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October 24, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-10-24

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Wf,,)NFE'SDAY, OCTOBE1R24, 192

_...r'_"' ._


i110 IMU +
Y. 4


Alb,'ert Dwight Joes fYale
IsConte Uo Once More To Deliver

. - .I

IicJ. gal, Wisconsin, "itinnes oti, Ilii]. work stamping him as one of the lead-
nois anid Chicago Unide- ing baclks of, the Conference.
feated 1)iffil ult to Pick Win ner
At. present is is impossible to make
.RAWKEYES BOW 4rTTIL.INiT; any predictions as to the outcome ofI
INDIAINA AND PUJRIWE LOSE the race 'for the Conference chain.-
p.'onhip. All five contendlers' have
As a result of Saturday's games? exceptionally good teams, and no onef
five Conference teams remain in the othtemapartoavadcid
edge on any of the others. Wiscon-
xace for Big Ten football honors for sin's remarkable showing against In-
the 1923 season. diana stamps the Badgers as a muchI
Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Min- fmore formidable aggregation than}
nesota, and Chicago still boast of, they appeared to be at-the beginning
clen sate, ue o vctr' s oerof the year'. Coach Ryan seems to
clea sltesdueto vcto~es VOThave found the combination that works;
their respective opponents. Illinois' together and from flow on his team.
triumph over Iowa was probably the should look better with every game.,
most spectacular Western game of a .Chicago's veteran backfield has been
day that was replete with thrilling doing excellent work thlis1_ season. If

- - 0-N rN r -= HI-
'cfFAST 5L-
K i\~ ~-LN&5~ To . MAE
~4ooV#.~. -~ T SUM
';y.. + .~r " '' ',. "-\ SL I}M '4 /
"'' ir f' t -l.t'~i- , . - ' * S ,.g 1 "' .N C-t ,
/ '~' {. _ J " +!nr+r . ~ ,"''"7r t - aa 1 " /~
.r L__ iae'\ 5 t ..'+ ~ r~lnt i


( FIELDINGti1.,,-wT


i, ,.--- - __.____________ '


EVOL1UTION~ OF THE :dI)ER I In logical order then followed thne
GA IFLOF FOOTBALL selection of one man to do the pass-
_____ing, through the greater accuracy
.Football is one of our oldest college whc a hsscrdadteain
games and to-clay holds the center ofmotfthmeinheoradioi
tions, instead of he old form of helt-
attraction on the intercollegiate ath- ersetr.Ntrll heay e
letic program, It fairly seeps inuriherse grupedabutalythe eteryomero
tradition and honor and it omlbodie s weegopdauthecnrtor-
not h~n th~mir ~ ~toct him and the man Immediately be-

aavi. caa i. as Ci a. Ai l3 11 G41 GAC GAL G%11 C.s C: Vi (J li,)' liG

'' xi r7 ss>3 xn ssroc rt s.n nnivn tixn s.. oc.

