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March 16, 1924 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-03-16

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in~ the Bulletin Ii7 iozaiructive notleto ail merukerssof
[te. Copy received b' try 4saitu~nI tutL(, 1 - rxt uxtil
(11:341a. im. Satiiz~

March Pith at S8'I. Il. in the histological Laboratory. The following papers
!vIll be presented:
'"P.our Mctlhods of Crimologic~Inquiry" by 'Professor A. F. Wood.'
"action between Colloids and Electrolytes" by Professor A. L. Ferguson.
The Conc:il will nmeet at 7:30 p.,im.
T. 11. Hildebranidt, Skretary.
UI vriyo icigi aii
Speciaul rehearsal todlay at 2 p. mn., Hill Auditorium. Concert today at
4 o'clo(-k. Full dress uniform, no capes. LUnlegs excused beforehand any
elan absent will be requested to turn in his uniform.
W1lliam V raul I;, ,Jr., :Manager.


house smoker
and Division

$ l ; D:AV, Mi. lt d5 4l1, 1921.

Nu1111wcr1.23 1

will be no conference of the IDeanm on _e~e~ ,M arch 1f. .l .lni
tWN~eneke., '22, of the General Electric Company, Sclieiiuctadyv, N.'
at the Michigan Union M7onday and Tiuesdayv, March 17 and 1s. to
seniors only, regarding the business training course oiffered by
al Electric Co. ('. 1. Rcebbiins.
'aceulty Neetiig:
eglrMarch meeting of the Litemary Fa cuity will be held Monday,
at 4 p. mn. in the west lecture room of the L'.brary, to consider
ing matters:
le special order relating to changes in the Forestry curriculum;
statement from Professor A. E. Wood concerning the training now
for social service workers. Arthtur G. Hall, Registrar.
Mtrd regular meeting of thec University Senate for the year 1923-
e held in Room C, Law Building, on the evening of Monday, March
of Business:
ection of one member of the Board in Control of Athletics.
{lection of three miemblers of the Board of Directors of the Michigan
Proposed amendments to the Constitution' of the Vnivcr:ity Coin-
toquetted report on the Functions of the Senate Council.
John 'W. Bradshaw, Secretary.
iley's, Classes:
e6hnt of iliiems, Professor Tilley wvill be unable to meet his class-
urther notice. C3. (Q= 1Vilgn,4.
ondyMarch 17th., there will b", a motion pictture :howiing the
aciltif~ia f the Westinghouse Company t 4 p,. m., Natural Scienace
R.All those itnteresed are invikteo )coicl. 1t, 1'. fang.
Chairman, Student Branch of A. 1. E. E.
WI. Chieey, Electrical ingineer of the :Ali-("'huliners l1lfg. Comn-
xaukee, Wisconsin will be in Room 274 Engineering Building on
td Tuesday, March 17 and 183 for the purpose of interviewing I.Lose
iterestefi in position on the Student's G radua te Course of his comn-
Joseph IL11. Vmiiion.,
eaklmg for Enin~beers:
Ilowinrg men will appear on the program forrfTuesd~ay, 7 :10 p. in'
Ropom 348 West Eng. Bldg-.: Byradley Ch;Idrian, and 'Ve.srs. Jad-
Myers, Palmer, Rich, S,'adlow ki, Swigert, Updeg;rafif, Dyni.
C. i. Schm~idt, Chairman of A,;enblies..
'Wednesday, Malirch 19, at I:i.1 Room 1 3173, N. S. Bildin .
Lois S.: Ehlers, Lewxis and (Clrk T:xpeditiosn, 180 4-iSUG.
13 . U 1)i Is.
(es imeo Tuesiday at eight in room I106 Ml. 1i rof.Sellar. w~ill
a and Science. 0. N. Boall, nm.

