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October 23, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-10-23

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VOL. XXXIV. No. 26


AN ARBOR, M IT.hIG.AN, TUESDAY, [_7T.1I OPR 23, 192 3



Tivety TemC~i a pains Wil Led
lsqid~ts M ('Ipe itd li e Sales
ife members for the Michigan Un-
ion wil be the objet ,of the annualf
ife Membership drive that will bein
on r' Tuesay October ;0, -and last
throughl a perIiod of three days. All f
students not already signed as lifeI
members, will be soalicited by teams of
picked inen during0,thi imo.
Tweity 'eai2
Twenty captains have ben chosen
who wille act as leaders in the cae-1
pa igning aniong the suidets. Each
captain ,vil have a team o tei men
chosen by lilisel f and worknugmider
him. The teams ill1 be 'given definite
territories to canvass including the
fraternity houses0 and the rooming
houses so that every student on the
campus not already a life member will
be given a chance to s;)n
"I:i'.ward Stark , '.4, liyhb n ij in o-
taining subscriptions in the dfrive last
year, will be chajjirman of the drive '
this year. Ile will have direct charget
of all the captains and the men work-
Ing onl the drive. Assistin,, Stark as'
members of the Life Membership oms-
inittee of the Union wvi lb Arden
Kirashner, '25, Paul Brus:e, '2, W1. F.
Austin, '26, and Perry Shannon, '26.1
Teamt captains who will have
charge of the wor: were announced
last night by S ark., They are as fol-
I ows: Frances Austin, '26; Joseph
Armijo, '25; Hal Coates, '251 ; 1Wiliam
Day, '261+; Nat Ely, '211; Jospi
Girandy, 2G; Bradley Ilaiht, ',6;
Robert Halsey , '25; Alfred I Ilzna,{
'26; Luchms ally, '2;' Allan Myer,
'26;. Charles Murray, '25; Stewart
Hlulse, '25E; Frederick I 'inony, '25;
John Plain, '25; Perry Shannoon, '20:
SidneyTremble, '26; C riTrent , '.'N
11. A. Turner, '2; and IFrierck
Sturiner, '2.
Will 11feet Tllimgut
The team catains will meet with!
Stark and the members of the com-'
mittee at 7 :30 o'clock, toigt in room t
N02 of the Union. At this time they
as to the manner of hanling their,
toenis and the means of soliciting theI,
The high man In the drive this year
-will again be preseted with a ciip
contributed by Otto (fain", of ~he tAnn
Arbor Press. The cup 'rill be a
permanent noessession of th winner,I
and will be0 known as the H ans Cp.
It 'will be the third cup that has been
given to the le dr in these drive by
Mr. ]:-ans. j
In addition a plan is being formu-
lated by members of the cofllit ce
tbrough whch every member of theI
w~inning team- will be giveim some
form of rowar( in the shape of a!
watch charm or a simlar issgia
Alt hough no (definite act ion has been
taken In this direction, it is probable
that such a reward will be given.

Noted Ban drast
Conducts Con
$r : .rr+%" .ry <:<: ;::::N
Q~y: r'."i; '"N~r'":,:},{:} ;{;;f.{} '%'
...j" r ::y{" rv" . i : ;
i {}"4.f,'.-% i
p. . z iz 41s.
7"r amu nat x.ndt
tr.Cmc r iea hl ad
i ,:taihtwtza o.cr f-c
onPoi lpTrips'

Ii x
ii an

_. V.


SFI "sl i0SO1lN ii) IY IPREMI ER
1,0A I1) 11 it STEIt 1jA ST
Fe., ure lProgrami
c ousa .a.ndl his lPoand uashered inl with1
blilli isn't and lfit tOle extras Concertj
series at. l ]Amu±1torim last; night.
His urr,"n 11 'i ne'iill tnisl afrom.
° 'Ves, We I La ye No Bana,,nas" to Cho-
pinl. judgifeIng fron] il te ready re-
sipoliso givenl to him by the atuclicmce,
his versatility was satisfactorily re-
Schelilng>s "Thell Victory Ball,, bas-
ed onl Al fried Noyo ' poem The llVie-
i ry Pal)'' .) a most ftaut ast ic, work.
'fiae iniluence ofi l'ie Russian school1
upon ;)(lcll i: isfelt inl I he work.
,'ihe (composit fion i' ely 1ultra-mlod-
ern in its t x mre, and its effect up)on;th i tv e is r h r un tal b c u e
otf thPis fast.
"''he indlian'', a iniodlernrhapIsodyy 1~
Omni t ca' s for the use of practically
every mlodfern piece of band device
and inst rumnt'. 'The hemol is first.
a:Iuno111,ceOPIfly tivha (iNire band and is
th1en ltakeillu) inroltat ion by th loboe,
flute, an (Id by th:e cla vin~t Nwith harp
aCcO111pamlinlOni. Numerous famousI
Aecisa 1 iaches were 0fi iVell, includinig
...ile ESlas s %and trijisFore ver"'t'il'[e
al ln Sevent ii''andl "P,1lCap itan',
"'t'he Victomrs'" was played as an en-;


