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January 12, 1923 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-01-12

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MimIJ~~p es Vodvil UOMIFamous Engineer
T I, ournamnent Cup L ?May Be Chosen


00. Si",te B1" P'r e. EFted in
I"raFern vi'ai ll

I be

AUIENCE O )DE' Dfl lt.Rv;
appearin Ithe frateritylcompetton,
for 'thee Mimces Draniat cc(up toigt
anti tomorrow nigi t t the Mime
theater, resulted in eight of the bs,
gkits kbeing sele ced for pr)e 5enktaLionf.
These acts gill be Irt on by un.-
hber, the aud~enes on both igts
votng for the wiker.
The acts accepted iielude skits and
"musical Rcs of ,several varieies. Both
the actocrs =and °the writers oft the
skits are ii:embers of the fraternities
entering the act. Some new mate-
rial for female ipersonat ions will
appear and the singing will be one
byseveral nowew TI, in some cases,
with exceptionally god voices. In
some of the skits, clevr pots sae in-
troduteed; but, the burlesque of fai -
*iliar scenes andl acts redomintes.
In voting each memiber of te audi-
ence will= write the number of' thle
at he favors for the prize on te
hack of his set stubh and drop it in
the box at the door. Both men and
Wom71en may vote o11t e aeol
Ad~ience to Vote
The act receiving the highest nor.-,
lint of votes from oth auidieces will
be awarded the Mhrnes' trophy. it Is
planne to make this otrnmet a
yearly aaffir to buring out latent dra-
matic talent on the campuis.
' All seats for both lperfoiinc!les
'wrill be reserved and tickets will go
on ssale at 10 o'clock this morning at
the Mimces theater Both men. and
women will be admitted The admis-1
sion charge will be 3:> cents.
"SX')Vho Pats ',s hile te .etils
Boi" a d "The Exchange", to Shflabrt
one act plays, will be g;ivenz at S
o'clock this evenng in the audi~orium
of U1niversity hal by the memabrs of'
the clases in p5lay, prouction of the
piilblic s'ieacng deprt mnt. Tliio two
Plays will be infocrmlly presentod by
w'onwn who are taking the course.
They 'w'1 be free to the publi.
+On Tuesday of next week the frrst
two/af a series'of three plays will be
presented by these classes. "ue -
ically Speaking", a short curt;c.n ras-
er, and "The 1Perfct Cre" will be
enacted. Onl 'tbirsdy hal e-
Spearo's "Mutch Ado About Nothing"
will be0ilTOsefted. eserve lsat
an&l general admission tickts for
\thhese two 'performances are now on
salv at Wahr's book store.
College mnen, having training in bu-
ihess' adpiinistration or ecoi1 onics,
are',wantedl to fill openns which oc-
cutr froin time to time in the bondl de-
partmnent of Paine, Webber and Co.,
Chicago branch, as announced by Mr.
IL P. Hayden' who is \Vestei'n inc~nna-
er of the bond department.
Applicants who have had bus mn ess
'selling expericelc and who a r :kc-
equainted in the city of Chiago, will be
given special con sideration. H 4owev r
there are openings in all of the other
F09stern offices, according to Mr. Day-
F'or further particulrs write Mr.
HaRydlen, western manager bond de-
part, Paine, 'Webber and Co., The
Rookery, Chcago, ill.
laskan Engineer
Seeks Funds For
Ne vPi h lc Works

London, Jan. 11--(B3y A.P.)--The
ussian Soviet governmnent, in an-
ticipation of 4nfcreasedl activity in oil
production, hlas placedi a recordl order
for drilling machinery with a :British
Ten complete outfits of the Rotary-
Rlex nmachine, specially designedtl-or
deep and rapid dr-illing,,are to hede
d-livered tarly in 1923 for use in the
Baku fields.
SThe govornftent of Persia is mnakingk
large. amnounts anuntlly out of royal-
ties froml oil produicing' area-,, andl this
in aditiou to many other beneilts re-
Sulting from711thle activities of foreign
oil Coi] niiesin 1Persia..
1The royalties in 1021 amon ni.et to
$2,750,000 onrag2,327,0040 tons of coil. The'
!C1)M:panT2Cs als.o Spend aiit $'7,500
000 for amaterial, labor and food, and
t:E.the ie(inpio ynleCni to 20,040 110,-


