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May 27, 1924 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-05-27

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., . ,.

1001 w111nbe intedoanAp
Ii(1 = JcgFi; din c rLawr
ri~nc~i ffenrty lxha
.one oflUi2 iow studns I
y o wl egalelro
n le nth Lw
hal sat withtell emesait
ii fleorrofft La scool,
Lplicatn i ion f r.edrooms
r bluebok p laper and lsli c
n, uip onfpaae les i
1class. the home address,
selit Ann Arbor atddress .
I be reserved inl the dlinn
students now in the class
he literary° college who ar
in the six-year combIdnined
er's and law andl he:ne
sh_1an laws next year.
t was also:( estimiatedc by Dei
t the bwird for three mea;
111d not :exced sevel-Ido
-k, and ,would poal
s. Both the dnighal
idence will be(, equipped in
sible way and superior bra
ng; accommodations willk
eel, he siaid.
y' range from- four to five
veek. It is th1ough71t by De;~
t the final prices; will h(
at below the c°urrent pri4
A.nn Arbor at the present til
rot. C. 0. Davis, of the St
.cation, ihas been invitedl
to diepar.itment of pub lic iim
O .Iahotia to g tive a cseri.es.
uires bef ore the high sobh
am es to bheln.d in connect"
wchen; E'ol'ies of Oklaho:
reok Ia.,<v1 1d-on June 16, Adat
nd Taliquzialn on ,Junle 19.
will~~~~ dawihjnoan.
i ,chool problems.

