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February 21, 1924 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-02-21

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VOL. XXXIV. No. 102 x





"The Dover Road" Creditably,'
Presented By Players Club

_..._ _ .,



By 31ilton 1Petersoni
"The Dover Rload", presentedi iy!
Players club' last evening in Sarahl
Caswell Angell hail, was very, well
done in spite of some of the blightsi
cuebyii-at.To Elwood ,Fayfield, '25, must go
the credit for the success of the play.
In the difficult role of an eccentric
bachelor, w hiei lie acted admirably,
he carried1 through niv ny weak pio--
ents.: June Knisely, '25, Margaret
Geddes, '26, and Donald. Snyder, '251
are also to be complimented.
The worst feature of the two hour's
of action was the sight of, Robert B.
Henderson, '26, attempting to display

dluced by Mimes last spring. The
sameness was 'too striking to be ap-
preciated. It can be safely said that
Players club is getting. out of the rut
which it has been following much too
long. 'This at least will be gratify-
ing to the campus at large.
Another of the things which did
not strike thei audience was the in-
sertion of extra entertainment be-
tween the acts. A solo on Angell hall
piano could never be appreciated no
matter of what worth the piece or the
executor was. Tire days when thxe old
upright' was in its prime have long
been 'passed. The ditty played by
Philip LaRowe sounded flat as did
the other entertainer who put in his




House Immtigratiox n mittee JHead [ Stockl Iivideid iProfits to be subject
Calls Rouimanian Conn uld. I To Regular Income Taxes
cation "Imp~udent" Hereafter
Wshing-ton. D. C.. Feb.20-(Pv A .I <. -r.-- ,.- - r -