, . ;<
' r i
) : a
.: G
...YS 'R'f!""
.:o yP.
t ";L'"

Ta doted

x e 0, t

to ter individual mfasuremlwt

'' I


to $85.00

E4ightvovr il I earns -om n frzdtel-ii) et
"ad olier "call.pus gr-~toups w i Icorn-
plicte 4onizglIL and tomnlorrow vnight it
a. 3Z'13% 1'litt tt i .oumeU at: e iestheter rf'ol
heui siuof* the, silver trophy
nc Li il abo1 ,m (e. The toll I' n ament m-fark
ihE.' , frt:al i' .t.?t tl lo ta.ge Union dram.


PRESS CUB TIJEU&Y tJahn Ma~ys Hammond, oe
-* i. Miller of Battle Croelkwill .T?'fohfly11rmtnd nte
Odra( C'ssIheie mecs of the Prm OSeS
f lub' at the ir t g'ulmr meting net
TuesdIaycev -ainrg, at the Wis>teria scucceed Albert Bracon Fall as secre- !
sho)p. Mr. Miller is editot' of the titry of the inter~ior is' one of thie ru-
Ph! tie Creek Enquirer-TN ews and ;: ors wtidecly discu';Sed in connection

Our stocks are filled with newv
ideas in Tuxedo waistcoat's, shirts,.
ties' and. Krementz jewelry for,
your approval.

ihi~~~4 ~t~NLVI N ILE
(fo .tinued fr( o I,;i Ca ne)
c(c:';1 clli(Ifr ' a ie C reel arry in 1909'
f' :lcaus of iioplmkr cia mor agains t
birm, C('o ntnine be'cam e a na1t onal
Lhero Ilinethe Balkan Nvar of 1912 bry
lc Idiiiga, CrPeek irmn to the caplture
c. rSalonli frLoil the T'fri, and was
a ccorded the p-oplilar title of*'"The Lib-
XWhen i ng George WA!:! .isassm nated
inl PiVar"'lh, '1918; 'OTIStaut11file Sucf.e(I-
edl to the throne atthe age of 45years.
The Worl d -war broke out thme nmext
yea :', ailI 'inme Miniister Veilizelo;S in-
5i1,'dtht Gireet-, join the Allies. In-
fluenceed it, ir;s sad, by his German edu1-
cation 'tild the ilutence ofl his 1=lohen-
vo; -,'n wi(e the kind. ( ilaSed this;
D ot')'i:;! a at me's ;failure to Gar'-"
m' cul* 'mreaty obligations to Seria
his euemte <?is a ls of C reel; parl-
inedand chaI{res of asstncto
the; 'tef12Y l''Fi { L'In .ors, tthe E-A
t'n tenations hulan enhil) oionirfl-
* 't7'C(hreo" ,and a, a resullt of
thel~n wa Ic lei-dto abdicate in
"G . i. i'. i r em _ a l fl: in X!Ie until
I~~~~~L1c liec wa's(1c,:+}1 O h Leltiof Ils
,Ol i n.'Cid sry'. (,lxa de on-1
>>'f' de 'llndin 'favorl'of his restior-
Under his reniewed reign, Greece
was plunged into a war xith the Turk-
ish ; Nationa lists. Cons-taintinc took the
fiel aganstthe Tn rl s in Ana tolijaIi
July, 2, but was stricken 'with ill-
ness1' andl was forced to return home.
Disatersoon overtook the' Greek
Forces. A revolution in Greece follow-1
ed, in which Constantine wag once1
more swept off the throne. H~e abdic-1
atedi and retired to Italy, where e liad
rccently been making his home t

hol'lsya?; pominent piace in thA state
edtitor's organizatLion. His talk will
dcet.li withi some of the experience:, to
he enicounitered in practical newspa-
per' service. Ticket~s for the din-nr
w il be on -ale at the won.-ens' Lea-
gue booth in h-huh luntil ?Moniday'
noon, al'ter which time no res1ervI,-
'Donis for- tile dinnier ccan be made.

w~ith iie filling of the cabinet vacancy
left by Fall's resignation. It is point-
ed out.,that as consulting and direct-.
ingz on Yi ne r rfor mining,6enterprises lhe
has F; t horouglib; acquiainited
NWith the natural resources of the
"trOil y.
Grit souetlun. g sur sal ~? A "Daily"

South State at William Street
The Honie of Vietter Clothes and Furnishings at Fair P. ices



.K_. ., ....... ..,,_. w....._._... , y
4 S M fb


R i tiw

i the D~aily Will ,tinti


I it.- - v.



