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January 09, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-01-09

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Coach M
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ium for th
tces slred
Lion for hii
this weeke
The Var
from pleas
by Michiga
irday nigh
wre'on th
Several fau
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nd improv
were show
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41xen , lots
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Goal -to follo
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ne games
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ing the scs
must be re
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squad ad~
their featc
~tarted ifft
,ie cosepi
ourney to
day "night
sehedule S
victory ove
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4)lso and C
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O~ing the v~
over these
The sche,
year isasl
sw at in
owa 'City;

! Vick but on the few occasions when t~ann rlr'IITIhe correct number of paces, but is a spite a rather crude
FI T yL 1+he has great ability. Swanson, a IlIn the res of the events there was Gow 'among the pros
N ebrof the squad ls e may I flafliflor no activity to speak Tfl ttle the aggeaion a
jalso b.on hand when practice starts I lR WI I IAI IT fU 11 I T q c fl iswithout doubt iponniit~earkable improven
IO A C N [ T irsn lhugh he is not in school at the l IUIII*IW I time and as soon as they are able. to coacing
presSO tltient standI races it will be possible to ol- i s sitantt Director
plesedWit Ply Aaii'd eb.iowisonsn hre;Ves in Infield POLE VAUILT, AND) SHOT LOOK+ they are in good condition after the; ai more correct information cn okwt h eu
plaeWihPy gisthere,;FFeb.W10bWisisnthe onry;member ofithe 1(.X('PT1ONLY GOOD) AT faltraining in cross country. crning the respective merits of the for swimming and i
Dishes OutTHrd lI'a(- 12, Minnesota here ; Feb. 17, North- 1922 infield lost to the team and Fish- iJESY The half milers were given 'an ex-ntlvlaI performers. we oc sot
tice western ortbl' mEvtanlattonun, Ftedd i19, --------t--iwen ofh s ophi
at1vnso:Fb.1, will be aleto swing intoaction - r lptCrn utddn t xtendtheir pl 1 hehs o
cosin at Madison; Feb. 22, Ohio State w~ o nd tfrt ata As the result of a week of light speed to any'great' extent. In this n nnothng (efinite rea
VASIO OFUNEMY ith ob mont ayets, but anoT ah
AIO WEEYat Columbus; Feb. 26, Illinoi at Ur- e(1itz at short, and ?Mike Paper at practice the track squad has shown event there is a fairly strong elega-, rntye, btIAkb
PSSAE HSW EI W IIMP V C RuI8U u ale to tel of thes
b5SAE RMWEi ana; Mar. 3, Iowa here. thir d base. Leading contenders for I considerable improvement and is in tloi in Ritcnke, llattendiorf, Mrsh,
-te sethssudo a- - the open second lbase berth will be RIuch better condition than it has been( Gibson,(Cushing, and Carson. ( U IPf unLEIU lULpQteiLi mentor by the
a therougnthisqadlong ahrs-I PU~ Benyas, who received a thorough tryl in the past. Coach Farrell is grad-1 For the first time itis ear Coah IIfIIJV VI J ~lI
K eeferF U R'n hr ugh a rsity h rm ually w orking h s m n u o a point!'I'za yutits P
ighat in Waterman gymna- IILL, ROPET cut last spring, Jack Kee, hisVanrsitoya arrell gave 'his hurlers, both highTrotaened
halfback last fall, and eorge IHag- where they will bean condition to1anloglpaciewthheures;~- ybsae edi
tl' th s w e inprepara a -P l lh [ fl terr y, lwh is at resent devoting his I stand thl e test that w ill con c on Feb- H a e e a e t f t r e 1 W () ORE VE11t RAV NS REPOR~T !J st f M c i a
H O p y'Rl.t o' games which comeI Hks LH51 O hLRS g ttention to basketball. The last two ruary 17 in the opening meet of the me ovrto)OV fhg ful(l"'o TIEIOI shooting was grantedl
Ld_____men were the most promnising of the season with Chcago. As yet there HubbrdWIRi irra pr tM
_____Hubbard, Higgins, adSimpson coi- ifra pr tM
dty n court mentor is fa All-fresh nine ,last spring, in fact the have been no outstanding perform- posed the trioIIHubb1ardI wn the Ia- and sweaters wre gi
far wihteshwn Id~VTRN BACK FOER 1Y rX only ones who warrant Varsity con-j ances on the part of any individual jority of the eats and proved fthat Owing to the fact that the hiours Ing good. Membersb
nII. agintflinislstSa- 1 ITI ,(Ni. X- sideration on their showing. ;members on the'team. Coach Farrell without doubt lhe will be Micin' originally set for swimming practice on apurey cometi
t lhog teWovrie (PIOiN I in the outfield with Kipike, Kein, has not as yet run his men against best bet in these events. He hasa have made it impossible for a unul- ten who can fire, o
log edoa301scr. Even. with the first call for \Varsityanothersan Sailnors alelig b l forwtibutheur hs etan jlowetimer ldo pela~ naudneo o't perbcueo l okt raeugdt
Its were brought out Iint aohrsisntigsemobevllywic theiusr a J~g hi spring in his legs. This conaitiiif it has been arranged that on 1fonday
MienlBleaanttebaseball candidates scheduled for' a handled. There is some doubt about pace.i has made himi an all-around track Tuiesday, Thursday, and Friday, pac- Sona Iasketb~i i
CochMahr las odate still five weeks (distant Coach ay Shiackleford being able to play beause It is in the pole vault and sht man and Ie is able to complete with ice will he held from p until 6 '-' All sophomores in
netfwdy orci~Fisher is working steadily onl filin; ,o% class work which will keep him inI where the best work is being dlone at I skill in several events.clktehusolWdsay ndlssbktalta
ing the weak spots whichth schedule for the annual springlabrtr urn rcic1esos this time. In these events the melt In the low hurdles Coach Farrell Stra eann rm3utl43 orpr t93
nusithgaeStra.vacation southern. training trip and I Los, of the heavy hitting outfielder are not restricted by any set figures had four men workin ot eseray orosctsfr owrultnkt a rn assayma,'25
uintegneStra.is also keeping a close watch on thc I would be a blow to the team. 1ro'cosc fo Waterfl ak ea rman gymnashaiaeterunr adae be oHbarHggnSipo, n
I'lovmg1ekscholastic ork of his most promising at*ly tMen n rsf asaethe r unnta al ers.nda e able t ubrHgis ipo, adreceive a' further boost yesterday.le ,committee, will
