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May 09, 1924 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-05-09

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In the case of the Navy department,! pair of flannel pants like the Cowles
~the investigation of the Teapot Dome I'wear which haven't arrived yet?
== nd, llied scandals has not been the Caligula
E only subject of publicity. There has i Just about enough, I should say.
been a great deal of criticism of the (AL6O' Mr. Jason Cowles
ay condition of the navy Itself. Such ! HLUN'
in experts as Admiral Goontz and Wil- f4HOT WINGS'
-liam B. Shearer, who has invented a Loigtruhhedysm i o ~ ALTcCDX~"
ial ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ C M U number of important naval appliances, o tg unw fndhi:j~ JA1k .JLI..U1
spay th4 the naivy is pxowhere near smtigfny efn hs
n the°° tpengt pF cr~bed xby.the Wash- AN AR3 ]LYAKR.-
lSe aixJon tore ce ;for the limitation III1OI
of naval ,armament. They say that -M B1.I XETDT O-~oTeEio:~
11,, kXT This article ; s ddressed to you,
the personnel is disorganized and in- LC
efficient, that it is overburdend wth I' MNEY FT1 AT baEAST FOUR the aerage mal s(4'dent in 'te Uni-
st cxiiers t fat theje lanipol, equip- TI TS Tversiy' of 1ibgan, the zmnain who
.i mti id ft4 bsj Mn.o IAND MAIL W ITH OWN ORDER. sings he " itirs' " and. the ="Maize
3imrtntlr'ofgrgtst" ships,'they s y,e not W'e debated long asto .hether this and Blu~e' in ta fervent manner al-
aty orcri 'gtosa;otin 0 ePsonie , nall plaantrybeinigpu, though ' he h n ev~rlearned tIhe last
Sty' ngagng a enem in attl. yxnus,by the officers of the Society. verse. -You ae. the one who basts
-All this criticism is to be welcomed. We finally decided,. that it was. just of Michigan's 'athletic superiority-
0Itogttbrn reut.Iiso-ia contribution, You are the erson who 'razzes the
a t ogt.obigrsls ti b team when it loses, or seeks to find
st, vious that until there Is another dis- {
e. armament conference our navy should S P 0OR T S an alibi. Moreover, the largest con-
-be kept up to the strength which was Once more the eyes of the sporting tribution tat yo , the average male
agred uon n te Wshigto traty wold ocu onAnnArbr. heystudent who is not weighed down by
agred uon n th Wahinton reay. orldfocs o AnnArbr. heyscholastic troubles or other serious
There could be no better time than do it just once a year-at the sea-caegiisavalo.
theprsen fr tiscriicsm o ro son of the annual Daily-Garg ball You are aware that Michigan has aI
out. A new secretary has just taken gm nafwdy h eotr takta rbteyuogtt
up the Naval portfolio, and promisesgae Inafwdyth rpoes
rr to give his department a shake-up. will be barging in from the New Pie aware of this fact. I saw you on
,t~ He promises to stop., the flow of oil York olteChcgIead the campus Monday morning bemoan-
scnaticese Wo fiiny . xmnr, the D Chricagoe, nding the fact that Michigan at present
scanalto ncrasetheeffciecy L l~amierthe'Dero~ Tiesanddid not have a track team of as high
the personnel, to bring about'a clqsei from the other great jounals of the
desk Bad' caliber as Illinois. Did it ever occur'
co-operation between 'the d" k d copiitryr. The ssociated 'Press 'man
el's mrals and the f~eet off~cers to save. has eIe~n onthe ground for 'a week, oyu htth ~ep~i4t.Io
ir , o this condition rests on you? D you
eli money-in-. other words to do just( Ann Arbor will swell overnight likeknwttouof sudtbdya
;ay whtteciisaeakn i ~ or little Shelby, Montana. fanksk SEVEN THOUSAN male students ;of.1111 II
tued in Ma he dniruetnofelthes e-a willbest. Popcorn stands will spring r 1 ordinary, good, healtil And lpyscal,
.tured xithediretio o th e~ up in swarris. Trents will be' pnt "u capacity,' the track team Mla been able;
vigilat, criics. Ito ~accprtnodae the crowds.' It 'wi. Ito draw only FIF TY-O NE candidtes 7
.c e the nuts. rD ot nwta ny:T
S. C. A. to care~ for freshmen' in Areadr the Dal has een induilg- D o nwta nyTIT-
-rasri1~ 1ng 'in secret , ratc I. awig THREi> of these "men are what mniht
eptdmlrbeads a "ai'headlix e atc. Flown he be called regular cnddates, men who
There will undoubtedly be a few¢ precedent f yars Managing 'Editor wr u eual? hsqeto
seniors who will be willing to place 'Hoey will mount the hill for the jour- as probably not interested you.
themselves under the same care at nealists, and he is expected Ito twirl Despite a scarcity of material Coach~
