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May 12, 1924 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-05-12

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to Camp Showsl
growth in Short TieI

Campus Leaders Conference



pr of the University of Mich- staying at the University during theI
sh Air Camp would go back summer months, anid O~ho would be
ar 1921. interested- in acting as leaders at thisy
~ed. for somne sort. of lnstltu- institution for one or two of the ses-s
:ake care of the unfortunate 1I is are asked to report to Mr. Rel- a
of the city of Detroit, and mnenn, at Lane Hall, where facts, con- l
[ng cities, was made appar- cerning costs and other necessary in-I1
tie~ officers of the Student Thfrmation will be available.c
iassocation by Lew is G. i -
IGin~ I'1921, anit is Ientirely LBOY PSYC'HOL G
its initiative that the institu- E
gowto take an the~ prepor- P. r an occasional new slant at boyt
Lt i has Mr Reia~IT hI psychology, no man could find better
these years been .ivgli his~ fie-lds than the Fresh Air camp offers.
an~d all of his time~ for tie !Oe leader at last year's. section tells !
iumer. periods to this campIthis incident:I<
payandhascreteda secal Snday, morning is church day at
tl~e Student Christian s55oci- rhip: Everybbge o hrhi
hiandle the camp and to~ tale iPnckney; {h Catho~lic boys being
the institution for the comingi taken by' Pinkney villagers in. automo-,;
its service. biles to and from the situ.. As tboey,
[rst camp was on the shore called in time for morning mass, the
Huron, and not~ more than. routine work was left to the other.
s from' Detroit were present,J boys, which caused' subdued miumb-.
aciliies at that' time were in- i ling. (There was a severe penalty
e for any larger attendanice. awaiting the grumbler at camp.) The,
ra special day was set aside Protestant-:boys are taken in the camp
Univrsty as a~ University ct' track to, church.
nF. resh Air Camp Tag~ Day, After the services were out the boys
ugh money was collected in returned to camp as they had left, the
nner to carry on and to ex- Catholic boys arriving first. As soon
e. camp to include 500 boys In.as the others arrived there arose the .
owng summer months. "chgff; that frequently occurs be-
led as a definite part 'of the k tween youngsters of different creeds.
n for 'funds is the sending of~ One of the remarks that tumbledC
ed booklets to, all alumni and forth from a long-silent kid was thi2 :
,ho might be' interested and in. "Why are there Catholic iddsan
ner ecansiderable outside sub- Protestant kids ?" And the answer!
ns are collected.' The Student camne from a little colored boy,' in all
in associationi also is able to seriousness: "just because Godt wants
ne finance to the grand total, Catholics and Protesta~.s."
as been found'that with all of 'Which may exemplify the opening
ources. of money the Student' statement.
n association' has 'been able to ____________________
everything; connected' with they \
on., and. has never contracted
concerning the camp which it {
n unable to Meet.

The annual Campus. Leaders con- l and talks by men prominent in their
ference, which for the past several field~s of endeavor are to be a special
year ha ben oganied nde th feature of the program. The purpose
aiuspices of the. Student Christian as- o hsisiuini omk o'il
sociation, and has been held at Cam pjoftiiniuinisomaepsbl
Birkett, Just north of here, will be a closer discussion and cooperationr
held this year at' the new Fresh Air ewnth vaiu grpsado
eam~p of thiatI organization, located at foste r cram pus activities by turning
Patterson Fake, accord'lng to ain an- cBthei i'o the correct channels.
nioulicement magde ,recently by Charles1 M oteor carsI are to be secured for
A. Sftevens, '26~; chliiap of the s'tu- 'lite trip, up -and .back, and 'the date
d ~n~ cmmit~d in ~ Ti~ r c t is . ay 18, one week from today.
rd elnent Baa nudepossible~ 'by the Thl':, date ws selected after today
in atonof Mr, LT,. eiann, I -A Kee~n previously chosen, as the'
.woas an officer of the association 'hs co11litiig arrangemints of other ac-
doni lete charge o6f the Frs Air tiv;,tios mutiae ,this date impossible.
cn '' Itiat:n s ' iave not as yet been
~l4dadet's fromw all blranches of stui- jc'toul1,] h~ugli the 'completed list
d1°nt activity. at the1i University are to iof inv I'het< ';a bean compiled by the
be present at tale annual discussion, 'ccinitt ce in charge.


othe proper paths they would not
the crimnals they are today?
Chat the w~ork of the Student Chris-
nassociation in the Fresh Air camp,
Ihave a tremendous effect upon
ssituation, and have the tendency
relieve the future generations of

the care for these people, and will
eventually help in lessening the
crimes of the nation?
!That by supporting the canmp in its
tag dlay you are hel ping in the Avork
of improving the general condition of

IF, you do know these 'things, It
should be a pleasure for you to sup-.
port the Fresh Air Camp to your utt-
most ability.
"Jimmie the adtaker" sells anything


Whitn ey


Saturday, May 17

.w . .

