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January 10, 1923 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-01-10

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WHas Likely
For 1923'

Looking quadk
Freshman Court



nce runner, and "T'urny" Ii'tr~nft, nn!n~nnn~~
ne of the greaitest track athltin. ~MINORVefcl nru.SP1t VPUOSP[b!
Intramural items APF&R CO909ATPIKDE

lack experience. The season opens
Jan. 19 with Illinois.
Tile swiiniers have started work- I1
ing with the new coach, MAerriam, '
'011mE*r Chicago star. W1aldo, who

New Tuxedos for rental purposes. New Tuxedo Suits for Rentail. Wi:
Wild and Coinpany.-Adv. and Co. State: Street.--Adv.

.This year's freshman basketball
prospects are brigjhter than they have
been for several years, according to
Coach Fisher of the yearling squad.
This is no doubt of great importance
to next year's Varsity basketball team
as it will be severely weakened b~e
cause of graduation. This year'k
basketball prospects differ from those
rpf last year as there are so mnany Baas-,
k(y, fast men in the' field. l~ast year's
team was comupostd of a crowd oif
light men and was handicapped great-
ly in this respect.
'thirty Rentain on Squad
Work startedl for the' freshnian
a* good sized delega.tion showed uapa
squad the first week in November ann
this time. Since then Coach -1,isher
has had as many as 100 out at one
time. However, as thec sifting pr~ocess
took. place the number inateriall;:;
dropped so that there are now only
about .30 left ont the! court.,.I
D~uring the late fall and early win-
ter the squad was thoroughly traineda
in) tihe fundamentals of the -_gama.3
Coach Fisher laid particular stre as on
arching shots, pivoting, and: passing,.1
At the present time tihe squadl'has a
fa irNy good knowledge of the rudi-
ments of this sport, and Fisher is nlow
giving them) floor wvork. In the near.

ti' with an1'0gh (dkgi-, _,l ir t
bare l otta??ildi.g in LV(i CJ.':
basketll 11men. n (ar,(oe
li's a he 1dy , fast x,.-!nliiagrt
:asset to the te . ('bery wa;s .a or-
.rier star it Soul~ 11 igh School
Grant loreapids.m Tch
is, an unusual n i;n the center l)!-
sition. lie has remral ability in
handling the ball tXvi IIco>ll.eec( ji'Th
icticc viiw i oubtit(ov" lop into anx
ec Cp tional player. R"a ~ uot her
l ian that deserves, mei: ;on in tbh' for-
warid position. I le ins atafat.t) ild cp
'hPrha s Bi n ';
fortitudie ilea in his big morn in the
guard positions. 1Hero he has an
abun~dan6 i( f material that #is truly 1e-
markable. A rt floo rgui'd I forl-
stein is ain (ex cellent man, being fa)st
andl h1eavy'.Vick, iBear, Ihinly,' Ross,
and '1onmpson are other mon 011who have
thea weigh t and ability that will lrla he
them strong men for the inu<-,Ig po-
sitions. These mon only need nl airdl
practice to )round thiint o the be s"
of shape.


future he intends to bave'scrimmages Sbi folr 1A hht f s .migiblo
with the Varsity reserves. By the S tLSII ford Ulniver ity Cali i., s.'t
l ooks of the material on the sqluad at(fyAP. Foro he1atu.n5
t 4 time the reserves will have thei;ft
hands full When they face tile year- i disml'issed from Sltanford(luniver ,ity,
lings. for deficient scholars hip areo 7' ar var-
ID wring the lpractice to :(late there ,sity tltes tand lti ae arc f r~'h aph v n y m a h e r f u s r m :f (t.,li p y s1 m n t
1110g-,08for the squad and fox' this rea- ' Imurray C ,(iek, fullback Ic w la ;Ce
.tos i sfnoshet ug h r- ikro h ofaltar;Caipctive merits of the individual play- Johnston, a tackle; Al Smith, a dist-
Classified 'Eates. Two Cents per wor d a day, paid in advance. i ~-
liui ebarg~e for first day, 25c. Minimum thereafter, 20ce. Thr&e
ac eni~s per w~ord per day if charged. White Space charged for at rate
I of be per agate lne. Classifled, cbarged only to tho.=e having Dhones.
Liner Rates: Twelve cents per line, without contract, paid in adivane