about the same time, if not a bit elegant ball, having starred in the Farrell has developed a team that
earlier. Intramural League since entering the,
Big ob Trrwho illprobably surpasses anything in the
University.BiBbTrwo ilI country, with the exception of Illinois
-WE GROW SLOWLY appear as the remaining half of the' and Stanford. It is remarkable t',at
Everyone is familiar with the pop'. Daily battery, was known in his hey- IMihigan 'is where she is' in track andI
tar argument that the easiest way i day in the Mint Iceague as "Tarr the I field athletics. Illinois has so large
snake a thing odious is to make it com- t Tiger," not only on account of hisI a squad that she occasionally has to
pulsory and those who are continually terrible temper, but also because of~ "cut" it. Coach Farrell has never
Iadvocating the abolition of allre his habit of never shaving for two ctamnfo i qa.Clfr
,ie raits uponI unversity Iltetsreve weesIe .A d 'mal{ gamy: T rr Js
en lse --~ of nia has a track team composed of
5e r' : po~umyt r~s ht:as~ ~~ le~e~~ athree hindred'and fifty en. Seen-
se they, are mxiw -#mature men and wo- Ide-rl sums t~e w-babbn hi .7"O
Imnan il -ek"adprue1 lat-,with Stanford last Saturday. Iowal
'c ih hnswtotaypaternalhiA 'k and Nebraska have more than' twvo
<Y ~eponary . hol supe visbon ?Muc Little-iy. as yitl frcjrtiahnrdmenn 4irsu.Wc-
sw sh ouig t6F to ball eve thak* i h~t h aly~'ti at "i sirn's squadn isfialmst five t tie as
Ijihersiity 't,1'AMichigan is read; oy t s '°s i -ttt lr tatq lia. rntn
r. such conditions, the facts are ~Ipe- man_..ad .hi8,, protege, CQggnablle will ar ath a t1 9n# body i two :yisnd
lessly against us i'Befordie lcan hope j{ rQ bytiper oeweebetween .has a .squad..that.. is .three. times a,.
to apprnoiinate fie 'tt of' ithe greatl first and third. Ramsay, a' shifty large as that at Michigan.
lngish and continental universitie, first sacker, is also being mentioned D7o you realize that track is the one
- we x i z F evilene. o an intelhj- as an h fi 1 pas fitlitya. Heais fast, sport in wlich a mat Heed not have
gent spirit which for the m:iost paat clever o nd4si lCN~ b-have etra rdiimmat'.jability in ret
seems absent herd ~ t Michigan. 11 as a first baseman that would be hardtoscedth on sprinwil
Th se.,ar s ae, .romto sueded, the na s ormatch.ch
Thes reark ar$ . romiedby ai t mach.previous experience has little effect?
consideration= ;Qtshe small stridlent The outfild ~4 11 be f lUy t~.aen care I ; fact, 'many ' of'"the greatest stars
interest in the hlr ! number of Ii- of by Da , w wles ant- Y{ ii er f all time' had "never competed he-
sal iversity 'ectures offered everyter.those sup *,5tIumen~ Rt~ h~fr hyc~u oclee
hie During ..the year now dra Wing 'fo a boys, easily the fastest on the whiole In- no ;ti there a greater
close, theUniversity and tthe Oratori- Daily squdHave" developed a team- chance for you. Track is individual.
te cal association have brought to 'Ann work in going after balls that should The test is results. There can be no
tefArbor nearly forty speakers, most of ' be home-runs that is truly remark- favoritism. If you cannot be a chain-
on 1 them of international eminence and able. Until you have seen them dash
plan, you may be a second or third
1-toether and form a pyramid against; place winner. If you cannot do that,
ntpublic. And yet the student bodly the fence,. with the agile Cowles atop you will be keeping yourself in good
with rare exceptions, has been utter- the heap, snatching at the bal six physical trim and can have a good
aly apathetic towards this itleta feet ov'ir the barrier, you haven't time in the competition of a god
hebaqe proffered them and many seen nothing. Those guys are just sport. What are you going to do
a- students probably graduate without IWnefl about this?
any knowledge that University lec- The Gargoyle camnp, as usual, is ARTHUR GRAES
_ tatres exist. Dr. Livngton Farrand, drowned in gloom. It is expected
1Robert Frost adBrrn usl that out of deference 'to tradition ____________________
11l jhave hiad lMarge audiences; but it fwas t Jones will, as a mere miatte. fon
aedevident that 'the facilty and town- toil a few innings on the hill for the
1o people in each case were almzost sole ly n r; erh~lainoj eie
resonibe fr hecrowded auditor- is so evide'n'towevei< eveni to' the
mum. n th othe han, suh disin- yes o hisown ohort, tht he illZI.D7i3~.1L

