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February 22, 1924 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-02-22

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ished every morning exce;)t M
the Unhiversity y ar by the Bo
A of Student Publicat ions.
ibers of Western Conference Et
Associated Prei~s is exclusi el
o the use for repubiation c£ a1'
aies credited to it or not oth
!din this- paper and the local new

" tries. A little help given here will go col. On Christmas, it is true, we said
t ~ a long way acros~s the water. something about Christmas, but we
04SVED ROLLsaid nothing of the joys of SantaI
TE AREL YOU A ATI 11 '? Claus and filling up stockings. On
yLast year the Michigan track team GO Thanksgiving Day we religiously es-
was a champion. The representatives" ERE chewed all mention of Turkey. We
'ard 'o h Uiest in. hs atiua gave Lincoln no space whatever. We3
ofth Uivesiy nthi prtcuar, --- !As we think over George Washing-1 slipped just the least bit on Valen-1
-~formi of athletics gained fame for their tn abt
Jioilalma meater in every competition in {ton's astounding feats of arms in win- Well, now, we've done it anyhow.;j
Swhich they were entered. It is natural-' ning for America her freedom, we; We're losing our grip). ThAt's it.
t neWs; ly the desire and fond hope of every are charmed by the picture that rises air. J. on. (owles.f
Ict wisej
ve pub loyal Michigan undergraduate and al- before us. He was truly the Father
umnus that such a performance may #.r, hie .. i.. .