tseniol' .echniwai Efgineers:
Mr. Olds of the Westinghiouse Company will be in roomt 221 Monday the
17th and would like to interview all those. interested in work with this
cornpany. H. C. Anderson.
k ction of the Board in ('oitrol of Stuilent Pub Iica tts
The Board in Control of Student Publications met on Mlarch 7, to con-
sider the publication' of an indecentl-y suggestive advertisement, prepared by
the Clii 'Psi fraternity, which had appeared in a recent issue of The Michi-
gan .Daily.. Thomas B. Wheatley, who brought in the advertisement. F. L.
}Dunne, who received it for The .Daily, and Laurence Favrot, who, as busi-
ness manager, accepted it for publicaft,* e each called before the Board
I and examined. The Board found that neither Mr. Favrot nor Mr. Dunne
were guilty of any moral dereliction, but had committed a serious error in
1 judgment, and both men were therefore reprimanded by the Board.'
On March 15 the Board held another meeting at which were taken up
the cases of five men' employed on student publications, Ray A. Billing-
ton, Lisle A. Rose, Bernard G. Baetcke, Albert F. Koepeke, and Harold R.
Stone, who, participated in the editorial preparation of the "'Clarion", in-
tended for distribution at the, Union Fair. The Board had before it the find-
ings of fact made by the. Committee on- Discipline relative to the con-
nection of each\ of these, maen with the matter which appeared in that publi-
cation, and upon the basis of ;those findings voted that Messrs. Billington,
R"ore, Baeteke, and Koepcke, be at once rempoved from all connection:i with
tih e student. publications, and that Mr. Stone be .suspended from partiicipation
in student publication work. .-
Boaird in Control of Student Public'ations,
Akction of sena te Cornmtte$ on sItudent Affairs:
After an investigation of the circumstances, leading to the publication
of an ob ectioanable advertisement in the Michigan Daily the local chapter
of Clbii Psi fraternity 'was placed on probation for the remainder of the
semestor on account of its negligence in failing to prevent an action by its
Union Fair conjmittee detrimental to the best interest, of the IUnlveriity.
The Senate Comimittee on Studteent Arffairs.

9:30-- iveri-ty Henl', Bible class'
meets at Lane hall.
10:15-"Tue Plastic Age" )0il be dis-
cussed by the muinister, Congrega-
tional church.
12 :00- le iten open f o rum, (ongrega.
tional church.
j12:00-Suecial si ulerts' class tweets
at Lane hall.
3:01-ve lMolay Sojourners' club t
meets in room 306, Union.
4:1 --,aculty recital, 11M audllorini.'
: :30--Stridlents' 'hour, Conigregational!
6I:00-- Stu den ts' supper. Harris ball.,
j t:30-"Mlracles," a talk; by T. 31,,
Iden. Lane hall.
6 ;.30-les C. A. Brauer sleakis on
"A True Philosophy of Life," 420
West Liberty street.
6:30-OTleGospel According to Em.
erson." K._ 0. Myrick,' leader, Uni-
tarian parlors.
7:34-"Thie Daughter of the Dawn," a
motion picture, , Congregational'
12 :00t-Journal club luncheon, Unioni.
#4 ;3(,--Feshmen Girls' Glee club
meet in Barbour gymnasium.
S:0-Exli ange club dinner, rooms

Patronize Dailyv Advertisers.-Adv.

and your ,best ft
your fountain

U-NOTIC]" .1 6:4aarn.
Applications for tIckA,. to the iourth : 1:45 P. m.
annual military ball will be given JA H. l*ELLIOT
out Tuesday, Miar. 1$, from 2 to 5 Phone 926-M
o'clock, at the lobby of the Union.

Patronize Daily A

will find help in
time of need at

Rider's Pen Shop
302 te S t.

Home Of
the "N'asterPon"
All Mfakes

4 :30--fnhverslty Girls" Glee
meets at Barbour gymnasium.
12 :O-Barrlsters' lunch Union.
8:.00- Tiglits of Columbus


Patronize Daily Advertse s.-Ady'.;."


P~en and Ink Specialists

h. . ... .


1Action of UIiiversit~y('uniceo hili:
The matter of the advertisemeont of the Chi Psi booth. at the Union Fairi
jwhich appeared in The Mlichigan Daily of Margh G, having been referred to
1tle University Committee on Discipline, the Comimittee found that the adlver-
tisement was intentionally vulgar and indecent and that it was".written and
offered for publication by Thomas B. Wheatley. The Commnittee therefore
voted that Mr. Wheatley be suspended from the University, for the remain-
dier of the current semester. in regard to the responsibility. of Laurence
Tll. Favrot, a'ndl Eugene L. Duanne, the committee concurred in the finding
of the Board in Control of St~udent ,Publications and tooks no further action.
The Serrate Committee on Student Affairs, having Acted in respect to the
Clii 'si fraternity .a-s an or-gani'a-tion,. thc Committee too~k no action against
hiis niembers as individual. '" ' .
In respect to the' attelnpte~d luhlication of the Union (County Clarion, the
Cunmittee found that Ray. A.' iBilini~dor); i'ernard G'. ietcke, Harold R.
1Sit one, Lisle Rose, and Albert F. Koepeke were iresponsible foir the content
of the ,reading matter appearing therein and, that tht matter was hig11ly 01)-
jecio .:II lto r. r r i ltcn ih . c Com itee,'therefore, voted
tat Messrs. illng on zan 'Ropebe expelfie- rom'.e TIi crrs .v,; ?i t '
1%tte li e sus.penided indefinitely; that 1'r. Koepcle e he upemmdedl for the
remainder of the semester; and i that Mr. Stone be id iced on -probation in-

Featured by request for

Sunday dinner:.


young roast turkey with
tasty dressing and cran-
berry sauce. Special, 5.5c

UpIstairs, Nickels Arcade
-4licbigate Cq-f#tr
.144 Vast Liberty Street

Of- the Research Ctlub w11ill ehed on "We,61es

The s'ivteryif t omittee on DiscIplim e.
.1oll11 K:IT-lWite. Ch'dman.


