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February 15, 1924 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-02-15

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Cooley Acts as Toastniaster at Final1
Banquet; 500 Delegates
Attend Meet

Michigan Trophies Find Haven
Of Rest In Field House Home;

Michigan's athletic trophies gained Ifices where they were stored, and
through the past sixty years Iby her placed behind the glass of 21 show
teams in. all branches of collegiate. cases in the field house. These cases
sportsdom arc now being moved to( have been b~uilt into the walls in the
the Yost field house where thy will tw o corridors of the northern en-
be placed on display in glass show trances. They are in prominent po-
cases lining each side of the two northx sitions and show their precious con-
entrances.' tents to advantage to all passers by.
SAmong the awards representing Two track statuettes presented to
XII olverine triumphis on gridiron, dia- Coaich F rrel's men,' along with
mond and track are 3i footballs, 163 shields won last spring in three chain-
baseballs. 80 various pictures of for-I pionship meets will also be on dis-
mer Michigan teams, and 28 silk ban-y play in the entrance ways. These
ners. These were all takien, from trophies have been in Coach Yost's
Water'man gymnasium where they office for the past year.
have been stored year by year in Dr. With the Atheltic association set-
May's office through laek of other tied in the new field house Offices
space. [and the concrete evidence of a great


Milster Makes Two1.IAnnouncemuentsE
As to National Events and
Capial Levy

$620,000,000 ESTIMATED
Fills, Re pubican i, Predicts Majority
For Dentocrats 'isroughi Re.
i'iibicain Aid