Prof. Antonio G. Solalinude, of the
roim}ance Ia ngiiages (ltp~ Ii'tiTleI", i t,1
to (deliver 4~wo illuastrated lectures ,i
the university of Wisconsin, thiis
Pr"ofessor Solalinde is professor of
Spanish literature in the Centro de
Estudios 1- istoricos of Madrid, Spain;
dirtc<tor of siiel' courses for for-
cigner s in Madrid; and secretary of
the bureau of cultural relations of
the ministry of the state in Spain.
At. present, he is in America to I
give courses ins Columnbia university,#
the 'University of Mlici gan, and Stan-
ford university.I
New Tuxedo Suits for Rental. AWIlol
andI Co. State Street.-Ad v.

Price:':- - 'eAL tx 0 1 ,'¢''au a !t. f l IQt.(}1 i
S~tUBtEAT 'f1lgtits 50-754S1.'00
AI O ~ et' Tue., ur a an~d
Yll "'h oh ('rothers' Smart Comedy
c i i ia gouch and 110 paq
ever k~ownailmein tjikte
,,lt_ <nac Ulllil . ,C 'Ltjl ei n f
(ime~oughas the man-tanier,
.t i Y'. fll .1an1. lt,h.,

Fresh Shipment of
AYries & Smith
~2~ S( T A IT



, A t..
7 .'

T,'he blecret of


(Continued from. Page One)
MaYSy eIreo1n Works
P~aris, Jan). 11.--Premier Poincaire
in his statement before the chamber
of deput ies on the 'steps being taken
in the Ruhnr district, said the govern-
ment's plans p~rovided for the event-
ual occupation of Bochunm "if Ger-
m,,ny fails to carry out the Frencth de-
iOccupation of D3ochum, which is
the site of the iron and steel wvorks;
o~f Hungo Stinnes, is, saidl to be set for
$aturolay, althoughi this is not ofiiciail-
ly con firmedi.a

1?. H. Fye &ECo.. ie~ro4
or Golf and Cam pu Wear
HEIR thick crepe rubber soles are as boyant
as cushions, yet as lorg wearing as leather.
this is the latest sensation in eastern' footwear.
We !think it is the m ost original and practical "Shoe'of
its type introduced in seasons.
Tan Norwegian calfskin .splendidly. constructded.

. .

(Continued on Page Two)
taken place in "the whole of Memo]
district" of E~ast Prussia, the citizens
demanding that the teri'itovy b)e madec
a part of Lithuania, accordling to a
teleg'ramnF to the ZLit huanian legat lorm
heetodlay fromn its 1goverrmn ent 1
Testific"sh1:111Rifles ('O1,nty
Ba<strop, La., Jfan. 2 i--( liy AA".)----
Robert L.~ Dade, maayor of Mcur Roai(y
took tine stand today in the enquii'y
into affairs in Morehouse 1 arish. H'
saidl he had been told his ;sheriff, clerk
and district attorney were klansmen
and that "in a great. measure" the
klan "had superceeded the constituted
au h r t " i h o m n t . Patron ize D aily ad v ertisers.- A d v . #