1+ollowing the schedule for the
games in the fraternity andl (lass has>-"
ketbal I leagues for Wednesday night:
At 6 o'clock, court 1, lower architect.;
vs. upper medlic's; court 2, fi eshi engi-
neers vs. fresh lits; court 31, Acacia, vs.
Psi Omega court 4, Chi Psi vs.; Phi
Sigma Delta.; at 6:30 o'clock, court .1,
,Alpha Kappa Kappa vs. Phi T1aui
court 2, ;Sigma Delta Kappa, vs. Alphi,
Delta Phi; court 3, Delta Sigma Phi
vs. Phi. Sigma Kappa; court 4, Sigma.
Phi Epsilon vs. Alpha Chi Rho; at 7
o'clock, court 1, Phi Kappa Psi vs. Phi
Beta Pi; court 2, Alpha. Sigma Phi vs.
"Xi Psi Phi; court 3, 'Tau Delta Phi vs.
'Phi Epsilon' Pi; court: 4, Kappa Beta.
Psi vs. Trigon ; at 9:30 o'clock, Bet,.
Ph'i Delta vs. Tucker House; court 2.
Kappa N\u vs. Theta Psi; court 3, Sig.
Sma D~elta Pi vs. Hermitage; court 4,
Sigma Chi vs. Beta. Theta Pi; at: 3;.
o'clock, court 1, Phi Kappa Sigma vs.
Sigma Phi; court 2, Lambda Chi Al-
pha vs. Chi Phi ; court 3, Delt a Sigmw
1Pi vs. Pceens; court 4, Alpha 'f'ait Om-
ega vs. Kappa, Sigma.
Wednesday night the following.
teams will meet each other: At 6
o'clock. 'ou~rt 1, Phi Mu 4 ipha vs.
xBt-. Chi; court 2, Alpha Chi Sigma vs.
Fl* t Tanu Lnsiicna; court 3, Niu Sig-
m:a N'11 vs Delta Clhi; court 4, Phi C'hi
vs. Phi Delty.,rKapp~a; at 60:30(" 'clok.,
.couirt 1. Beta Delta vs. Delta Alph ;
E+psilon ; i:ourt 2, Ta 1Epsilon Pi. vs.
Cygneis: courat 3. Phi Gamnma I elh,,
vs. Alpha. Rho Chii; court 4, Phi Kapp:
Alpha. vs.. Phi IDelta. Theta; at 7 (,'clock
cout I1.Si gnawNii vs. Psi Upsilon,
coutrt 2, Delta, Tau Delt a vs. zeta Beta
Tail; court 3, Alpha Sigma vs. Th'let~a
Delta ('hi,; court 4, Phi lDelt a Epsilonj
vs. D elta' Kaplpa. Epsilonf; at.9'130
o'clock; court 1, Phi 1)etlta Phi vs.
melt , Sigma. I )eita; court. 2, Delta Bet a
I Thvs.PiN llho Sigma: court , Dc lt
Upsiloni vs. Sigma, Alpha, Epsilon:
'(oirt, 50o1h engineers vs.5senioir fits;
at 10 (,'('loc°I, court 1, jin~iol' engineers
vs. laws; court. 2. upl)er (dents vs.
junior ]its; court . upper architects
vs. iluiieopF ; court 4. senior enigineeirs
v.panisThe last scheduled games for the
endl of the weep ivill be played on Fri-
day night, with the following teams
having the floor: At 6:30 o'clock, court
'1, soph lits_ vs. graduates; court 2,
I'esh engineers vs. lower medics;
court 3, soph dents vs. lower archi..
teats; court 4,up e medics vs. fresh ,