"Every moan proved responsible forx' te eis fpsahetcgoyaeic isoy nary according to London, Feb. 24.-By AP) The Washington, Feb. 34--(By A.P.)-
an automobile accident should have hie which have been packedl away COl- IOfficials, the Yost field house can now govrnment in the House of Cocoons The fight over ,the tax bill centering
car impounded, at least for a period lotting dust.for years have been taken be truly called the home of Michigan r today was subjected to a. rapid fire of n the revision of income taxes today(
of sixty days, and If the accident re-; out. of the old Athletic association of- athletics. criticism and questions n every con- receIh loro h iup
sults in a fatality, the car should be I-ceeaable subjectomost ofewhich th
sold for the benefit of the estate of ~ TI~rIr T ~H _ ministers were inclinedl to parry. But General debate was begn on the I
the deceased," said George M. Graham L27I hntedbaecnlddtngtn measure which substantially carries'I
mittee of "Traffic. Planning and. Safety ( U LIIJ L I I l l Premier MacDnal's declaration of I elo udr nagm en e tr
of the National Automobile Chamber PlcyPewa ccpe flnwihutfleneMlo t,(elnaceetUo tsd-
of Commerce, in an address before the A kIIR[CgRg jj,,, 1 The Preier made two importati1
final banquet of the tenth annual High- L i I III~. statements, the first with respect to ijliheiafte anvndmets will be in or-;
way Engineering conference last nighti national events, when he declared con- der with the income tax section ex-
at the Union. M~~~~ophomore(lass Lea;ds jist 1114 ii 10; ('Cna.i For first D1ay She SSmall secutively that he wished to aoid ice oh ipsdo fewr~
This advancement, hie pointed out, is C JE>'sliaaieWih ake f Secoil Plate 3Margin Favorinig Present j any po1licy calculated to increase 'IuateIII TkFlr
the mot radical and far-reaching ever( onitiem akFlr il ieLw raet n httegvrmn
adoae yaygopontisu-____ was inquiring into the whle Prob- I \embers of the Ways and Means
jest, but he further stated that the{ NOTICE ABLE I)DECJIEA1SE OWN EAVY BALLOT INITIATES lemt with object of presenting the' comimittee, which framned the iea-
Chamber will do all in its power tc iA OPRI 111 ATYA 'IF1ST iF1EDT hl ftewxcniin nse
have this resolution passed as a law A (OPA !WTHLSTaUNVRdTYFEEDt he of the wrcontionsadrejcC locuidte lo-ody fe
on hta h onr a eetChirman Greene. of Iowa. had ex-
in eerystae i th Unon.'After the first day of voting in the ~ the idea of a capital levy it coul I
To Cndut Drve Twety-evenstuentsin he Natzioa College Referendum on Pro- not he enacted in the present con- j lained the general provisions of the
Mr. Graham. in his talk upon "Ed-i ary college received all A records for hibition at the University, a count of1 ditionsI bill, Represenitative Garer of Texas.
ucation, Punishment, and TCrafPfic Safe- the past semester, it was announced the ballots brought fin on the one The cay's proceedings broght cle anking Democrat of the committee
ty," outlined'many of the plans of the+!mi ic ulcto hwdtoevlpet nteqeto ftett Fills. Republican, New York. who Mr.
ioa let heCacllrGa x (,rner singled out as the spesa
mobile deathsfo i t econtr, al- ,il ohmr lsslaste in favor of retention of the existingFzna.eb.TeChclortt x-Gspes n
toughe e alhsointedoutrythalt- ith 1studensoTe class ea1st 2e istsatutes in the majority by a small cheqor Phillips Smowden, answer- of the "administration" opened the dC-'
thouh h alo pinte ou tht te wih 1 stdens. Te cassof 927mar gin, according to the local offic-Ling to ai question earlier, had stated i bate in speeches provoking many per-11
percent of the total fatalities is not came second with nine. Five seniors "I's in the referendum. that the committee of inquiry on thisi sonal exchanges.
nearly as large as the amount the ad- and three juniors received the "all A"' The offices of The 'Daily were flood- subject" would rapidly be confined to Mr. Fills, who is a staunch advocate
vertising- of them would seemt to in-' ed wit letters containing checkedI nine or ten men, but none of them of the Mellon tax rate, said he expect-
dicate. o. I baltswthntaorsrtd.th efr memlbers of Parliament, the belief,; ed.that "about 2O or 3 men elected i
Campaigns will be carried on T i e aemr tde t nemum was announced in this city. however, that when the names were j ;s Republicans," would join the Demo- !i
this list than the women, .h there ing- patdp noncdteywud euivra ci, "whzen the critical sections ofz
through the newspapers, both to die- I1 e and 10 women. Thrisan- Some were pse to the acks of os-anoce thywudbuivrlcas
cover the causes of most accidents and 1 ,~tals and nore than one voter brought! satisfactory, the Bill" were revealed and granted;
the education of he public, in order to tc a le dhise i h n m e s c oc n p r o . T e b ll t a -ta;h 'jn r y wl h n b h a
compared with the list of -"all A" stn- hscoc npro.Teblo ~-I--ta h mnrt ilte etena
prevent their. Special stress w ill bepasdal nte dtra pg n orit."
,ents fr the first semester of last ier al nteeioilpg n ffIlIiIfT fnun
placed on the education of childr enI"I s all readers have been urgedl by those T00h S I1luld Result i LOSS
halosae.year. Thirty-nine were on the a l nlin hewrAt xresthi U LI I UiIU He declared, however, that accord-!]
listlsatsthatdtime.i~rfrn t heokingoepofsstheipro-~.~I*i
The present campaign of the Amristattht im. pefrecebychckngon o te ro igto treasury estimates the Demo-
CcnAtmbl socainfm n hose who obtained onlyA grades poitions set 'forth and mailing the ririunii tax reduction plan wou~d result:
forin traffic regulations, over the na a6 t smserae ioaGbBek alot to the Editorial department of ----- in revenue of -62000,000 annually"
tioni, both for individual drivers and urs26, ayE5. Cooleyi '2, Hugh B. The Daily.In fraternity house ;Aaains an estimatedl surplus annually
in themovingof trafic bypoCopewa'7,n Cr R rafr,.'27 where the students outnumber the Students literally swarmed the Reg- 1under tepesent system of as togy$upre y h pa-1M-CpuCalR rwod,2 oiso000ita' ofc n niest al
er Fried S ice khf,'4,PiiszDw 27 n nme a initial one ballot, which should e; teiday to make changes in, elections., they would be charged with iesponsi- I
AppointDiretors L. Echhorn, '26, Frederic Sgndifulboeoftsdns. Such changes also may be made today bil ty if their pa a acceptedfo
Dean Mortimer E. Cooley, of'the Col- '2lover, Jr .'7 George J. ten rloor". Nanmes and initials are being request- at the same hours, 9 to 12 o'clock and raising suficent revenue to operte'
leges of Engineering and Architecture ii'24, larence C. 1-ostrup, 27, CarlP ed merely as a precaution against 2 to ,z o'clock. All those persons who tie government.1
was toastmraster for the evening, while Hbr'2,Nra B.Jhsn'25.(up'icate voting; no names will be ;have been forced to make cor ections Representative Garner charged the
the other speaker on the program ' Francis R. Line, '27, Elizabeth H, M- published without the consent of the in their schedule may do so today public ad never been given an o-i
J. R. Howard, president of the Nation- IMns 2,Guec veao 2,Li voters.wihu paying a fine. After today all! lzorufity to test the Democratic paln
a1 Transportation Institute, was un- A)itae,'6 Lwec rus The first actual figures on the vt- hoemaig eetoncages must proposing more normal income rate'
able to talk 'on 'account of illness. 1 27, Chester A. Rtay, '26, Paul C. ing will be given out tomorrow morn- pay a fine of $1. and higher surtaxes than the Mellon
A th buiesmeighlfo-Sampson, '2, Ruth Scherer, '26, RalphI ing.i All gades for last semester' were scee.cueo etniepoa
lowinzg the speech of Mr. Graham, the M . Schwartzberg, '27, Ivan -,Sm _____________mieBetrayfo h ieaycl anda." He also criticized the address1
:Board of Directors for the coning'2EvlnWSonred,'5Cal Ieenlshudbdlii'dtay I of President Coolidge at New Yorki
year o O EM was elected for the body of Mich- Whtehi,274.AexnerW tiOIVER I- Tuesday as "Unprecedented and h-:
igan Association of Road Commis- 1er, 2 P.nnn~ni nas~r iiugt ebr fCnrs"i
sioners and Engineers.. The following To l~lI~l~l~llmilB fhllII .I fh III its appal fort the public "to let Con-
weecoe:W .Lheengineer- 1Cram L'' ectureREUCONSTIRIfUCTIION jj gIEhIIIPhU UUI~tI'rss know its wishes on tax rede- '
ilngmana er ofMacomb county road On vuca Gardens RtioTjn." RO
commission, lat er named president for T7ill +____ D 111 TtlIDheensungoyer;rRoM. Hffma I__oyo,___anFeb.14.--___A)___
the nsung yar;R. M Hofma The wave of dissatisfaction and critic-
!airan of the road commission o Mr., Robert N. Crain of the (depart- isin which swept through financial Paris, Feb. 14-(13y A. P.)-Geneal; I
Manste, vce-resden; ~. W Co1meat of landscape arcitecture of lar- and newspaper circles here following Charles G. Dawes and his associates! The DayNe2u.s At
engnee-mhagr f te S. laij ard University will deliver a Univer- the annonuncemzent yesterday of thne;from the sub-commision which hia
'comissin, scretry-teasuer; sity lecture oni "011 Villa. Gardens of terms of the retinstrution lan float- been investigating te reparation te~ .ato
t. MoadsolchanrmankthMDltladu- j y"a 'lcktiilt nro ~i td in New York and London contin- question in Germany, arrived in Parisw
trodbadanFrn MhrrodAluimni Mmor~iial ball. T7he lectur'e ,uned unabated today. this evening.'
Las ni s ne f aln cocunt. wldelutaed wihhoex ilc Comment on the loan appearing in. General Dawes declined to make any; Harris commission made public ten'
Las ngh'smetig onluedth Itaken by Mr i. Crai in It aly. to-days issue of the newspapers was statement further than to remark that, tat ive figures on the cost of troduc
four-day conference of load comm is- During the sumnmer (Of 1923, Mr I more bitter in tone than on Wednes- I the Germans had answered fully all. ing wheat in the United States and
!Jllil fad len ineers here 'this week ,, , I-1 ,..,.. .