Entete * atte atof eat ...n nArbor, e eeaedtisyer }. nyet We can't help ousing, too,1
hchigan ,as c n rcr rter.'Sp~ial rate t njust u ieniwe o o -Vr,
Fpostage g nte . by lbdsistant I Vslt ed, t1lzq ins% uityof famhe . This.year
iasrer unrr]Ll.t~gal. t WIii ea i grad~uatig cl ss hj4Ce G0or 'dw In tn is 1ovdand' hon4
Sbcnti y rc -b i, dct Atathlete~s who Ibawe dacnte ,l
Jedn byIAu; 11(Iod sa n
Ofiiks: Ann Atoor P'res Building, N-1 y- ,hlest, hen who have' taugh, win o great. Tis year-yes
Phc.nes: Editorial, x414an 176 -N $ 111i Ilose, for their University. Last, year But how about next year, when his
e, 960.________ was no exception. Tfaking their pzlace, bihdycme nSudy
Slecnm1ctOs o xedn 0 of course, are the new sophomores. * f *
acd, wll pblihedinTbe Daily at It is readily1 seen that this place i no<
t discretionl of th e iditor. Ul'on requt st, is The So~d lale of the Elephant and the.
it id.ntity of commttunivants will be ,re. e,'SY one to fill, for new men are, Mouse 8
rded as confidential. without a doubt, handicapped by a lackI
_________-_____ - -One day an elephant was walking]
of experience in college athletics, along in the woods and he Saw a
EDIT~iA ST~F A thepreenttime ontlii capuslittle mouse taking a nap in the sun.
1.'elepbones, 2414 and 176M there are many students who have a- '"Ha Ila" said the elephant. "Here'sI
. ------bility in track. Some of them are not where I'll gonna have a little .fun."
AIANAGING EDITOR awvare of it while others realize they Soh'tp ntemuesti.A
HARY . HEYhave some ability. but are of the o- this the small rodent ;waxed very
ews Editor.,........Robt. 1. Tarr 1no htte r o go wroth, but seeing the great size of the1
.ditoia' hoard Chairman. ..K. C. Morta.Iy EnlOugh". Consequentlythey, do not
it), Editor.............. J. C. Garlinghouse evngvta"ry.i st hs elephant, hie decided that he wouldl
evi gvhita tr". t stoohee not pick a fight, but would bide his
,H. AilesNih A. ~i. sCo:nnable i persons whole we appeal. Certain- tinme.
A. 43illingon J. E. Viske ly, it i logical to assume that those1 T tnihitwsavr wey
arry C. Clark P. M. Wagner i'~a ih twsavr er
poits~~~~~~~ Eio.......Rlh. jr1who were track mien in high schooli mouse who hlid in the grass and wait-'
Onin's Edit....... ....wiona Ilibbard' should be able to do something in col- i~ o r llhn og osep
inday Mbgazine Editor:... ,....L. 'r'i)den e. olM.Elpange Ftoseep
usic ditor............... Ruth A Howell lee irst place winners are not the I for he had followed. him for manyl
-.iktant City Editnr. 1(.ern-th C. Keltsr only ones that count. To win a meet mIls A lstMniu1'epht
irector "Michigani New Bureau.'.R. A. Ramusay mls A atMniu ,eehn
Elitorial Board ; ,ta uthv e h ilwn1was fast asleep. So the revengeful
'aul Einstein Herman WVise second, third, fourth and fifth places.I rodent tip-toed softly up to the trunk'
Andrew Proppet In this present age, there are ath- of his persecutor, and hopped inside.
G.Bece Assistants, fetes' and "stars" in track, but. the !Lp Up; pheC crawled 'till he reached the
G.BatceR. S. Mansfield lidogle as a whole are not as athletic '
N. Borkman E. C. Mrwck elephants head. Thep he began to
o-ma ilickneil Verena Moran as the ancients. Tloo many believe ga.Adh nwdadgae
lernian Boxer llerhert AMoss that tgnaw.hAnddheognawedptandygnawed
largat-et lBonine Harold Moore teshudntaemtnyig'till there was nothing left in the
Lc1W1gown Carl Ohilniacher neythycnsrasitapr-
erniadette !Cotes Hydsethycn srpas i tht pr-poor elephant's head;, then the. wick-
uW. Danis Regina Reichmh ticular linle of endea'vor. The, filla~- e. ouesid-do=te rnk.n
1-'old Ehrlich Ednmarie Schiouder dmuesiIdNA1te rukan
eonard hall C. A. Stevens cy here ;is that they do not, really' went home, laughing till his sides
tlenry W. fIiS'vnettnan know unless they make an attempt. ached. When Mr. Elephant awoke
anning Iluusewor'th II. R Sone NwMcia ed egtmn
--0111v Kanmin Marie Reed NwMcia ed egtmn next morning lie was crazy!.
ilias Kendall N. IK.''itai agwl-eeopdle h a
vsephi Krugr-r S.. B Tremble.:'re eldveoe e h a The Moral Is: WI-EN THE GCAT'S
lizaleth Lieberman W. . ,Waltliour throw the hammer, shot, and the jay-: WY HEMCIIL LY
elin are wanted. There are just that 'L1; st
B~USINESS ST~AFF type among the student body, who are ***
Trelep hone 9160.- not "out" for track. A dire necessi- TO' MARCE:LL
ty for quarter milers is also felt. The ~aeosle
BUSINESS MANAGER opportunity is especially offered for; You overwhelm me. I am a cheese
LAURENCE H. FIAVROT men who have some ability 'in these -n es u aeadfne o
tvA.tisin . ..........E. L. Dunenetodsigshmelessu-'Aid I know that all the time you were
Wvc ttising .........eicy M. Ilayden port their, university, and to develop
Ilvcusn...""."." .".W. Xort.ser hmsle waiting add hopipg, showing a brave
dvrtsing..........KShtr tesls physically. race to th ,orid while +secret gloom
ecounts........ .....A. S. Merton Are you one of them? cuc~da o~rh~t-exyIIw
irculation . ........ ..C Purdy cuce t ~rhatwaryHw
ublicatiun................Lawrence Pietce --:How?
Assitant DO 11X'\V~l-LOGAnd now, as I }look 'back at1your
'W. Campbell N. E. Holland Tiic andar-log is with us. Busy to letters-all together in a secret corn-
iete Caplan M. 1.. reland "
has. Champion utarod A. BMarks V ups,,iktvames os- prllZt fnz lp l~l aogwt
Oinr Conlin Byron Parkei i ups mttie ils;bat a lockef lebay "]airs ang ithe
ouis M. Dexter It. E. IKQs< - filout Unzeli~nt;- inquisitive but a oko ybb hi n ic
oseph J. Finrn A. J. Seidlman 0f. m-y, first: long pant-.LIl-realise that
)avid A. Fox1 Will Weise qik- oin ners;fitful, ncon- in oda acl'rmgthv
auren [-aighti V. TWhite Imiuiyou dyar Macell, inigerest;
,.L. H'ale . C. Winter :~Sequentil, laiudnos forgetful; found my ideal. Ah, Mademoiselle, if
Inoisy, sudden, ineffectual. The Ban- you could have- seenm~e. scanning the
Jlar-Iog ust go." Thus Charles Mills mail each diay for' your rememnbered
- -"- - dyle~y in :-' c coimelcic&ent address !script'. -