rguished visitors as Tr. R. A. ilhi- uindoubtedly be yanked after a couple'
kan, Gxrant Showermnan, Professor of frames, possibly to be replaced by , -~=-- u -'
Sorokine, Professor 'Ehrenfest, Pro- ILeathermuan, who is a little better, 11'T ERNATIONtI INIGIIT
i jfessor Charlier, Dr. H. G. Moulton but not much. Aliaiee h (Continued from Page 1)f
-iihave talked to mapy rows o empty4 most sanguine of the aye rooters
Aseats despite, the fact, that they were ' see but small hope of wresting the two Swiss songs, one a popular barl-
inwidely advertised and there was no coveted silver trophy from its hand-. lad, and the other a more classic numn-
ad isoihre T e O aoia s some pedestal in the Daily office this er from their own folk songs.j
sociation lectures which are offered year. Madame Nina Lapteva, a refugee
-at a nominal price are only slightly from Russia in 1923, will dance the
.emore popular and there againits OPUS 7; WAFFLE 3, Bar4mya from the famous "S-wan's
at te Uivesit menandwomn AMer practically a lifetime spent Lake" ballet. Until 1907 this dance
itwho patronize themr most heavily, in dropping my watch with, I may wsnvrpromdi ulc n
o is comparatively nwt this coun-
r The unavoidable conclusion of all i Say, small injury to the timepiece, I try. Madame Lapteva also directs, the
e_, this is that the University student have at last busted it. Gopak folk dance which forms the
It body is Intellectually dormant, an: It fell on the concrete and bounced next, number on the program. Thei
opinion which, however, most discern- three times, plop, plop, plop, like the dance, originating in the Unkraine,
ying observers can form without ex- lion. Bert. Russell's atoms. The cry- will be presented by four young Rus-
n I sian refugees who are now in Detroit. '
amiFollowingnc theon-omGopakal edancentatStefanrtuaP.
SminnfanttedancFatlon-wmpn- thealfelooutintct.cowortuate
sory lectures -Until the student "body I I thought. as I replaced the crystal, Kozakevich. Russian baritone, will

' y - -

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hours to 6:41i p. M'.
Express (making local stops): 9:60'
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.-i~ifildEi4iiC~ litmillII: II ~?IIlilI -Inddri111tnV
A \ } - S I
We do our best to mnake stur store- reflect a -spirit of
' friendliness. Doutless you'~ve bee'n in 'stores -where; an air
' of indri-feyence madelt you feel the owner- was interested only
in >ctn g your rmoney. . '. - -- '-
_We'll do eeyhn we cl Q. find : e~actly what you
x an.St)ck'; wi1 1i ansacked until- we 'have you- satisfied
Not a bit.
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Paz~tronize lDaily AKlv rtisem-s.-A 'lv" 1P'.roni 6 Dzday Advertl em'$-Adv.