Capt. ehmnn Davis Publishes New Book On
FEB ill Delive
FALZpein rR304ghSchool StudentPrbes
1 Th;<+alte 'Amer ican1 high school is i nIcldes the repo rts of the commnittees
(ia ~:2 comlposed o pececlynormlal boy, #and re(omndVations, statisticarl stzu- Prof. W.1
.' rIaniw ,.m1esan1sanda rds of cerediting; engineering
girs ., th j...urngeof an a list of the accredited secondary, the annual
,} tceets, ab1ilities n na~lI"tures that Chms!a
1 iiace ill; ,'e rot rfl' 1I5,00 copies of the, book will be }stop, Ontari{
adut it~en, i oe o te cncusinsprinted, about half of that number This body is
.~ fasmaysn u otev~u being off the press now, The pampli-(ing starting
hihsch2ools by: ro. C 0 Daiso the' let which sells for fifty cents is the A discussi
th La ...i.. .... ::',x'$4 ecocnd?;ry ed,,ucation dlepartmeznt andc first part of the reporzt, the second and sodium
arc t$ i :.. Iut.luijeinptonoftep-being printed1 in the fall and contain-WsenC
r . *. cedncaolte) 'tjuith:r m ing a complete membership list and held tomori
?r t. a. , Imeeingof he ort C tra a so~i- theproceedings of the annual meeting. has been in
i r : 1 c e s o l g e i ~ o d r w h ic h th e
rill The * . ('(1 C(1;,cagla<1t M:Ir(l.~ ~ r sodium snalp
del rlf.- #f Tc papi.-;ci dtdyProf. Dvi.RHAIj ~TO TIKE oraor e
1 i~ ISeo oteTcnIn ,.;re -_lfl ,U i 1l~Lre ao
t ,.:" ,ed, Iw1evre thart the miajo:'ity of stud( nts nnu OnF"~ a process fo
in the hcigh s:chools are Amecricans and lV~Il IIl R 'M
andr in-I Iborn 0of,'Aner"icans5,that to secure a' ( WL IE ITUI l iM,~ l
nteo-college nrepnarat1in or a laying peo-
for both ition in bu sines.s are' the dominant AnAbr iai emeswr
ci school and that the highest amblitionad 3jssed atthiz ' egular stir ekly
I ~l c~n of most of the students is to develop) luncheonyetra non tth'
he name, i nto good, sincere and capable indivi-Chmeofomrcin bJ.F
anid the , duals. Mtuch oif this summary is3 es- c cent at on
Placesz pecially noteworthy, states Prof. Davis e, frmr ctyheoecseagt
hal fr 41utai~~n test A. Lehrnii because it provides a refutation orney . Ier poke on "Proposed o h e
of I tA. Lehann, o the icharges mnade by many public speak- hlanges in Criminal Pr~ocedure,"> par- of the cool
of 195 Calt. Erest A Lehmnn, o theticiularly stressing the need for re- th esn
o enroll- Gra air force, is now on hris way ers, and certain types of newspapers I ~omo the ruyssee n aveon.
~onse n bckto Germany after having an- and magazines against the average i 'Leowvi . eIu seim , '6 h 5i
wilb angied for the delivery o the zeppel- chigheschool student, aaccusidng hlachmd0:
in /rt-3 .to the 'United Sae ,, a-selfishness, conceit, sordidness, la'U-chageefdte FeshAircamiatedBlec-e a
an ats crdnc wih he erailespeceness and idvularity. The question-I as chairm~an and spoke concerning the trimmtings).
da a (lay treaty. He will -pilot it to the Unzited ar o hc tesmmr a hs aii.TeFiaiscuAasare
lasaSae ih nAeia rwi ,. ned w ( afile oui b the diffe(,renzt sta- to furnish transportation for the boys
01ar tn wt a meiancewii -denfts ranonymousily.; to and from the camp, July 5 to 16.
1 uhgs.Amiong tire other conclusions reachi- Where I
Ctn d theed, based on the vote, were: that the I "imie the adtaker" sells anythingI
th etnin nTf hardest subiect in the curriculum is; quickly.-Adv.
oar( and IH nbV11 mthemattics and the eas.iest English,
be~~ tun,5I ~i md thatit f emost valtuable subj et is
do(lxlars ds C, hacussl,-ion and ?morecat(teTin G et L k
an Bae omkn d'acerhat pulsl ike More than 450 courses in History, English,
e sonme- Chicago, May 26.-Major Frederick to be i1e : responsiblility and t"ru~Zooy oe agaeEoois
cc leve1 Martin, lost 11 days in frigid Alask'a; it: to (leveloj) "personalil~y". and that are given by corresponidence. Learn how~
mre" and prevented from continuing theE the throe leading things that make a be applied on your college program. Catalc
round the world flight, will be feted Ilboy popular are athletic ability, schol_. furnished on request. Write today.
sn in Chicago and is expected to arrive r5ip, n a good appearan ce, an(,*!~nbr~tp
Here TusaonhswgtWahIthat the three tihings that make gilrls -I Gt t
ing)ton. A fleet of airplanes from Ran-' popular are appearance, good sports-95ELSAL
toul, Scanute field, which hie formerly According to the pumr e
commanded, is expected to meet as___mary___fe__
special train which will be proided -puils have conspicious health ail-
by the advenurer s club of Chicago, inents brit 40 percent of them do net;-
chool of more than 100 miles north of here. lect or abuse their bodies, late hours
by the SagitAv avrMjrMr being the chief cause of ill health or
3trctentin's mechanician will accompany nerbekon{u c e
of three him. fhat the mosti'egrettablel practice:i
r'con-.___________ among boys in the school is sniojcina'D n
inwith and that amiong il steueo
3 fth arx May Re Jjeinterred 'oI etg'. tat hem,'is theoIseand
r.a. London,-The Soviet delegation in daing eirusfActor tending to undI~er
at Dur- London has petitioned the British go-!I mine mcorals in the school is the :I.Che tstce te
on .Tune vernmaent' for 'permission to remove prese icc ofa few lowa minded indi-
Heis top- the body, of Karl Marx from Highi- I vidu'das, that a couirse in morals wold . eatr
A senior gate' Cemetery, 'where he was buried be)(' greatly appreciated b1y the major-
in 1883, to Moscow, for interment in ity of high schnoolpul.
Red Square, according to the Daily Amnong the other cntents of the'
Press. It is believed per mission can, book; is the offici al roserofthe.,-
S ('nly be given by the Mlarx family. se(dation;a proeedings: o'fLthe Coznlnis- p}
®oos "JmmsI oifihigherr'eductiCIo 1w iii-. Tuttle's Lu.
thrdae el ayhn;lds~mnedto~ ad r 338 Maynard St.
_ lquickly.- tadtarsll ant iga c redi ting an ~lis t;of a cnetlite(1 ,n
'Un1ie- [jstitutionls; proce'edings of the co,- ._________
lecture Patronize Daily Advertisers.=Adv. mnissioh on secondary edu;,cationr, %which