.,.._ _. ,





TE f S
Ci 7 S
13 141 11
20 21 22
21 2 2

The Constitutional,.Development ,of, the University,. of Michigan.,.Some' Paternalistic
Principles 'and Practices
'Thie several acts of the legislature and thie (emu4titutional provisions for the gov~l-nmtent of ,tbe171i-.
versity ar "ereviewed in the lig-ht of political principles and lpractices. Thle vniversity is regarded ai a
pioneer in the niovenit for state institutions of higher learning and as showing. tFendlencies towardls
paternalistic prac'tices in the g;overnment of the Amlerican college and univerity. In the interest of
a~ more democraitic practice it is suggested that a part of the hoard of regents shod;. b elected by the
alumni, students and faculty <and that the deans and president should be chosen by the students and
faculties of the several schools and departmnents.


a D~ollar or More at Our
U~lass lWork in Clea ninig
and Rebloclhw,.
'ackar'd St. Phone 1 791
ire D. U. IL Stoll at State)






Bord of Arxnngh
4.W Wlould Gvil1 I V
3 Ehide Wn A Minti
(Chopin) Piano
2.00 Etude de o (ocrl
I7 .VhpyJDid Ihi
1 My vPsirS uer',s Fa

_ ,T~Jo h eCornzack
3ohn iMcCormack
) Solo Ignace Jan Paderewsk' I.
I (in I' Minor) (Lis;zt)
Ignace Jan Paderewa-.ki .;
'1hat Cirl -FxTo
Paul Whiteman and 1-lis Orchestra.~
Paul 'Whitemwanand Ilis OrchLestra -
me y- Medley of Irish Reels-
John J. Kimmnel
Greed-Aledley of Jigs--Patrick J1. Touhiey
,'ess--Fox'T'rot The NVirginian,1 =
eyed Papa -Fox Trot-Thec Virginians
4111 Pal HnyBr
Peeles ure
al y Rtoyal Didi nil
G lory Royal Ddnun -
aiji Wencldelil Ha ll =
Wendell 1-all j-
:tm Albe11rto Slvi.:
.11 Those Endearing 'Young ' (lurti s
Al,.- - i C- -I


Aces in Fashion~s H

The Maid on the

BnZQ Ile1anng givs
new freshne.ss 'neW'aif
to last spring's garments.
To any, garments!


44 1-HE cards speak true,'. cries
granld slam sand, "It's worth
the certainly_ look like Queens."
skillfully and successfully.

the Smart debutante as she eyes fashion's
a rubber" sings heir carefree dummy; "for~
And so Sprang Fashions play the gae

hi; .c
.., .


M11101, 1' Al hts
5c I've {ot a C rwo
Dal)ddy's I11.ond4cr
5c D~ays (of Yesterd
('allMe 1 oick.A;
4e Norine Maureen
A Ntoundiu' Lull,
.10 JRouncded 1711lii
Iit Looks Like R
c ('onfortin'OGul
Comte Back to:.
.00 IBeieve Me If AA


( olrlen T,-n is the snuartest
color for, Sports apparel.
Clioone Blue is' a brilliant3
blute thazt adds life and color
to much ,of the peasant em-
Almtond O,(Teekl is a. fashion
favorite for Spring informal
Frocks and Wraps,.

Hearts First
E~ven fashbion tricks are easy to take when you play
the ace of hearts in the Form of a Suit with a boy6
jac9ket.. --
Spades INext
Is a good rill- to follow if you .areof. , Tea-a n '
your spade is a Silk: frock with cicl~~i, ~~n?
down the front of the skirt.
Clubs Can't Be-Beat.
And who wvould want to try to beat an ace of clubs,
when it is such a atunning, three quarters length
WVra P.
Diamonds in the Lead

# Orienta~l ledl is a medium
' r~eed with a tingre of yellow
and follows the Chinese in-

And th-ey'll count up a great fashion score 'with a.
plaid top coat that has one of the new Scarf Col-

7 7pjlo


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