Affair Is Second Public'Meeting
League of Nationis


"Resolved: That the United States talent. Why it is that would-be appearance and his voice at thxe end of Washington, I. ., Feb. 20(--By A ; x^Mbc
actrswil orc temeleson n n-th scon at.Threis uc athngPJ-Secretary Hughes today outlinedP osyeoi't lse y hi ' re
should adopt the policies proposed in ssetn ilYultesle na n-tescn c.Teei uhatigto congress further objections of the P)HueDmcas lse yter}h < re
the Bok poets plan", is the subject to suspecing public is beyond anry ex-i as giving the public too much for its state department to the details of pend. victory on the fight on the income tax I arri
be ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~n deae yPo.WlimH obpaain h uinegondo oe risptec.igimmigration legislation and for- rates, continued their dive on the oA
be deated y Prf. WiliamH. Hobs, each of his numerous appearances. In spite of several "faux pas" "The1 warded to the house Immigration cor- ;_""
orf the geology 4epartmnent and Prof. Earl Fingerle, W2, was quite dishp- Dover Road""(id leave an impression. ? rtstf te R revenue bill today, gaining tw'o in
Preston Slosson of the history de- pointing at first, but as the play pro- i With, several more plays of the same legationi which Chara Johnson de- j portnt amendments. R~' . 1gasdh ete ogi h o- aie lyr lbwl eo
parmnntat8 'cock toigt n rose heseme t gintheco- albe, laersclb il b o ascribed as Impudent." Republican Insurgents who made4mit
Itateta 'lc oih nfidence of both the audience and him-( firm and stable foundation. A little skoSntrClieulcnpsibetesbtttino h anrtsi
Nfatural Science audtorium. The de- self. more attention in the future to the se- g~x~e~lnaahimnotxe~r osil h usiuino h anrtai
bate is 'the Second public meeting of The plot was not a new one to Ann; lection of the cast and the applianceatheimlgatindaschamirmeeand of the se-icoedueratei erd ayn itfo rcticMl ln i
the League of Nations Non-Partisan Arbor theater-goers. A ike play by of make-up will greatly add to what at mirto omte n oM ~ l SeneajoneragairwihkaGrrctcale nigcete
Johnson, Secretary Hughes urged that ly soidl Democratic vote today to make xeiIO ~ reengh
a~scttano teyer tefis 1e he same author, A. A. Milne, was pro-I success they may have, the proposed legislation should avoid stc dividends profit subject to reg- Senator Frank Green of Vermont, is Th
ing91at the timie of tre address deliv-! any "iscrimination of which just om - ular' income taxes rather than to theI in a Washington hosital in a serious m Wote
,eo'by, George W, Wickersham last Ai I D O E SCj fI[~ G P plaint can be made." e Calledl at- 12 1-2 per. cent capital asset taz, andI condition as a result of being bit in thea
tention to the fact tat the plan of the to extend the rovisions of the earned the headi by a ulet .fired in a atte comn
Noebr ltII fl UILTEIL SiJ IIIUL Johnson bill to substitute 180 census ! ncome tax reduction between revenue officers, Ioiennwr
Proessr Soson illupoldthe ~ ~ fiure a th baisforfutrequota; Republicans continued to put a fightI and two bootleggers. lieI was on his! mitte
affirmative side of -the question, ! i~f' IL~lI f restrictions had" already "evoked re-+ huwexei, and Rep. Lopngwrth. the wyt!i oe ih i iewe hr
While Professor Hobbs will defend thxe ULIVH O jdri i A~ I fY sentment from Italy andl Roumania,"! arty leader, declared hope was still h a trce ysosi nalyise
negaie PrfsoSosoa asIl U U E l but did not amplify views he previ- held of gaining a majority to amend, and peee noi.Ammn ae eMn
sisan lbrria o te mercam~ouly adexresedrearin the p Garner plan wheni the bill is staggered back and fell into his wife'sIFW(
peace commission in Paris in 1919 has Chicago Withdraws When Officias,'iiyalogaa County Receives Permin anese eature of the Mieasurie. rug ht up for passage, declaring so- am al
a ag udo nomto nI-Airee to Iay' ExpenIses ITo Nominate Ex- "I desire," said Mr.. Hughes' letter! oral Republicans who ~voted yester-1! the
ternatiorial affairs, and is intitaely I f Athletes Goertor to Senator Colt, 'to snake no sug-dyfrteGre'pln'dmd n h
aqanewihcontemporary urp- i gestions as to the basis of the quota, direct overtures indicating a desire t !I bet