$20,000,000 NEEDED TO

Pailin.- too raplidly for com-
foil., and wit hout a ground guff
Sto relieve hi:; fall, a parachiute
jumper was saved from- injuary
jby iaIilucy tall into Parton Lake
Sunday neon. It is believed thatI
the man was, a sophomore engi-t
ncer, making the attemp~t with a
parac'huoteof0 his own -(lesigli.
'intjump Was 1nade from ia low
a it itide, and trace si xlliroiz of the I
cloth. didl little tovard Icereas;-
in the rSpeed of the fall. Within
a. moment aft or the junmper
=truck the lake, a boat put cut
to his rescue andl pulled hint out
from the icy cold water. I




i .
i j(

Mellon States"ig Power Beer
Bec'om~iigAll 'too (ommion",
Il AMally Sections


Chmarles Baird, of' Kansas City, was
elected paresident of tme Michigan
Athletic Managers' M Club at a mneet-
ing of that body held last night at the
fl K' ! presUidntTalyTapn,'9

Washing lon, Oct. 22.-(4. P.)-Ex-
pauxsion of the federal gevcritnientI
prohibition cn for cement machinery inj
an effort. to stop liquor smulmgin; and
to test wvhat is described by officials
as raplidly increasing supplies of high
powered beer is under consideration t
at the treasury. The program con-
temnplates practically doimll lu the.
Strength of the coast: guards andth ie
pl acing of a prohibition agent in
every brewery.
While the changes under considera-
tie .r1'mo the coast gmiard have not yet
been placed before Secretary Melloni,
di hoe in charge of'tihe service have
c~alculated appr'oximately $20,000,000
would have to be appropriated by
congress ;:o carry themn outI'enta.
five plans call for the addition :if more
than a score of cutters and about W;i
sp~eedy power boats to be ursedI inI.

n r field secretary of time Alinni associa-
"Fri Lt n Nt A ion, was electedI secretary and treas-
fl ~ IThe organization voted to extend
m 0"i' M L NT ;an in vitat ion to Cedar Rapids high
M U ~F M N I~ iDsch~ool to stop over in Ann Arbor in
th itei btwe their games with
=h to ts F i'01 o () C inyinen Observers I Toledo high school and Harrisburg
of Umamn._lil fy Sampp}loij(Yf i gh school.
nlovealirent 7iirted ii time Ihineland( H T IS IIPRE[MIERI


can1; ,Tn(1IaUV IPIa re-iimiic I 5i'dC-
ing but only slwl , acrring to lat;-
es.. t (1ispat ches m celvedP re, <:ma d geem-f

Thousands Come From Distant Parts
To Greet Lloyd

~~ 01' thme soloists, Miss Nora Fa ucli aid,
sopramno, Pesdtim l most. Shle 1)5-
r~ rT S i c 1 of ole. i' (lualily,1Her i
ccer, ''Am eiricaim C in'' ,by Sousa,
wv e'xt remiely pioa sing. Air. IDolan,
£)lclnet 5, lahiedth ' itr11s''from
}i ji() ".io.;lyn'' wih feeing and exlproSsiorm.
The0 ViolimiSt, Nli"Is [a bl Snior 01, a
pupil of Auer, playedl"" 'aust ata-ia"
by aralsat.

tracking lewn ruin ru nners oft i
:oast. Additional personnelA also is
j ecret ary :Mellon is Samid to receg-
n ize that. "high power beer is becom-
ing all too comnmon"' in nmanv secl rens
of time cpunti'y and, it is replorted, is
inclinedf to favoir a returnt to the old
arrangemet of putting an agent of
the treasury on guardl in all brew-
eries so that daily tests may be mrade
of produc11ts.
Union 1P"ol"Drive
Will Be Launched
On Campus Today
Today thme(camnpagnfor completing

