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October 28, 1923 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-10-28

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r ' SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1923

£1 A LER HEA R w finds no lodgment in a nation where I Firpo Given Demonstraton campaign
JO L f ~ ~ l H A E SNW FOSSIL BEDS IVAL H ONORS ROOSEVELT the discontent which is justified se-I Cll, Peru. Oct. 2Clui Angel portance
cootn Vi4 hun 'g Firpo, arriving from Colon yesterday,
WESTEla R N II f l f EPOSITSl-crsaprmtrmd.was greeted by a demonstration sel-plcin
IIIL, Iam aC IHaJie(+In~d rndca- Belongs to all Americans door accorded to even the most dis- dcso
F PER P II TY (1 e 1 HrcbI<gN tia rLIUi:!U (Continued from Page Nine) "All eyes may wvel turn reverently'tnguished visitors to Peru. Cheering or educa
S0 9 In I) t+'aAo el ,,oe ot he Shaped Destinies of Nation ers in th
mtcie nCASE DECLARES DISCOVERIES IN " eAeicn aedepcuet today to the birthplace of Theodore throngs lined the docks and the main of hides,
Wit And l~elesir }ip uaitVn' i n')( fo, wlii cnis.toth Majestic! GOBI DESERT OF' be grateful that 65 years ago today, Roosevelt, given back to the world by too~gsr stheboerletrheIeatler a
flj r 1 12U *r psri int1e eek, Thursdy IPOjACETheodore Roosevelt, half of the North, the women and children of the nationseamer.andireaseynth rusistialypast few
4dira"lIi ugb Shirt r of -'. Jhn' Powers, as half of the South, a son of the East, All artificial distributions have fallen government Officials and by members hvimin
_". __ 1,:z rif giai. t il!c o,,ular part ; "The newly discovered deposits of; an adopted son of the West, came to from him; he belongs to all Amei-, of the Argentine legation. Hie pro-
of. yugmilionaire. fossils In the Gobi desert are likely( this nation to shape its destinies inceddtLiawhrnu rosf-UgsP
E ""C J8 P° ITDI TimC si uvy en iworns Madyln Harlan to prove of greater scientific import-' from a critical hour. Roosevelt, like ';can-s. Reaching beyond our shores, cee oLma hr ueosa-UgsP
-q }a 1}tsi.~ B&F wTius'«ho wat to break!aishvbenpnednhshor. Te ance than the :celebrated fields of the Lincoln, saved us from sectional cleav- he is the possession of all men, what- fishv enpandi i oo. Tep
1~10Sin oi-their engagement until 'they are , western United States," said Prof. E. age, Roosevelt save us from cglass !ever their race, whatever their color,j To Increase Iniortaiic of Leather as a si
1 tgznl eate=lalro.Ior-ilkng ,doWn -the flower-trewn path, C.' Case of the, geology department cleavage. So swiftly at times does the'whatever their creed, who are willing Mmeso h anr'Cucltuhb
tixlr% }P. :thalcs', 4h,"' . a n~ r !a . hier open-air wedding., Madyln, Wednesday, when Interviewed in re- true word, courageously spoken, es- to live by his principles and followofMAmerics metni the irannC ul turgedb
ecrinig ,culOgoe:,aySi.+lj{ , -tl nataataneously d(ecides that she ca-' gard to the significance of the recent tablish itself, that today we have al- his example." cneto nigOtbr1 nCi igna
rlty, :ev '2zi dacvia -, nirr ~c ,Inet s4.e it through and flees to the discoveries of the Roy Chapman An- most forgotten that there was a time to - covetookntedpreliminary sep in ahi- atirthnia
the OXOGc uI OW r 6i( o {is ?r sun^ 't n1 Q the man "she really loves, "Jer- drews party which has spent the last when the regulation of corporations! Studios t be Closed ___________________________
Enginseri nri OlCQ; hxlcrl~ . di 'RY u the Harlan chauffeur, to, two years in paleontological investi- seemed to many minds unnecessarily Hollywood, Calif., Oct. 27-The high I___________________
American ne),n ite.-ring . rae . {d ' 'd m e's beomes- secretly ,married.{ gation. radical. He spoke stern words where cont of 'production of motion pictures,
ed a i'esoIpirt its id I o A. serious problem confronts her,' "While the discovery of the Dino- needed without fear and without favor,! a problem yet unsolved, and the pres-j
eer recezti-ly exre si:g h( r ,"p { iihrI- sire for Jerry more powerful ; saur eggs andl the embryo within one He pointed out the road of straight'ent over-production of motion pictures,a
est regr et-iiitant ae 'o i,o~ i c, ea thahm her caste instinct, Is It all worth of them- is of Importance,- the location( Americanism where all could walk in' has brought a decision to close the
to relinquish mt presieyof t a n the sacrificing of wealth, social pos- of the early mammal forms in such- amity toward the same goal. We are Hollywood and Long Island studios l1 heSlickest Coat ont