ean' situation.° Professor Hobbs has 1 EXPECT i'100,ATH1'LETE S 1110II DEMOCRATS BACK MOVE 'ute than to state that it is hoped voeraRpbia esr.F R ii ot
m tade an extensive study of the ques-, FROPLATATE OAMMIONIBALLO that a basis will be found that will not Republicans are now studying arl liii U Presi
ion and has long been interested in fFO TT FMCIA involv ve any discrimination of which ^are it vewtodeea
I i entary rules wtha vriTwltoffdefeat-IDoro
Interi~ationa1 politics. Detroitompaint cn'be sade." ng theGarnerplan adIgainngnan Y. W
An attept hasbeen mae toDet-otFeb. 2.-'The sectional 1. Mtana, Florida, Feb. 20.-(By A.xs opaitcnbe 1e"'n.h)Gre la n aiiga o l
alish a connection betwen the radio track and field Olympic tryouts for I-Formxer Governor James M. Cox, of i . E EhOOR O
_ broadtasting ,station vin the "Engin- the -states of Michigan, Wisconsmaortyonn, Ill-ar; ir
'Idaa to icniad-Oio, tonight told a representative ofA U 0 AS imnar oe oldb eesr
;.enURGEig ua laxnayvoe ol e eesr plan
e~.lng budi and Ncatua Science inols inst.Idaa ho n the Miamna Herald that he had author-m lgT t a ditd to make such a move " Tasks of Self Goverme at" Ie Topic Mchi
auioiiibttewrkcno e teywl ehl tFryFed'le h s fhsnm sacandidate!.i nnn~unisuccessful.I iiHo dyber n
comletd lt Ueho roacas te -Q - iAddress 'tibt
d at ,_Ann Arbor, May 30. under auspices for the presidency on a declaration of j I tIIIviuIu -- -
r ilatA ryro h i-of the Mlichigan Amateur Athletic un-i candidacy received at headquarters of - RhlhIIL BIlE rAK tIS REH NT e
tory department °has c onsented to i-o.Prrneet to hold the games the Cuyahoga county, Ohio, demnocratic; Washington, Feb. 20,=-(By A')=- Ma V11 , IIU III I! LlOFl CORNELL UIERSIT'LY b ant
eseac ascaraaortedbt. t nArbor were made when agree-I party. Pressure on President, Colidge to ren~ codes
ttu i u:tzet a'reached toi pay the expens- Mr. Cox said that a few days :ago he move Attorney General Daugherty was B LtT~he Difficut'.Task of Self-Govern-, Mar
t ,t OHR Q MET " oa
Gtusrp i e idnrefa es of al Chicago athletes who will received a'letterfrom former gvernri increased today by' administration moInint s the subject f te address tc dna
Cap topinioregardo ingth a I h
recent' , ot istdamn.h Charles A. Dean of: the Illinoisi Deocrats of Ohio werea united In~ their ,_,.LniaI,(yt
stttent,,I P OPnc, n ihte ainAthletie club and chrarman of thie nA-;4desire to present hs (Coxs) name to AtaWieHuecnene'ls sabih ntoane oreathe ngnU! uioiim yD.Dvn-mm
Wievt hc as encnutdtional .track. and field committee of! the. convention : as their choice far iing:'for a hour and a half, ..Senator Mic~rhigan Agricultural collgelaigso rn, preieto Cornell uni for' e
ietCo n nin p~lan asmae ubijthe A., A. U, told Charles . Lynch, iresident.., :',Lodge, ,Mass., the refnbl rcan l o t Adee..gre n aig teIn eriy adadsiguisedapychl-wd's
hi.Cnieal nterest has !seen iypresident of the Michgan;A, A. U., in a - .;and Pepper:-of+ Pena, advsed thze situttion outside the -bounds of the !gist and anthropologist. '
shw i hedbae~ste sI eepoe ovestinyetrdytht Cleveland, Ohio, Feb. 20.-(By 'A. ;president of tre growing insistette at strict practical 'and ;technicatl' course ( No Univemrsity classes:will' beheld"6ther
aroua'n ttepeettm. hewudspotMcia' i fI P).-James M. Cox, emocratic resi- the Capital tht Mr. Daughrty should for thxe' irst time, as authorized by :tomorrow, it eig the 192nd annivet- i anu
Coiso h lnwl egvnotten Lynch had agi'eed, to see that, the f etial candidate in 1920 and former'I retire. ?the state 'bard of agriculture -meet- E'sary of George ;Washington's 'birth In}
to the audlene, and those who have Chicago athletes' expenx- ses were paid. governor of Ohio, contemplates enter- The. results of the onference Was fung hero today. Students desiing a'lDr.' Farrand's :address4is the prinipial' tixes i
not lreay doe s wil be skedtof The tpyouts will bring out virtually ing the race for the presidency again not apparent. The :senatrs refused gnera educatos without speciallz- !feature of the University'convocation hae
vote on theplnat.this time. every athlete. of any .importance in ,this year, it developed here today. t ae n ttmetad W iemgi niern, giclue oepandi"onro h cain c