- I



E C±,

} } 4

TURTLE EXCHANGE Betore the camp v s acday old, there
was staged a mnatch between a 'snap-
Tlhe turtle,; slowest qu~adruped afloat,. per" (o about ten inches diameter and
is one of the cliie4. diversion of the! a little 'mapper about the size of ft
camp kid. Ever'y boy m kes a point docllar. After it wa~s all over, anid thic,
of collecting two or three turtles dur- ; GSo'n-Orto i~ ad died away (Which
ing his stay at camp, and one of the' was the newt dadv) some boy d'ragged=
boys. had fourteen at once. They be E up the race as mneat for conversation..,
came such a nuisance that. they had to! "A w," he said, "No wonder your°
be ordered into the lake. They had 'turtle won. lie's bigger than mIne."'
become the recognized medium of ex~ And it started all over,
change, and much dissention arose.___
They traded off. their duties with
turtles, and they counted their wealth D o You.k(ea12z 1
in the number. andl size of the discular'
O ,ne. of: tbhe clxief excitements c~fth' That th courts, the parochial>
camp is 'the turtle. race. When 1the G chools, the prisons, and- all otheri
sw im is over, the kids chase zip. t., state institutions, are filled with. un-
the -tent row and get their tuirtles, fortunate e who are the victinnsJ
from their hiding places'-, and race j of their own childhood?
11tin woile they, don their clothes. i That is, these Men had been guided




?ermanient Siteonated
il this year noting definite was
2As to the location Of the camp,
' was always a question in the
,of' the-leadrsI-as to just where]
ext summer's, camp.as to be
~LWth ths, arrangement' no
ie_ and lasting Improvements
ppssiblas' the buiding of
uent buldings and. of' otherwise
letmn.&such an institution in the
it should bef, would naturally'
impracticable when all was
to -be useless he fllowing su-
However, the Fresh Air 'Camp
'ortun ate this is, in Being ho
ent o-a donation of 70 acres of
st. camp site in Michigan, to be
for the exc uive purpose of a
air cam7p, and, to be under the
tine, management of the Student
tian association..
s land is located in the Patter-
ake. district, and consists of a
koded, strip of 60 ares ,:com-
y surr~iinded , with laks of all
"'&nd el dpted' for swimming,
Mrace of the land Is rolling, and
"emn s'Iray0alreadoY'been cofl
lfor thq billing of permanent
mss, iIn tre form of. a kitchen,'
ther needed buidings, while the
of' preparing the ground, and of
Wise' ggetting ,.it ready for the
ng:session,, in the early part of
is wll uaner ay, Several
is of. studnts under the -lader-
of Reimann, have been maln
l tripsto =tle camp, and have
wrkredat;puildin tae road,
laylg: out of the plots, and 10-
.the'tents. 4f'he arget number
041tme spent theSpring reces) a
amp,; and 'their Work hlas aeady
a # results' which are' thought to
tisfaotgry by those in 'charge.
G t p ~apaety Doubled,
lr. tlw completIon of the plans
he camp this yer the capacity
;he number of smmer terms to
Id wll be ,more than dubed, Ac-
t0 toDr, Reimaann, wh states
he expects to be ,able 'to handle
thanu151,0 children,, bth boys
jirls, during; the course of. the
tw oar 'three years. The camp
we dividod. into sessions of ten
'each, and students wh will e
ies H. Jaeger, member of the
G. of phYaiciaizts ,rand surgeon.
hlas proposed the development of
4al settlement composed of art-
craftsmen, and members of the
is professions. His idea would
have a' symnpsium of reined and
Yeducated families each co-
jng to culture and recreation.
ould have hs Utopia in some
"wooded section, not too far from
schools and near New York.
Jaeger's, own attitude toward
LIs best expressed in the fol-
Sstatement: "We shall be in the
~ of : the pioneers, of the six-
h: id& seventeenth centuries, in
hef'taih, colonies, ble tocreate a
unity, to translate .or dream
'bea tiful houses, curved
tghf ares, instead of haing to
t' hat our forbear plannied for
414 what ommrercialy_midd'
Msate men hae forced upon us.
iwho aJoin me will: be able to
ise sef-expression in home
Gn and will be assured of con-
lneighbors of lke Inclinations."



Lower Floor, $2.75, includes tax. Balcony, First fouir rows, $2.20; Second'
mainder $1.10. Enclose self-addressed envelope.

foul $1.65; , Re-




.+ S
_ , '
, . .

Now, bright days inducec one to lay aside
spring 'attire, and, to don &j svweater-sIhirt
costume for class and cam p~s nwear. If a
languid afternoon finds one carefree and~
happy in a stroll on the Boulevard or up
the river, there is no betier coslu me than
'that of skijrt anti sweater-.

Far and, away the most imp
port ant the-atricaIl event of~r
'the,- det ade!





You'll like 'the "feel" of your shirts when you put them on, freshly
laundered by White Swan. You'll. like their appearance, too.. Collars
spotless anmd unwrinkled; fronts fresh and white, sleeves soft and clean.
This weather especially calls for "good appearance" in your shirts..
Coats are often off. Warm days and sunshine. bring soft white shirts into
their own. '

Choose New Styles
for New Haunts
"'When in doubt, wear a sw,~eater, seems to be the rule'
among notably well dressed college womezi nowadays. The
Sweater is firmly established as an essential part of the
warm-weather wardrobe, and in some colorful, distinctively
cut, daintily patterned guise' or other, is seen at every imagin-
able gathering that is not distinctly formal._ You will find
here approved versions of the golf, slipover, sleeveless,
cricket and tuxedo styles.-

Very New
Quite in keeping with
the warmer' days are
the short (alnmost
sleeveless) sweaters
of silk and wool mix-,
ture and very light
weight wool at


laundries like White Swan launder your shirts and "clothes
There's less wear and tear, more thorough cleaning, more


You can't afford not to let them do it.



Send us your laundry this week:
salesmen will call for it-deliver it.

We'll guarantee to please you.


y4 If you prefer you inay save 10 per cent by bringing it to our new station
in the Press building.

". <
t ,.,:
- ? }
r ,!
- .

The Roshanara Pleated Skirt
Is-Fit Companion for Sweaters..
The Roshanara skirt 'with its fine plaiting was designed
especially for wear .With, the many~ sweaters that a college
- Woman include's in her tifardrobe& and among the new ones
will be found 'the very smartest. of skirts priced $7.95 to



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