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October 14, 1923 - Image 13

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-10-14

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With a Drawing by Wallace Smith and
Vanity Fair.
ay Jonathan Re rs
Broils now the four "You see in books things which you
o'clock hour. Icannot see in reality, either because
Here is the merry-go- 4they are too far away, or because they
ere ite mryg- are past. But all that you ,see in
round. ike a de- books, you see wrongly, and sadly.
sauched tos it swims We have an hur to live, why should
unde the.. green trees. we burden it with so much knowledge?
Under the wire mush- Why should we learn so much when
room of the box-office we know that we shall never know
ethe ticket-seller with .a nything? We li'.s altogether too
split face wonders if much in books and not enough in life"
prayers go higher than . Words taken, my Dearly Be-
theloved, from the gospel of Saint Ana-
nochimneys. He can tole of Paris, chapter and verse un'-
no longer watch theensiJ-, known; in the name of the father, and
e e-of the son, and of the holy spirit that
log loudly, clamily, be- --'arinformed The Revolt of the Angels
hind his h ached back 'and The Opinions of Jerome Coignard
Like gigantic, plates --this from Him!
that infold thiek red o blessed Saint! Why did you not
jellies through which cease to write when you had complet-
gilt fruits leap, merry- ed those lines? Why did you-as I
go-round revolves low.- am sure you did-continue to shed
the crushed aeond. leaves upon leaves of divinely con-
Wat h the mounted /ticeived, divinely constructed prose, to
Wchd e creamousthey Tbe translated and sold at two-and-a-
children scream asothey *Fhalf a copy? But, why do I ask? I
fy in the grey merri- already know the answer: it is an-
cient. Watch the ladies / other instance of the word and the
with sons blasting in S /deed. . . and it is only clerice and
gypsum mines whirl Puritans who deem the economics of
slowly around, thor Marx to be proved false because their
oughly enjoying the inventor once accepted a legacy, and
music that is padded that Nietzsche's philosophy is refuted
with tooting, steaming by the fact that its author's reason
tinsel, cheap "by gods!,, deserted him before he -had time to
Theseladis aredis-persh.
The e ladies are dis- et sus therefore say, merely, that
torted hour - glasses: If M. France is incapable of suiting
their bosoms ooze ot- the deed to the word-why, he is in-
ward and grin un- capable-that is all; and base our
knowingly. Here is a ' rfurther comment upon more tenable
man riding his eighth grounds.
ride: nigh vomituous "We live," you say, "altogether too
and becoming sicker much in books and not enough in
and sicker. The circlet life," . . . but you do not attempt
of fiery, abortive little Ito define what you mean by "life." If
hsres, little zebras, one separates all that is life from all
that is not life-well; let us do so;
little hogs glows i tse and,. afterward, let no see what re
dulling apid monotony mains to attract the interest of a
ot watch the steanm more or less civilized human, animal.
organ turning sod into Love: As M. Frange has himself
music and music into somewhere remarked, "love is a mat-
sod. It is white white. ter of skin." There is a desire, and'
It appars lie the there is, behind desire a blind force
white feet of some sin- wichurges us to produce more life-
ning god buried deep. in for what reason, it is not possible to
the read coals of hooted and spurred wives laughed. He shouted in dismay. With euphemism, you can call the say-which is not to say that many
feebleness. The god has dropped his Finally the creatures of the anecdote, manure will not volunteer to tell us the rea
outlandish scarf in shame, in laugh- desperate, once young, merged into In the rock-gnarled orchard what you is b a?
ing remorse: it is dyed with land- an uncoveted stump to exude speckles want, Friendship: The device by which
scapes, impossible of realization, of in their departure. The pent-up laugh- But someone is coming to see you the weak procure a portion of the
beauty, that wind about the inner ter of the wives, like a clock that has some day. strength of the strong for their own
neck of the merry-go-round an I been dyer-wound for nine centuries, more certain preservation; the hud-
strangle it. undid itself, flopped over the floors, And when you stand there, your hand dling together of the weak for the
riped up the seats, leaped, screared. On the cold knob of the open door, e efficient conservation of their
The silly' wife, the bored wife, the th supply of mental and bodily warmth;
Fa le nine wives began to smoke. He was IIthe name applied to the toleration. of
That murdered so many young bony the strong for the strong which ex-
By Jonathan Roberts liberal, free, licentious. In his dreams, horses,so many iota whenever the outcome of a pos-
He was liberal, free, licentious. In elaphantine ladies smoked. He Desperate orchards, behind your ear, sible conflict between' them seems
his dreams elephantine ladies smoked., thought it proper. But now, his mas doubtful.
sive, rag-lined, brass-toned face, per- Let us pass on
relyinguhis positionrgraciouslythutYou won't call the black suit a robe " e sps n
ceiing his position, graciously but Yb Music: A tonal soporific invented by
dining room without walls he presid- sadly fell apart. And cowel, you won't tell the gentle- the intolerably bored Intelligentsia to
ed at table; ranged zabout him were man deaden the agony of existence; com-
his nine wives dressed in regulation, That his eyes are caves of forgetful- pensation in pleasant sound for the
Proud.ness. Slowly pain which attends actual living
prairie-blood, stone-colored suits. It will all come back to you Sociability: The means taken by
Light, cylinders of light, pale flat eir- ANTwONY WRYNN peoplt who, when they arealoe, tbe-

Iles of light, hung from dizzy heights. ICall it a palfrey, this small Horse'f And you will say no grn to doubt their own reality, to re-
Food disappeared . . . One wife The sweet pasture, that grass eaten to The way everything else says no assurethemselves of it, by observing
p Th wayeverthig ele sas no him their -shouts are capable of being
became silly. From some unknown the roots; When he steps back ;heard by others of their kind.
triangular quarter she had purchased Call those wind-punished fruit trees And notions down the stairs. Dancing: A pale remnant of the ir-
a vicious, restless anecdote. The two the shade; I_!repressible capering in which a
unhappy creatures of the anecdote The mud a brook; call them that and healthy animal would indulge with-
she served on a long-drawn-out fila- kill them. Reprinted from THE DIAL for et thought; an anachronistic activity,
gree of wait-till-the-end pulp. The i October, 1923 vith little or no relation to life, per
two creatures danced over the table, You chanter bat-eyed with print, rot- We are indebted to Covici McGee for se.
unhappy, excited, wild, not droll. Tfh.. ten the use of the cut on this page. (Continued on Page Two)

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