_______________the, seven states. The :Illinois A. C. Twelve blank declarations, bearing' House officials wre-equally reticl conomnic or allied studies -will e en-i 'Dr. Frrandi has held his present po- of cut
and the Chicago A. A. alone are ex- the signature of Mr. Cox giving his' ent. iolled in the new course with the op- sition since 1921 when he retired from Cantle
peted to have no less than 80 athlet- consent to Cleveland delegates to the1 ening of the next fal term. The so his post of chairman of the cntra!
[[I SA MIS DEL a hetyot.Deorai ntonlcnvnio o sVoting In Campus present will probably be associated Prior to that he achieved eminence aseswl
N I 1T1 . have the strongest representation, the Thomas R. lBrannon, treasurer of the ! 'll~fi with the applied science division es- professor o psychology andI anthro- ' to be
1I N iCLA nI i IL SIICKschools and colleges throughout the Cuyahoga county Democratic eecu- B lo C e~ &tacois din two emrs ofu tebordit flof the lueriy anofaColoradd.nHe is c
middle wet also will he well rep- ive committee.{ will be set apart as a separate depart- io h nvriyo ooao l eive
resented, as will many of the Michti- -__________ In the heaviest (ay of voting sot munt. eeal recognized as one of th 1 as th
Wasinton D C. Fb.20.{B A fr i te efeenufar roiinio theringReferendumth bar moonistngis'ohibitionoray it
P)-nnoReublncm et rSenat aid Anloergnzones.ate telhlftes! i ADDRESS final count at the end of the dayj the innovation is expected to increase 1mose sic nuiaose.o onemo ary ewit
he has hoad transactions in Sinclair are :paid will be turned over to the BUHTOluN IWILL H RS showed that the dry bad continued to !-enrollment, and it may change, some- i-- ties w
'il stock furnished the one sensation Olympic fund. Michigan's Olymphic ](( r {(( ain on the modificatonists, wile what, the schools scholastic complex- ' nnaaaaiNn ur five e
today in the oil scandal, quota is $15,000. Most of this already F l t UT 1l000t mrg tary Ieadthewbodmdtalsoauthoried the es 11(111111 MIISIU NLIlthe'
Asslerting that there was no law has been raised.' _____ The actualfl.. figures II11###200 atrhecos.o]Tabhentrdaoautcobinedfive-year-! pmm i ari't hS
against one i i position buying and However, if Ann Arbor proves the huculfgrsa h coeo tbiheto obndfv-eri'has
oengetc, eto orEkishidhiuces'i.holItIntuliey President Marion L. Burton, wil ad-i balloting yesterday were, supporters course for women, leading to a home jUVfl yILUbRLropeths
wa prpsey ilin t g bfoe hethat no less thanr $30,000 =ill be turn dmles all first yea men o the Un-: of iht wines and beers 1552, of en-i economics degree and a trained
oil oimite allntll oall about ohis e vrt h udb i~a .A est tagnrlmeigt eforcemieat 1407, and of repeal 443. ;nurse's, certificate. The extra year -- tr
trnatosiUhssok hc e,'.: held at 7:30 o'clock next Tuesday The total numnbler of votes cast so far! will permit the students to receieve Dr. Richard M. Olin, health commlis- ing a
saidwer muh sallr, han hos in It s blieed te gine wil a- night in the Assembly hal of the is now 3372, local .officials annoutnc-1 nurses training in a Lansing hospital. sioner of Michigan, addressed mm et
ishesofeerlte compa ok nrcies rc tlat10Mcian athletes' Union. It will be the second time this ed. last night. The campus-booth will ' It also approved a six year Course for !hers of the Washtenawv County Medi- ' of 'th
Th ol omite toknore .gi from the University of Michigan. M. year that President Burton has ad- be continued today, it was said. 'students desiring to combine voter- cal society last night at the Union on'
tio o hs ubicstaemntbu mm-A. C.. Michigan State Normal college. { dressed a meeting of all freshmen. He "We believe that every member ofi inamy medicine with either agiclture the subject of ;prevention of poiter ' At
bers said unofficially that he would not the schools in the M I. A. A. and from h as not yet announced the subject of" the faclty and every man and woman orapidsinemn h sho hlrno h tt took
be invited to app ear excet at a public Detroit. !his talk. in the University has an opinion on- For the past few months Dr. Olin ha ; tens