A '(A
191~6 14. AD

IN PUYHUOU H ~ al developn ent. bitt all the strateg uuwl a o ocv l as
CAPTANED TEAM4S adcafi ,sththsco;dw while the lighter and faster, men wore
}4s TW from the sturdy Amnerican pioneers. asindtduyothed.
I 4"Prior to 1906 football was donmiiatedl
, oobalyfrst(aAin" by mass plays featuring the Pernusyl-
,,aas a school or college ,.amie in the 18th vaIa ad hc'adth ,Fyn
~ V century but during the three or feour
~ -~~~~§' icenuris pror o, tis ime foobal, wedge' of -Hrvard. The game ,be
in avagu way figredcame almost Vilely a contest of gruzell-
in iter-own"ng and incessant pounding and coin.
. and1 country contests. At this time sequently resulted in m~any serious
I. the object of the game was to carry 6r ijre tti iefobl em
Ikick a ball over a certain mark taken asteopnn'Iollnwihwsedt eaoihddet t og a
JONESture andi a conference was held .in
sometimes several miles from the oth- N~ oki 96t ics h d
--l tr s me l metd eu h visalillity of ei in2ating the =an a
, \. or, at -as
opponent fo accomuplishing the feat.cogesrt
The game cam:ie to its present in-
u The men at the conference Jecided
portanlt po sitioni through a graduals
evolutionary Icrocess in which both ai
4 - universal standard of play andl of rule as to eliminate its objectionale fea-
_. were dvlpdt-ehr:nteerytures adfollowing this decisio z the
distnctve y -rules were changed and what is oin-i
items ad Rugb, 1only called the 'new game' caonme ifto
andl it was from the latter of the~se two :being. Not only for the prevenitionr of
testatorpesn am . the mass play, but for the bel)C41. of
l ud n Otbr i7~ orsna I the spetators it was decided to change
fives of Vale, Princeton, Rutgers and ; the 3~ downs for 5 yards gain requpired
IA SrRco 3, I't,. ffl fesv emt on .
M -' . -Columbia universities met in New ofteofni;ta oa3dws1
W SUPt oSf:D. .TECS GP2EAT bi< FOQ AYr n raiedaclegaecn yards basis and to limit the number
* .~ Iference which was the beginning offPe ronues orw aredantwllto e
our present day organizations whichITheruswoeatnnt ihte
r liirna~before the contest and even yet are are directly responsible for the devel- acceptance of the forward pass; as
~~not drilled into the heads of the play- opuient of intercollegiate athletics to legtmeasiwsaredttfe
sl p ers as well as they must be. More their present high plane. teams could make ten yards on mass
(Continued. on Page Seven) l The novelty of the game itse'lf was ,pas
El 9 productive of many suggestions and in92te orh onwsaI~
i ! was one of those which is really ac-
x : i forma Golfrwhichst epan d furthetttimoe upte
Infor~nal G lfers l~zflcountable for the wide differeonce which stl fpa n ic httm hr
_____essbewe_-ubyad mr have been few changes in the rules.,
F L f tu ~ U~i d1 - arit ~exst btwen ugy ndAmr-Itis rsethe opinion obaof wllthe writer that
Riniaider , of hoc ii tsle rna~nds that; Although somewhat hampered byf ican football. This was the adoptionp
Wolverin VarshAy Ble ill Best { extremely cold 'weather which pro- of a clause whichi permitted the for- preetdyfotalwl ontinue f ,r
wards to heel or nass the ball out many years to come with no very ma-
i'ossi ,Z" Shake. I vailed yesterday, an informal Vr iyternal change. Changes, of course, cart'
z-3 Y rrgolf team defeated the squad repre- frm hesrimae re toldb be made but it is 'doubtful if' thecy
LI1ICII .t ORIU S l l",,1 senting Detroit Northern on the Anne grasped by one of the backs, who could
P'1i PARATiION F]MtiL AUxG~I Arbor golf course. then advance it. would make the game any better ":n
- ---The. Michigan club-swingers exper- This was a p~rocedure not toleraxted among those who love football, there:
Confronted by a schedule which l ienced little difficulty in disposing of i in the 'original form of the gamo, lbut is a concensus of opinion that the,
calls for tellyn ffv hr h iytathfia cr en the addition al interest which it ]M- game will and should remain Just as
t211es on as many successive Satur- 17-0. ( parted was immuediately seen and the it is.
days', , icligain's Varsity football' Northern's low score of 80 was I superiority of this Plan for putting the
team, en lhusel after its sucessfull beaten by three of the Wolverinej ball into play, over the English moithr- Antba sador Vet, Sleart Leane
battle with Ohio State last Saturday,l scores. The honor of making the od of kicking it about in scrimmage, Tokio, Oct. 23.-Cyrus 17,. Woods, Un-
has little to look forward to except' lowest score of the match going to was so apparent that it was eagerly itod State$ ambassador, will go to Anm-
work, with perhaps a. great deal of Quirk with a 77. The other Michigan embraced. Without this change, foot- erica about Nov. 1, on a short leave,
glory thrown in. M. A. C. will throwl scores were Crosby 79, Brodeick 79,. hall would never hold the position it due to the health of Mrs. -Wood's
her full strength agatinst the Maize!I Smith 83, Feely 84, Hloss 89., does to-day, mother. 4