THO'RSDAY, MAY 9, 1924
f~hlt Editor--EDGAR H. AILES
-- R~1,S-ER
prominent government offici
,e said that "democracy means nc
ng unless the people vote."- Tb
re philosophy applies to studen
itics-and it is impossible to vot
bout registering. The ,booths o
campus will be open today am
sorrow, for the 'purpose of enroll
:Michigan's voters. Every studen
luld see that his name in on tha
t is not thcese interested in th
Aidates personally, those 'of organ
Ifraternities and sororities, thos
o are active in the life of the can
whmo will be absent. It is tli
dated groups of students who wil
feit their opportunity to select t~i
lers of the campus next yeas
my an election has been swun;
the small independent, vote; th
.didate 'who receives this suppor
L factor to be reckoned with.
iscussion groups are great aids it
ging out the vote. National pol1
rate among the most popular sub
:s of debate on the campus. Wh,
include student politics also it
exclusive category? Althougl
laps not so important as the tradi
gal "sex, morality and religion" si
valent at every university, tb+
stion of student leadership is a
>t of absorbing interest. Whc
uld be president of the Union
ry Michigan man should help de
that to his own satisfaction, a
nid in the meantime, registratiai
,s are today and Friday. "On t(
nls" is a noular warcrv thes

S ' atrize Dl~aly Adivert1se r,,L.-Al
No. ;")2"-11W ig~tij Union
TH problem of pro-
vding cool dre-,sses
thekide inim -
wtimo if'bhas Sledi
' -the new models nowi
{ oWV stock. Core in and -
let us .,how you.
- "Evrythii~for lte
- ... l. u' I
4 'NiChelsArea de -
- ~Phone '-3R
Openi Saturday Evenlin s I
Menus hei
Foes up
m ore warn


... ......... -__ ._....,.,r...,, .,. i



can, of its own initiative, manifest1
______________ some interest in the things of. the
prim~ ~anes wich tartto- ind, all our boasted civilization amid
'wil b anthr ocason orliberal education is a sham and, a
ough and tumble-and a few delusion. The reception diccordeal
that without which no col- ! these famous men may be regarded as
is complete, Indeed not! a pretty accurate barometer, of the
_________________state of campus intelligence We have,
sprig hee i earestthein, one sense, experimented with edum-
th cation freed from the evil of coercion
pulr vcaton s aythng utnd found that the students are not
______________yet ready for such independence.
[JUITY FOR THE NAVY Until they can prove their fitness for
R the freedom they seek, their demands
isn't anything like a good f or it are simply laughable.

for the watch was still running.
Then, with a shudder, it stopped.
aI turned it upsidedown. It went.
I cautiously reversed it. It stopped.
I reverently. bore it to the jeweler,
a mighty- tm'an who ;inows the ways
and maeans of a watch's little inwards.
Well, he said, of course you can
see that the second hand is just about
as far off center as it can' be. Oh,
I muttered, I hadn't notiped that.
He tickled the hair spring. It fell out.
The uffgeblasen is broke, he said, that
right there will cost you two dollars
and a half. Oh, I said. He went on:

sing three +songs, Mtwo-of them Russian
and the othQr the famous "Two Grona-
diers" of Schumann.
Tickets for the performanece arle
on sale today at the State street
bookstores. and in the main corridor
of-the University library.
for Comedy Club will be held tomor-
row from three to five o'clock' and!
Saturday from nine to twelve-in the*I
auditorium of Newberry Hall. All
mentally and physically fit students#
of the university are eligible for

re chiange with the
As the ternperatute
wve serve more and
i-weather foods,. I.An
ature you'll enjoy


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