S lighltly more 'C Ilion I 10waS(col -
le 'ted trots t hecrop &"lsut eying TFor'.
ry Field Salturday by intei'5 rsofIle
Stud lt C (ouncil co-ri11ittee h'i rg'e
of rah in,- funds to fine ne e t rips
cf the Varsity blind to the lowa amnd
NNti commsin genes. It will b~e nece:S-
sary to col lect: atleast. $',00 m1oye be-
fore hoet ii of t imeso I rips xviibeiema (Ie
fCrowns "were canv asted at the galtes
of the field enld on ltate Str~ee~t just
before the g ame. It. is fel t:by I hoseO
inl charge I ha I a. great man1y who
w o ul Ihc ilotherwise have ontr~nhted to
to do so omil O.c(oult 01fthme density of
the crowd1 enterintg and Ileaving the
js tadiunm.
SNo (definite Illensfor 1tee colleed ionj
of the rest of the money have been
formulated yet, a ccorihing to Robert
A. Campbell, treasimrerl of the iver
standi faculty a dvisor of thme b1aband.,
"The till to isconisiin will('0st
$1,900, and that to Iowa, $2,9300,''lhe
said yost erday. ";omce means will be
found to raise' the muoney, but it is not:
Ii sight now. We shall ask the lAth-r
letic association for funds, and possi-
bly will agoain p~ass thle buckets at the
game next Saturday."
Mr. Campbell is convinced thatI


Ph [0nio1 N1 LEAVES ]{ Pool beglis in
S I r TO t table will bec placed onltie ca mpl-
rnyir :,where pledges canl be signed..,\Meni
_ w~~~ib t to every roominig and
New York, Oct.' 22.---(By A. 1)-sI eden s an opportulnity to cimlist their
W lieu ttihe I eviat haltn sailedl yest erday !a'o l n apieting the s imnirig 1)01
for Cimerliour it ('iirriedItwo ps'e- Tihis canmpaigni is not a house-to-1
g-ys whose namues (iid not ,ippear on 'momiso solicitation, thme colmittee cx -{
t~mestaerommmlist. Tey re l~,1} la ins, It is anm opportunity for ev-
Jfohmn j. Pershimig. commanding officeir ery Michigan man to come forth vol-a
of the American army, and his sister, iiiitai'ily and1 give aid to time cause.
Mrs. D. AT. Butler of Nebraska<. Jamntes A !. Ilereford, chairmian of
1 'hey welli t~our France for three time - committee for completing the
muot ths, revisiting scelloes 1hat Ammeri- 1711n i i5.imulimng pooml, yes5terda(y made
can troops enshrined in history. They tihe following statenmenmts : "Looping
will go to Chateau Tlierry, to the at the campamign front a selfish side,;
Av~imnile, to time graves of soldiers tihe nothing can be lost and everytliig
goneral loft. ini France, and to time' can be gained. Each studlent merely
little building in Chanmont above pieusges himuself to buy a, $5 tickset ell-I
vwhic h flew the flag of F(er'shing;, chief titling himt to 20 swimgs in the newv
of the Al erica ii Oexiedit ionary for'ces. pool1 when it- is coimpIleted. Ie lproin-
Reservations were nitade in the r >e5 that, if ('alil il onl between Nov.
names of cahlers. 'Plihe French gox'ern- 1 and 10, lie will purchase a ticklet..
niecii m,,eiS&(l to allow the general to',1If the commnit tee sees that the pool
comnd I< go as a pri vate citizen with- I will niot be completedl, it will not try
out cut ang;)inn social oblig ations.. to collect the money.
IThme comm it tee workers will' meet
'ita 5 o'clock this afternoon in theI
r "ROESOR COT illII swiimmning pooi room of tihe Union and(
ailo(t hers inft rested am'e urged to be
p IIUILpresent a~7 t mt this tine. IHedge cards
Prof. F~red N Scott of the rhetor.ic TO OPEC TROPHY
depart imen L, .whrlis IaIPsent from thme
'i MIMrsi ty for Ithme current, .aedemjo I ghscoosciknOl.o -llb
yea,,, will dIelive'r a lecture onl''Amer- (!fered( a football trophy for the
icon Idiom"' before t he Phrilological ehalma ionship t eam ech i year by the
Society of England, Nov. 2, accord- Iiversity of Michigan club of Akron,
in-' tom a letter received yest erday by it was (decided at a recent mieetting.
1I ''sident i? 'ariiofl1,. 1 tirt oA. Thne t eanil that xins this three tunes
Accordling to Professor Sc-ott's let- iwill gain p~eranet possessioni of thlis
ter, he a ndlMs Scott had planned axward. Ralph K'ryder, '08L, amnd[F. A.
to leave L ondon shtoilly and( go to W A altz, 'OBE have charge of the anr-11 'li, bt th s e ag m n w l l - r n e e t .
la.y their departure for several w('C'k. T1he club is als0 platlnming to haxve
-- --- - ---- -a special wire for the returnms to the
i"en in Reported Well WAisconmsini-Michig am football g.arnme.
tiosc,,w, O,=t. ^2. - (By A. P.)-Nik- I-
olai Lenin. time Sovio't prmer, Ilas CI IMES N ! DS15
comle(tely recovered tl ' luseof 115 ;iS-
paralyzed leg and is able to mout ,MO RF. S _ AA FF MEN
time stairs to the second floor of his
iesidence ullmiided, sax's a :3t~tt_ leiiitt Chimes busines s stal. is in need of
bly Dr. N. Sceniasimho, (commnisar of at least 5lo mcae ti"'outs. The large
n ubleiealthivxIto is onie of tihe phys- nulmber ~of sales of time magazine tis
icianis attending Lenin. ye'ar has tmade the prosenit size (of the
i tllr3I }1'.0 . sSophiomor'es, iupperC classrmen and
second setnester freshmen xw'ho wish
T]7kioOct 22--(ly . PY.-Admr-to tryout for these, po.-itions niay dIo
al 1E. A. Anderson, whmo for nmor'e than s'o by a1pplyimig at the C'himes office
12 monmths has ben1 comnmander (oftien the Pesbilngayateoo
A i-. .i , bi'l r.-,3 3 n 1 ih Unfol H~r nth Pes biC ay ftrno

