foundation for a new feeling of

i. - .

h el
co- I

ture may return to the high placej
she held before 1914. No amount of
intnrnal n A'r iill1 he effect i-ve.

operation andren ec on bohsides. Ihowever, with a tampering neigh-
This game probably meant more "out- bor continually harassing Germany.
side of Ferry field," than any other The reparations "will keep."
the Wolverines have played in wane ____The___time.__
The alibi that the Marines have
Ttv-; -.{ Years
a very poor onie. For them to claim, t
that the time-keeper's error was thle'I Ago At Ijchji'an
cause of a Michigan vicory is hardly
worthy of consideration. If the time-
keeper's error caused the Marines to; From Oi the f 1r( IT . of X. Daily,
*lay twenty-five' minutes instead of i'Voi-ember , 1598
ftenin the first quarter, it also r I'I2e much talkedi of triple3 altiante
worked the same hardship on the' between Princeton, Yale and J-Harvard,
R'Mihigan team. Moreover, duringj now loomis up in the near N ture as
t'?at long period the Marines had all; the logical aftermath of defeat of Yale.
the advantage of the wind and theI The formation of sut~h an alliance ii
sun and, instead of influencing the meeting with favor among the students f
rcore in Michigan's favor, the extra rf the three cleE~ Frank Butter-

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