at the Tailor. shop of
608 East Liberty
Mr. H. C. Mack in. Chargej

P you have taken advantage of your College training--if you have mn.ade the' most of the
Lopportunity presented through your various associations inschiool, you have become
inspired with certain fixed ideals and definite ambitions. Your aimi is' high. You are
:anxious for progress and growth. You wish to become a credit to yourself and your family.
You want to become a leader and es- centrated into an itensive one-year
tablish a reputation for yourself in the training ,course. Babson Institute, an
field Jyou have selected for your life's endowed educational institut ion, is con-
work. Have you chosein business? If ducted for the purpose of training
so, and if' you seek leadership in the young men who are to .occupy posi-
commercial world - here are, facts tions of responsibility and trust.
worthy of your deepest consideration. Th La
The principles of leadership in -busi- he aozratory .tuetiio_
ness are not many in number. They are Since it is the purpose of the Babson
not hard to grasp. Yet less than twvo Institute Course to train men for busi-
men in one hundred ever learn them. ness, all work and all study is con-T
The two chief, reasons for this fail.- ducted in the same manner as work is ...
ure are: _(1) - lack of an all-'round conducted in any regularly established '
business experience. (2) - the diffi- business house. For instance, there are ' ~N ss
cutyofdrwig oud onluios regular office hours not merely school LEADER~Slx j j
from the relatively few experiences hor.Lsnsadeptsreic
that any one person can have. tated by the student as in ani office-.1
not written. Thus the student acquires p""~t''
A Study 'of Le~.ders a mastery of businessEnglish and the
Through yl ur studies thus far. you ability to transform quickly his .e ~u~
have created, for yourself a substantial thoughts into definite form. 1 I""? ~i
background-a J¢oundation upon 'Which Tahn nC neec
you crin build, high. Why not use this 4'' ikAe.' e
foundation in the largest possible way? Classes are conducted on the confer-
If you are truly ambitious for s'teady once Plan. The teachers, or directors as
and permanent progress, it will be well they are more properly called, are ex-
fors you -in addition to your under- p)ericed business men, successful inr
graduate work to= consider the advisa- their own line. 'Factory inspection trips
bility of special training which will cart are not long distance walking matches,
riff years of apprenticeship in the busi- but personally conducted tours by ex-
ness world. This training is available perts in that particular industry. The
at the Babson Institute-an education- problems discussed are present-day
al institution organized under the laws ones and are drawn, from actual experi- send ®.
of Massachusetts not for profit. once. They are the same problems onf r
Every man who hopes to be a leader which over 17,000 of America's keenest ti s o klt
in the business world needs special executives are seekting aid and solution 1
training-a- training that can be, had from the large st o,-,mization of busi-
only from actual experience., A study ness des in thie world. The Stu- "Training for Busines'Leader.
of the successful business mien of dent atB ?so'ln~titute wcorks on ship." I. tdescribes the courses
today shows they are those who have-- actual cases. ~othyprothetical prob. frainoth h1e f
)-a fundamental knowledge of bus - _-'aid os uty he develops Babson Institute. You will learn
ness principles; (2)--a faculty for the. the bus . it spoint of viev.. ftepacia ehospcla
practical application of these prnilsa~ to this instit'ution by whi4ich mfen
tonipe dal1uieslf. u~e~Ciis are fitted without loss of timne
to dily usinss lfe. 11 .for exeicutive positions. No
These: tried and proven principles, this The student at the Babson Institute obligation,x
gift for application may now be yours. learns, to do the things he will be expect-
ed too in business by constant contactF
The uinesswith. actual business procedure. He par,
LernngBu n s ticipatesin the clinic instead of sitting in ~RPU EuSuuwu.n~~
Th s e ia is s of th ab on I st. a class. Thetrainingcovers the four m a- : BaQ n Ines aai s ete
Thespeialst oftheBasonInsi- jor division=, of business, Manufactur- a 350 Washingtn Street i
tute have ;spent years in business re- iug and Production, Fi iancIg,Distribii- .Welesey Hills, Mass.I
search, laboratory work, and the study tion and Mtark=eting, and Managem~ent. fiSend me, without charge, .Tanng v
bf te lvesof sccesfu me. Thy ,f yu ar anousforachievement, if sofor Business Leadership 'and fullipar-
of~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ th.ie fscesu e.Te I o r niu o ticulars about the Babsn institute.e
have arrived at the fundamentals whichm by inheritance or initiative, you seem.:_
every one must have to achieve lracer- destin~ed to become one of our. leaders : .".

:' I



, f l;c of M usic iner

tVd ' r

_, _ _ _ ,1




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