Federation becaue ill ~heal h. '.eVN, and the !affection of her parents?! quantity may clear up the uncertaintyI a united nation; we will remain a; of the Famous Players-Lasky Co. for
successor to Dean Cooley Wxill be lec- Madyln decides that it is and she regarding the place of origin of these united nation. It was Roosevelt who 10 weks, it was announced hoe yois- 1Vd
edut -the annual irueting o t. +C ~ - goes to Jerry's home where Mrsft animals." taught us that unjustified discontent terday by Jesse L. Lasky.
cli to bte ield 'In Washiirntc'n ivrn iRtel,ignorat of her son's marriage,'- Frederick K. Morris of New York, a ~ecr
theeary prt f .snn1efuses, admittance.! member of the party, stated that the N eldcsdolgta
heeryrtso f,..wiliton. t' te riin
rluif'(MI Seymour Simons in a new 'Program, results of the expedition would supply ,.}illIl11111}{1}!#!Il#1l1}1} OURl}F7111IH}Ii111!lllll:N el rsecleeai
The resolution, the adoptin-i Ofea comedy and International news con-! work for 100 years of notation and = Y u correct slicker andthere'snot-
which fllowed the 'xpr sinof .lude the program. analysis. The Party excavated more p r~ t+rAr fI1 ing as smart or sensible for
glowing personal tributes by the lead4 than 70 specimens of dinosaurs alone, " R 1 T 1 7 i ION =J1 rough weather and chilly days.
ing members of the 13ari, fU(Jxaiad.j li IW'nO u one e# whch is sid to form the miss- Q i V"an n-i iAK Made of famous yellow water-
was 109%a thre rnture oif. rn a-re, 'to Paul Dickey who graduated from inug 1k between the horned aduneAsS AK proof oiled fabric. Has all.
J Qrn ootley frllowvs: - - ithgan In 1906 is the author of the horned. reptiles of prehistoricags Even if you didn't write a word °; 'round strap on collar andelas-
- mee m i'nber.- of,', he ctaiitt a oadway stage, success, The Brok- j A complete skeleton of a titanotherida --' in a letter and just sent a blank tic at wrist-bands.
1bGard oftha'ex :snc' 3san- t} izai .l en Wing",, which features at . the was one of thie unusual specimens- sheet of our paper to a stranger, w Clasp-closing style
=cuc1#'o4 &b~e~n''~~t< 71erth Theatre today through Wed- found by the party. - the stranger would judge you as Button closingsyle
le adgie or-b~-w eaday. l-a. erson of excellent taste. But
rl enawith I i-u -de"'t>{ E;isgr Y t f>(lenneth HFarlan as Philip Marvin is . -if you wrote the most beautiful IStamp the correct name inyur
inlSinr -" flihlt to establish a new y worded letter on a sheet of I memory, and buy no other.
y@or iannoiit'c meaot ' :Irst y a - ,. ..raI fJT -- T4r The "Standard Student" is
'If laigdow~n thie di i . fflatW i .,r.ut'ontinen'ta1 aerial record. En-; iA-~ar ordinary paper, your tasttr ade only by the Standard
bf president of the Fedvted-(JAz3( "oauorrtixring a severe electrical storm- NTS Tr YFNAAT would be censored. It is of Par a I Oiled Cothing Co., N. Y. C.
axlgeoiu t~t~ doc Aexiceo th _ pane descends upon I1t CLL1LS mount importance that you use Sipon oia
ctsyerCollla asrlc ,thu rof, ofi1'b' a"Iey lbanc v. Tis - -- - good 'stationery.Si n o t/
of! sur 5il)J)OztOf "oin nn ol- i ene c ( -r z.licd by Lht;ter Jar e' > miol Sym nIOy Orhetr ~ ~-TINKER & CO
ies have afe li{ d t {..llt{ s r - an nlcn, ho !qually ppl r ~-ipic Priaslto the distinguished Q.. D1tCRRLL34.SOT SAESI
a suranzce would aveen, a "11 c a' r-lbeFedca er n die T nanrecto j Amirlcan cntralto, will be soloist , 17 NIKELS ARCADE'34SUT SAEST
-unaimrously t ndere. '. ow,; !"aliy' and hs foeItr 6uh-er, TInez; itb' the Detroit Symphony orchestra '-The Typewriter aud Statonery Store -
"You itol;the rnspcnibilies and '' d~i, a.a,liealoii 'th a naivei at the second pair of subsiption con- - I _______________________________________________NI~i1111}tl}11}}11}tII~
burdens of our leadersh' a a o itstsee~pe - Qibi(ta. J-n believe-i eerts Thursday and Friday nights of
tr'i-nghour and in Der lbealit~hai y Pbitl te- bethe-= reefar:""er toh r this -week at Orchestra hall. Miss
saciflaed btothi tiatlneii eano ht pr ve .I h eei ln t Captain Santos. ; Braslau will sing the magnificent, ""Ahi,
'ljt e l of tb -'1,suirrecos, has pleaded with P'erfido" aria from Beethoven's "F-
- "With a ifx-tioie al e'dv devotedl-her to be hiq wife and she has said delo" and three songs by Moussorg-
to th unificatiou nd r~iu ldr.oftb at u" Clod doesn't send ler mate Isky.
our professiozn, vrn wes urVat:-' ai the month, she will marry; The orchestra under Mr. Gabrilo-
staninxg choice to asszuie the Npse'Santos wtsch is scheduled to play Schu-