esinadthe ate"tePomleio -- The meeting, which is to be, held this important question' said one of 'Santiago Chile. Feb. 20.-The ca--Ibeen conducting a state-wide goiter certa
of the audit of a number of brokerage"T71 under the auspices of tie Freshman' the men handling the ballot ye'ter- i'inet headed by the young Liberal, Jose canv~s. ;game
firms now in progress bo0th in Wash- Wil Lecture On ;Activities committee of the Union, will dlay, "andi we intend to give thema Mara, has resigned owing to difficultlet A general discussion by the society ' The
Ington and New York. g ~ ~, give" the men who enteed the Uni-; every possible opportunity to eprss in (ar'rying out the compromise be- followed Dr. Olin's proposal that all! sucht
~ e~ca~ lisoly.verity t te beinnig o thepreent t."tween the parties undemr which the cab- ;salt sold in the state should have a;cso
The senator'sverify tstatementin of revealetdt t
Tha i he senator whosntreeae ; semester their first opportunity tc - -- mt was formed on Jan. 31. definite iodine content for the prven- ficials
th aone ioth eg oiter.hoseem'eci o
apason the records of J. P. Benk-;' Dr. Nicholas Al. Alter, of the Miedi-,heat' President Burton speak. Quarterdeck, honorary naval engin-Linfgotr
and amd Co.. a New York stock broker- cal school will delivemr a series. of ' .dolowing the general meeting the cring society held a short businessj Coach George Little spoke last night' -f- uth
.age firm, which were presented to the weekly lectures on the "history of freshmen groups will hold their regu- meeting In room 302 of the Union i at a Father and Son banquet at Bell- n' CUi thinki
cmiteysedyiexctvss-Medicine" throughout the present lam' meeting's. At these, plans will be ast night. Vile. Fl'1h fU~il Idtfl jffl' condu'
cmmn eysera.neeutv e LLCL E semester, according to announcement madle for this semxester's activities andi IUIIUIUU tolera
made yesterdlay, afternoon. Dr. Alterj various athletic teams will be organ- f 1*(Tarnn nrr' ll great
ChiagotFe.of hiisam Gibbs will give the first of his lectures at lied. poz r o v S '. n'o a u ldf1 Vl n r~ j l elI
.,d o l n tFon u t pa t of h 7 :00 o'clock tonight in ti-e w est am -;__ __-_ ____ __-- -t os
ca p i n f r t e De o r tc p o i phitheat e of the M edical building , his - - -ThE
Appntiatioominationrdby rodiogheFan-usubjectpabearingnuponthdevelopientspoint. nompnation.nsy"rOnoFriday- subjictgberFngm'pon de2,latmthe inniveroit2,oatMichinian.sitcon- Twoelpapei'sA onetof thenceChemicalipoint.
noxnes and,1willhave a transmiitting tescece'fmeiin.7'Clse 7 ©i ht: 0ocok'a-ovoaino h n-vocation, elonf gs to.ra the ' est.academicRglainsI Rsirton ive btheosi
noneMedical -students and others inter-,C oe1 'lc.acnoaino teUi ib flf fagetUnversiy Prof. R. Gesell of the physiology de-te
eettnstaledrn hsnvistdecetnoI.atteeeddreDnvitdltoettn:s r.istWe gather foril b helainy-Tilrauitorsgatogrforeany urpsesto l parmdnSoanmtheothr1 "ome n-t
Angeles. lcue.Hssbet r xetd Ti ket applications for' the 1926 itm at whih Dr. Livingston Far-W official Relations with the Soviet" by
lectures.,__Hissubectsareexpected____p sure but never does, te niversity
to rove a valuable supplement toi Soph Prom will be0 given out fom' the rand, Pesident of Cornell university,moetuypsntiisralsec Prof. E. S. Brown of the poitical s c-
moretruy peset toitsrea as eonce department,nmade up the programn Chi
FAST 'WOMEN, some of the courses In medicine. last, time from 2 to 5 o'clock thxis, is to be the speaker.'' thuinu (vhen we thus meet under ac - of the Research club, which was hedI
1 afternoon at the booth in the lobby of For many years t has been custom- dmcasie.B hseetad atngti iehsooia ao
THESE CO-EDSthe-n--".Appoxiatey 20 appi ay for the University of Michigan to by~ our presence at them, we testifyfo
~ y ,,,Eations are still available, an equal observe Washington's Birthday with1 to our abiding interest in the purposes toy.Ca
H i'. I WA TH C OUNCIL 1)1) nmerI ' l be gvnPofessor Brown is exchanging here, Cm
T you lhda million. doas it ume aig araybengvnfitting exercises. A .tradition whichm for which our institution was stab- fo h oenetdprmn ftig
wgmil re '~' than Itkl-y1vworr'y 'out. '. began with the Law school has been lished and is maintained, namely, ,.s Qus