Tad the D~auntless
Is, }'iorkinz in his calm 71fash~ion on


'the task of pl ling Y' ale oot of t he
football rut. L< at eai li3;goneas
tar as Tad is con crned, Tbhis year's
another one. Till~e fact 7t a!, si-
feredJ its worst yea;' b nany ?amoon
last season undon b'eIv let its Imark'
on Tad but the : itien i h vs is not.
You'll recall that 'iton trap--
led on Tad's teamI, th i r id \\ '-
ed over it and liiat even Ta'd's 1 )rot h-
or Howard ca-I':.' (!h,,is I-a eleven to!
New Haven nll diisec an i[,1-
brotherly 6 to 0 dci ea t to the yale
team. The one and oly thrill the Yale c
adherenlts got froms the seaIson was the
7 to 7 tie with the A;-my. The soldier;
ladls after licked tl ::avy 17 to 14, j
which gave Old Eli somtin ecro l
ab u - u o e yl u .rBut Yale folk rec ill Jones' (lellut as
coach at the New H-aven institution.I
and are not downceast. 1

Jones, after (caching Syracuse and and Blue cohorts neoxt Saturday on
Spaulding school returned in 19f' t IFerry Field. Iowa will take on the
Ylwhere he had made a iamze ,is j Wolverines a week later at Iowa City,
a wonder--qoartei'baenii n l!;S w i coel- ndthe Quaantico Marines, *Wisconsin
loge lays. When Jones tokci~ig andl Minnesota will follow on the next's
of the Yale squadl critics zigre edlij e ivk ";ends.
had hoeles mes o hisbans. hy'askwhich the coaches face
hada hpelss nes o~~ ~ this year is a.lpeculiar one, the wh-ole
Ten w~eeks later' havard iaild roc~
tonwee or'erngv~it;lilsitnat ion being brought up by the tact ..
them. For Tad's pick-un team 3h a d do-idrbl to tepac n h
feaed othrivls.?on .sv~r . r~i l ha schedule which hitherto has
fetdbthrvl.Joe a Kgi ;1 xvav.s been filled by the less power-
hero of the year. ful VI. A. C. Two of the strongest
Tad is fair, plumnp and forty-onIe. le,,ns which will face the Varsity this
Whe hewasbon i Exelo, .~ nsfa.1l have boen met and vanquished but .
parents dlecided lie \\ ouhd go, ino <a )eSibly at the expense of other over-
sturdy vout h, capable of( w'Uins.g a >wheiig victories later, on. The
good sized namie, s;o they c h? rizcnc emlttelrettm i njs
him Thomas Albert 1)~Wli51t J>I s about as5 good hyiilcniina
The initials of the fiirst three handles ;t will be this season, and at the damed
gave his boyhood irienfa' a way (nit titre tha t condition m~ust be mnaintain-
and lie became "Tad." ed1 for another five weeks. Should
Tad has been uinusu ally s5 aecsfsIii the team go stale at the present time
as a coach. lie insrilis a s, iIr; ,; O. wth three of the 1'i;.-Ten's best miia-
gamieness', s olsmlas11iin and 'gHLtt i1 climes yet to be faced, havoc would
his I camswhi\,ch makae s them g<;lor is 'be raised with [lie Miechigan record.
in defeat.I Although3 the physical condition ofI
Wtherefore Yale's faith in Tad. the team is good, the team as a unit
___-- is in its first stages of formation. The
Udine, Italy, Oct.-. -iepe ir-si'gials which were used in the 011i0
ardini, formierly i... _htor o 'lonies, State gamie were only in the hands
is dead. of the teani members a short week




s. es, m-. nw l a w l r n

ux «.yyt m ws .. .. A. .. .;,.. k ( YL#I1( e LL iO W..".sHS L IVE)1.:. YY. R R
Y u oxd\ \. Tn i- nlt




i _







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