Daily Goes Madh
As Daugherty
Comes To Towni
F~veythn- as as quiet as usual i
IThe D~aily offices yesterday afternoon
I except the usual clicking of the. type
writers, the rushing around of the re
porters who were unting ailssl
(somne of thenm, at least)i for copy pa
per, the r'est, those clicking said type
Iwmiter:4, were gazing at the ceiling try
ing to get inspirations. This was th
situation before a certain event oc
cur'ed. The phlone rang! One of th
' men ifn the office calmly answered it
IThen everything was changed. "What's
that?" said this person, "you say At
torneyv-Geea aget si on
Thsreport was confirmed by th
voice at the other end of the line.
IAnd then the fun began! Report.
ers, even the upper staff members, be
gan to rush around the office. th
phones became busy-all for the pur-
pose of finding out if this rumor wa
true, and, if so, to locate this famous
figure's whereabouts. After much:
bustle, it was ascertained that he wa
stationed at the Union. The City Edi-
ii tor then acted. A reporter was sum-
moved and told, "Get a story from
Daugherty. Find out why he is here
and then put up the Tjea Pot Dome pro-
position and see if he will talk."
The Repoter Leaes
fThis reporter started out--losing
hardly a minute in, getting out of they
office, for it was "somre" chance to be'
able to interviews such a notable and
especially at a time when he is in the
nation's limelight-and as he "dashed"
down State street to the Union, he
made a futile effort to try, aid recall
Ewhat hie, had mead concerning this
ilTea Pot Dome scandal. Thoughts
were not unusually forthcoming, the
Teapot refusing to boil in this "fel-
! low's" head,
"Once at the Union, events piled up
one on another. The man at the desk
anxious to help this ambitious report-
er, told him that our Mr. Daugherty
was sitting, less than 15 feet away.
The reporter's heart beat an extra
beat-h-le was soon to talk with, the
Attor'ney-General of th' United States,
I-low fortunate he was in being able to
find) him right away! Then, getting up
courage, and, fixing his tie, the brave
reporter approached that well-known
personage he was to interview. Mr.!
Daugherty sat on a large comfortable
divan with a lady at his side
I beg your pardon," said the re-
porter, "buit, do you happen to be At-
torney-General Daugherty-" The an-
swer was in the affirmative. "Well, I
am from The Michigan Daily and I'
wonder if I might speak with you a!
few minutes." Mr. Daugherty cordial-f
ly replied that his 'interviewer might
be given that privilege.
T.hen, in an effort not to appear ner-
vous, the reporter continued, "Well,
ah--alh--, might I ask why you're
here." Mr Daugherty answered, say-;
ing that he was in Ann Arbor to go to
the University hospital for' a minor op-
era tion.

