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February 17, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-02-17

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(Cuntkinued from Page One) 3
Moore, s t are Hoosier distance!
immer, who is credited with a 'vie-
v -over Benn(tt of 'WN,6oflit, ig.
t1 distance ch1amnpion, will not find
220' yard event 'A walkaway, for {
i;; opposed by i ubbam'd, 4state chxain-
n andilloldevr of te _Belle Isle swim,
ordl, while1.th e Scond Iodiria e;,21
whio lhas not' yet been tnmedt, h'i
e ]7apengnith. whIo, 0though not i
lost or ccfldilionf1or thle long e~oin!.,
tilro 1t) Aive a good zic-cout of himn-1


Leads From


CAPTAIN _S T 1 AItrIV 1 4'eNot wser--l- auln o
IN IVRACE I I($ ill it ;OIpose i3tl~ Igr! in Ie(-
jUrbana, Fiala. 1G.--Basoehall practiee
is ill full swinl lihere at Illinobis, prae- X } (iii'iN1"; HOLD IIt V IOUs
ticte 5C5ssiofl being liefil In the Ilii WI N OVE'I' ON IGIIrFSt FOE.
nIoin Armory every afternoon unllder'_
th.le in:A rucetion of Coa ch l iln(,un- COilch Matliel 'and l'i squad of coillt
'. 4i'en. Th are i,-more thanr 50 rok- "en left last night fot- Evan At.nwhere
ies 1 iniber ill upth leir mulscles in the tonight they f'ace the last. Northwest -
kdai ly 1pitchinig, batting 'and fielding f?" bask~letbaf~ll ujii intel ii their next l[ii
' pr..ot icnI II reipa rat ion fornt'll var "ecnet
-4uty senson 'nd 90 fresh Th Wlvrins ncui'tgd V(' Ili
read y for the out door s( ascl undier :Te"C leie n~;l~ rloe h
C oach Bull lngwel'8en.. ciii 000W o1 the \\iseolusin Itilt"arc'(de-_
' Ae4r Tiryd Tt le 4: ermnined to give the lPurpe aggregn-
Alithough Ithe scholastic Iban nmay ion ,,, fight. for t1(; gamle tonlight.
!wreck some of' 1I h il~i's lbest hopes, Ma ~lther's le "1111is 1in a s11011 SvIY iip-
l1w t eamn on the whole should( he a jPled 'ondihtion. The lo s;oft'1wo r og-
goo ne 1- iain2. The (in gv' andI tlaer forwards hati put. a severoe r1imy }I
j1 lue: s<~pld h11N'taken11thewwestern in lhe MAlize and Blue? tile hollpes Ibi -
conferencee chiaunn)filnshlipl'or two soa- ; the squaId is not. yet ready to Idm it
son ini a: 'ow, hlut realizes i he tough 1go- !that it is glilt of1th1ralieni 0Olt irely.

REFC O RDS )i ~il' hr illuftli ty Clague 021
af l rkiv il ightby the scotre
______________________________________ 1;-a Ii'l14. Sigma N\ii de ;feted Bta{Theta
1n foothall Michigan has5 won al- ;ii 22-17. i'oilr 1tums now rcmftfisl fo-
- ry c ~ ~~nfmc! mrtv f rt '~~i' a the sei-Cll'"inalsi.

,,, ila a




gaiesasshe has lost. In all the
MNaize and .Blue has lost fust 22 en-
! cclnt ers while her winning cohnotiln
shows a.total of 62 v ic'tims.
"Michigan hass wall five tennis "meets
f'romn Oh io State during Varsity ;coin-
ot itioll in t hat. spor't. She has not. yet
j)(Nethbeoiteln by that school.,