higanm will enter the 8t4
dship campaign which is b
:ed on among the greater col
nerica for the relief of Euro
nts who are on the verge of 01
n. The report made by Eg
shell, '241x, chairman of a c
3e of students investigating
bility of Michigan students ek
his drive was unanimously
0 by the Student councilf
e first move of the council tot
the campaign on the campus
ppointmenit of the investia
ittee to handle the e'xecul
of the drive The complete ct
oe with. additions which will h
e, of the drive is as follows: '.
1, '26L, chairman H. . Hoey,
aging Editor of The Daily, L
tf, '24, Business Manager of ',T .Lnh 2LFrsdn
Union, H. C. Clark, Presiden
tudent Christian association, B
Steger, '25, captain-elect l
all team, Helen J. Debride,j
:dent of the Women's ,League,
hy' Jeffrey, '24, Pesident of'
C. A.
All Students to Help,
ecommittee is to meet .today
the campaign whereby ei
igan student and faclty; m
nay have in op~ortunity' to"A
to to this fund. Up to the pf
ime what work that has 44010i
in in the drive, ere h, en
:ividuals and not b rthe tudi
ny Eastern'tcollegs 1hae a
:ed liberal sunma to fe uppor
lu'opean students. Harvard
ty hasUpledlged $,0'as ua'n
su m ; smith YColee g'
lief q udpo~dea'rWhen the'caCp
gd has weg iven $,00 and n
schools ave cbn~rbuted 'iml
somne'tases ix Eutrropean nivrt
it ha beenm foud" that tud4
't enough drothes toattend c
cept in shilfts. ,The deprela
rrency has-beon such that t1
At buy either foodi or clothii
Old Clotlies Wantted .-
deal with this situation old i
1 be collected among the tud
sent abroad "as well as mo
clothing will go through ther
channels of distributiomn as
e food which will be prcha
the nmoney collected. Kiteb
been established at the unive
vhich give the students mneals
vents each in American mones
ing the three yearsin i
tident Relief 'has 'been opera
s gypplied "to the studens ofj
more than 2a,000;000 "meal!
lost pen student and haiesdsh
nearly '50000(r arti~ls of c6
end 70000 books.Mchigan
will be able" to contibute AZIn
ese ways;'
Deplo'es Poor Spirt
the meeting last nigt the'cou
a definite stand' on what 1
d -"the, poor spirit 'shown b3
in few students at the baset
last Monday night."
zcouncil deplored the ,fact ,
a disapproval of the referee's
1should be exhibited that the
felt it necessary to call a bled
rl on the stands. The cou
r -wished to appeal to "ti
ing students, who hold such't
Ict by an unruly minority as
ble and unrepresentative of
mass of Michigan students
prevent any such reoccurance
razzing tactics."
zIndiana game was lost bay
A foul shot Was given'
ie's duce to the stan6 protes
-eferee's decision ehaps
he winning point of the ga.ne.&
inese College'
Seeks jTeache;
ton Christian C'llege of Kw
South China, hras set inCa
to the Burauof Annnntrn

.you to 'death. You are indeed
lucky in not even having to worry
albout securing a position, for the

u'nanmmous'y adopted the fav'-
orable r'eport of the committee
investigating the feasibility ofr
Michigan students cooperating in
the nation-wide Student Friend-
thi',n V',,nA awhinh ,ishainrn' noarr,-

Theappicaios my b file Ou , akn oer.by heUniersty a.
and left at the booth immediately af- wvhole, and eachx year we gather ont
ter obtaining them or they may be ' this occasion as one body, to conmem-;c
returned by mail addressed to the orate appropriately the first presi-
Soph. Prom, Main Desk, Michigan I' dent of our country and to listen to 1

edlucation and whatever has to do with
the pursuit of truth, and the develop-
ment of 'intelligent citizenship.
I beg, therefore, to express the hope
that at the Washington's Birthday

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