I E D I T RI# A L C O M M E N T , F I R C I I I J
(EDITOR'S NOTE: The followving
letter refers to an article in The Daily-






of yesterday morning which - ran n-
der the" writer's name. Rieviews of
plays, concerts, etc. appear, n thle Pa-j
per only under the name of the writ-
er and reflect only that particular4
writer's opinion of the performance.)
To the Editor:
I have before me a copy of th i ,
morning's Daily in which there is
featured an article on the presenta-
tion of "The Dover :Road" b~y Play-
ers club last night. Mere wvords can
scarcely express my indignation t
the unfairness of the sentiments ' x-
pressed therein. And l am motivat-
ed in writing this not only by 1l3
personal feelings but far more so''by
a large number of fair-minded peo-
ple who saw the play last night and
have sought me out feling' that garvc.
have sought me out feeling that a
grave injustice had been done.
I am attempting no defense of the
production itself. That must cotme
from someone not officially, connected
with the organization. I feel that the
write-up given to the performance is
not only unfair and biased but mo-,
tivated by a desire to discredit, without!
Ia hearing.
"Consistency, thou are a jewel."
Did the writer think of that when lie
says that the play was blighted by,
mis-casts and in the next breath c-omn-
pliments five members of a cast of
six major parts. His statements about
the sixth member are a deliberate
falsehood. Even the music between}
the :acts came' in for its scathing crit-
icism. Surely Players Club lhas nev-'
er placed restriction on the: depart-'
ure of any member of its au~dience who
does not ;have the mental equipment
to appreciate the musical .or 'dramat-
it entertainment which it' offers at
any of its public -performances. !
Is it the policy of The D~aily to fea-
ture' write-ups which mis-inform the
public or ito convey accurate sand just
criticisms; regarding events of this na-
ture? Sur'ely not the for'mer. 'We'
who claim to have the Greatest Col-t
lege Daily expect and have-a g t'
expect just ad fair-minded piiblic ty o[~
all organized student effort.
Last night when The Daily went to
press someone failed to exercise pro-
per regard for the standar~ds which'
we regard. .as identified with The D~aily.
When the lnext issue goers to press
we hope the matter will receive pro-
per consideration.

Limniteds: G a. mn., 9:10 a.,im. and
every two hours to 9:10 p. mn.
Express : 7 a. mn., 8 ain. and every
two hours to 8 pm. 1
Locals: 7 a. mn., 8:55 a.in., and '
every two hours to 8-.56 p. mn.,
11 p. pa. To Ypsilanti oanly, 11:40
1p. mi, 2:25 a. m.. and 1:15 a. in.
Limiteds: 8:4'7 a. mn. and every two
hours to 8:47 p. mn.
Expess(making lcald stops) : 9:60'
a. . and every two houre to 9:501
Iocals: 7:64 a. im., =':10)a. im.
S, 14 T W TO' S
~ 5 61 2
141 11 12' 1: 1I1 i5 1ts
17 1 If) 120 24) 121t!2 23
t- 2.1) 2 0 27 28 29
f;17 Packard St, Phone 1192
(W~here D.'U. R. Stops at state)
There is always good
atmosphere when you
rhave flowers.
Cousts & balt,
61 E.University"Ave.