Breaust Slr(etF4,14'
orhaps the miost thr-illing race of
;f)I ol-on l 1 h l tt 00 ard
i t stroke, ]Flebt~i of Indiana o>ppos,
11ydh2and MA] el iner of Michigan..
wr will fund no easy going agaitt
zo two Wvolve-rnes:. Wer-e 41yde inl
best of condition there' would ho'
e- doubt; of the outcome for the
higan tman's hws4,t tivaefar eclips"es
best knio'Wii 1mar1k Of t110 1Hoosir
hu t wr in the Medir~lcal ~eho
kept Hlyd f ' ~tro e itlar prac tticti
lihe will not bo ni, to top Xi).ch
lltidn or I r0.16Event.
leiziner,.too; must -be reekomiedi


r ke anm
r0!il A is t Wolverinie ha skiethai mdan
Nvilb)lib id-,down one or ta1 leten~e
ji ii fl iili the game 6at. Evarl"ai f1o- I
nligh'.lab tween Atichuh┬▒;ii and No -ili-
Prof2. 11. aI!. hRandaill to Resl tatty IWork

(C:h-ago is the ontly school ill the
f Big' Ton illat ha llo more than hbalf
as many football gaines tifrom Michi-
"S'al a s she has been b:eaten by the
.Wolverines. Since 5()01 \Michigan haIs
dleiel faldC(hicango 11 timles, While she
hats lost to the Midway school seven
c a c'Ainter1s. All thei otiher schools have
losi4 miore than twice'Is many games tito
11i ihiga n than I they halve Nwon from~i
Clot So0t11)(rs ?A"Diy
thim ily ivwill find it.---.Ad1V.

T.hree gUC'wore Jlhayed inItie iile
round orof te Society leage Turs
layii t-. The e 'Sili: s1 ct ro i is2
ad ich i~; in Union {}; Architectuit l o-
('etl y2, Interstate 0; l)etroit jiuniol.
clge25, Sealy and BlIade 11l
rplhr only game played in the C'liiirch
lea gu a i'resa it ed in a 9-,s win for' t ho
Lutherans over' the Methodists.
STheoint erclass tolunamenti i 15i'reach-*.
- edt ho final roun d. P articipants in=
tho chnip iiionlship game will he the
juior onCigineeri', whIo(defea:tedthe
soph cn ore lit s, 2-1-1 9, and ilsthe snio r
'miginc ers, who de'feated the Ires4h11an
on-ginieors, 2,--12.
Is ~ : wiu)i a spslendrid steal andt
fish Siupper every evening, $1.25.---

ing it will have this seasn 111 order.
to nIl~e oit three straight. '-
e ~lc. on(Ihern 'u bealtour will he-
Y gin this y'/(xSil Mar'ch 29, the team
lrit urning l from the diamonds in Ala-1
ihtllrt, "lisissijipi Gi an Loisiana tabout:f
GApr il7. ''hen ll1er nlrtvs here just

C'oaclh MatIher ha4 not decidled ca. lipis7
olleilin ue-up lor inIle 1ga=e t onirgh 1'
but, it is probable that the s.amcen t n
wholl opened against, the l adgers will
start aga-inst Nor i wes<teri . (C'aptitnl
E hly will of(cour1s e he pat the oni e.r
I ositiolnd ('c Cappon and fPer will{

