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November 04, 1923 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-11-04

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and the
GRtEEN CURTAINS '"The Servant to the Hase", and
'There is a peuliar impression on "Katherine Parr." Yet no a ter how
the campus concerning Professor bat- praiseworthy the perornances may
listcr's play production classes. be there are always maniy in the aud-
Somehow in the mind of the casual 'ence who are prejudi e 1ano. urt by
pabloc thtee is toe sentnment-ad. tiS lock at coanvei nt itoah." The
hope I do not offend by recognizing itnmoern American auince has be
-that a play under his direction iust, come so 'c'stm aJ sm lavis", "grand
of necessity, be dull and uniaterest islay that it is nw a vital part of
mg. their evening's entertainment. I must
This felin sa, in partb ef ad to sdi't l'ttas 1b ,e at
the geeral sissndrstassoss'n" e- so cc rr o ir+e ~
gard to his connection with the pres- si ackgroun s,_e en in tne m {
ent Player's Club. It cannot be s'at d p , tr ra
too strongly that swith the exce'"n'son f ,ocr
the first two years of its existen
whon the organization presented pri'- 1' e m t s 1 ho safe mbwotcn
totins of remssarkabte wsoih caid- r lr
ering its age-he has had nothing'ts et .-. racon"i's'atso.1
do with it. All of the haphazard, i- A tr is yt.a fnal vruo in
coherent affairs presented sinceCen, r t 'p're a rble
have been due to the lark of hispr.s c ftie rene.try:1 e View
once rather than because of it. aner , amltrn. Conatly and
He has, on the other hand, een 'Ka_' ian,'and O'tel, airmn whom
quietly perfecting an organization no other 'ire 'or n th s 'capu s dare
capable of presenting a definite sub-a
scription season of plays each semese T'HESE GEAT A iA t DR-
ter, and although at present it is stl MATISTS
in the experimental stage the pro- Fr"aly I was quite wined bsythe
ject is one of the two significate steps n'aive statemrent of a brothsr innocent
towards systematized dramatics an 'nis rev"ew of thse recnt I'ayer's
thence to the eternal campus theatre. t'lb lrogram concening 'the so'
Last semester the course include pr' artistry Of Booth Tarkinato and
so excellent performance of "C'tar-RaaeCrhrs"Ocosevy
Rtaebael rther." Of course, evry
ence"-before a packed house, by the one admits that they are clever plot-
way-and Clyde itch's "the Truth." pasters but as "superb artists"!
This semester he is to present, be- I can see Glaswarthy and Schitler
sides the bill of one-act plays to be and Shaw and the rest rise in their
,given this coming Thursday evening, several graves-if they were in them.
"the steaming "Dulcy" and Eugene i This leads me to the impertinence
ONeil's tremendous "Beyond the Heor-~ of pointing out to bin the few local
izan." Obviously such an undertaking dramatists that are real artists, One
deserves the most encouraging suc- had best, I suppose, begin with the
cess, 4orunately, which it will un- older school that used to seem so good
doubtedly get. until some more grew up to tell us
However, there is a point of view how ordinary they really were. First
that is essential to the proper appre- of all, one could mention Percy Mack-
ciation of these plays. Unlike the aye-"poor Percy", as Robert Frost
pomp and pageantry that makes Pro- called him-and include "The Scare-
fessor Nelson's productions so beau- crow" and "Washington, the Man Who
tiful and admirable, Professor Hollis- Made Us" among the list of the immor-
ter uses merely an indication of scen- telles. Clyde Ftch as well has man-
ery-In fact, by his own admission, ufactured many works of interest,
fo asneinteput d on a finished persuch as "The Truth", (which Is slight-
formance in the accepted suse of the ly old fashioned by this time), and the
word-and instead, everything is con- charming "Beau Brummel." To be re-
centrated on the actor. Of course, spectable one must also include Aug-
when the actor is a Burbage this is ustus Thomas, one of those good ones
quite as it should be, but often in the who write about forty-two too many
case of untutored amateurs such Edward Knoblock, possibly for "My
prominence is painful and pathetic Lady's Dress", and J. Hartley Man-
On the other hand, the test, if succeos- ners, because he married such a mar-
ful, becomes an endless glory to both vellous wife.
director and performers. The modern/group is much more im-
Personally all his public produc- lpressive, headed, of course, by the
Lions that sees rilm tas same Eugene O'Neil that I seem to be
isfactory and sometimes briloantas running into the ground with my end-
_in the case of "The Great Galeoto", T less praises. Following him there are
many lesser but as vigorous-and pro-
gressive playwrights ot note. Ar-
FL.Tilden............Editor thur Richman is one of them, perhaps
Donald E. L. Snyder...... Books best represented by his bitter picture
Normand Lockwood......Misic ,f drabe. iddleclass existence, "Ans-
sRobertsartrsnHenderson -1eat"so-