~n to Dance

Newv Class Beginning
W,1edneiisday, February 20th
Classes, Wcdnesday and Friday, 7-8 P. M.
Waltz-.Two .Stcp-One Step-Fox Trot


, 12 Lessons

II 11111111111111111111111111111111111161111lIIIllIII1111111111111111111111111



We takec pleasure in announcing the winners in our


Blue Bird Pearl

'Miss 'Clara ' Watkins
Mrs. Carl H. Smth'

Mrs. G.' H. Doane
Stanton M. Meyer


Number 23 was the real1 pearl

arwt ~

1_RIDA Y, FEBRUARY 22,102t at the University in 1909 classifies the j have aipghogized. I have not giv-
_ - - - - -- '_non-educational; student in a most ef- en lmy de ense. If you 'could send.
Nfight Editor--- HARRY C. CLARK fective malier, n iteln ffriees
There are two types of students In C-o-les.
_____-- -- our universities today. One type re-, *M
BALLOT1 gardls his scholastic work as being of De3)ar Jase;'I in~d that I Tmust burst
- !pm-ma'y iinlprtance; the other places WW ihytne at~ last or first.
Readers are reque-3ted to check! his as secondary.' The student who I cannot stand to see a wreck
their approval of one of the fol- can successfully undertake extra-cur-' Made ofP the campus; no by hieck!
lowing propositions in the Na- uI! 'icular activities in addition to his lI So here I tell you in metric line
tional College Referenduni on j scholastic work is probably the onei; A scheme that's noble, neat,, anid fine.
Prohibition and mail this coupon (3whio will get the most from college
to the Editorial Department of 1.life. He is thme desirable type-tme1 First buy a carload of dynamite
TheMihign ail, res Bil-3 kind of man a college wishes to turn' And blow 'to very considerable height
ThegMchiAnn- ar. ouewith hidegree.The buildings now that are or, might
1. I favor retention of the Pro- But the other kind-he who does not Bie termed an architectural ftlight.
hiitlon amiendment and Vlstead believe in studying and consequently
act as they now stand. ii does not study-is almost criminal in Then get one gent
U hs actions. It is possile for a stui- Whose mind is bent
2. faor odiicaionof hea deout to struggle. through a college To will us every nickel and cent
V'ol;teada act to p erm7it the sale, without working. it is being done ev-! In his deep coffers too long pent,
of light wrines and beers. -a. r a.H a oen le od n w il~e -
3. I favor repeal of the prey- cr':,fa'hhs o seeab t n e ll see
en'ioiiinannmn bluff in 'class. Just 'before the'final 1ismmo'
Name........ ..... examination he goes to his, instructqrI sacred to~what'he hadl not-spent.
Address.......Year... ]with a long, hard-hunek yarn. If his SrndiiaMcia ouet
_____________________________f tongue is even plated with silver lie- -
-- - ---- ------ --a --- - can, no doubt make this instructor'l With all this money in our fist,
T~EWYADTl EN believe him. The night b efore, the flere is the p l a ;- .at eathegit.:.
Theintlletua lie o Euopeisexamination he stays up nearly all
Theintlletua lie o Euope~ inight trying to 'cramn..enoug,' of the trier~e once the- scatter'ed Building~
ined ithi complete annihilation. !larsetswork into 'his head to get , wr


p ' -'
- '~'

Toward Service

t yca r 400,000 students in Central
Southern Europe and Russia werea
to find means of sustinence to

by on. He may show a few §paks of]
intelligence on the final; his instruc-
tor recalling his story and believing i