towns. Thne s is, fill, of i''jetl~ioneorge
s am loiften ('(litriadlic Tory'3 ;ca d fails to
give the iirt siit t 111 o os)ervers in VISITS SOLDIERS' MLONUJMENT
P~arru that ihie iliiend hall s answer- I ATD LEGION HEADQUARTERS
od the Call ma-de to it with anmything I
like( mmauniiv, a il)omgh luire ie no Indianapolis, Oct. 22.-(By A. P.)1
ecordl of any pri'(l-13'iYdii eetI(' op- Time state of Indiana welcome David.
lt pit ion to thlie nov em emit. rth') Berlin L loyd George, time war tinme premier
or elsewhe(re.
The executive coiim-ittee of the , of Grneat Britain today, tme day being
"l ree IlliiElandi Party" has assumed I set aside in hmis honor, thousands corn-
time h'aderslip (If the revolution and ing here from distant points to' give
j insttalled headmiubrt ers at lur. iI him a greeting upon his arrival short-
w11hch is in thle Frenich vzoie. 1 .eo ly before noon.I
Deckers 0andt r. Juthard#: have be- l ie xvas met by a reception commit-
conic coolnmiisioumer s for time Aix-ia- Itoo Iheaded by Goy. McCray who was I
Chta polio distr'ict and are followingI in the city, and xwas invited to accom-
(ime(ctiouis giy('mi by Joseph Matthe s, ' any time reception committee. and es-
the sp'parat ist leaider. Matties has i corted by troops from Fort Benjamin
! addr essedl h letter to t he interalliod -farrison and by the Anmerican Legion,
high 'ommlissionm annunciming the con- World War veterans and other form-
; stitution to the provisional govem" er service men, time(distinguished vis-
monentt whichl in tends t(o enter into ne- itor plassed through streets lirmed deep
grod i1 iolm wilm time occipaion auitlioii- with people who at sonmc points crush-
tie's cat once. ed through thme ropes arid surrounded
Durmen was chmoose n as lime provin- I the official automobile.
vial capital because it is time junmction At the soldiers and sailors mono-1I
oif several impn~ortanit railioad ,. Thme Imment he stopped to place a wvreath
general staff is installed in a little' and again at tme national lmeadquart-
- village in the T~ivoli Straffe. Many ers of tme American Legion lie stopped
-automiobiles are stationed in the gaur- for a minute to sign lime register,
(l; en in front 01' the villa anmd motor-; Proceeding to his hotel Mr. LloydI
cycles comnimd go incessantly giving George lunched privately with a few
time usual quiet- quarter a feverish aus- j guests anmd then spent the afternoon
beta1 to 0'hich it is unaccustomed. j quietly,.lHe dined again tonight be=
fore going to Cable tabernacle to de--
live' an address before an audience of
FIVIIfl.AIformer service men and. tmegener-
al public. Danme Margaret Lloyd
M L~~L~dII~iUIJHIUUGeorge and thmeir daughter, Miss Me-
ffl'gan TH!dne were entertained late today at
~UU dinner by the local council of wo-
_____I men.