W L .BIT I N C UOL . B a d g e r o f t h e c h e m i c a l
department will, attend
convention of Canadian
tQueen's ninversity, King- .
io tomorrow and Thursday.
sholding a three day meet-
Sion and review of the saltI
Ssulphate resources of the
nadian Provinces is to be
tow and Professor B3adtg er
nvited to tell of the w ork
Uiniversity has done with'
hate in the evaporator lab-4
ratoiry here has worked out,
or its evaporation under the

direction of professor Badger, and is ' :_i1ilIll1llllHIIlIIIIIII 1111llfll1illlll~
the only plant thiat can handle the ~O IN A U
miaterial. It is used in the mann- OAI N A U
facture of paper find glass. - SAL
IP anerror, the Daily announced=
that J. D. Lindsay had been named j DOMBOORZAJIAN& CO.
as alternate for the debating team a E2 . --rt
class picked in the tryouts, Saturday!.t(1'?. ilef
morninig. This should have been Wen-;= CHICE~ COLLECI? TION OF
dell Lindsay, '25. BEAUtWV I' Ul('.S
IPatronize Daily Advertisers.-Adv. Rug~s Washed an d Repaired -
r; Pleas e Give i's A Visit -
612 E. Liberty
Youneed a = Phone °0011

V& asirerw.

Strawv Hats reduced 25 per
rt store right at the start
ason. Growing popularity
1and comfortable Panamaa
!.Bring your Panama in,
is Re-conditioned (Cleaned,
Ld Reblocked with all new,


j[~i~w~' 1'



417 Packard St.
.. I'. It. Stops at State


Lt Home-
iMathematics, Chemistry,
Philosophy, :Sociology, etc.,
f the credit they yield may
lg describing courses fully,

In a few days exams
Then you will want a
REAL fountain; pen-
one that holds plenty of
ink and that will be on
the job every second.
Buy it now so it will be
broken in.
$7.25 to $9.25
They last a life time
302 State St.

A new sport oxford' for
campus, links, court or
veranda! Soft tan buckskin
apron and side panels of
calfskin artfully combined
for servis and comfort -
John Ward Suppi Soles of
cruderubber -TheSeapuit,
and many other new
models, wil be- shown by ~
C. P. Lathrop at






121 u@ ce w Cr~ityJ


ans and



gls the tale


ns Lecturcwe~
Atomic Ph

ich Room
South of Majestic

'.D. Har)kiils (ofthle
Ch V Atgo __livened


,l'otograpus -of _Atomic Collisions"
The.. T;paration of Ioops"in
hiemisatry Am phithleatre at 4:15
day-. Profossor arka~.ns illus-
ih;s lct ure with < lnte.rn slidles,
possi)y an invention of C.
Wilson hichmakes possiible
akng of)hotocgraphls of atoms
onfa the r'ate of 12,000 mniles
F1irstf Run Pictures"

a Swcaters
~$3.59 to $6.50
-> i
8 Nickels Arcade"



. "
A V jt
lr .}

The smart sandal for summer
wear in town is black- pref-
erably patent leather. This
smartly patterned, youthfully
styled Walk-Over model,
with its famous Walk-Over
smooth fit and special anni-
versary quality, is priced low
enough to be an added con-
venience in every well dressed
woman's wardrobe.




ro' Q SUaM

11 S. Ilt-IN ST.

An anniversary
special, ini patent








othin g




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