- - e
Observe this ' vew constructive' stir.'-
With shovels, pulleys, 'beams and

trry on their work in the. univers- i-: as gotten something , from the That lend our education wings,
33of nineteen war-ridden nations Course gives imn about an average' A horrible hole as big as the campus
.ly becau e of the aid given them by grade. Frightens us but cannot damp us.
inerica and other more fortunate i When he learns he has passed the,-
unntries. Suchl is ti-dc astounding; course hie laughs and boasts of get-1 Another day, another night,
ectacle presented by Conrad Hoff-! ting through without working. He I Multiplied by fifty quite
'anl, executive secretary of the titu-I and some of his friends think he is1 And there quit span, and also spick
nt Fellowship fund. clever. They pat him on the back!I Masterwork of trowel and pick
')hat Europe's, future leaders may be and murmur "good boy". But he is Stands the Greater Michigan,
'vedl, the students of thirty six na-I neither good nor clever; he is selfishx Awing sight to any man.
ons h ave joined in this fund which and pitiful. In many cases his par-,
helpin the ,youths in twenty' dif- ents are working hard to give their Long as the campus, wide as the Quad,
:rent Instit i~ns of< the-.:Old. World ; son educational ad~vant.age~s they could > Twnty :sories up' toward, God -
fink for tim mseltase. In the Ifnlited not have. They must sacrifice for this; And not one inch of good green, sod.
sates alone, students from 580 schools selfish and lazy fellow. He takes their I
id colleges have contributed to the offering unthinkingly and unthankful- Upon each story a department
ip p o rt o f th is u n de rta k in g . T h is-1 ly . A n d- th e ir p rid e a n d lho p e a m b u n ts FC o m p lete eq uijpp ed -w ith p a rip h~ern alia . r a e n c r i d o o h a t t o g t a t r r c i i g h s d p o n z l F l s l e s u e t r g m n
ree years and will be continued as HeI is hindring his fellow stildents- 'With theories that never fail you.
ng as the need exists.- who are trying to grasp the knowledge
\1a-ny of the Elasternslcools hiave' within their reach. He wastes re- ;This' is the Michigan, greater than
ready contributed considerable sums! sources and the time of the profes- Great
lynch have been collected by volun-'- sors that might better be given toj That we must pray for soon and late,
ry dionations from the memnbers of i the willing workers. He will do any- Whose students all will graduate
eir r spective student bodies and thing in his power to stay here four Twenty stories above the gate
cumlties. H arvard university has !years without working. He has fool- Where first they did matriculate.
edged $5,000 as a mnimumn sum; 1 ed himself into believing that schiol-,

To the Editor:
Michigan lost a closelycoead
g a m e b y o n e , p o in t. T h a t p o in t " g v n o I d i n a h e r ' e r e ,, l r -{
test against the students' disappr-ov--
al of one of his decisions. This use
of a foul on the crowd is e aploywL
rarely to my knowledge by the offl-
cials-only when the specta tom-s get
unruly enough to interfere -withi the
teams' playing or to subject the- offi-
cials to unjust and unfair-. ridicule
I have witnessed a few :contests in
-*hich the crowd has not at 'somie time
protested at least one act of the offi-
Coach Mather was justified, in ask-
ing the students to refrain from pro-
testing. Eventually with these offi-
cials this would lose the game for
us. We want no affair to happen hemre
as did at Wisconsin last year. It
will not. But what good are Michi-
gan cheerers that do not stand up for I
their team by protesting decisions that
seem unfair to them. Fair decisions
stand uncriticized as Michigan men
can stand the penalties imposed upon-
them without crying.I
But on the other hand, why can'tj
the officials be just as good sports %
as' Mather 'asked us to be? Why, can't
they take a little razzing which ev-
i cy official expects as a part of the l
~game? They are human as well as
the crowd and can make errors asj
well as the crowd. Is their dignity
ruffled beeause some of the spectators
disagree with their close decisions?"
R.E.W., '24.I

Arden 's


For the Lenefit of our cs
tomrers who have so kindly
asked us many timcs to

We wish to announce that
we now have them in


Business, Career.
Iswhat every ambitious senior is
thinking, about at the present
time. Life insurance Is one of the
best, one of' the most 'desirable, and
one of the most' satisfactory as a
permanent calling.
In assets: and volume of- business,
life ins urance is one of the three
leading 'businesses of this country,
yet the field is comparatively 'under-
developed. Only, 7 per'cent of the
economic value of human life in the
United States is covered by insur-
ance.This gives an idea of the big field
still to be worked, especially business
insurance for firms and corporations.
As to remuneration: Reports of
college graduates who have entered
business indicate that life insurance is
at the very top as at source of income.
Now is the time for you to consider
what you are going to do after gradu-
ation. If you are ambitious and will-
ing to work hard and are interested to
know about life insurance, address
Agency Department

The Best

G. Claude Irake's
C'omr iNorn I iticersift' nw

stiftb Sir

According to a western newspaper,
a pincushion presented to George 1
Washing'tn ast the ago f sixlbrioght I


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