' (t -~Prvjls to the cal) -ing 0f'.1ithE [giia ~

il1.' Ile is 1-illzming is -first race k Ten sea son.w
r Miffhigan and nothing is known of -- 'Fai.UlfrS15k'fu
is strength in arctua l competition, brt I ~ Regular mourndsannfromi last Nea-
i vicest re orded time is hit a rtae- Ir (~'aa Eir h'rl l1' Ison s champlion shipr team are Eddie 11.
[oil of a secondl slower that that made i - -"wor .4 nt ftefatet 1lrkr ,1 oet;r Sowalw
:the Nothweste'rn-India n meet.: and h"wo1 11 rtefsetcent-I akr adlie Ryoh r, 'toteah l w
ers exetdC~Michigan ha..., .ever ahad wvlhl reiIJackson adLw orIeohrf
,Mcia s0xetdt do far better against ' emfo h arrrth oiin115 candidfit ei still being in the rook- hi
leber. Manson:, Michigan's third c cas ion hr W .Ca-
reast stroke star, will not be used in the Northwestern game tonight. i ls.AogteeW .(rw
~alstfh~Hosirsbengsavd orford, Ilhini sophlomore, and Lefty 0)'- o
gains the loosers, eingsavelt(' onner and I..efty Wierin an are thei in
he meet with Northwestern at Evans- 1Handlal1 'J'ourliwy Enties 1 pent I leader, s end 1l0on1 to he among the 19
)rt onl Monday night.r More than 20 teamrs are expected to Vllhini veterans b)y mid-season. 11. Ii
Michigan's hopes in thae plusngo for en'tei the All-camlpus hanudball double e=- Corrie, Ti:. ┬░'. TIukey, Willis B~aur, Rod- d
istance rest 021 tho shoulders of but totirntunent, the entries of which will ney 'Sehw, ger, P. L. Pfeiffer and R.I1 W
ne0 man, IKearns. To beat the two close at 4 o'clock, next- Wedlnesday atf- IH. Blakely are the best twirlers qi; I
udianau cracks, Clark and Bradt, he ternoon. 'the second string crew.
'lst do better than lie has ever (lone Teenrshehabenotd uslewart at Shor't
nor et r of he habenballdoY
efore, providedl the Ilooxlerv live UPt the rotrforo iela'bl courts Captain Natal Stewart is htat! it to
their previous r'ecords. 'The i neig- in Waterman gynunasiun andt will re'- short stop, getting the hot hoppers TI
tyorJhn ande Dewey leha left'I- )nail) there until thme (closing of thej with the same old form, wvhile J. ~wv
Ott, oter thanKearnsthe on1y rT- entries. Silver cups will he given to 1apnyisbngdvledit:i
iinfg plunger on the squad. . Be-' the nieribrs of tihe winning team, anc' S first class initial sack ,artist. to take in1
ansc Elliott could not, hope to equal a strong light Js looked for as mnany ' the p~lace oL Hank McCurdy. Basket- ton
hIofatst m arks of the two Iioogie s he of the rininer-ups anid chami ons10 of5 lball captain Swede 1H ellstrom will be l1biil n t c ip te bu wll ak h s fo m r t r ari n s a e sil i , I :d pe o (ov r s 6 n h n fiei i
urn agaiin,Northxveterur on ?Monday, school and -will liartlcipatO. cagoe seaswn ends, and Dutch Durant 11
- litdiaana J)Diver s tro"ng --ilt problaably Iold dowvn the third
I IItAIP) tl 13tA~i 0,11'Oi 'flhT 3 lPi i h~a od lu(base, position. Otto Vogel, outtielder
lolling aiml Tounson, anud against the:;i.iiIl I- ; teanrd star at thle bat,. And D oe Dougher- t
rill be pitted -lPaponguath amnd _Mlilduetr. -1mes0teoJC p ty,I hard-hitting backstop, willlboth' -S.
lie two :Michigan. divers are evenly :re f be hl 1~dW~tC'10in, good trimr when time seapona op- si'
atched, but what they can do again (lance last niglit at t he Packard dance; ensI out-of-dobtr.
indiana i is problematical . (0gj hall. CThaperon,3 for the dance were: 1- - - - -
T~he relay, wYhich wecill -open. tlet list Mr. RobertA.C pel ani r. , Tpwriters for sale or rent:. Rea-1
f~ events, should lhe asprint o inens Camphlla1,E1Dr.ILR. F. Curtis, and Mr. Isonable rates. S. A. lkoran, Room
iterestt. lInditana was locel at 1:2 0- Lloyd T. Thatchelr. 'lhle Booth or 2nd floor, 1.11 N. University.- _' dV- I
wr the 10 yard distance yesterday etifrihdthIlU(.- - - - - - --
fteroon, butt time 1-oosiers were obvi-E If it's worth advertising at ,?ll. it'
lsts not' swiminalig upa to form ;rn Patronize Daily advertisers.--Adv. worth advertising in the nal.-Adiv.
re expectedl to do far better against
lie Wolverines. To beat even. the 1:206 C11111111I 111111111111111111111111111it111111i1N111,
arkc the Maize and Blue men *ill
ave . to average slightly under* 21:3,1 P=-I
ay be very hard for thme inexpei'i SATURDAY SPECIALS I
aeed Wolverines to keep up, with time 1
ificu lties of the starts an ti tu rn s to ur n n . I o h o s e s o s n ' " (
ter( Ahband ,Capt. Churehnman, W 1171E OXFORD HIRT
ill swim. while the Wolverine quartet
'pubbard, andl Hyde, Smith, aend Searle. -
-The mleet will' start promptly at,, "
:15 'o'clo ck and1-a capacity crowd Is'~_____
uxpected to ho on' hand to give the r
v fvim csa wl-f nterBi el $ .0artain iraiser. The pool will be wall- ALL $150 FOULARD FI~%
( with canvas to prevent water Aim~
rIlIashing on the spectators. Advance each
redictions are that the meet will bej1
otfly contested fromn start to finish, jam._ _____ _________~ -__
icoyi h ea ;vngvtcr.u n ege vthat will he hard to overcomle.!
lSopTook, arnd Laba. Supplies ,at 0L A I D S 0 N
ahilr'S Uiversyi B ooks;tore.----tv.
- 224 S. State Street
Dtawihg i tstiarents. Some s 1=ad
et .3t a b.t at at bargaines, atl111111t111 WahI it1111 11111{ 1111111111 1111111 1111 111111111..