y TOWVARD *,00)0 1)]
(i'le lI1go )Publuishe' Caltled t
s Tells of $100000 Lon
Secretary Fall
e Washingt on, Feb. 14-(B.ty
}Out of another dlay of enligtet
vel opinent in the oil scandla
emerged tonight a definite d
_ation by the investigating comm
s go to the bottom of a rumo'
I$1,000,000 oil slush fund had Ib
a 'posited in Washington for d
tion am'ong men in high place
Intormiation reaching theco
was that the story had been V
;jest of discussion among New Y
anciers and that most its deta
been brought to Washington
Yokunm after he had talked
Wis In Van1
!Throughout the day's hearn
-A. Vanderlip, the New York'
?waited in vain in the hearin
to b~e called to the witness 6t
questioning regarding his ee
erence to the sale of Presidem
ing's Marion Star. Hie and oti
nesses on tie same subject
h!eard tomorrow.
The testimony, given dui;
lg session related largely.
message by which formerrseere
the Inteirior, Fall, put .i to 0
his leasing policy.
John C. Shaffer, publisher'
IChicago Post andI several -othe
Papers, tesified that all told
the same month he entered the'
et that he would leave it to Hnlar
Mri. Shaffer got one
share in the $1,00,000"Silic
companyl, the pioneer oil to4
connection with the deal andl,1
an advance agreement with F
promised him in adition 200
Teapot Dome.
Want To Probe I~uor
1In announcing a subpoenaf
McLean, who is in P'alm i Bea
a tor Walsh, Demiocrat, Mo tam
the committee desired too wa]
Publisher not only' to refetl
the rumor of tie $1,00,00 8.114
but also as to the -$100,000 w'i
said lie had loaned Mr. Fal
Which lie later' testified had al
turned to himt in uncashed hi+
Thme" subpoena was telegra'
Palnm Beach and Mr IMcLean
pected to cone to Washinton
a few days. When he was siml
I ix weeks ago, his "physicianin
the comnitte that, iis health
not permit him 'to come here a
ator Walsh took his statemeint
TIonight no service on the n
pocna had been returned.