to be something sharply cynical in term closes and we shall want ta go
even her most casual conversation, down Saturday. He had better start
even in the opening lines of the but- early as the days are short and the
lers, let us say, that places her at horses slow.
least within comparable distance of I shall want about $2.00 more at the
the distinguished continental contem- end of the term to pay all my ex-
poraries. penses, making them $24.00. How lit-
Yet now that I have gone this far I tIe that is compared with Hannibal
realize what a man of straw I have Stanley's. He spent $500.00 a year, I
set up. After all, even with the wild- $72. Some difference is there not?
est stretch of imagination, all of these Yes, slight as it is I know it is very
pale in the light cast by the brilliant hard for you to save it. I tried to get
Europeans. What is Richman, for in- a school when I came from home last
stance, beside Hauptmann, or Rice be- but could not succeed. It was too
side Pirandello, or Barry beside bar- lte. After all I don't know but it
rie, or any of the Americans, in fact, will be much better for me if I possi-
beside any of the foreigners-always bly can to remain in College the rest
excepting O'Neil, you understand, who of the year. It is that part of the
of course stands with s e b'st of course peculiarly ta l to pre'pare a
them, 'erso for the neces- zsy Iuties of a
So the situation on the face of it is pro 'i'ssdon. We atend tmlcsh to speak-
admittedly uibliating, bat ther o oS "g asd writilng. \i Inow Dear_1 0t :-
one tremendous factor that esLi er I must close. Cive m'sy love to all
never be forgotten: has ti'' the dear friends and to ittlste Josian m
gold of the awcrld. ThisIeans' tatparticular. I am as ever
sooner or later stanc da " .A''Ir- Your aff. son Carte A. Clart,.
ican'as rt wili fllo 'a in
esble ste prsent "d' 'ev'est,t C tri:

(Conti d ttlitfr ' sa 'One)
at the coe Of the Ler " O:Dusvelit "'
Tte tert. orG ..los . one we L '
toM Srro'S i 'c.
to come up .e an "
us. 'He hd I eIter see Gen. 2it',
Dan B. Mrs. Lwesce and -Ms"sNob.'
immediatey befeanybody els -doe-.
Rm ieabe' ineit weak F'idy th

All those op j rt :ites that vwr
ts' Or W i ess ste gotcs i'to :sert"
never ca-e. I waited long but alas
I waited in vain. No welcome tirav-
e er broundto that sweetest of val-
l lwh ' s' is, appeared. An
aw, te s cent chtatsce would always
'5 found. At last'not without tremb-
?g z have a v aled myself of it.
According to your orders I called
tConu 'ted on Page Three)

* Just think t hi1s
Steak is waiting
to be placed on
. 11
the grill for you.
nice hiefJui-

,ULUUL 1U I-0leritiUi6Uri . bush ", and by is fuf y picture of so-
Draa ,isticated first class existence. "The
Gordon Wier...............Art Awful Trut." Elmer Rice is anoth-
Lisle Rose, Halsey Davidson, or, and John H. Lawson still another
Newell Bebout, Samuel Moore, whose weird jiumble of adolesent re-
Jr. bellion, "Roger Bloomer", showed un-
The Sunday Magazine solicits usual if unorganized power.
manuscripts from all persons af- Everyone also seems agreed that
filiated with the University. Man- Philip Barry is a boy of great expect-
uscripts must be typewritten,# ations, and even in his first play, "You
triple spaced and written on one and I", he presented such talent asto
side only. * * * 1merit boundless praise. Aided, of
The Sunday Magazine acknowl course, by faultless acting, it proved
edges The American Secular Un- to be one of the real finds of the past
ion review service for "The Un- theatrical season. The dialogue was
official Observer" department. * scintilating and at the same time
perfectly natural, the characters
faultless as to type, and the story it-
self light and ironic and moving and
subtle all at once.
t ssf oitle o Zi e tO Zoe Akins seems to have gained
piisaef ainlos by loth
studeose i symembers if, in more sane recognition than all the
the '., ie editor, these ati- rest. Her career was first pushed into
T sI " -'eo ohatsmanuscries prominence by the fantastical one-
So" 'euntarily offered are acter, "The Magical City", and later
-e rdn -witheditorialb "Declasse" "Daddy's Gone A-Hunt-
ing", and "Greatness." There seems

The Line Artistic---
A dainty gift possessing
richness and charm.
Seniors make appoint-
ments now!

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