Varsity .Band, Cheerleaders and flee
Club Will Participate In
Michigan's sixth annual Traditions
Night will be celebrated at 7:30 o'clock
next Thursday evening in Hill at
torium. The entire student. body of
the University will assemble at this
time arid, joined by the alumni, will
initiate time freshmen, the, Michigan
Imen of tomorrow, into the spirit and
traditions of Michigan. The commit.-
tee has completed all arrangements
for the affair and believes 'that the
observance will be a huge success.
Adams, 119, Alumni Speaker
It is time plan of the committee to
make the program short but interest-
ing. Speches will be delivered by
Arthur J. Adams, '18, who represents
the alumni, Prof. Thomas H. Reed, of
the political science department, rep-
resenting the faculty, and John W.
Kelly; '24L, president of the Student
c umucil, who w-ill act as the. repre-
sentative of the student body, The
Varsity ceereading squad will lead
in time cheering and the Varsity bated
-will be present to afford music for
thme occasion.,
The committee in charge of the
Traditions Night program stresses the
fact that the observances. are not
solely for freshmen. Freshmen will
be given certain privileges, as It is the
nighmt on whichm they will be initiated
into the traditions and spirit ofMc-
Mc-igan. The' main purpose will be to,
bring all' the classes together in an
All-Michigan assembly. To this end
the faculty and alumni are represent-,
ed in order that they may give their
viewvs of the spirit and customs of
It is the night when all Michigan stu-
fthet University to tle student ,body.
dents come togeher en masse to again
dedicate themselves to the 'preserva-
tion of Michigan and her . traditions.
All Classes to Come
Freshmen will be instructed in all
of the vital traditions of the, Univer-
sity. The older classes of the 'Uni-
versity will help in the' teaching of
the freshmen iwhile the faculty
through their representatives: and the
alunmni through Mr. Adams will give
their end in this respect.
Mr. Adams is nowv a member of the
faculty, of the University of Detroit.
When he was in the University he
was a member of the Varsity debating
tearn. He is expected to bring at
I message of importance and to tell of

som~e permnanernt support for thme band
Nexw'Fork, Oct. 21-(By A. P.)--- I muast be found. The organization, lie
Zev, interniational three year old I iesifuihigadsmctfn-
champion, as a result of, its docisivo rtioni i the TUni vers it y xvhi('h it would
victory Saturday ovenr Papyrus, thc e difficumlt to dui~plicante professionally
EngllisleIDerby winner, wvill setle I his for' a lan'ge sumi.0
rivalry with My Own for Anerican ___i_____
hionors iin the Latonia champtoilhip.I
at Latoria, IKy., Nov. , 1uslIen;spros-Im
cut plats go astray. i
todamy announced that thme Famicocas" , H
colt xwould be shipped to Latormia iu(X @
wefothbiraeanIsRerAiairal Gary T. G!:tvysomm. owc i' of St. Louiis, Ocet. 22.--($y A. F.)-
My Own, already had entere d his un- !IJibhitweigmt players mnay force Wash-
Ileatrn star, it scemuod as,.crt*d ftca(,; i uglton Unmiversity (lit of the Mi'ksoum'i
th.(seutwo woulod cet, tie trdisputed vally (5111 f~ee', Coach Windlerlo v
(-mosLion of supr emac y. said today. Tren imarhs were occa-
ISionied by a 62 k) 7 defeat lidirinis -