hee most noticeable defect'm I d hi bsItal ie.I tepl ooi,. These men, with the excep~-wt h pernea rcieo )-
veriies is their .neglect of! candidate. Coch Fisher plans to call the bpat- vault yesterday Prosser was able to re tion of Hubbard, are in por condi- IwitteaploranFrancpriceihofNxvTuedeSit
Ip terlng shots at thec So far hut four games are on the very candidates out the Dist opporun- clear the bar at his, greatest height. lion and are having trouble in ml- veite lr anee tylrmn.i Smith, wis ndw C ,o. Stats
everal times during the II.cr frte oten rpbu ihrty, as early as Fe. 12, if the J7-Hop, For the first inc this season le clear- Ing the distance between the hurdles ________fre__tylm_
st Michigan players would is confident that the complete quota deoain are down lby that time ed the floor by a leap of 12 feet which insve tpsi"laeo powerful dstance swimmer, while
g shot and the balwollIoeihcntssill bouldilled"before iil work entirey }with the battery as a half a foot higher than his near- I;on <uid Iiggins have consihemraie Tyo osse naiysedd- PtoieDiy
n-i the backboard with none he end of the week. So far arrange- men for the first week and then call et rival, Brooker. At 11 feet 6 inchesi spee and if they are able to tac
Iverines near the placl ent)aebe alefroenct the new material at the beginning of both Brooker and Prsser easily seven paces between the hurdles mayI
uttefor Mn o n ng with the University of Cincinnati, the second week. The veterans will cleared the bar with sweat pants amaC wal~t un nsm odpr
weemse ytefijone with Kentucky, and twvo with1 not e called out until the coach has shirts on This fact alone shows that 'frane in tiseet.Lois6A
were misse- by Georgia. Otherancteams' with whom. Leomi
man Who tried for the fiel ri.Ohrdemswthwo;e hadl a chlance to see what the new men they aire men of unusual calibre in looks like a good man in this '.vet U
gotiations are now being conduictedl areI can do and will Ile given not mre than this event Brooker missed out onllwu i irtatman as he has lng enough Legs to take
)wu isfistatemt ndAlabama Polytec and Unerty of. six weeks of the indoor grind. Fisher twelve feet by a narrow margin. Kelly,
idro have tat resultedra from these e Alabama as well as Vanderbilt. believes that e can brng his men just who has been practicing consistently; T+ q1 7 wL
imn must take advantage of ll icir as near the top of perfection by work-lin this event managed to make 10 feet
iblechane toscor and With the exception of the battery ing them in the cage as he could out- 6 inches yesterday.
Hol sohasnbout aout ahe positions Fisher is well fortified in' doors and advances the southern trip "YineTosses Shot C O KDL
basetbllevery department of the prospective last spring as -proof of that fact. Ile Van Orden made the best mark he
ards of odM9atie.Threrevteas.o maintains that the mnen didn't play a has 'made so far this year in the stn n lckBowsILvt
rdn oMte.most of the positions and several prom- (better brand of baseball than they did pu t. etra he put the shot 42
upointpod which CoachMaer
miaeiarrvdi Ilw iignwmntm eea e ie n that trip all season and the squad feet which bettered his former 'malk ~antxa+"nI aZGU 6r. PAu.O ._-
nirnaber i~th the exception of one position n had but three dlays on Ferry field be- by at foot. Vn Orden has a perfec W he ar o 27
e viltoso h nfield there is a veteran fr every reh rpsat-.phsqefrti at ftesot OIIA
dribble. This violation was berth with a seasoned outfielder left foethergulartceduleqe hasspato hesit OIGNLT re ar f ! 27
onsideoredt as a technicalla ovedulra been coon- and if hie remains eligible will prove WIDEa
ovr.hough under the present liverance is the man who stands out pleted with the exception of the two one of the strongest assets that Coach O verstocked -+ha'sw
erious penalty'to the team which will be an enuced "later and is-parativly new nan in this event, hasJ Two grip hold the
it is calledastebloftepesn patoth huig as follows: Apn l:l, Ohio State here; shown remarkable improvement andj uatly and add to your
athe ?r AprWthtoieasofBgle 25, M. A. (w. at Lansing; April was able to make a nce put of 40I" comhfort atl freedom o ~2GI
jeapoigteam 't- pi
~h poigservice behind him and a record as 28 icni ee a ,M .C etysedy idshste ina-acion. The garter +s the vogue amog youn
floo. l, Wscosinher; Mp 2 M.A. . fet ysteday °,nde ha th 'mll- men who want the bet. 35c to 1, every-
lno th os ffcNveemexotheW here; May 5, Notre Dame here; May.7, ings of a shot putter par excelene where, in .singlegrip and the E. 2.2 rip.
ineoaMtverine staff last ya ead art and the E. Z. Sport Garter.
faces hersecyearBheTebidsv fairtto Iowa here ;May12, Illinois at Urbana; if he continueshis present rate of im- Maeab~byTheTho.P.Taylor
faces ynft hes en BiTnhv i etsao nesarcnl May 14, Iowa at.Iowa City; May 78 provemet. Hunter is also doing fairly Co., report. Cun. ,
furdnigh t whestin M-dscvrdsoeamprvsmresmand 19, Minnesota here; May 24, him- well in this event. Featured by Leading Student
. CoachSpudn of the hO teatg ~ here; May 28, Ohio State at Colm- Dirstance MeIn Good " Supplies stores 224 SOUTH 3l T- STATE
s inn, Saldn sisthite only prospects atprs uol; May 30, Notre Dame at South CocFarlleghndtei-
Arborlast eekct are Stryker, an "M" man last Bend; June-1,Northwestern at Evans- t~c o i unr etra ih
itnessed the Michigan-Ili- yea'Lwhnwaenevrra thetopofuhseto;sJnee2tWiconsnya Madson
Spauldings men are of a yaform and nedvewho athen a o m-hs o;Jne26usosnatMtisn t materially increasing their speed.
own calibre this year. The ber of the squad for two years. The, The milers ran one lap over a'nub n j
ye played two non-Confer- only, salvation now seems to be the New Tuxedo Sits for Rental. Wildj fairly goodl time. They ended in 'r
athus far this season and I(discovery of an unknown suchi as was and Co. State Street.-Adv. bunch and no individuals starmled). Is-,
ven, winning one and los-j made when lMiiton Dixon was first I bell and Davis, two milers, cntinued
on. Howev~er, Minnesota introduce to the Big Ten two years Lose omethng A classified In for two laps more before stopping.
Wkoned with as four of last aoe h al ilfn t Av hy'npriua hwdtp-el s-
nhmo ro. nirron -h g. thhDiywl idl.Av hyi atclrsoe pwla *'w1 -5