- he c:arc of the (dtle}4so job;;. 1 I~ke PFrof. 1larrlison XAf. tau~da I, of thle
ho has 4replaced XMi]ller on Itie Iirist lhysn's dellarne 11t ho I1as, been ill
re N1 ill lie seen at one forward an111tit s i4.ie ii e Weisilay, ox-
'iper who has been subtstitt ihug hforpets to meet his classes ilga in t1tic
kiggerly during the latter's illness first orfmnett wee.ii'. r\\'ihhiais 1has-
ill play the othei' forwarud position if le ubu tiiligfori,'rofe('sori' I ht d-
Iaggerty is not in ('0ondit ion to take -al
is regular place on thme team.
Michigan already has 0210 victory
ever thme Purple having (defeated them
n Wauterman gymnasium. some time
go. From Evanston time Wolverines
ill journey to' Madison Wher e IMon-
ay night they play a return game with
)hinroit TC'Ills1Bu1y3' Toalith' THE
Fouir University of' Chicago athletic I ORIGINAL
eams are to be seen in,, etion lnighIt. IW116E:_'gy.
he wrestlers meet P'nrhie at, the Nfid-E' .f-1
ay. Coach Fatrrell's Vatrsity track G R E
'aml meets the Maroon t eamn in a ,dual I Two grips, boll the
sock more eenysit
fleet. 'hh 1)slet 1)511 team platys a 1r'-' nesniy, avid addnto you
rnm gamue with 01110 State at (hottni- conl'ort and freedorn of "'Z.2"C rf'"
.Nm anateccrongim~stertii Thgarter is t6! vogue among youngj
cets the MIilxvwaukee At hletic club a:it he, in sitr k- grit, and tit. E. XZ. I2 riul.
ai-d the E. 2. Sport (iartcr.
ilwankilee. - Maide tiolely by Tba T~jos P. Ta~ylor
Co.,, B dtlymort. Carttm.
Good typewriter. , various makes,; Fetured bly -Leading tudenlt
or- sale or rent. Reasonable rates. jipj~ S~l~~i.; ttuins
A. Moran, Room 2, I11 N. Univer- 1
ity.--Adv. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

r ' r ,
, t:
Y: :
-, .
' , , . ,. 1HOi

Sp ring Oxfords
Impor ted toathers in smiooth and'
grained finish. All sizes carried in
stock, fen to thirteen dollars.
,o Men?- , ' Siflce 1K4&4,








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