-Newv York, Oct. 22.-IDr. Alexander
SMeiklejohn, depo sed as plresidlent of
Amhelirst College by the trustees last
Jiune, yoster'nday iun a sermon befor'e
I tile Free y tagogue declared America
was time laud of lihe duill, iudiscrimin-
atig, uneducated miob, comistamtly
j cnrushing out excellence. It wvas hisI
first adress to1 a popular audience
!Sinmce lie left Amiherst.
'"America today,'' lie asserted, '"is
overwhiel mmed wX'ith its opportunities
i amid possessions; we ?r'e ove'rwhlmend
xwith our' riches. Why. then, is life
not good? Simply blecause wve do not
know Ihic difference betwveen goodl and
bad, fine amnd vulgar', high arnd low."'
Dr. lAleikl ejomm demrided public
taste, speech andmidnanners. Yet, lie,
sa id, the effort to, unite demnocracy
and excellen'e xwas a :splemndid gaine,
well xworthm playing.
" IWe are, i lhe t erms of our task ,"
lie contlinuied, "an uneducated people.
Our task is not the education of thme
bloys and girls, but taking the whole
pepeadgtigte ed o h most glorious adventure ever attempt-
ed in tihe ream of time spirit,"
Musk egon, Mich.m, Oct. 22. (B y A. P)
---lariers fmroim all par'ts of the state
xwere gathering here tonight for time
opbening *of the annal inspection of
Ijthe iMichigan State Grange Tuesday.
Time meetinig pr'oumised to be one of
the niost iimportant eveur luid by time

PRES CLU 69T NIS the meaning of his Alma' Mater to an
PRES CLU OUTINESJohn W. Kelly, '24L, who will be
RPTIIITIES [OR I E A Rl the representative of the student body
flU IIIIL~J illtell of the traditions of the Uni-
versity, their origin, and the manner
Students will for the first time take i hc h utm hthv ie
part in the program of a regular nmeet- Ito the present day are to bo observed
inzg of the Students Press club which ITihe significance of these things to all
has bleen announced by the officers toI Michigan men is expected, to be con-
heb held on Oct. 30. y veyed to the students through their
Thme Press club has had but one own speaker.
meeting this year, and the meeting Professor Thomas H. Reed of the
scheduled for one xveekc from today political science department has been
xwili be Itme first of a series to be held selected to represent the faculty. It
each two wveeks. Robert Moriarity, I is supposed that he will touch on dif-
'"24, James Maloney, '24, amnd Ralph N. I ferent phmases of college life which
l~yrs,'24 .vil e treeof ivesu-will lbe of interest to all students a'
dents whmo il talk for five niinutes of vital importance especially to'
each. Ifreshmen.
An invitation has been extended toI r n ie m
Mr. Ivan Swift, of Detroit, to address CLL ILD;HL u
time first meeting. Mr. Swift, who is;CH CU L O
known as time poet-artist of the North,i
has created much favomrable conmmnent TfI
in the artistic and literar'y fields lIRCI LJHf TRYOUTS
wihnrecent years._
toTime officers of the club are unable Trotfrth inrueals-
Ioannounmce definitely the second l ion of the Varsity Glee club are
principal speaker of the program,I asked to report at '8 o'clock tonight In
lbut this will be decided within a few
Sdays. The speaker in question will rom38fthUnn.A ocesa
eiterbe nonunet athr, f a-which will accompany the Glee club
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'the club, the 6 o'clock "salad fests" lnclohrs n l eua r
will be discontinumed. The meeting clhestral instruments are desired.
will start at 8 o'clock. No charge will GereOcrBwnIietro h
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xu1~ ue ~connectioin with the Glee club inas-
meetimg nor for any of the refresh- much as such an orchestra will help
ments served. Admnission to the PressthGlecbintsaem stop-
I clb i seure byanystuento ;sent a more classical program this

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teredm by Oklahohia Samturday'.
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th2iwg to do, as 1 see it, is to xvithdrawv
from5 thme confterencee and arrange
tgamte v ithu teamns ini oumr own class,''
Coach W% n derley said. Director' of
Athletics; R;ider said lue xwas convinced
"'Wasimgtomis dime form'a Ibig' change
if xwe are 1to continnue xwithm football."

e organization.
t tentative list

Grange leaders had a
of mresolumtions to submit

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