"*il esof ,the gidc v, e of our poi-+ The Spat Family" in "Let's Build"j mann's Fourth Symphony and the -
.tle. Our 'faith in youha " ra or; and Pathe News concude the Wuert'h - Bach-Abrt Chorale and Fugue, ar--
than jutfe.Ciig~~~ ~ rgarnerom the G minor organ fugue
whnour organization Wt W11asahi u- pogamClayton in "Can i an If8-lof Bach.
known and of litte inluenoe, ter ough z ove Twmice"? comes to The Wuerth William E. Walter, manager of the.
#Vw- pirsonalprestzv and reraure cf ,thtin'ltte,,r part' of the week, Thurs- 'Detroit Symphony society, reports W L aA
ea r cler vision, o, ~ a y th tr o ncSatrdsa.rlwfean:that the ticket sale for the current+'
t of sue-ad ac hievemnnt-1r a unii ~t heso cocrsagilwfan season is the largest ever recorded,
14~ jt'rfession, ;tic- mthrt oeaunan is killed in ,bIng twenty-five percent. greater than!T E T + y
ae reached -SouasiabeT,-.'rce. Foerthed uphof her sown to- 'last year. The cheapest seats areIT1 E L 1 1. n nuasa>tlern ,.'
tII fdignity, espet and plubli'.a Onz-- oresatr"h irhoihrsn,-h!practically sold out forboth nights
11dence.the young woman Is flung by crcum-1 which 'he interprets to mean that the
"F or all this and, fr the stesaieeast- stance intto the role of a cabaret e- general public is taking an increasing
ves 'with w'halch you hake rivald Itetainer. Then ( for the future of her 'interest in Detroit's greatest cultural
ybid 'vimo~ to -us- and to, cur :profDes- baby, she Is led to practice a great d-i asset.
q weide of a man whom his Father in Josef Hofmann, king of living pi-
",1o. csoedbyyer ronie ii foia bbeleves to be dead. The1 ansts, is the second attraction on the
to d tiibe wAti tte a nitwo4f, tm re-ItetusrnInfg of th "deod" matt to findi philharmonic-Central concert course
;eaede~ eti aidha4 , a woman he does not even know pos- offered by James E. Devoe at Arcadia
-ensel of humor hs relieved mminya ;A gonp of exclusive pictures of t-h bet 5 and will, in all probability play
potentially crtwal sitaion, your op- 'Zv-'aPyrus $100,000 race, Paul liar- 'the Beethoven sonata in A fat, Op. 110.
timist has brushed Aside ,m' 'yIiff- I'rtt In "For Ges ts Only", and Pathe AMr. Devoe announces that the ticket'
cr~~ et}, ad( abo e a l our p er on a ity N ev s ake up the re nalning part of sale for this concert course w hich al-TI
-hs'drawn us to you and iftaptred sof A' Prormso ncludes Paviowa, Heifetz and t n esa1r ~grICaipnhsecee l xet-KR&C
ter Tour advice= ad eoivel' Ortheum b tons and that only a few individual
> iarol4d Lloyds first 7-reel feature ; seats remain for each concert. Re- S IJIIISA ES R E - TWL IMS R E
To aftc~nrrll Fl s"Coedy" afety ast"' is showing at servations for the Hofmann concert
To Pu "Amieria Fhit" Orpieum today through Wedne- may be made through 'Mr. Devoe at
Chicago, Ot. 27---Plato to putt (lay.. Tn the course of the production,' Arcadia or at Grinnell Bfros. MusicTh Hoe fBlerCohsFunhig adHtstFarPcs
"Amzerica blFtirtIn comnercial r fa .loyd Climbs 12 stories of a Los An-- house, the prices being $1 to $3 plus
tion, through a national organization 1ges building. Harold kept saying to ! ten percent. tax.
for co-ordination of development of !himself as he climber to perilous 1 Rosa Blsa
air highways, were shaped here Fri- i;heigts and extricated himself from I At the same time when Josef Hof-'
day -y a committee meeting of civic i'aardous, th( humorous motto, I mann is playing in Arcadia, Rosa
and industril leaders, *rtuiy repr-, Day by day in every way I'm get- Raisa, the great dramatic soprano of
sentatives and transportation chiefs, tinog bravr and braver" the Chicago Opera company, will give
caled y te (hicgo ssoiaton f Oar Gang" comedy, and Interna- a recital in Orchestra hall assisted by
Commierce to consider,the. future of tional news conttute the "programn.i her husband Giacomo Rimini, the tal:
aeronxautics, Permanent sair highpltays }. an baritone. Incidentally, Vladimir°-
to al-i sections, air defense and' lans irtChzristmfy as oes Sent de Pachmann's Ann Arbor concert is
fo a untfied system Of commiierial Washington, Ot. 27-First ship- the same date as Hofmann's and
flying for both pasenger apd ,0eigt inents of Christmas boxses, the gift of Reisa's, November 5. The simultan- 3 ~' HAT fiaa
traiDr were coasidere4 a> 4an} organi- jhe Junior American Red Cross to' eous appearance of three such artists P2 lit2AIwill b your fn nilzt. oti . a poug o(mmes fsmlro aiain ak neohI uia itr er + t¢ J 1t
zaton cmmite wa apoite tomemer ofsiila oganzaion mrksan poh -n usialhisorl-2 -