form. At pres-
)n only to Jac~k
spective mnember~
und shoul1d show
nent with g;oodl
Little is hard at
lug of a mentor
tis assured that
ained lie will h(I
ssihle. There 0,
ly for anlnouncl(e-
Little hopes to he
vcuming of a com-=
end of the weekL.
ve cded
d for the Univier-
'ifle team. itlfe
recognition as an
ijil-igan last year,'
yen the men. mak-
lip on thme team is
ive basis, andh all
I. wlIfewould ike
come out.
terested in the
u nare reqluestedl "
'clock tonight in
mi for practice.
of the class a thi-
be in. charge.
tfor Rtental. Wildt
Iverti scrs.- Adv.:
E RY .

are determined to repeat
of last season whten they
the Big Ten schedule with
utive victories.-
Then to- Ioiva
:neapolis the Varsity will
Iowa City where on Mlon-
they take on the stron41
ye. Iowa opened its 19231
aturdlay night with an easy
r Chicago. The I-Iawkeye,) "
:tter men back on the squad,
oach Mather has a 'task on
this weekend if hie is "tc1
Varsity back with victorie?,
Adule for the, rest of the
follows:Jan. 13, Minneso-,
eapolis; Jan. 15, Iowa at
Jan. 22, Northwester l

Miot t , trael
Behind the bat Jack laltt, Vick's
understudy last year, is the leadhing
contender. l ie dlidn't have mnuch of a
c1han1ce to get into actual competition
last Year because of the presence of
-, every sport, in-
X11 S.' Stme St., Chicago, III..

-. r flrri

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