S ] y S y( n_.T (( ;tartc~l the season, resigned to ac-
TII AL' Cli , WI ." ~CYN ~Sl C ept a bulsliess l)Os;itilr. rThe squad!
jA L L We1l i NG E' ?~'is year is the largest and has bet-
JUC YEAR1 . r' "i' aterrial than previous years,
al'm mu n '),nck stroke; Benton.
(Spo~cial- to The Diay) ;fives; Kniptash, Slater'rand Alcabe
Lafayette, nd ., Jan ')---- Although u'e among the (lash maen.; Frazer and
over shadowedf by the prospec1ts Of an- '~lin, plunge, have had more exper- j
othr (011 eiefle h :dct~ ~u 1 :hall-w cethan the otlher men.
pionrship, the minor s,"O't squllad-,are '.l'raIi should enjoy a better season,
working' lard for what appea :rs to beo this year 'with Tnoi'e experienced mnent
a good seaso n. Of track, wrestling, out a lnd the addtitionl of several mnen1

"8os S. State St.


tencing, swinuning andl gymnsini.
the latter, due Co a vete ran squad.
is expectedl to make thlehet. show-1
intg.('oachi 'level tthas pr a tically!
his entire squad ba(ck froni last year.;
TIwo hiel froni the Freshman tecam1
last year have also strengthened the
Ic tani considerably. Capt ainCuddyi
one, of the best tumblers in the state.
Bushman vals the leading scorer Dist
year, perform iin g on the parallel and(
horizontal biars ad the rings. Tfhom-
son works on the horizontal bar and
rings. Cammack shows goodl form
on tlie parallel bar' wh il e AM Vey is the
best on the horse.
Coach Von Pertmutli's wirestlingf
sqluad was hit. pretty harid by grmad-
nation last June. Captain D~ye, 145
pound class and~ Turner, 115) pou*nd
division were among; the f'our men inE
their class to )'oflhlet 0 ini the flinals
last year. Broeu ghton,, 125 poun lds;
x Hail, ,115 pounids and G rey, 115 pounds
are the onily other le ttor tmen on the
squnad. The heavyweigiht candidates
with their t'rat"Irli iy in [ he coming'
( gamnes.
En tries f(or Independent, ('111rcli
andl Society basketball leagues. have
teenl slow ini arriving at tlie tnt ramur.-
0l office. Athletic nmanag.,,ers ofth1le
Society anad Church teamis are request-
Ied to organ ize/and h snd 511ini their te amIls
as ouicki13 as p0511 !;Ie. hi uSendents
that' ployhashetball are urg ed to or1-
ganize teams oid enlter tihe Indopend- j
ent league in order that play can he
started in the near future.
practice for the hockey tealmg wile
ccentinuo the balnc! o t his week and
will be governed by the ifollowing
schedule: On Wednesday, evenin g,;
5:30 to 6 o'clock, fresh engineers.
Vose, 3056-J; 6 to 6:30 o'clock, senior
lies, Mudd, 1121-11; Thursday, 5:30 to
6 o'clock, all-miedics, Kerli, 609, 6 to
6:30 o'2lock, senior engineers, man-
ager and telephone number to by an-
nounced in tomorrow's Daily; Friday,
5:30 to 6, o'clock, soph lies, 1hiurwich,}
2905-1l; 6 to 6:30 o'clock, laws, Storz,
29119; Saturday, dents and other teams:
1wll practice, time to lie announced
l ater'.
Anyone wishing information con-
cerning class hockey can g et same by
calling Methodl at 783, ~ho Is in ch1mrg-
of all things connec'ted with the sport.

friomilelst year's Froshi team. Coach
O'Connor has until Feb. 10 to get hli;'
team ready for Chicago.
This year's fencing squad will1)(b,
iepresenitedl by 'three men in each of;
the dual,1 meets tile 'gymnastic team
has. This spor't is comparatively new
here aind is fast gaining followers.'

It Costs No More for

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1923.. Mw~ut be versatile and cep-
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yourself, in first. letter. The Landis
Attractions, 1513 N. 'High St., Co.
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All of the teams that are entered in
jhc independent, church, and society
'leagues can p~ractice from 7 to 7:45
o'clock, Friday night by telephoningj(
the Intramural dlepartment to have a .
('ouI't: ieservedl for them.
' Fraternity and other teams that ap-c
pear'on the floor- late will have the
lost timio taken from their regular 12
minute halves in ordeir that games can
be finish(l ocn scheduled time.
Men that are playing on the fresh-i
meon basketball squad are hemreby noti-
fled that they forfeit their right to
continue with that squad if they filay

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