Cram visitetl 70 )l910villa gardens' ofida .teqctostecmutehdask-
no t er elSionzs w ere held yesterday m orn- I'"th northerne o m it e adan d centr'al Italy amid iU adI' T he K okum an i'ecalled that both 1ed and in a m ost satisfactory m anner R d n n f e n o o m s i n r .E o e t a 0 p o o r p s o h n r e t n n h u c a t I d e h om t e il h l t i s e t
also whpoke atitimeebanquetiandoG.eCtinbdrecently borrowed funds in the 'ing in Paris on Monday next.
alsospoie a th banuet andG. with his lecture. The general designj New York marke at a lower interest
Dilliman, deputy state road comnmis-' and details of the gardlens are taken I ioeprsd. rate than Japan obtained.
1i50ir, p esid up, retand :Mi'. Cram relates historicatl -_____________TOflG
T)AtndB qetreferences in connection with the vii' r-n#
Speakers during the dlay were: C.'iouts gardlens,. H I DNE
C. Lattiner, Franklin county, Ohio 'iesd, includi n om1o5 teORviDEIElINasCOORDwiIlRST
engineer; Irving NV. Patterson, chief Slideomeof me ore han 15 villasIT
enigineer of the Rhode Island road lbeL used__
fmu frmastnpitobth 9H T IEboard; and V. H. Connell, engineering 11o fo tadon o SL.NEU IBE91
exctv ftePnslai tcc landscape architecture and history.,h l AR Lionel C;ocker of the public speak-
exeutveof-he ------- -~tut I-- (I;lig department has accepted an offer
hzighway department. Vienna, Feb. 14:---A woman aind four Baltimore. Mdi. Feb. 14-(By A.P.) -"etndhibyheplcseang
Itwsetmtdls ih yPo men-Germans--in a skiing tour in Ray Van Ormian, head coach of ath- Idprmn fteUiest fCb
A. H. Blancharcd, of the highw~ay en- dprmeto eIniversity o oa
the Stillreiner Alps, (despite wvarn-: leties at John Hopkins unvrst to- rado at Boulder, Cqlo., to conduct pubi
gienn eatet h ie tings, were buried under an avalanche,.a eidta tltshdbe lie speaking classes during the sum-
the cofrnefrteCleeo n~hewomazn's bodly has becen r'ecovered.i decla red ineligible because of low, erssinl
ineering, that more than 00 I sch-olastic standing.' Rob~emt'tGwinn. Coloreo'seson.hol il e
men registerediatthe conferenice and; cxc iy e.14-aza aiIsuhAtlantic cross country cham gin Color1and sumer sool.wille
attededspie ofthegaterins. ht icatic of te('lainizs Convention pion, is the only prominent athleteseioisdvde nttv prdsf
attendance at the bamnquet w~as held; diqafedhdclrdj ;
with the United Stfates a waits P'resi- hs laiidle(l{lmel five weeks each. Mr. Crocker will re-;
do┬źn t 15) ~s anylef tr lazn ,(len1t Obregon's return to thie' capital.I Coach Van Ormnan also announced turn to Michigan after~ the sunmmler
yesterday afternoon. Next year the tiamnlncl the withdrawal of the Hopkins Med- sc o lss
banquet will be scheduled for Wed- ________________ _______:icy team from the Wilcox A. A. game ________
nesday night, so that all may attend in1m New York Saturday was due to the+,-
1 ; illness of Roy D)orcas, which has Africans BFalk At
Paris, Feb. 14.-Air plane service is PLASTIC AGE forced him out of training.Pla uetbgibtwnToos,-FncC
_ _____ hjef's P e s r
and Dakar, South Africa, in April --
shoi'tening mail schedules by nine Il FI~R~~H~ll London, Feb. 14.-(13y AP)-Saboza,
idays. rEeiy intelligent man uitn UUILU (1 # 4I 1 UUU 1 } paramount chief'0ofSwaziland. the At-
Mocw e.1.Nra hsgvn ideals eventually becomes a cynic.'lAV TI~IDI rican potentate who visited England
MsoFb4- Norwayt i has given toh EnePlI Bll I lii LI 1iEI , Ilast year, occu~pied apalatiatl residence