iintended to bring the im-
of leather into a dominant
the public mind. With this
was combined a movement
.ting farmers and small butch-
oe proper care and taking off
so ,that the raw material of
hall be improved as in the
vyears scientific processes
proved leather itself.
lurchiase of efferson's- Home
iurchase of "Monitello, the
home of The mM Jefferson,
irine "for the 'worship of
the American peVople,"was
y Gov. E. Lee .Trinkle, of
in a speech Thuisday nilght
iotel Statler, Dtrit.
standing in

prfet Ithe natio4al working eabeme. G abroad, are en Troute, the Red Cross in this part of the country. i V y uVomu iy nt enyh
i n nrcd y sed y 't e r e -Pias co cr s u d rteelrslans ,Yegoi ae ~ato IaS a" ined for Baltic portiIn order that de- pices of the Detroit Concert Direction, Ftr ey u
Nlivery mayObe.made-before the hau-t10truBookabuilding.fTiaketslare on
li ey m y b o d eo e t e h r 0 2 B o uli g ik t r nCi aliament recently sancUe d iegV o- boas are closed by, ice, sale there and at Grinnel's at $1 to '
'tatiozws- for loaus net eceeding $#,- $2.5. the measure of your successs at that
0004O, all of 'Wtmcx, Widr 4*he terms Exchange Populans Tladimr de. Pachmann -.aeceti
of the act, mst be V1W, ed with Mpe6ri- I Wytylene, Greece -(A.P.) - Fight Do Pachmann, returning to Amei-: behooves you tom keas c rtin of
can baiker, Vm rs Iuoseit han thousand Moslems have been taken ca after an absence of twelve years,
Ala, Pers imnister to tshooU-it by s Nea' East Relief Committee to 'Will give a recital in Orchestra hal,-
-tates, made kaovm It night kipn uAsia Minor, completing the first move- Firday, November 9. The program is! - ing then-as possible.
addlress at fhe senanugl dinur of met-in the exchange of populations r ot yet available, but tickets are on!.
heAeri rmai &.Steel uttgtC0 between Turkey and reeco. - sale *t rinnel's at $1 to $2.50.
d .!,-' It is trite but true, that a man cannot

ye years? It
:g is largely
age. And i
your stand-
tbe success-

The, kid1fmelyou'll
be' proud to havue served

ful without the ability to save money. And we
do not believe it is too 'early for you to begin with.
acquire habits of greater economy now, then
later, when the need is greater, it will be .easier.
You owe it not to yourself alone, but to .all those
who will be dependent on you :tha~n, to insure

to, any gues.

That's the

their comfort and happiness.

You future and

Sundayi' dinner we've pre-


usual low prices.

theirs are at stake. You can not well afford 'to
neglect your responsibility.

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