Thme tax revision bill was taken tup Washlington, Feb. 14---(By A.
by. the House unider'. agreement to I In making pulhic a letter to Mdr.
chose" general debate by 4:00 p. in. ': idge time secretary of the Tre
Monday. Tfie Rep~orter Returns announced that Mfajor Wallace W~
_____"Well, as you might imagine, I'd ';y, of thme army engineering
Denial that he is a member Ku Klux, like to talk with you regarding this 'would take charge as acting dii
Klan was made in thme Senate by Sen- "Tea Pot Dome affair. I suppose that of the bureau of printing and em
atom' ileslin, Democrat, Alabama. You have just come from Washing- 11iEg immediately, relieving Le
ton." 'Hill, the director who came whe
Secretary Allen called a meeting of "Why, nmo," he drawled. "We didn't president ousted James L. Wilnel
the Debt funding commission for just conic from Washington. 'You see 27 other officials of the plant in
next Monday to considler future deal- I'mi-I'm A. B. Dougherty, attorney- iW.ilneth's resignation was ten
ings with debtor' nations. general of the state of Michigan, amid some weeks ago upon announce
Iwe just caime down from Lansing." - by the treasur'y of an intention
Chairman .Johnson called a meet-: The repor'ter fled, ' store the ousted emplloyees to
ing for tomorrow of the House Immi- ------ - -----_ places but acceptance was wi-
g ration committee to consider object- -tini i ntil his sulcces;or colt:(d be se]
ions of Secretar'y IHughes to the Pend- KW ~~ll Mr. M~ellon's letter to tihe pr'e
ing immigration bill. I IIUUIJ f Uifhl UIIIIII dealing with conditions in the b:
Natin wde pofieerig i bred 0 flhI~T AIIOMO I related to (details of the investi
was charged in a report of time peo-a $uuuu d on cdbychre tresrened


pie's legislature, submitted to Senat- a-
oi' LaFollette, Republican, Wisconsin. Berlin, Febi. 14.-(B~y All)---Soviet
Russia. is about to give auton'omyv to
Charges that there has been dupili- the German colonists on the Volga.
cation of government bonds were (Ie- , and will make the comumunity, which
nied by' Secretary' Mellon in a letteri' has already b~een organized by the
to President Coolidge. Wallace W. Vogemna ps fteSve
1Kirby was named head of the Bureau ; federation. Of the 800.000 German
of E aig and Printing, colonists still r'eportedl to lie alive in
'--- jRussia., Dr. Otto Fischer of H-amburg,
Confirmation of Silas H. Scr-awn, of? who is well acquainted with the con-
C'hicago to be a special government ditions in Russia, says at least 600,-
about satihesfyicasg was ithdrwwantsrejustret disress

? U.VA 1 U4Ut l~l~ltZ U i t:'.- C
Brewer. Most of these thes
sa d, concer~ned affairs of tht
-under pre~vious5 administration
hated to the late war issues of
secui'ities. But the treasury
I went back to sift over these
Mellon said,. andl added that tl
ury's records of guarding
fraud in the handling; of- the
ties 4'invites the fullest insi

the Soviet de'jum'e recognition.

about satisfying your wants, just

"ili iriili illy( Vii i vi1 t soWbot i

in thme Bt itisli capitalI andipaid fhis re -
spects to Ding George at Buckinghaim i

Reent JE.B,



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